Ms Coney Ch. 03

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Evelyn Coney was definitely having an extended Indian summer in her life. Her lover at 29 was amazing and utterly submissive to her every whim and desire. He would wake her with his tongue every morning, send her off to sleep at night the same way and usually spent part of every day orally serving her. When he wasn’t on his knees or having his face fucked by her, he was permitted to fuck her, often twice a week. At 48, Evelyn noticed she was starting to look in better shape due to her sex life and the compliments Dominic showered on her every day were enough to make the most vain supermodel blush. The fantastic thing was that the harsher she was, the better her lover responded. She surprised and delighted herself by keeping things interesting between them.

Within a couple of weeks, Evelyn had trained him to keep his groans to an absolute minimum when tugging on the silken cord she so often tied around his balls now. She had also firmly decided to throw caution to the wind and take him to work, working on her so to speak while she worked on behalf of her clients. However, she made him practice over and over to be absolutely silent, even when she tugged his balls. She felt him grimace, but he didn’t utter a sound. Finally happy that he would be silent enough, she ushered him into her office and her stud crawled under her wide desk, panelled at the front so no-one would know he was under there. Evelyn wore a skirt just past knee length with sexy hold ups on and no knickers. As an afterthought, she had tied the cord around his balls again and put the other end over the knob on her desk drawer. It would pull against him whenever she opened it!

Not long after, her boring client with memory loss attended and was soon seated in front of her. Evelyn had been enjoying a soft, slow gentle pussy licking but was loath to visibly cum in front of the woman, so with a subtle press on her lover’s head, she felt him go lower and the familiar tongue was soon burrowing it’s way into her asshole.

“Let’s start with the new technique” Evelyn said and her client and her were soon deep in conversation.

Below the table, Dominic’s tongue was also deep in his Mistress’s asshole. He worked slowly and diligently, occasionally pausing to withdrew and give her sphincter a sloppy kiss, flattening his tongue to lick as far back into her ass crack as possible before returning to her asshole again and thrusting as far as he could into it. He grimaced a couple of times as Evelyn theatrically pretended to get something out of her drawer, before slamming it shut again. After what seemed several hours, but in reality was only an hour, her client left and Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief.

“I think I more than deserve an orgasm. Up you go cuntlicker” she said and helped him by tugging on his ears.

“Yes Mistress. Thank you for letting me taste your beautiful ass” he said before sinking his tongue into her pussy.

After 2 more appointments, Evelyn finished for the day and Dominic finally emerged from under her desk, face hot and sticky with her vaginal and anal juices. His tongue was tender but he was used to that these days. Evelyn was so turned on, she turned bending over her desk before telling him to loosen the cord around his balls.

“Fuck me” she said and he needed no second invitation!

His cock sprung into action as he pounded his Mistress hard, slamming into her as she groaned in ecstasy. He played with her clit, stroking inside her as his cock filled her up and she groaned gutterally as she came hard. Evelyn was overdue this and told him to cum inside her. Dominic held back a little longer but finally, he shot out and felt his cock erupt inside his Mistress, until spent at last he withdrew.

Evelyn turned around and sat up on her desk.

“You are such a messy boy. I can’t go home leaking all over the car now can I? You know what to do, same as last week” she told him.

Dominic hated this part and thankfully Evelyn didn’t expect him to do it often but as much as he loved fucking her, he had no desire to clean her pussy of cum. He knelt though and Evelyn sighed as he began to clean her cum filled pussy. It didn’t take too long and he was almost grateful to taste his Mistress’s pussy again. Finally with a glance at the clock, she urged him up and they left for the day.

Evelyn repeated her office shenanigans again 3 days later and Dominic stayed absolutely silent, tongue buried in her ass or cunt for 2 hours before she left and had him fuck her at home. The following week it happened again but things did not go according to plan. Evelyn had taken a risk by letting Dominic lick her pussy in front of a client, although the client had no idea he was there or what he was doing. But the next woman was different. She was tall, around 40 with auburn hair and a stern look to her. Despite her arousal, Evelyn talked with the lady about her issues. The woman’s husband had apparently been unattentive in bed and the woman was finding her bad moods affecting her work. Evelyn was straight with her.

“You need your husband to give you better zonguldak escort oral sex. Trust me, you would be a different woman” she declared confidently.

“Um, gee thanks for being so frank. And you know, deep down I agree with you, it’s my absolute favourite thing but he doesn’t vary it at all and frankly, I find myself switching off from it and on some occasions don’t even reach orgasm. It’s driving me nuts” the poor woman said.

Then the woman’s eyes narrowed as she glanced at the desk. Evelyn had opened the drawer and the slightest gasp had escaped Dominic’s lips. It coincided with his tongue on his Mistress’s clit and he clamped his mouth on it to stop sighing which caused Evelyn to sigh audibly.

“What’s going on here? Is there someone under there?” the woman said sharply.

Evelyn looked like a rabbit caught in headlights as the woman came round so swiftly she had no time to compose and glanced down, seeing Dominic under the desk.

“What the fuck! There’s a guy under there?” the woman asked.

Evelyn bade her sit down and Dominic moved up to stand sheepishly beside the desk. Evelyn explained he was so good with his mouth she couldn’t even go without it at work. The woman had recovered from her surprise now and an idea formed in her head.

“Okay, I won’t say anything to any authorities on one condition; can he train my husband to be amazing at it?” the woman asked.

Evelyn was surprised but thought it over; the idea was exciting and if he could show the woman’s husband how to be an oral expert, then it would be no harm she thought.

“Um, well I guess he could. Perhaps if your husband joined your sessions with you here. You have 3 more sessions. It’s a deal provided that after those 3 sessions he is exclusively mine again” Evelyn countered.

“Sounds like a deal to me. Now then, just one other thing; I want a test drive” the woman said, looking hungrily at Dominic.

“Okay. I’ll go grab a sandwich and lock the door behind me. You have half an hour” Evelyn said, getting up and leaving the room without a backward glance.

Dominic moved to the woman and found her pussy was surprisingly well trimmed framed by lacy knickers. Her thighs were heavy though and her ass wasn’t nearly as sexy as his Mistress. He surprised himself by starting to regard his Mistress as utterly amazing, despite her age and how she treated him. His thoughts were interrupted though as his tongue explored this new pussy and he slowly began to build the woman up to an earth shattering orgasm.

When Evelyn returned half an hour later, the woman reluctantly pushed Dominic away, having cum twice.

“Evelyn, if you trained him, you deserve a medal on behalf of women everywhere. If he can just show my husband half of those tricks, well I’ll probably smile a lot more” gushed the woman delightedly.

“Thanks” Evelyn said, pleased at the compliment with regards to her training.

When the woman was gone, she turned and without warning slapped Dominic hard across the face.

“You fucking dumb asslicking idiot. You made a noise” she hissed angrily at him.

“Please Mistress, her hearing must have been excellent” Dominic implored, kneeling and trying to kiss his Mistress’s feet in supplication.

“Well no fucking for you for a week thanks to your stupidity. Actually, maybe I’ll revise that” Evelyn said ominously to him as they left her office.

When they got back, she had him lie on the bed and mounted his face, letting him lick her ass for a bit before telling him something.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass. This might be a one time offer so get me aroused with your tongue some more then we’ll try” she offered.

“Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress!” Dominic gushed excitedly.

His tongue burrowed into her asshole until she let him stand up then guided his cock to her pussy first. After fucking her for some time, she finally let him try her ass and grimaced at the sensation a little. It felt good but she was sure this wouldn’t be a regular thing. However, Dominic had no idea she had thought of this as part of his punishment. They were on the bed and she tensed then began to relax as his cock slowly went in. They finally struck up a rhythm and she groaned as her lover ass fucked her. Finally he could hold back no longer.

“Sorry Mistress, I’m cumming!” he yelled and spurted his seed in her ass.

She let him finish then withdraw before letting him lie back on the bed. Then after a moment, she straddled his face towards his feet.

“I warned you before if you ever pissed me off you would do this. You know what I mean. Now do it or I’ll fit you with a chastity device and throw away the key” she threatened him.

Dominic gazed horrified at her asshole before it settled over his mouth. He had no desire to taste cum but was surprised Evelyn had let him off so easily after what happened at the office. Now he realised she had planned to punish him this way.

“Get it in now” she insisted until at last she felt his tongue hesitantly enter her slick asshole.

“You tunalı escort love my ass don’t you?” Evelyn asked him.

“Yes Mistress. It’s the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen” he admitted truthfully.

“Well just switch off from what you’re doing and think about how good it is just to lick my ass in general” she said to him helpfully.

Dominic found she was right; he couldn’t get enough of worshipping her ass these days and by thinking about it, he switched from the horrible clean up task he was undertaking. His tongue probed deep, Evelyn relaxing as his cum seeped out. She squeezed her ass a little and then sat harder on his face, feeling his whole tongue inside her now. The sensation was exquisite and she knew she was good for at least another orgasm after a good rimming.

Half an hour later and Dominic’s tongue was in sore need of some respite. Evelyn was turned on herself, pinching her nipples until she slid back a little and presented her pussy to him. Her lover’s tongue gratefully lapped over her hungry cunt before plunging into it the way she liked. Evelyn tried to hold back but her excitement mounted and she began to mash herself into his face as her orgasm began to surface.

“Ugh dirty asslicker, lick my clitty boy. Ah, I’m going to cum, swallow my juices, lick me!!!” she yelled out and slammed hard down onto his face.

Her thighs tensed and a wave of euphoria broke over her as she came. It was some minutes before she was able to regain her composure then she gingerly moved off him.

The woman arrived for her session with Evelyn a few days later, with a man in tow. She had a quick conversation with Evelyn, explaining her husband was fully aware another man was going to lick her out and show him a few moves as it were. His wife pretty much ruled the roost at home and he didn’t want to lose her so reluctantly agreed to her request. Evelyn figured it might provide some fun for her too and suggested to the woman that if she was okay with it, to let her husband lick her and she could in turn show him how to do it better. They set up and after the woman was naked from the waist down, both her husband and Dominic approached. Dominic wanted to get this over with quickly so without waiting, he moved to her thighs and slowly brought his tongue up the whole length of her slit.

“Watch what he’s doing Frank. See? He starts really slowly and delicately. Now, go inside me” she asked.

Dominic’s tongue wormed it’s way in and he began to thrust slowly and deeply into her cunt.

“You see how deep he’s going? Okay, swap over and Frank, try to do exactly as he did” the woman said.

Dominic moved back and her husband took his place. He tried to copy Dominic and then his tongue went inside when his wife told him to. Then she had them swap places again. This time, she wanted an orgasm and Dominic used all his skills to work her up slowly. When it hit, her thighs clutched him, tensing against his head as she groaned in pleasure. He lapped up her juices afterwards until she pushed him away. The whole time, her husband was a reluctant voyeur, watching right beside him to see what he was doing and see his wife’s responses. She beckoned her husband in and he took Dominic’s place.

Dominic turned round and found Evelyn sitting on her desk, a finger crooked at him. He knelt before her and began to tongue his Mistress’s pussy slowly, while in front of them, the woman tried to get her husband to copy what Dominic had just done.

“No, keep it inside me until I want you to move up” they heard the woman said admonishingly.

After some time, the woman reached another orgasm and as her husband pulled away, she glanced down at him.

“See? Much better” she offered.

“Okay. Um, I’m due another client in soon, so that’s it until next week” Evelyn said, anxious to get rid of them.

“Oh? Well, um, okay, see you next week Evelyn” the woman said, getting up to compose herself.

In 5 minutes they were gone and Evelyn looked down at Dominic.

“Get under the desk” she told him and he hurried to comply.

For the next hour, he teased his Mistress’s pussy and worshipped her ass until her client left and it was time to lick her to orgasm. She let him work his magic until at last, she reached her own peak. As she pushed him away, she glanced down at her lover.

“That woman; I don’t want you licking her ass, just her pussy okay?” Evelyn told him.

“Yes Mistress” he hurriedly agreed.

The following week took the same pattern; the woman had both Dominic and her husband lick her out then left. But the last visit was different; after the two women chatted, the woman seemed to nod in agreement and when Dominic went to go down on her, Evelyn came round to sit on the front of her desk.

“Go to her” the woman told her husband.

He suddenly realised what she was suggesting but shrugged and knelt in front of Evelyn. As both women were pleasured, Evelyn would occasionally tell the husband to do different things. For almost an hour, she held off until at last tunceli escort she came. Not long after, the woman reached her second orgasm then it was all over.

“Well, thanks for the sessions. I think Frank’s learned what to do now and um, thanks I guess for that last bit of um, advice you gave him” she joked with Evelyn.

“No problems. Happy to help” Evelyn smirked back.

As soon as they were gone, she had Dominic straight under her desk again for the visit of her very boring client with memory loss. A quick tap on his head had Dominic venturing to her familiar ass and for the whole hour, she kept him down there. In the past, he had found it hard to tongue her ass for as long as that, but he had done it so much now that it had become easier. Another aspect was that the more he pleasured Evelyn, the more he had actually begun to look at her as utterly sexy. He had probably always found her attractive but as he regularly complimented Evelyn whilst giving her head, he had started to believe the things he was saying. Now, he considered her ass the sexiest ass he’d ever seen and her pussy as the tastiest pussy he’d ever eaten. Being so physically drawn to her meant he gave every effort to make all her sexual experiences as enjoyable as possible. He worked hard to make her pussy and ass feel utterly satisfied and it was this train of thought that made licking her ass for an hour easier than it might have been if they had just met.

As soon as her client was gone, she tugged his hair up a bit. Dominic immediately attacked her pussy until the feet drummed against his back and her legs gripped him tightly as she came, muffling her sighs of lust as best she could.

“You’re a good cuntlicker but if that woman had any idea how skilled you are at asslicking, there would have been a lot more than 3 sessions, I’m sure of that” Evelyn said breathlessly.

“My tongue belongs to you Mistress” Dominic assured her.

“I know it does and it will for as long as I want. And I’m so good to you, I let you use my tongue on me regularly” Evelyn agreed, rising to leave.

By the end of that weekend, Evelyn felt fantastic. She had a new hairdo, new lingerie bought by her young lover and new, more suggestive clothes. Her figure had also become more svelte, a result of her fantastic sex life. Dominic had also been quite successful with a book on marketing, which seemed to resonate well with his peers, so much so in fact that he was able to quit his job within just 6 months. Evelyn suggested he could be her sort of pa, making sure her appointments ran smoothly, dealing with the admin side of her job and taking all that annoying side of the job away from her. They decided to go away for the weekend and checked into a pleasant country hotel for a couple of nights.

At the check in desk, the two receptionists realised Dominic and Evelyn were sharing a room. If they wondered what such a handsome man was doing there with an older woman, they managed to act as if it were all perfectly acceptable and Evelyn felt a little thrill of enjoyment and power knowing just how much she was in the driving seat. After checking into their room, they rested then got ready for dinner. Once Dominic was ready, he watched tv while Evelyn had a bath, then watched her at the dressing room mirror. Evelyn had put on a bra showing her cleavage off wonderfully and pulled on a pair of hold ups over her legs. Almost as an after thought she glanced back at her lover on the bed.

Dominic knew that look and crossed to his Mistress. Kneeling behind her, he kissed her asscheeks before parting them. Evelyn let her legs open ever so slightly then took her make up bag and began to don some of the contents. Dominic’s tongue was trailing along her ass crack, then it slowly approached her asshole. With a valiant effort he was inside and she turned her attention to applying the lipstick. Below, Dominic concentrated on slow, steady thrusts to get his tongue in as far as possible.

“Just do this; leave my pussy until later on. It’ll give you something to look forward to” Evelyn told him.

“Thank you Mistress. I can hardly wait. Your ass tastes wonderful as always. And you look absolutely gorgeous” he told his Mistress.

Evelyn didn’t bother reply, enjoying this method of putting on make up. She usually had him do this when they went out, which wasn’t often but this weekend would be special. It was some time later before she finally finished her make up and went to put her dress on. Dinner was wonderful and Dominic didn’t hide the fact that they were clearly a couple. Some of the women looked on enviously while the men wondered what secret Evelyn had that made her so obviously sexy if she had a younger man like this so clearly into her. After dinner, they retired to their room and asked for breakfast in bed the next morning.

Evelyn was horny and lounged back on the bed while Dominic licked her to orgasm. Afterwards, he brought her gently back down before she sat on his face. Bringing her ass to his mouth, she ground her pussy down onto his nose, teasing and pleasuring herself by making the most of his face. Her orgasm when it hit was thunderous and she slipped off, telling him to fuck her now. Dominic sprung into action, sliding his cock into his Mistress with delight and pounding away at her soaked pussy as she sighed with lust at his efforts.

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