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This story is about an affair. So if you don’t think you can find anything remotely erotic about the possibility, stop reading now. This was meant for enjoyment. If your not enjoying it, stop reading it. I don’t need to hear about how it offends your morality. It is a fantasy, which, last time I checked were still safe.

“Hi, I’m just leaving now, what time will you get in?”

“Probably around 6 o’clock. I have rental waiting and should be at the hotel by 6:30. What time will you be getting in?”

“About 4. I am so excited I can’t even stand it. I hope I don’t crash the car driving like a maniac. But I should go now…call my room as soon as you get in ok?”

“Ok…I can’t wait to see you either. Drive safely.”

“I will.” After a long silence Cynthia said “Bye Tyler, see you soon.” and hung up. She already had her stuff together. She had said her goodbyes the night before and nobody was home now to say goodbye to. She hopped in her car and headed for coffee and gas at the corner before hitting the highway for what would seem like the longest drive she would ever take.

Cynthia had been thinking about this trip for about a year now. She was anticipating the meeting and every time she thought about it her body would heat up sending the feeling of fire ants from her core out to the tip of every extremity. Her body wanted him in the worst way and had for a very long time. He had seduced her mind and everything about this man was pulling her toward this meeting.

Cynthia had made arrangements to attend an annual convention in New York for 4 days. She had also made arrangements with Tyler to meet him there. They’d been communicating online for over a year now and had become very close. This meeting was the wildly anticipated next step in their relationship. Although they were curious about each other it was more than that that they looked forward to. They both needed to touch, feel, smell the person they had been craving and dreaming about for so long.

Just like clockwork Cynthia arrived at 4 o’clock. She would’ve been later if she bothered to stop for anything other then one fill-up of gas. After checking in, she went straight to her room. The other girls hadn’t arrived yet. So she picked her bed and started to put her stuff away.

She hopped in the shower. The heat from the rainfall of water was cleansing more than her body. She had felt so tense for the past week, but now it was beginning to ebb. She was relaxing, finally.

After drying herself off, Cynthia got dressed. Her outfit was typical. She thought about trying to get all dressed up for their first encounter but decided that he should meet her the way she really is. Not all made up and fake. So on went the black pants and black t-shirt, a little bit of makeup and one squirt of perfume. She sat on the edge of the bed waiting, twisting her hair.

It was 5:50 when Jessica arrived and 6:00 when the other two women she would be sharing her room with arrived.

“So Cynthia, what are your plans for tonight? We’re going to go over to the Marx for dinner – wanna come?” They were all grabbing their purses and keys.

“No thanks, I think I’ll just eat down in the restaurant here or go over to the strip and eat. Don’t worry about me, I’m good.” Cynthia smiled her best and they seemed to buy it. They left with no fuss.

“Hello?” Cynthia said very casually. sincan escort

“Hi, I’m here.” Tyler was quiet. There was a long silence before she spoke.

“How long do you need before I can see you?” Cynthia spoke with a confidence and strength she never knew was hidden inside of her. She didn’t feel nervous at all. Her heart was pounding and her legs were trembling but she didn’t feel scared or nervous, just anxious.

“Can you give me half an hour. I want to shower. Did you eat?” Tyler was still quiet. He seemed timid. Now Cynthia was beginning to get nervous.

“Half an hour is fine and no I didn’t eat. I’ll come to your room when you’re ready and then we can go for dinner if you want.”

“Okay I’ll call you in a bit.”

“K, bye” and Cynthia hung up the phone. Her over-analytical mind was about to pick their conversation apart but she stopped herself. She calmed down and sat back on the edge of the bed. Trying to control her breathing she sat very still with her legs crossed, her eyes closed and her hands in her lap. It felt like only a minute had passed when she was again startled by the phone.


“Ok, I’m in room 605.”

“Ok do me a favour? When I come to the door could you please keep your eyes closed? I’ll close mine too but I would like to see you see me at the same time. Does that sound weird?”

“Not at all. Whatever you wish. Just get up here.” Tyler’s tone was somewhat lighter now and that put Cynthia at ease. She checked herself out one more time and grabbed her purse and key and turned off the lights. She slowly padded her way to the elevator. She was breathing slowly as she got on and pushed the number 6 button. When the elevator doors opened she took a deep breath and forced herself to step off. She turned and read the sign for which direction his room was in. Slowly she walked toward his room. The hall seemed so long. Standing to one side so he couldn’t see her through the peep hole she knocked lightly on his door.

Tyler started to open the door. “Wait, Tyler. Close your eyes.”

“They are closed, baby. Come in here.” He reached for her hand.

Cynthia took it and stepped in the door with her eyes closed. She moved to let the door close again behind her. She reached out for his other hand and he for hers. Now she was nervous. She was trembling.

“Tyler, are your eyes still closed?”

“Yes, are yours?”


Cynthia said nothing but dropped her purse out of the way. She was standing so close to him. She wanted to see him and keeping her eyes closed was killing her. She took both of his hands and put them on either side of her face. She stepped close enough to feel the heat from his body but did not make contact.

“I want you to feel what I look like so don’t open your eyes until I say. Can you do that?”

“Whatever you want.” Tyler seemed more comfortable now.

Tyler began feeling the contours of Cynthia’s face; the smoothness of her forehead and her soft hair line. He traced his fingers around her eyebrows and over her eyes and could feel that her eyes were closed. Then he traced her cheek bones and out to her earlobes, pierced. He felt along her jawbone to her chin, smiling as he felt a few of her tiny whiskers and remembered the complaining she did about them. Then he felt for the bridge of her nose and where it met her sincan escort bayan upper lip.

It was hard for Tyler to get his mind to jive with his memory of Cynthia’s face from all her pictures. The sensation of actually touching her and being in the same space as her was clouding his memory. He forgot that she had freckles on her nose. And as he touched her lip beneath her nose he forgot she had a mole there.

Tyler’s touch was so gentle; Cynthia was getting goose bumps. He traced around her upper lip to the edges and down around her lower lip. She opened her mouth to exhale; he could smell her breath. He continued to trace down the front of her pointy chin to her neck. She unzipped her sweatshirt as his palms slid down her décolleté. Her lust for him was making her blush and he could feel the heat.

Cynthia needed to touch Tyler, too. She reached for his face. Gently as though the sensation burned her fingertips she felt that his eyes were closed. She carried on up to his forehead and pushed her fingers into his thick hair, moving slowly up and over the top of his head down to the back of his neck and out to either side of his face.

Tyler’s fingers traced the lacy edge of Cynthia’s white eyelet bra and she exhaled.

Cynthia used her thumbs to feel the placement of Tyler lips, so soft and smooth. She rose on her toes and moved her face closer to his. She was breathing in his breath now as her lips lightly touched his; brushing them back and forth feeling their warmth against hers. With the slightest touch of her tongue she investigated the shape of his lips. Then she kissed him. Softly at first and then firmly. He opened to greet her curious tongue. Losing her balance she fell against him forcing him to put his hands on her waist. Their kissing became more aggressive now. Their tongues twisting and turning in their mouths trying to get deeper and deeper inside of each other.

Tyler pulled Cynthia closer and she could feel his penis hard against her. His hands moved to the small of her back under her shirt. Enjoying the softness of her skin he explored her back and unfastened her bra.

Cynthia pressed into his aching cock, her breasts crushed against his chest. Still she wanted to be closer.

“Open your eyes,” Cynthia whispered into his mouth.

A rush of heat ran through Tyler’s body as Cynthia spoke and he spun her around and pulled her against him. She gasped at the sudden change almost losing her balance. From behind her his hands began to explore her body further. His face buried in her neck, the smell of her hair and perfume enchanting him. He was moving on instinct now not out of curiosity. He knew enough about her now to know what he wanted.

“Don’t open your eyes yet. Not until I say.” Tyler was commanding.

Cynthia nodded, barely able to catch her breath. Tyler slid his hands from her waist to her stomach and slowly and deliberately made his way up to her breasts. He could feel her breathing quickening under her ribs. He slid his hands under her bra and gently cupped her small breasts in his big hands.

Cynthia leaned her head back onto his shoulder and pressed her bum into his crotch. She put her hands behind her attempting to unfasten his pants.

Tyler rolled her nipples between his fingers and sucked at her neck.

Cynthia shivered. Her mouth watering and her escort sincan heart pounding, she fought harder with his pants, finding it hard to concentrate.

Tyler squeezed and toyed with Cynthia’s breasts. She was squirming with the wetness that was practically dripping from her pussy while her ass ground into him harder. Her movements were almost frantic as her need for more of him was driving her almost mad. She flinched when he spoke.

“God you feel so good, Cynthia. But slow down baby, there’s lots of time. Slow down.” Tyler’s voice was so quiet and soothing she felt her body respond to it. Taking deeper more controlled breaths she slowed herself down. With very calculated movements she finished undoing his pants and could finally reach in and feel him hot in her hand. Tyler moaned into her neck sending shivers through her body. She cupped his balls and squeezed and tugged at them very slowly and very gently. She rested her head on his shoulder again as she calmed down.

Tyler abandoned Cynthia’s breasts as he slid his hands down her stomach and inside her pants. He soon discovered just how aroused she was as his fingers became slick with her juices. He quickly slid his fingers into the slippery folds of her lips. From her tight little rosebud up to her clit, his fingers enjoyed her, but slowly…painfully slow. He pulled her closer to him and she ground her ass into his crotch while rotating her hips.

Cynthia took hold of his cock and stroked the entire length of him, all in the same rhythm of her hips.


Tyler could feel her climbing again. He put his fingers to his mouth to sample her taste. He moaned his satisfaction as he licked his fingers. Hearing this caused her to speed up her pace a little. His other hand began softly circling her clit. She was using this sensation with her own motion to escalate her orgasm. She could feel the tension travelling up her legs; her skin was burning; her breathing deep and her jaw clenched. So too was her hand on his cock and the slow controlled stroking was getting faster. Tyler was rocking with her now.

“Oh my god,” Cynthia said. “I’m gonna cum.” Her voice was so small and quiet Tyler shivered. His arousal had been deepened by her voice’s tenderness. His forehead pushed against her back, his heart pounding. His jaw clenched and it was everything he could do not to rip her pants off and pound into her.

Tyler slipped his fingers inside of her and with his other hand stroked her clit faster. Cynthia’s moaning became almost whimpering as she came closer, both of them moving in a dance of rotation. Every motion causing fingers to go deeper or strokes to go longer.

“Oh Tyler I’m cumming.”

Tyler could feel the sperm rising up from his balls as Cynthia’s words seemed to fuel is orgasm. She pushed against him and became stiff as a board as she came with a slight yell. She was panting and softening but he did not stop. His hands completely coated in her creamy delight and the smell of her sex filled the air; his senses were overloading and with one more stroke he came. He gripped tightly on her pussy and grunted as the orgasm crashed through is body.

They stood there in a sort of embrace. His hand in her pants, hers in his. Panting. Not wanting to let go as the waves of orgasm diminished in them.

Cynthia slowly turned around to face Tyler with her eyes wide open and noticed his, too, were open now. He smiled and she smiled and they stood staring at each other for while. Looking up and down but neither of them adjusting their attire.



“You hungry?” He smiled.

She looked down at his pants.

“You have no idea.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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