My Gift to Cindy

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Cindy and I have had a wonderful marriage. We have enjoyed ourselves including a fulfilling sex life. We have explored several different fantasies and talked about many more. She excites me, fulfills me, and always leaves me yearning to fulfill her every desire.

One fantasy that has come up but never been played out is Cindy with another man. I brought it up first, but merely to see where she would go with it. There was hesitation on her part, as if she did not want anything to ruin our marriage. For me, I am just an average guy and believe that for just one night she deserves something special. So, the topic comes up periodically, but has never really taken off. We have agreed that if it were to happen, it had to be a stranger with no connections, but we have never seriously pursued anything.

We had been planning a trip to Vegas, and the thought of surprising my wife was enticing. No ties, no commitment, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? I kept imagining her experiencing a large cock that would fulfill those desires that I cannot. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. The closer we got to the trip, the more I realized this was my opportunity. It would have to be a surprise though.

I did some research. How would I find a stud that would satisfy her with no strings attached? It took me a while, but I finally settled on a massage service, and Mr. Hunter. I knew I could get her to accept a massage as part of our vacation. Mr. Hunter convinced me he could make it special. As nervous as I was, I pressed forward, imagining how much she could enjoy an evening of unbridled sex with a man that would touch her in ways that I could not.

As the weeks turned to days before our trip, my anticipation was unbearable. My cock would get rock hard just thinking about her. I could hear her moans as I imagined Mr. Hunter thrusting deep inside of her. In the bedroom, I pictured myself as Mr. Hunter rocking her world to even more intense orgasms. But I knew my five inches were nothing compared to what he could deliver. I could hardly wait.

Vegas was a great escape for us. We had been there several times and the sights and sounds of Vegas were always amazing. This time, my mind was so focused on “operation Hunter” that I could hardly function. I wanted everything to be perfect.

With a little coaxing, we decided that Thursday would be a relaxation day. All she knew was that I had scheduled a massage for her at 6pm. I think she assumed it was in the hotel spa. Little did she know it was in our room. We spent the day lounging by the pool enjoying the sunshine, the sights, and each other. Every time some young stud walked by in his tight bathing suit trying to hide a bulging cock, I would wonder if that was Mr. Hunter. I caught Cindy eyeing up more than one package, as if she too was wondering what it would be like.

The weather was beautiful and we shared a few drinks. I knew I had to loosen her up. I did not want any inhibitions to put a damper on my plans. I wanted this to be a night she would never forget. As day turned into early evening, we agreed it was time to head upstairs. Her assumption was to shower, enjoy her massage, and then return to the room for an evening out with me.

As we exited the elevator, I knew I had to come clean with her. She was feeling no pain, so it was time to put the plan in motion. I confessed to her that the massage was not in the hotel spa. She was confused. I had to make up an excuse about a problem. I assured her that I was well aware of the issue, but did not want to ruin our plans, so I had arranged for a private massage in our room. I saw the hesitation in her face, but assured her it was fine and I wanted nothing but the best for my princess. The alcohol took over and she agreed it would be ok.

We weren’t in the hotel room for more than five minutes before she dropped her bikini to the floor and headed for the shower. She was teasing me. As she walked naked across the room, I could feel my cock spring to life. She was headed to get clean and I was feeling all dirty. I reached down and rubbed my cock, knowing that this evening was going to be a night to remember. It felt so good, but I did not want to cum. I was interrupted by my cell phone. It was a text from Mr. Hunter.

“I am almost to the hotel. Are you ready?” the text message read.

It was all I could do to reply “yes.”

My hands trembled with nervous anticipation, but I did not want to back out now.

“And the cash? ” he asked confirming our arrangement for payment.

I managed to type “yes” to confirm our agreement.

Not long after, the bathroom door opened and Cindy sauntered my way. As she approached me, she let the towel drop to the floor. We kissed. As the fireworks went off in my head I panicked. Was this wrong? What am I doing?

We were interrupted by another text. Bzz Bzz. I felt the phone in the pocket of my shorts. Reality. I turned away from Cindy. The text was simple “In the lobby – should I come up?”

I responded “Yes” and etiler escort gave him the room number.

Cindy got dressed in some workout clothes while I paced like a nervous cat. It seemed like an eternity as we waited. Then I heard the knock at the door. For a minute, the world stopped. Time stood still. Cindy, oblivious to the real plan for the evening did not move. I froze, as if maybe he would go away.

“Are you going to get the door?” she asked.

As I opened the door, my jaw dropped. Mr. Hunter was an A1 stud. From his cowboy hat to his boots, I simply gawked. A sparkling smile, and muscles everywhere. Oh boy, what have I done?

“Hi, I am Mike. You ordered a masseuse?” he asked, as if this was an every day event for him.

I stammered over my every word. “Uhhhh yes. Come in.”

I can only imagine what Cindy was thinking as Mike entered the room. Still buzzed, she looked him up and down sizing him up. He was carrying a bag and a portable table. He seemed quite professional, which I think put both of us at ease. He introduced himself to Cindy and asked where he should set up. We made room for his table next to the bed. Once the table was set-up, he pulled out some oils from his bag. With that, he handed Cindy a small sheet and instructed her to undress.

“You can wrap yourself in this” he said, pointing her to the bathroom.

With Cindy in the bathroom disrobing, he looked at me. I was speechless. It was an awkward moment until Mike spoke up.

“I get paid up front.”

“Oh right,” I said as I pulled the cash from my pocket and handed it to him.

“So, are you headed to the casino, or did you plan to stay?”

Somehow, I had not prepared for that question. I wondered what I should do.

“uh (long pause) I was going to wait here.”

“Okay” said Mike. “But here are the ground rules.”

My mind was racing, but I clung to his every word.

“First, this is her night not yours so no interrupting.”

“Second, you cannot speak or utter any sounds.”

“And third, you do as I say.”

As much as my mind was screaming “NO, don’t do this,” all I could manage was to say “okay.”

Mike continued “I do this for a living. I am a professional and when I am done I will leave quietly so you can enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Before I could say a word, the bathroom door opened. Cindy stood there wrapped in the small sheet Mike had given her. She looked like a Greek goddess. Soon, she would be.

Mike gazed at Cindy as she walked into the room. I almost passed out. “What have I done?” I thought to myself.

Mike motioned for Cindy to climb onto the massage table. He pointed for me to sit in a chair that he had positioned where I could watch. As Cindy climbed onto the table, the sheet covered her perfectly. She put her face into the hole in the table so she could fully relax. I watched her wiggle to get comfortable.

“I have to get comfortable so I can work,” Mike said. With that, he pulled off his boots, took off his shirt, and yanked down his jeans. He was standing there in just a t-shirt and his tight little boxer briefs. He looked at me and said “you too!”

“Uh oh” I thought to myself. Why me?

He walked over to me and reminded me that I was to do as he said, so I pulled off my shirt leaving me with just my shorts.

“Excellent” he said. “You are learning already.”

With that, he put on some music, sprinkled some oil on Cindy’s shoulders and started working her neckline. I heard Cindy whimper as I knew she was starting to relax. Mike had strong hands. He obviously had done this before. He pulled the sheet down to the edge of her ass fully exposing her back while covering her legs. He shifted his focus to massaging her back. Her skin glistened and from the sounds she was making she was enjoying every minute.

He worked long strokes up and down her back. I sat in amazement watching him work. He pulled the sheet up to her neck, exposing her legs. The sheet barely covered her ass. I was getting excited watching him. I felt a tingling in my crotch.

As Mike worked on Cindy’s legs, I knew that she was starting to feel something. She uttered a soft moan as his hands crept up her thigh. I caught her trying to re-position her legs, giving him more room to work on her, or was it to give him access to her pussy?

Mike grabbed the sheet and folded it down. He folded it in such a way that it now only covered her ass. I was getting so turned on. He leaned down, and I heard him whisper in her ear “let me go get some more oil.” Then he turned up the music and headed towards his bag.

I thought Mike was walking to his bag which was behind my chair. He surprised me. He leaned down to me and whispered to me “if you are going to sit and watch this, you have to get naked – take off your shorts right now!”

What? He did not say another word, but simply glared at me. I did as I was told removing my shorts and freeing my cock. Mike went to his eve gelen escort bag to get the oil, or so I thought. He came up behind the chair and whispered in my ear.

“You know I am a professional, right?”

As I started to answer, he grabbed my right wrist and pulled it behind me. I had no idea what he was doing, but it happened so fast I could not put up a fight. He handcuffed me to the leg of the chair. Then he grabbed my left hand and handcuffed that to the chair. I was helpless. As much as I wanted to protest, I did not want to ruin the evening.

With that, he returned his attention to Cindy. He stood at the head of the table, his cock inches from her face as he worked her shoulders again. He was kneading her tense muscles and making long strokes down her back. With every stroke he got closer to her ass. She would wiggle ever so slightly.

As I looked at Mike, he could tell I was getting excited. My cock was growing with every little sound that Cindy made. He stared at me as if to say “remember the rules.”

I knew we had reached the point of no return. Mike leaned down close to Cindy and said “you must work out because you have an incredible body. Let me get some more oil.”

As Cindy responded with a barely audible “I’d like that” Mike walked towards me and his bag. He stripped off his shirt as he walked my direction. He walked past me and dropped his shirt in his bag. He leaned in behind me and whispered in my ear “she really is beautiful – remember the rules – any screw-ups and I leave.”

He stood in front of me as I nodded my approval, reluctantly. With that, he dropped his shorts. I gulped. His cock was large, and thick. I had never felt inferior as a man until now. It must have been seven inches and it was not even hard. Oh my god.

He threw his shorts behind me and paused long enough for me to catch my breath. He grabbed his cock and cupped it in his hand making sure I saw the full package. Then he went back to Cindy on the table. I simply stared.

Mike walked to the foot of the table and slowly started on her feet. He gently massaged each foot starting with her toes. She told him how good it felt. All I could do was sit and watch.

As he worked his way from her feet to her calves, Cindy was becoming more excited. I could sense the tingling in her pussy by the way she moved. As he moved from her calves to her thighs, she became more restless, and more vocal.

“Oh yeah” she said. “That feels sooo good.”

That must have been a sign to Mike because he took that opportunity to remove the sheet. With a flick, it fell off the side of the table exposing her ass. Cindy did not say a word, nor did I. Mike looked at me and smiled a wry grin.

With that, he started massaging her thighs. Mike had strategically positioned my chair at the base of the table giving me a full view of what was about to happen. He stood to the side of the table working her right leg. He used long strokes that finished at her ass. As he went up her leg, he let his hands roll across her ass, separating her ass cheeks. She was feeling great and offered no resistance.

“Oh my god” she said, her voice muffled with her face buried in the table.

He repeated the long stroke, this time pulling her ass cheeks apart nice and wide. He got his first view of her pussy. She gently lifted her left leg to give him more access. It was a massage, but she dared him to do more.

Three more strokes and she was spread wide. Now I could see her pussy. This time, Mike gently brushed her lips. I saw it, and she felt it. She exhaled in a way that told me she was ready for more. She offered no resistance.

The next stroke went further with Mike’s hand splitting her pussy. He was getting into the moment and my cock was starting to grow. His next stroke stopped at her pussy as he inserted a finger – not deep, but just enough.

Stroke after stroke Mike pressed further, this time his index finger going deep. Cindy raised her hips and spread her legs even more, but Mike paused. He leaned down to her and said “don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh, I won’t!” Cindy replied obviously disappointed at the pause in the action.

Mike walked toward me still bound to the chair. He stopped directly in front of me and grabbed his cock in his right hand. As he stroked his cock for me, he offered me his wet index finger. As I sucked on his finger, I could taste Cindy’s juices. I was now as lost in the moment as she was. Here was this stud with a cock approaching nine inches and he is feeding me my wife’s pussy juice. OMG.

Mike moved back to Cindy. He lightly dragged a finger up her leg, across her ass, and up her back stopping at her neck. He stood directly in front of her. He leaned down and nibbled on her ear.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

She answered in a half moan half whisper to say “yes.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Absolutely” was her reply, almost begging him to continue.

I am pretty sure she fatih escort could see his dick under the table. As he nibbled her ear I watched as she wriggled her hips. Her legs spread wider and her hips raised up. She was hoping for more.

This time, Mike stood to the side working her back with strokes that went down across her ass finishing at her pussy. Cindy moaned loudly as he began to finger her. It was one finger at first, then two. She spread as wide as the table would let her. Her breathing had become heavy. My dick was throbbing.

With his thumb at the base of her asshole, he was working her pussy with two fingers. In, then out. Slowly and then faster. His fingers must have been magical, as I could hear Cindy with every curl of his finger. He kept going, responding to her every move.

“Yes, oh god yes!”

His thumb pressed hard on her asshole, as if he was going to fill both holes at once. I was dying. I was still handcuffed to the chair and could not do anything to pleasure myself. I often watched my wife finger herself to an orgasm, but I was always able to work my cock until I came with her. I sat helpless with my cock throbbing while Mike got my wife off.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” Cindy screamed.

She thrashed on the table as Mike pushed her to a shuddering orgasm. It was the most intense thing I had ever seen.

As Cindy lay motionless, Mike abandoned the table and directed his attention to me. I panicked as I wondered “what is he doing?”

He stood in front of me, his cock at least nine inches hard. He offered me a taste of my wife. I sucked his fingers hard and long. It felt odd, but it tasted so good. He walked behind me, leaned down, and whispered in my ear.

“Is that what you wanted?”

“Yes” I whispered, even though I knew I really wanted her to feel his cock.

Before I could finish my thought, I felt his hand on my dick. Panic. What is he doing? Tonight is about Cindy. Or is it?

Sucking her juice off his fingers was quite erotic and it had my cock throbbing. He stroked me, knowing how excited I was. I closed my eyes, and like Cindy, I too became lost in Mike’s hands.

“Be quiet” he whispered in my ear, and in less than 30 seconds I shot cum all over the place. I came in the hand of another man. Holy crap. It was amazing, and it happened so fast.

Mike turned his attention back to Cindy, gently stroking her back. He put the sheet on her again, covering her ass. She must have wondered if it was over. It probably didn’t matter if it was. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

Mike instructed her to roll over. He held the sheet up so she could flip. I realized that he did not want her to see me handcuffed naked to the chair. She was now laying face up and Mike laid the sheet across her mid-section. Her nipples were rock hard poking through the sheet. He stood at the top of the table and gently kissed her. She kissed him back. That bothered me, but tonight was about her.

Mike moved to working her shoulders, and gently down to her breasts. Cindy moaned again. Her emotions were moving to overdrive and she wanted more. With her hands at her side, she decided to pull the sheet off exposing her pussy to his full view. As Mike continued to work his way down her body, he bumped Cindy. It was then that she realized he was naked.

I saw her reach for his cock. As he worked her tits, she grabbed his rock hard cock and started stroking. She spread her legs again giving me full view of her sopping pussy. She still had no idea about my predicament.

Mike leaned down and kissed her again. She kissed back hard and deep this time. She continued to stroke his cock. He reached for her pussy. One finger at first, his thumb working her clit. Her head rolled back, her mouth opened and she exhaled heavily confirming her pleasure. She paused with his cock as the feeling in her pussy overwhelmed her. Now he had two fingers deep in her pussy, curling his fingers as if begging her to cum. I was able to watch everything. My cock was swollen and harder than it ever had been before, but I could not do anything to satisfy my urge. I wriggled in the chair silently begging for satisfaction.

Mike paused. Cindy paused. Now what?

Mike stepped to the top of the table and Cindy turned her head. She took his dick into her mouth, sucking him. It was big and she struggled. She could only take the head at first. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him as she tried to get more in her mouth. Mike took his time, squeezing her nipples and fingering her pussy while she sucked his dick.

I was about to explode. If only I could rub my cock. I pulled as hard as I could but I could not free myself. All I could do was watch my wife being pleasured by this stud. She tried so hard to make him cum in her mouth.

She gave up. Mike was fingering her pussy and working her clit. She could not concentrate on sucking him off. It was too much for her and she let his dick drop from her mouth.

Mike leaned to my wife, kissed her and whispered “slide down.”

With that, Mike moved to the end and grabbed my wife by the hips. He slid her to the edge of the table. He moved so that I could see her pussy mere inches from my face. As bad as I wanted her, I could not have her. I thought he was going to fuck her. Instead, he leaned in and licked the length of her pussy. She went crazy on his tongue.

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