Erica Meets the African Executives

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Author’s note: This is a continuation of my earlier work ‘Erica travels to Africa’ you may enjoy reading it as well.


Erica and Collin were driven to their lovely apartment in the capital of Botswana by Mark, Collin’s fellow employee at the huge diamond mine. They could see a part of the enterprise off in the distance. They were both turned on sexually by what happened on the plane, Erica from listening to Julie describing her intimate affair with her husband’s black boss, and Collin from hand pleasuring his eighteen year old white seatmate, his friend Mark’s beautiful horney daughter.

As soon as Mark departed, after telling them he would pick them up for their 10 am meeting in the morning, Collin and Erica went right to the bedroom, kissing madly and tearing at each other’s clothes. They both needed sex badly. Erica managed to tell Collin breathlessly to video their lovemaking so she could send it to her husband. After all, she thought, she had promised James that she would send him pictures, and video would be so much better.

Collin came up behind her as she set the phone to record. She filmed as the handsome black man cupped her huge breasts from behind. He unbuttoned her blouse. His black hands massaging the white orbs encased in their lovely white lacy bra. She turned her head to kiss him deeply, she was crazy for his very very black, very hard, and very big cock. He pulled his pants down, and she slld to her knees to worship at the altar of his enormous manhood. Somehow she kept the recording going as she kissed his cock, licked his cock, and talked dirty to him. Something she had never done for her husband. She licked to the base of his cock and took one of his big balls into her wet mouth, she turned and smiled into the phone’s camera lens.

He wanted her on top. She rode him like in a saddle on a bucking horse, reaching for his cock which she brought to her pussy lips. He took her breasts out of her bra cups leaving the rolled up brassiere under her breasts, further accentuating their size. They stood straight out from her chest. Her breasts were in his hands, his lips sucking her engorged nipples, first one, then the other. She filmed the seduction.

James would be hard by now watching.

She lowered herself onto Collin’s gorgeous cock. She gave the phone to him to film his cock entering her in the female dominant position. Glistening with her sex juices, she started moving up and down, up and down, as she moaned into the phone.

Afterwards, as Collin threw his clothes into the laundry, he could still smell the perfume of the lovely Rachel on his shirt. He looked forward to the coming dinner party, when he would be her escort, as he snuggled into Erica and kissed her goodnight.


Erica’s heart was pounding the closer she got to going to her first meeting at the diamond mining company in Botswana.

She represented a huge Insurance Company in Chicago, and her boss, the CEO, Robert, had sent her to inspect the facilities and determine the risks her company might face if they took on the job of insuring this vast, private, enterprise.

She had recently been made a Vice President of the company.

The pressure was on.

She had to produce, and quickly.

The friendly sales talk at a conference in New York, where she met Collin from the mining company, was all behind her.

She was relieved that Collin had accompanied her, he was a truly gifted lover.

Collin was black, and upon arrival at the airport, it was immediately obvious that most of the whole country’s population was black, while she was a beautiful white woman.

He was home.

She was being stared at, from all quarters.

She suddenly was more aware of her spectacular body than ever before.

A limousine was sent to pick them up at their luxurious apartment, probably owned by the company she thought, and made her first notes. Who owns the apartment, who owns the limo? Who owns the yacht that Julie spent the weekend on months ago? Are they all insured? Who pays the premiums?

Mark was in the front seat beside the driver.

They chatted easily. Mark explained who Omar was, as Erica smiled to herself.

Obviously, she thought, he was not about to tell them that his boss, Omar, had been fucking his wife Julie whenever he felt like it for the past six months. Mark had not even admitted that to himself. Omar had taken his very senior position in the organisation after Collin was sent to New York, so Collin did not know Omar, but certainly wanted to make a favourable impression.

Erica had dressed conservatively, her white blouse buttoned up to her neck, and wore her string of pearls, rather than the diamond pendant Collin had given her.

That would have to wait for another time. She had her grey suit on with the jacket buttoned beneath her ample bust. She hoped her outfit would be subtle enough.

Mark escorted the two of them into Omar’s office.

It was huge. Lovely leather furniture surrounded his board table, his desk was large but seemingly in a a distant corner.

Suddenly, mersin escort she felt a sense of calm. She was a VP of a major American Corporation.

They needed her firm’s services, and they needed her positive report.

Her sense of confidence returned. She reached out to shake Omar’s hand. He tried the two handed response. She remembered Julie’s comment. She withdrew her hand, quickly.

He got the message.

Collin was cool.

Omar said he thought they should meet the President. He indicated that he required all to refer to him as Mr. President. It was a message not to be trifled with. A few minutes passed. Erica could see why Julie was entranced with the black executive, he really was an amazing man. In every way.

She was impressed that Omar had not stared at her body. She was glad she had tied back her flowing blond tresses in a bun, as she indeed looked most business like.

They were ushered into the President’s office, by a lovely, very tall and statuesque, young white private secretary.

The president was older, much older than she realized. He glared at the group as they entered his inner office. Erica was introduced to him, and having been coached to call him Mr. President by a very nervous Mark, she looked him straight in the eye and said

It is very nice to meet you sir.

There was a silence.

Mark nearly wet his pants.

Collin held his breath.

The President looked long and hard into her eyes.

He smiled, his white teeth contrasting against his black face.

Good for you. he said to Erica.

She had passed her first test. It would not be her last.

The President asked Mark to stay behind and review with him the seating plan for the high school graduates’ dinner, an event which was his favourite. Mark showed him the pictures of the 18 year old girls with their mothers’ names beside them. Mark knew that the President would be at the end of the table and would choose the prettiest student to sit on his right, with her mother on his left. He worried about Rachel being selected, if she was, he obviously would not be able to seat her beside Collin, and his wife Julie would thus be beside the insatiable African as well.

The President chose Janice, a lovely girl, petite, barely 95 pounds with long blond hair down to the middle of her back. she had been an excellent student-athlete, playing tennis for the school team. She had also been a cheerleader, and only the cutest girls were selected for that role. She had described herself in her notes as ‘being boy crazy.’ He had insisted that 18 would be the age for the graduates to attain prior to being invited to the party and introduced to the traditions of Botswana, and the preferences of his black executives who liked to be introduced to the daughters of their white subordinates.

The President thought to himself Janice was perfect.

Her mother Sarah would be accompanying her.

Everyone knew that the President had had a very long and very public affair with Sarah.

Mark inwardly sighed in relief.


When Mark left, The President sat fondly remembering Sarah. He hadn’t seen her in over a year. In the beginning she had arrived as a 19 year old bride, her husband having been selected to join the executive group. At age 30 the husband was young but seemed to have excellent qualifications. Like all applicants he was required to submit photographs, not just of himself, but of his wife and other family members, especially any daughters. Sarah’s photo had intrigued the President. He liked his women white and young, his black wife at home understood his needs, and she was happy enough to host the necessary entertaining that the President was required to do.

That Christmas at their annual party, Sarah’s husband got quite drunk, and the President told him to go home with a friend to put him to bed. He insisted Sarah and the friend’s wife remain at the party. The President drank very little when he entertained. He moved in on Sarah complimenting her on her pretty dress. The others at the party knew to leave well enough alone.

He took her to the dance floor. At nineteen her breasts were full and firm, his left hand held her close, his right stroked her back, he got erect and pushed his hard black cock against her. She was flustered, she had had several glasses of wine, and this was the boss, not only her husband’s boss but the ultimate boss who was rubbing his immense cock against her midsection. She had never been with a black man. After the dance he took her hand and led her to the stairs to show her the house. It was a magnificent mansion. She could not say no even if she had wanted. Her legs were weak. She felt desire for this man who was so direct in his approach. He had selected her, he wanted her, and he always got what he wanted.

They went straight to the master bedroom. Closing the door behind them he kissed her demandingly on the mouth, she opened her mouth and eagerly responded with a passionate kiss. He unzipped her dress and it fell kocaeli escort to the floor. She could not resist the older black boss, he took her hand and put it on his cock, she stroked and squeezed,

She slid to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, it was so big. She hoped he would not hurt her.

The President remembered Sarah’s enthusiasm that night, and many many times after that night. She stayed all night. She could not get enough of him. He performed like a twenty year old, fucking her in every position he knew. She screamed when he took her doggystyle, she loved it that way. He drove her home at 6 am.

Sarah’s husband came to see him at work the next day and apologised profusely for getting drunk. The President told him to never let it happen again in his house.

He dismissed the man, who didn’t mentioned his wife being out all night.

That was the part the President loved about his power. The white husbands who so meekly gave in to his taking their wives whenever he wanted them. He smiled to himself.

Sarah quickly became his favourite.

A few years later he challenged the companies twelve key executives to come up with cost savings in their various areas of expertise. The one winning the challenge would be treated to an all expenses paid weekend trip by helicopter to the fishing lodge the company owned on a large isolated lake.

He would take Sarah along.

Two men tied at the top of the competition. He felt it unfair to leave one behind.

On the appointed weekend the men gathered at the helipad at noon on Friday.

The pilot and the President sat in the front two seats. The back seat was designed for two passengers, but it had a third seatbelt in the middle. Sarah arrived, her husband dropped her off and carried her bag to the chopper door before leaving. She looked great, tight jeans and a low cut white tee shirt, a kerchief around her neck added a splash of red, her long hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore red high heel shoes. Now in her mid twenties, she still looked 19, the President thought. She sat in the middle with the two men: Dominic and Rasta. She giggled as the two men tried to help her squeeze in between them. Their hands wandered a bit, touching her legs and her perfect ass. The President looked back, commenting on how lucky they were. Sarah blew him a kiss, and turned to properly meet her seatmates. As she did her big breasts rubbed against them. Her cleavage was quite apparent. She thought to herself that going on a weekend trip with four black men could be exciting indeed.

She had certainly grown up a lot in the past four years. She loved sex, and she loved big black cock. She suddenly was very happy she brought a few sexy outfits. She felt herself getting damp between her legs, something that rarely happened at home, certainly not since her daughter Janice had arrived. She assumed the President would be dominating most of her time.

The President had ideas rattling around in his head on how to entertain Sarah.

Upon arriving at the lodge, they were greeted by guides, the cook, and the maid, a striking young black girl. The guides took each of their bags upstairs to their assigned rooms, and the men prepared to go fishing.

Sarah had no plans to fish.

She liked to eat properly prepared fish but she had no intention of killing what she ate.

When they all left, she wandered around the complex, noting the beautiful pool, actually a hot tub on a lovely deck overlooking the lake, with the mountains they had flown over, towering behind them. The door to the President’s suite was locked.

On the water, the President enjoyed the company of the two young executives. They all had beers. After a while Dominic mentioned the lovely Sarah. To his utter amazement the President told him to feel free to keep her company, and for that matter the same was true for Rasta, in any way they liked.

The men looked at each other, astounded, their thoughts were not on fishing.

To the President’s question, Rasta explained that his name, or nickname really, came from a time when he lived in Jamaica.

They all caught their limit of fish and turned to return to the lodge. The President suggested they change and enjoy the sauna and hot tub before a late Bar B Q dinner.

He went looking for Sarah.

The President walked into her room. Sarah had emerged from the shower and was doing her nails. He stood behind her and rubbed her back, reached in front of her and cupped her breasts in the silk robe. She moaned, she loved silk. Her nipples stood out like mini steeples on a church. He turned her, knelt in front of her, and lifted her legs by the ankles and put her legs around his neck. He lowered his mouth to her damp pussy, licking the perimeter before kissing her pussy lips, entering the white wife with his tongue like he knew she loved, his hands squeezing her nipples hard. She was hot and ready for his cock.

He stopped.

He stood up. His erection stretched his pants. Sarah begged him to give her his big black cock, she samsun escort pleaded with him, over and over. He told her to put on her bikini and to meet them in the hot tub.

She was shaking with desire – it was the first time he had ever done this, she was so sexually turned on – she could not believe he did it. Why?

He left to get changed.

The three black men in a hot tub with her in a tiny bikini? She got soaking wet.

Sarah gathered herself somewhat, put on the bikini as ordered, and tied her hair up in a sexy pile on her head, knowing she would be at least half in the water, and perhaps more. She did not want to go down to the hot tub deck until the others appeared, And she did not want to get her hair wet, before dressing for dinner. What harm could there be in a quick hot tub with the executives she had met just a few hours before? She put on her white silk robe, over the tiny bikini. Her nipples were so engorged they were fully visible through the robe.

The pilot was tired after two trips to the lodge that day, but not so tired that he didn’t do what the boss told him. He took two beers and his video equipment, and set up to film the hot tub. What he would film he nad no idea, but he did what the boss wanted.

He set up where he was hidden, and even arranged to cover the red light on the camera indicating it was filming. He had been an amateur photographer, he was good at it, and he knew it.

For his part, The President went to his locked room.

Inside was his little surprise.

Little she was not.

The year before he had picked Stacey to sit beside him at the graduates dinner. While she was eighteen then like the others, she was a big girl, six foot two and fully physically mature, with an enormous bust. Stacey’s mother and father lived in a small town, miles from the mine, the father having been fired from his employment. Stacey would be at the dinner alone. He picked her partly for that reason. He remembered how well the evening had gone. She was very smart, very sexy, certainly a tad overweight, but full bodied in a very erotic way. She had actually engaged him in a real conversation unlike some of the other schoolgirls in other years, who were intimidated by his wealth and power. Stacey looked him straight in the eye. She told him she wanted to stay in Botswana. She told him she wanted a job. She was willing to do whatever it took. He took her upstairs, ignoring the usual dinner formalities, leaving Omar and the other executives to sort it out.

Stacey sucked his cock. She accepted his big cock and gave him back the wild passion he gave her. She stayed the night. He told her he wanted her to complete her education in secretarial school for one year, and if she did well, he would hire her. He was tired of the woman in that position who nagged him and had outlived her usefulness. He would retire his private secretary and replace her with Stacey.

Stacey had done everything possible and had come first in the class, She was ready.

He put her on the helicopter earlier that morning to go to the lodge with the supplies for the weekend.

He brought Sarah as a treat for the other two men.

Stacey was his.

She would become his private secretary.

Sarah would be busy with the other executives, Sarah would learn the ‘code’ that once the President had moved on to another favourite woman, she would be fair game for any and all the other black executives. It was the President’s way of rewarding his key men and keeping them loyal to him. He knew the men had all ogled Sarah when she appeared in the office, making sly comments among themselves, about when and who would be the lucky ones to inherit the lovely white wife. Her husband would be ignored.

She was oblivious to all of this intrigue.

Sarah looked down on the hot tub, the two men had arrived.

She went down the stairs silently in bare feet, quiet, romantic music was playing. As she approached the steps down to the water she draped her robe over a deck chair. As she walked towards them her big breasts swayed in the tiny top which barely covered her aroused nipples, and offered little or no support. The men watched in appreciation. They both wore speedos supplied in their rooms. Both had impressive packages barely contained in the swimwear. This was a treat neither of them had dared contemplate. Dominic rose to greet her and politely offered his hand to guide her down the steps. She gratefully accepted, he took her right into his arms, she offered no resistance and she put her arms around his neck and kissed him, her mouth opening to accept the young man’s tongue. As their passion mounted, Rasta approached from behind Sarah, and after pulling the string holding her bikini top in place, reached around her front to fondle and squeeze her magnificent breasts. The bikini top floated away. She was topless with two black, handsome young men. One ground his erect cock into her front, the other pushed his cock into her perfect ass covered only by the bikini bottom. She now understood what the President wanted her to do. That he had sexually excited her so obviously getting her ready for the two men in the hot tub, and that he was not there himself suddenly made sense. The President had moved on. She would remain friends with him. Though nobody had articulated the code to her, it was now obvious, she would be available to any of his black executives who hit on her.

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