My Beautiful Girl

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I got to work that afternoon just like any other afternoon. Actually, scratch that. I got to work that afternoon just like I always did when she was working with me. I made the left in the lot with my music playing loudly to drown out the thud of my heart as I drove up the aisle we always park in. I found her car and looked for the closest possible space to it just in case I didn’t chicken out with her that day like I had everyday for the year that I had known her.

I settled on a space two spots away from her and turned off the CD player. I took one last drag of my cigarette and regretted smoking it at all since I knew she wasn’t fond of it and again if I didn’t chicken out, I wouldn’t want the taste of cigarettes on me. So I dug in my purse till I found a breath mint. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

The walk in was always the same. I had mild panic to joy all the way up to the studio with my heart thudding in my ears. I was too old to act and feel this way but I loved every minute of it. I loved feeling alive and that was exactly how she made me feel . I walked through the store up through the men’s dept up to the elevator. The elevator ride up was always torture. The doors didn’t close fast enough and the elevator car didn’t go up fast enough and the doors then didn’t open fast enough. I impatiently stood there staring at the buttons waiting for the number two to lose it’s glow saying that I had arrived and she was just on the other side of those doors.

I made the left as I left the elevator and there she was. Oh how she took my breath away. She stood at the counter with a big smile on her face that went into her eyes with the brightest sparkle I had ever seen. She was on the phone with a customer and I had to wait to say hello but I went behind her to drop my purse into an empty drawer. I turned and stood facing her back as she talked. The instinct is to grab and hold her close to me but the safe thing is to play with her hair and rub her back a bit. Her hair was shorter than she liked and was growing in but to me she looked beautiful and her hair was smooth and thick between my fingers. I caught the faint smell of her hair and it intoxicated me. She knows that I like her but I don’t think she knows just how much.

I know she’s married and I really shouldn’t put myself through this for a married woman who actually is happy as opposed to me who has been with a man that hasn’t loved her in years but it didn’t matter anyway because over the years I had come to realize that my interest in girls was not a phase and it would not go away and soon enough I would have to really get over my own fear and just come out already. She hung up with the customer and turned and started talking about the day and our boss and all the other stuff that was normal for anyone to go over with someone that was just starting their shift.

It was just the two of us tonight. The room to the right called me as she talked. It was set back just far enough and it was private enough. I had so many fantasies of taking her in there and pushing her up against the wall and kissing her. I wanted to feel her pressed against the wall with my hands cupping her face. I wanted to feel our tongues dancing together. I wanted to feel the rise and fall of her breasts against mine as we tried to catch our breath.

We did our normal small talk and worked through our day. I would watch her in the camera room when I wasn’t busy. We spent most of our time on the floor taking pictures and that meant that I got to stare at her ass most of the time which had become one of my favorite things to do. I watched her lay on the floor to get a shot and I admired the curves of her legs as they bent up behind her. She always complained about her body but I saw nothing wrong with her at all. She was beautiful.

The night wore on with the normal activities. It was time to close before I knew it. Of course the thoughts started going through my mind. Tonight I would not chicken out. Tonight I would not get in my car after saying goodbye to her yelling at myself and calling myself a coward. We started the walk down to the cars and we talked and laughed and all the while I was mentally preparing myself. If I chicken out tonight, I will never forgive myself. It’s been too long since I had had any woman in my arms and the months of being so close to her had gotten to me. I was ready.

We got to the cars and we talked more behind her car. It was time. She looked so pretty by the glow Bycasino of the moon or maybe it was the parking lot lights but either way, her hair shone and her smile sparkled up through her face. It was time. It was time. I took a step closer as she talked and I congratulated myself for moving forward. Another step. I reached for her hand and she stopped talking. Here we go. I pulled her against me and put my hand on her cheek. I looked into those beautiful brown eyes and that was it. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her softly. She settled in against me and kissed back. Oh god did it feel good to have her like this. Her lips were soft and I sucked her lower lip into my mouth. I felt her put her hands on my back and pull me closer. I parted her lips with my tongue and felt the inside of her mouth. She moved her tongue against mine and a soft moan escaped me. Oh I wanted to stay there and kiss her forever. It took all I had to trace my lips away from hers to the side of her neck but there it was better. I smelled her hair and I carefully kissed and gently nibbled at her. She moaned and I felt her tighten her arms. I kissed down to her collar bone and around to the other side. I felt the need in me to touch her grow.

My hand that had been on her cheek slid down her shoulder and arm to her waist. I ran my hand up her to just under her breast. I wanted to touch them but we were in full view of anyone in the lot and I knew that if this was to continue we needed to go somewhere. I whispered in her ear, “Where do you want to go?” She said we should go to a hotel. It was a practical answer because home for us meant husbands and kids and we needed it to be just us. So I grabbed her hand and took her to my car. I let her in and went back to my side as fast as I could. This was happening and I was ecstatic.

We drove to a small place not far from work quietly. We, who always had so much to say, were strangely quiet. We walked in the door of the hotel and checked in and I just looked at her. She was so beautiful and at the moment she was mine. We walked to the room hand in hand and I opened the door with the plastic key. The room was dark but it didn’t matter. I pushed the door closed and then I pushed her against the wall. I kissed her again, harder than last time. I let my hands wander up from her waist to her breasts. I cupped them through the fabric and kissed her neck again. Her breasts had been calling me for months and the feel of them in my hands was unreal. I kissed up the side of her neck and took her earlobe in my mouth and sucked it softly into my mouth. She had her hands on my shoulders and I felt her squeeze a bit. I whispered in her ear, “Are you sure?” I had to give her one last out. She had never been with a woman and the last thing I wanted was to have her regret it or feel like I forced her. I wanted her relaxed and willing. I mainly just wanted to hear her say yes because it would be the thing I had wanted to hear her say for so long. She breathed out a yes so soft and sweet and she turned to kiss me.

While we kissed, I reached down to the bottom of her shirt and began to pull it up. I wanted to see her. I wanted to see the real her and not the fantasy version that had been visiting my dreams for so long. I wanted to see the parts of her that had been covered and hidden from me. The shirt went up over her arms and I let it fall to the floor. I stepped back and stared for a moment. She was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and as much as I knew she felt self conscious about her weight and her scars from past surgeries, I looked at her and saw nothing but beauty. I went in closer and she put her hands behind my head as I began to kiss down her breasts. I traced the line where her bra met her skin and I reached my hands back behind her to let those breasts free. She stopped me and reached for my shirt and I realized that I was still fully dressed and that needed to change. I let her pull my shirt off and I let her look. I wrapped my arms around her and felt our skin touch and it raised the hairs on the back of my neck. She was so soft in my arms and kissed her again. We reached behind each other’s backs and undid the clasps of our bras. She reached for my shoulder straps and slid them down. I let her pull it off me and she tossed the black lace covered bra with her shirt on the floor. She looked at my breasts and she put her hands on me and I felt my nipples grow hard from the combination of the coolness of the room and the Bycasino giriş feel of her on them. I reached up and slid her straps down and tossed her purple bra away.

I held her tight to me and I felt our breasts mash into each other. It was so soft and warm and absolutely perfect of a feeling. We kissed each other harder, with more passion. We both let soft moans escape our lips as our hands and lips began to explore each other.

I pulled her back with me towards the bed. I sat and reached for the button on her jeans. I undid it and then unzipped her. I kissed her stomach and hips as I slowly pulled her pants down. She was wearing her ruffled underwear that she was so fond of. She had picked out a bunch of them once and I remember dreaming of what she looked like in the multi colored rumba panties. I rubbed my hands down her thighs as I pushed the pants down. They fell to the ground and she stepped out of her shoes and the pants. I pulled her back to me and let her fall on me. My hands grasped at her gorgeous ass and those ruffles. I squeezed and kneaded her ass through that thin fabric and she reached for my breast. I felt her put her mouth just above my nipple. Her breath alone made me arch my back up to meet her lips. She took it in her mouth and a small cry left my lips. I squeezed her through her panties with both hands and I let her suck at my breast. She let go of the one breast and kissed across to the other. Her hand replaced her mouth on the first breast and I felt her roll my nipple in her palm. She found the other nipple and the sensation of her on both nipples was enough. I felt the wetness in my panties begin to seep through.

I pushed her up and reached for my pants but her hands got their first. She got up off of me to pull them down off my legs and when they were tossed into the pile with our other clothes she came back on top of me. She had straddled my thigh and for the first time I felt her wetness on me and I was sure she could feel mine on hers. She looked down at me and I reached up to her breasts and she touched them with me. I felt her hands over mine as I rubbed her. Her nipples were hard in my hand and I wanted to feel them in my mouth so I rolled her off me and we lay side by side on the bed.

I took her nipple into my mouth and she moaned. She closed her eyes and put her head back while I sucked. I then let my hand wander down her side to her hip. I slipped my hand into the elastic of her panties and she rolled on her back so I could pull them down. She helped me get them off and there she was. She was completely naked laying next to me, in my arms. I began to wonder if this was all real and whether my overactive imagination had gotten so good that it was really just imagining all of this. I’d had vivid fantasies before but this, this was real. It had to be real.

My hand slid over her bare ass and started to kiss lower on her. She had her hands on my head and was softly pushing me down to her and as I got closer I saw her hips start to come up off the mattress. She wanted me to taste her as much as I wanted to taste her. My lips and tongue slid down her stomach and over her hips. I knelt between her legs and kissed around her belly button. I let my tongue slip in and dance around it. I licked down further still but I passed her sweet, wet pussy and moved to her inner thigh. I kissed the soft skin and sucked her into my mouth softly. I put my arms down under her legs so that they lay on either side of her and I licked up over her soft, hairless mound. I kissed down to her sweet lips and pulled one with my mouth. I was cautious to stay on the outer edges of her pussy. I wanted this to last as long as possible and I wanted to build her up more so that way when I let her cum it would be good. I wanted her to feel it from head to toe. As I switched from one lip to the other she shuddered as my breath hit her. She raised herself up off the bed again and this time my mouth was just where it needed to be. She was so wet and ready and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I took my tongue and slid it up her wet slit from bottom to top. I felt her try and spread her legs further apart. I slid upwards till I felt my tongue hit her clit and she gripped my hair hard at the soft touch. She pushed me further in and I put my lips full around her and sucked her hard clit into my mouth. She arched her back and I heard her cry my name.

With that I started to let my tongue swirl around her faster. She started to breath Bycasino güncel giriş heavier and she moaned more and more. She brought her hands up to her breasts and I saw her squeeze her nipples and pull on them and she rocked back and forth against my mouth. I decided that it was time to send her over the edge. I moved my right hand out from under her thigh and slipped a finger into her she cried out loud. I slid it in and out and felt her try to squeeze down around my finger. She continued to rock and then I gave her another finger. As my fingers worked through her I worked harder on her clit. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted to feel her go over that edge with my mouth on her. My tongue worked faster in shorter licks back and forth and around that hard, wet clit and I put a third finger into her. I felt her squeeze tight down on them and she put her hands on the back of my head and pulled at my hair as she came. She moaned and rocked and arched upwards until her body went limp and I slowed down and just lapped up her wetness. I slowly kissed back up her body till I was lying next to her and I held her to me.

We kissed and touched and I knew she was nervous about reciprocating but she seemed to want to try. She kissed me and her hands were on my breasts and her head started to make its way down. She stopped at my neck and I honestly could have dealt with just that and nothing else because nothing else feels as good to me as that but she was continuing with her hands downward. She put her hand on my thigh and I still felt the hesitation so I took her hand and I placed it on my wet panties. At this point there was no dry part to the area that covered my pussy. She stroked softly over the fabric and I shuddered. I was aching for her touch and then she began to lower the panties. I helped her and then her hand was running up the inside of my thigh. I touched her chin and brought her face back up to mine and I kissed her again. While she began to get closer and closer to where I wanted her to touch. Her finger slid in slowly, apprehensively and then she made her way up to my clit and I couldn’t contain the sound from escaping my lips. It felt so good and I moaned against her lips on mine. She began to work slow circles around it with one finger. I held her to me and kissed her neck to show my gratitude for making me feel so good. A second finger seemed to be helping the first so that there was constantly one touching me. She slid her hand down and I felt two fingers slide deep in me. I was so wet that I don’t think she even had a choice as to how far she was going in or how fast, I think her hand just slipped in but she worked with it. Her fingers worked me inside and while her palm and wrist still grazed against my clit.

She looked at me and said she thought she was ready to try. With that she knelt up and turned towards my pussy with her ass still facing me. She put her mouth just above me and then it happened. She began to lick at me like it was something she had always done. It was like something that we had been doing for years versus this just being the first time. She licked and I lay back enjoying it while my hand toyed with her ass. She got a hold of me with her lips and sucked in gently. She held me between her lips and her tongue began to go faster on me. She was doing so good and it felt phenomenal to have her there, especially after all the months of fantasizing about it. After all the mental build up I had it really didn’t take much till I was ready to cum and I had a feeling that things were about to get a bit wetter. She sensed that I was close and began to work at a furious pace on me. I squeezed at her ass and then I thought better.

I touched her thigh and asked her to let me in between her legs. I wanted to be tasting her when I went. I wanted to be deep in her and covered in her juices. She raised her leg and I shimmied under. I raised my mouth up to her and began at her again and she was still very sensitive from the last time so she was reacting wildly. I felt myself getting just about ready and wanted to feel her cum again so I worked harder and faster on her and then my body let go and I screamed up into her while my tongue still worked. I felt my body letting loose a mini flood of liquid and I felt her grinding down on my face till she came again.

When it was done, she lay there motionless for a minute. She stroked my thigh in soft strokes that sent shivers up my spine while I ran my hands down her sides. When she was ready to move she slid off me and turned so she was back upright and laying in arms.

I held her and pressed my lips to hers again one more time and we fell asleep in each others arms and everything felt right with the world with her soft skin pressed to mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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