On the Beach Ch. 11

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“What are you going to do?” Bill asked as they lay side by side on the bed. “Are you going to leave and go back home?”

“I don’t know,” Murphy responded and placed her forearm across her eyes as if she was trying to block out the outside world.

After they had made love, Bill had waited until Murphy came out of the bathroom. He could hear her urinating in the toilet and the sound aroused him again. If Bill had a fetish it had to do with women peeing while dressed in patent leather “Come Fuck Me” pumps and nylon hose. He traced it back to peeping on his mother in their bathroom at home. She had a thing about urinating in public bathrooms or in other people’s houses so the first thing that she would do when she came home from one of her volunteer tasks or card parties would be to head for the bathroom and sit and urinate. Bill would come home from school and if she were not in the house he would lock the door behind him and hide in his room not giving her any indication that he was already in the house when she came home.

Thinking she was alone, she never completely closed the door and he would stand outside the bathroom and watch her pee while rubbing his erection sticking out through the fly of his school trousers. When she finished peeing, she would carefully form a pad with toilet paper and wipe herself then repeat the maneuver two or three times and each time she would carefully look at the pad before dropping it between her legs and into the toilet. After throwing away the last pad his mother would reach back and flush the toilet while raising her butt up off of the seat and watching the water and the pads swirl around. Bill always orgasmed at about the time that she dropped the second or third pad into the water and flushed the toilet so the sound of the flushing water would hide his groan of pleasure that he couldn’t keep silent.

When the toilet finished, she would sit back down on the seat with her skirt and half-slip still pulled up to her waist and her panties, and pantyhose, stretched across her thighs. Next she would examine the crotch of her panties and lifting each leg in turn, she would rest it on her other knee and remove her shoes. She always wore the spike heels so fashionable back then and after removing each shoe she would neatly place them on the floor next to the toilet and knead her toes as if to relieve some ache or pain.

He would slowly masturbate while watching her roll her pantyhose down her legs. He would imagine his hands caressing her thighs and calves if only he could be the one to slide the loose nylon down over her ankles and off of her painted samsun escort toes. He would hold off his impending orgasm and watch while she finished removing her pantyhose and pull the legs straight before placing them on the edge of the sink. Next she would slide her panties down her legs and set them next to her hose.

Backing carefully away from the door, Bill would hurriedly stuff his erection back into his trousers, zip himself up and sneak out the back door to soon appear at the front door and let himself in with the key kept under the mat.

“Hi, mom! I’m home,” he would yell and throw his book bag onto the sofa.

If his mother heard him she would generally reply, “Hi Billy, I’m in my room changing, I’ll be down in a minute sweetheart.”

That would be his signal to race for the bathroom, lock the door behind him and pull off his pants and underwear. With his still youthfully hard erection bobbing in front of him, Bill would take his mother’s panties and rolled up pantyhose from her lingerie bag and sitting on the toilet he would masturbate with them. His favorite method was to pull one of the legs of the pantyhose down over himself until his cock was trapped in the foot. He would take the second leg and wrap it around his hand and begin to slowly masturbate with it while holding her panties up to his face to inhale the scent of her body powder and her pussy. Her panties often had a pissy smell but he didn’t mind because he could use the scent to imagine where the fluid had come from within his mother’s body.

After cumming in his mother’s nylons he would roll them up again and put them back into the hamper. He never considered the fact that maybe his mother would notice his dried cum in her pantyhose when she took them out to wash them by hand. In later years he often wondered if she knew what he was doing and attributing it to normal teenage behavior decided not to ever mention it.

Bringing himself back to the present, Bill watched Murphy as she came out of the bathroom with her palms flat against her belly and her upper arms pushing her breasts together. Bill watched as she carefully sat on the bed and laying back she pulled the top sheet up over her body.

“What are you hiding from me,” Bill said and tried to pull the sheet off of her.

“My saggy breasts and belly,” she shyly said while holding onto the sheet for dear life.

“I didn’t notice anything that I would consider saggy or whatever,” he offered.

“That’s because it is almost dark in here,” she laughed. “If the lights were on you would see all of my defects.”

Bill samsunkurdu.com didn’t push the issue and he rested on his side with his hand gently moving on top of the sheet over her belly and breasts.

He asked the question.

“It’s not going to be pleasant when he wakes up tomorrow morning,” she said and a tear rolled down her cheek. “He is going to try and blame me for everything! I know it because he’s done it before!”

“How could he possibly blame you for going to a strip club?” Bill asked in a consoling tone.

“He’s going to say I drove him there and he won’t accept any other point of view.”

“Don’t offer any other point of view. Just tell him to get the hell out and if he doesn’t you’re going to let everyone know what he and his married buddies did!”

“I …I don’t know if I can do that,” Murphy said and turned to face Bill. “I don’t know what would happen if I did.”

Bill pulled her to him and kissed her cheek wet with her tears.

“I have to do some thinking before I confront him tomorrow. Right now I am still pissed off and I don’t want anything to do with him. I don’t know if I’ll have the same courage tomorrow morning!”

Murphy quietly sobbed into Bill’s shoulder until the sound of a cell phone chiming broke the silence.

Murphy lifted her head and said, “That’s my phone! He must be awake. Oh, shit!”

Scrambling out of bed she ran into the living room and dug her phone out of the pocket of her robe lying on the floor.

Bill followed her out and watched as she flipped it open and pressed a key.

“Hello,” she said.

Bill could hear a male voice almost shouting through the phone. Moving towards the balcony doors she stood and looked out with the phone held to her ear.

“I’m walking on the beach,” she answered and paused while a muffled voice came out of the earpiece.

“When I’m good and ready,” she said in apparent response to a question about when she was going to come back. “When I goddamn well feel like it!”

Bill walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her body. He held her breasts and hefted them as if testing their weight. Capturing her nipples in his fingers he lightly teased them as she squirmed around in his grasp.

The voice coming out of the phone sounded quieter and not so demanding.

“I’ll be back soon and if you puked all over the place you had better have it cleaned up before I get there!”

She flipped the phone shut and sagged back against Bill. He held onto her breasts and let her feel his partially hardened cock between the cheeks of her ass.

Murphy wiggled her butt against him and turned around in the circle of his arms. She put her hands behind his head and passionately kissed him.

“Thank you,” she said. “I’d better get going.”

Releasing her from his embrace, he followed her into the bedroom where her clothes lay in a pile on the floor pushed off of the bed in their haste to begin their lovemaking. Holding up her panties she turned them right side out to put them on when Bill reached over and took them out of her hand.

“Here, let me,” he said and sitting on the edge of the bed he held them out for her to step into. Murphy balanced herself with her hands on his shoulders and lifted her leg to let him slip them over her foot. Her breasts were dangling almost in his face and when he got the first foot in and Murphy steadied herself to insert her other foot he tilted his head and captured a nipple in his mouth.

“Oh,” Murphy moaned and taking one hand off of his shoulder she held her breast out for him to suckle.

After a moment or two, she pulled back and again lifted her foot saying, “Stop that or I’ll never get out of here. Now help me put these on!”

Bill tried to convince her that his hands did a much better job of corralling her breasts than did her bra and he offered to walk behind her wherever she went to hold them up to where she wanted them to be. Failing to convince her he yielded and helped her into her bra and her dress.

“Leave my sandals and robe here,” she said. “I don’t want to have to explain to a drunk why I have two pairs of shoes and a robe with me.”

“Call me if you have any problems,” Bill offered as they walked to the hall door. “I’ll leave my cell phone on.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be OK,” she replied as they stood by the door.

“Well I have your shoes and your robe to keep me company,” he laughed. “They will have to do for tonight!”

“I’m sorry I have to leave you like this,” she giggled and reached out and touched his semi-hard erection. She stared at it for a moment and then reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down her legs and off of her feet.

“Will these help?” she asked and handed them to him. “Sleep well!” she laughed and was out the door.

Lifting the panties to his face, Bill inhaled her scent and then wrapped them around his now full erection. Images of him standing outside of the bathroom and watching his mother flashed through his head as he rubbed himself with the slick nylon while walking back down the hall.

“No, not tonight! Save it!” he decided, pulled a beer out of the refrigerator and headed for the sofa.

“She left her earrings, anklets and wedding rings here,” he mused when he noticed them still laying on the coffee table. “I wonder if The General will notice.”

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