My First Summer in Memphis

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This is a true story. It is the story of a young man who was sheltered, unsophisticated about the world and not sure of himself. He came to Memphis from the countryside of Arkansas with no real experiences. It is about me. Growing up, I knew no real want. My parents were gainfully employed and made good money. I was the middle of five kids and did not get much attention. So, I was always trying to figure out my true identity. I had gone to a small local college and remained fairly sheltered. No one talked about anything out of the ordinary. No taboo. So when I came to Memphis to go to graduate school, I was suddenly interested in the world around me. It was a strange new world. Sometimes it seemed hostile and dangerous and other times it seemed forgiving and open.

I had never had much experience with the opposite sex and none with the same sex. I had thought about other guys on occasion but never acted on it. It just seemed to me that you were supposed to do as was expected of you. Plain and simple. When I came to Memphis and moved into an apartment, there was suddenly a strange and new world before me. For the first few weeks, I spent a great deal of time just getting my bearings. I found a nice apartment in east Memphis, got started in school and just began to settle in. Back home, I was never bored. However, now that I had moved to this big city and gotten settled, I was suddenly bored and lonely. That usually how you get into trouble.

Anyway, graduate school was going too easy and was a breeze. I attended my classes, did my readings and studied for my tests. Usually, by early evening, I was finished and was very restless. I drove around the city just to acquaint myself with my new surroundings. It was interesting. I began to notice that Memphis had a fairly healthy and active sex industry. Being pretty inexperienced, I noticed the “dark alley” places more quickly than some.

The first place I noticed was an adult bookstore about four blocks from my apartment complex. I drove by it several times before I got up enough courage to walk in. Finally, I swallowed the lump in my throat and settled the butterflies in my stomach and walked in the door in the back of the building. As soon as I emerged into the store, I saw all kinds of things I had never seen before. There were toys of various types, magazines, DVDs and all kinds of things that young boys from the country don’t see everyday. I also noticed two dark hallways on each side of the store section but wasn’t sure about either one.

I should stop here to described myself in those days a few years ago. I was thin, white, weighed about 165 pounds, very smooth naturally and had sandy hair. I immediately began to feel uncomfortable in the ABS, as if I was being watched and lusted after. I know, even then it seemed egotistical. I looked around that first night and left quickly. I was too nervous to enjoy myself.

A few nights later, I summoned the courage to return. I spent some time looking at the DVDs and the sex toys. One of the clerks approached me and smiled. I was looking at some of the DVDs in the gay section. He very bluntly asked me, “Are you an experienced guy?” I was shocked and unsure of my response. I finally spoke up, “I’m not sure what you mean?”

He smiled and replied, “Are you a top or a bottom? Fem or dom? You know.”

In fact, I didn’t know. Finally, with nothing to lose, I replied, “Honestly, I’ve never been with another guy before, but if I was, I guess I’d want him to be in charge.”

The clerk laughed, “Well, if you’re going to ever do it, you’d better prepare yourself.” After he walked off, I thought about what he said and began looking for DVDs for young guys doing solos. I found one and purchased it.

I watched the DVD for the next couple of days. The handsome young man in the video demonstrated the use of a dildo, a vibrator, anal beads and lots of other little tricks. I noticed that he was preparing himself to take a bigger man with a bigger cock and was practicing some positions and techniques in order to prepare himself. I decided that if I ever wanted to take the plunge, I’d better prepare myself.

So I did. I purchased an 8.5 inch dildo and some other toys to play with. I found myself enjoying them way alanya escort too much. I shaved my body completely smooth including my balls. I violated my anal virginity with my rubbery friend of 8.5 inches and practiced my still un-used blow job skills on the dildo. I was determined that when I started hunting, I could bag or be bagged if it happened.

The first night of looking around for some fun ended with no luck after cruising the ABS and coming up with nothing but old trolls. I wanted my first man to man to be memorable and enjoyable. So, I moved on to a local bar that advertised as a friendly place for guys interested in what I was interested in. The place was dark and there were a number of guys milling around. Some were at the bar, others at tables. I wore some tight jeans (with no underwear) and a t-shirt into the place, knowing I was advertising.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer and just waited. An older flabby guy walked up and offered to buy my drink. He was just trying to be nice but I was not interested. I thanked him and replied, “Anyway, I’m waiting on my date.” Of course, that was a lie. I had no date.

After a few minutes, I turned and scanned the tables. At one of the tables sat a muscled, well-built medium to light skinned black man. He was an ebony Adonis with a shaved head. He wore a leather coat, skin tight t-shirt, tight jeans and boots. I acted as if I had not seen him and wiggled my ass just right as I turned around to face the bartender. I could only hope.

In a moment, a shadow overtook me and I felt someone sit down next to me. I turned and he smiled. I uttered a feeble, “Hi.” He grinned a very sly grin and said “You can do better than that, son.” He looked around again before adding, “You were wanting me to sit down here anyway.”

I finally recovered my senses and introduced myself. I stuck out my hand and replied, “Hi, I’m Trent.” He took my hand and gave me a firm squeeze before replying, “Good to meet you, Trent. I’m Snake.”

He said it with a mischeivious smile. I laughed before I knew it and asked, “Should I ask why they call you Snake?”

He said nothing for a moment and turned his head away from me to reply, “Well, maybe you’ll learn how I got that name.”

I had a live one and did not want to lose the chance. “Well, Snake, I’ve got all night to learn. I’m just a few blocks away.” I saw a devious smile creep across Snake’s face. His brillantly white teeth shone in the glare of the lights and he leaned in toward me. His hot breath hit my ear.

“You want to play a little tonight?” he asked me in a breathy, sultry but masculine tone.

I weakly replied, “I do.” Afterall, I was beginning to realize what I was getting myself into.

We made our way out into the dark parking lot. I told Snake my address and to my surprise, he lived only a couple of blocks from me. We agreed to meet at my place. He said he wanted to stop at the corner drugstore near my apartment complex first to pick up some supplies. In less than thirty minutes, I would be doing things I had never done with another man.

I got home and quickly began to make the place inviting. I turned the lights down and dimmed them. I closed the shades and the living room and bedroom had a mysterious half-darkness about them. You could see but it was a perfect setting for a little sexual play. My stomach was almost beyond saving. I was nervous but determined.

After a few minutes, I heard a knock at my door and moved toward it. I saw Snake through the peephole and opened the door. He carried a small plastic bag in his hand. He grinned at me and stated, “I had to pick up some protection. The standard condoms are too small for me and I knew you’d need some some lube.”

I began to become nervous and swallowed hard. I looked at him and he began to laugh. He reassured me, “You’ll get used to it and you’ll love it.”

As we walked toward the couch, he pulled a bottle of spray out of the bag. He explained, “This is a spray to numb your throat so you don’t gag too badly. It needs to be fun for both of us and you can swallow ole’ Snake better if you can’t feel it.” Now I was terrified.

Snake was about forty. Now I could better judge his age. I like older men in good shape. Snake removed his boots and pulled his jacket off. I saw his ripped chest through his t-shirt. I walked up to him and removed my own t-shirt. He, being taller than me, reached down slightly and pinched my right nipple. I reached for his covered crotch and began to rub his well-concealed cock. He reached down and pulled my chin to his and forcefully french-kissed me on my mouth. I felt his firm strong tongue probe my mouth and my mouth began to water. He wrapped his large hand around the back of my neck and held my head in place as he tongued me and necked me. My free hand rubbed his chest and felt the immensity of his broad chest.

He began to rub my crotch and reached down to unbutton my fly. Soon he had my jeans around my ankles. My seven inch cut cock sprang free and Snake groped it in his strong hand. I was suddenly naked and at the mercy of a black sex god. Snake pushed me gently to the couch on my back and began to lick my nipples. I took his smooth head between my hands and guided him downward. He licked my smooth stomach and soon I felt a wetness on my cock. Snake had my young, thick cock in his wet, willing mouth. It was my first blowjob from a man, and my, what a man he was.

I had truly expected Snake to treat me just like a woman. But he was liberal in his attention to me. He slurped and sucked at my cock and teased me with his tongue. He sucked my balls and licked the underside of my cock. I reveled in the slurping sounds and the wet noises his blowjob made. I was afraid I would cum too soon, but Snake stopped fairly quickly and began to lick my asshole. I had never been rimmed before and the feeling was one of true ecstasy. He spread my cheeks out and licked my sphincter and occasionally probed my hole with a single slick finger.

Finally, he stood before me. He motioned for me to sit up on the couch. I moved toward him and began to unfasten his fly. I pulled his jeans down and he stepped from them. The throbbing, slightly moving bulge in his bikinis had me hypnotized. I moved my face toward his crotch and my mouth began to nibble at the covered cock. I stroked it through the material and tugged at it.

Finally, I pulled this amazing piece of man flesh free of its confinement. An enormous cock measuring at least five inches in diameter and ten inches long sprang free. I was amazed. Snake smiled down at me and began to guide my mouth toward his cock. I quickly licked the large mushroom head and struck at it with my tongue. I took the head into my mouth and began to run my tongue around it. I pulled off and took Snake’s cock into my hand and lifted it. It was heavier that one could imagine. I licked the underside of his cock and moved toward his large balls. I sucked one after the other into my mouth and saturated it with my spit.

I then returned to Snake’s cock. I took all of it I could for a while and worked on that: a good five inches. I sucked and spit. I lubed his dick with my spit and wanked it. Then Snake reached behind himself a little and picked up the numbing spray. He took my jaw in his firm hand and told me to hold my mouth wide open. I did as he commanded. He sprayed a liberal dose of the spray into the back and roof of my mouth. Suddenly, I could not really feel my mouth or throat. Then Snake placed his large beautiful cock into my mouth and began to slowly fuck my mouth as he held my head still.

Soon a large black snake of a cock was easily thrusting into and out of my throat with ease. I could feel the huge drops and ropes of my spit hitting my knees tucked under me somewhat. For some twenty or more minutes, my throat was invaded by this monster cock. Although I learned to breath through my nose, I would come up short for air and gagged on occasion. I simply wanted to swallow this large pulsating veiny cock.

Soon Snake pulled me to my feet and I led him to my bedroom. I shut the door behind us and I pushed him to the bed on his back. His massive member stood at attention. My mouth and my ass were wet and wanting, almost begging. I climbed atop of Snake in a 69 fashion. He gripped my ass cheeks and began to tongue my barren hole. I sucked his cock and forced the back of my throat on it minute after minute. Snake’s crotch was wet and slippery when I finished. I could feel his strong tongue probing my ass and on occasion a finger or two made its way into my inner most chamber.

Finally, Snake rolled me off of him and onto my back. He stood up and walked back into the living room and retrieved his lube and condoms. He put me on my knees with my stomach on pillows and my ass in the air. He moved back around in front of me and I engulfed his cock in my mouth again. As I sucked Snake’s cock, he began to rub lube into my sphincter and finger my hole. He rubbed his thumb and his palm against the outside of my ass and continued to probe my throat.

He sighed as I licked his cock and quietly stated, “I’m going to fuck you now, okay?” I nodded and spit a last glob of spit on his cock. Snake moved back around behind me and pulled a condom onto his large thick cock. He used a free hand to squirt lube onto his cock and used his covered cock head to rub it into my hole. Soon, I felt a strong hand on my right shoulder and felt the tightness and pressure of something on my sphincter.

I gasped at first and Snake responded quietly, “Breathe and push…trust me.” I breathed and pushed my sphincter outward and suddenly felt a new presence in my otherwise tight asshole. Soon I felt the invasion growing in length. I felt the stretching feeling one feels as a massive cock is invading your innermost private chamber.

Snake slowly worked his way into me. He would make quick little strides and then slow down. Soon a quick easy lubed stride was going. He grunted and spoke with easy command. “Oh, yeah, sugar. Let daddy fuck that ass!”

I did let daddy fuck that ass. I leaned into the pillows and cried a little but in a pleasurable sort of painful way. I moaned in utter ecstasy. I arched my back and Snake put both hands on my shoulders and drove deep inside of me. I found myself biting my pillows and thrashing my head back and forth as Snake worked my hole more loosely.

After several minutes of hard fucking, Snake withdrew and he put me on my back and placed my ankles in the air above me. He slowly lowered himself onto me and began to plunge his cock deep into me. My own cock had grown again and I began to jack myself.

After a few more minutes of this deep plunging, I leaned up and whispered into Snake’s ear, “I want to ride you, Cowboy!!!”

Snake pulled out and lay on his back. I turned and mounted Snake and faced him. I lowered myself onto his stiff thick cock and soon it was impaling me. I rode Snake’s cock up and down and then placed my knees firmly on the mattress. With my ass suspended in the hour, Snake began to fuck me from underneath and soon his cock was gliding into and out of my hole with ease.

I jacked myself while crying out with glee. I felt my own pressure building as Snake’s cockhead hit my prostate. I cried and shouted and my own cum shot forth and made a beautiful sight as it landed on Snake’s bare chiseled black chest.

This only intensified Snake’s desires. He lifted me off of him and put me back on my stomach and lifted my left leg above me and held it while he drove his cock into my wet willing hole. Snake slammed into me time after time as I reached behind me and gave his balls a squeeze. He reached down and licked my ear and cursed me. Finally I felt his already swollen cock swell further and Snake rose up and his grip on my waist began to hurt.

He growled to me, “Where do you want it? Where?” I managed in my weakened state to reply, “In my mouth, sweet daddy, in my mouth.”

Snake quickly withdrew from my ass and slipped the condom from his swollen cock. I moved down between his legs and took his cock into my mouth and wanked him. Quickly I felt the feel of his cock swelling further and the quick warm shot of his cum hit my throat and coat it completely. A second, third, fourth and fifth large rope of cum spewed forth and my mouth was filled completely. I could not hold it all and it streamed forth from the corners of my mouth and fell to the mattress.

Shortly, Snake pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped it across my cum covered cheeks a time or two. He then walked toward the bathroom. I lay there thinking about this magnificent experience. I knew more about myself in that moment than anytime recently. I knew what I wanted and I had gotten it. Black cock. I was liking Memphis better already.

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