My Name is Fred Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: About Missy

My Name Is Fred, the first story in this series is not a true story, but it is not entirely false either. On the old Dragnet TV series they always said, “The names were changed to protect the innocent.” In “Fred” no names are real. The places are not really real either. The actual Fred “show me the penis” moment talked about in “My Name is Fred” took place in a restaurant bathroom. So did the double girl blowjob with Sarah and Ally. Can’t tell that actual story because insightful people could figure out where the restaurant really is. Are the women real? Some people might be shocked if they knew who the real world women and Fred were, if there actually are real world women and a real Fred. Would you believe that Fred married Ally the red haired d-cup size queen? No one would. They later divorced. Fred also married Sarah, but that was fifteen years after he married Ally. Leave it at that. If you went to the right college at the right moment somewhere east of the Mississippi you know all of these people. Size queens never marry small penis boys so none of this can be true.

So what about Missy? Missy is hard to explain. There is a Masters Thesis somewhere in the United States done in the past 30 years with a dedication to Missy. If you find that thesis and read that dedication you will understand Missy and Fred.

Is Missy “real”? Sure. Is Missy her name? No. Again, “the names are changed …” But you wish you earned what Missy earns from her “day job” today. Missy is a very unique and special person. And back in college Missy’s ability at reverse cowgirl was without peer. Sarah and Ally were both in awe. It’s easy to go up and down on 8 inches like all the porn girls do. 5 inches? Not so easy. That takes amazing muscle control.

People have stories they cannot tell, private lives they cannot share, because they do not want to betray the secrets of others. If you had a great threesome at Harvard back in the 80s, you cannot tell that story because one of those folks likely runs a hedge fund today. If you got the best blowjob of your life from a guy at Yale back in the 80s, the problem is that guy is probably married with two kids and a Federal judge today. The cute girl with hairy armpits that you fucked up the ass in the 80s at UVA is probably a Hollywood producer today. The Theta with blonde hair and unkempt girly parts whose parents belonged to Norfolk Yacht married the bartender. Who would have figured that.

But those untold stories matter. Here is more about Fred.


About Missy. Missy is 5’5″. She is the shortest woman on our University’s varsity women’s volleyball team. The coach usually doesn’t take women shorter than about 5’9″, but Missy is a scrapper. She has quick hands. She can dig maybe better than any college girl in the country. She is the setter. The setter on a volleyball team calls the plays and runs the offense. Missy is a sophomore. The volleyball coach usually does not start a sophomore as the setter, and certainly not a 5’5″ sophomore, but Missy so good that the coach changed up what she usually does because she had to have Missy on the floor.

Missy is buff. She is a jock babe. She is one of the hot volleyball players at the school. There are a few. The school could do a poster.

Missy is a gym rat and spends hours each week training.

Missy has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is shoulder length and curly. Missy is pasty white.

Missy likes to do roadwork in the summers on country back roads with some of the girls from the track team. Missy says the track girls give her a better workout than do the volleyball girls. Missy wears tight spandex when she works out. She likes to show off her toned body. Missy has a great camel toe. She has a tight boy butt and strong thighs. She is nearly flat like a boy as well. An A-cup on a good day. Missy has thick nipples that poke at her spandex tops.

I am in my second year in the graduate history program at a Large Midwestern State University. My name is Fred. I live off campus in a rented house with a girl named Sarah. It’s an old house with steam heat and a big claw foot bathtub. We have hard wood floors, plaster walls, large windows, and a great gas stove in the kitchen.

Sarah is a senior English major. Sarah trained in dance through high school and she maintains a lean toned dancer’s body. I won’t call Sarah a gym rat, but she works out and still takes dance classes for fun. Sarah had a part in a Black Box production in Drama last school year with her friend Ally. Sarah plans to read for parts in a few drama productions this year as well. Sarah has started to dabble in photography. Sarah masquerades as shy, but that is all a front. Sarah likes to perform and does not mind a bit of spectacle. Sarah likes to show off her body. Sarah posed nude for some studio art classes as a freshman. Sarah also posed for some real life photographers for nudes. Sarah is not sure about the professional uşak escort work. Sarah avoids underwear as often as she can. She likes to be ogled. Sarah will often work a schoolgirl look with a plaid skirt, white button down, but no bra and one button too few buttoned on the blouse. She loves when folks get a glimpse of nipple through her top. For the Fall, Sarah decided to color her hair jet black and wear dark lipstick and dark nail polish. Her nails are always trimmed Dyke short. The paint on her toenails always matches the fingernails. Sarah is wearing lots of eyeliner with the black hair.

I think Sarah is rocket scientist smart. She denies that, and insists I am the smart one in the relationship. I read a lot. Sarah reads a little less. Sarah gets out more than I do. Sarah tries to see every movie that comes out. She loves to watch Turner Classic Movies when she’s home. Sarah enjoys white wine. Sarah likes me. Sarah also likes to play with girls.

When Sarah and I first had sex last Spring, she kept the hair on her girly parts trimmed very short or shaved entirely. She is letting it grow wild this year because I like the texture when it gets long. Sarah has a little treasure trail and a more than a bit of pubes running onto her thighs when she lets her bush grow natural. I like to watch when she wears short skirts and flashes a bit of bush. Sarah is still learning how best to do that and make the flash seem entirely unintentional.

I mention Missy and Sarah together here because I plan to explain how I came to know Missy and why Missy moved into the house with Sarah and me second semester.

I was at the HPER on a Sunday morning in early September getting loose before a pick up basketball game. We have a professor in History, John Luzerne, who loves to “invite” (read: compel) a bunch of graduate students to get together with some faculty for Sunday morning pick up games. Luzerne never thought people might want to sleep or go to church on Sunday. Luzerne drives a pickup truck. He likes to think he is a man’s man.

It was about 8:00 AM and I was shooting around trying to get a touch before the game. I had no touch that morning at all. Lots of rim, little net. The HPER is a big place. I’m minding my own business and chasing my own misses when this girl walks up and asks if I mind if she shares the ball. She thought I might want help chasing down my misses. She introduces herself as Missy. I say go ahead. Missy, misses, ha, never mind. She shoots the lights out of it. I asked what her deal was and Missy admitted she played guard on her high school team. I didn’t realize this was Missy the superstar volleyball player and all around University jock babe.

I asked Missy if she wanted to stick around and be our ringer against Luzerne’s hand picked team. Missy said yes. She loved to play whenever she could. We kicked butt. Missy sank outside jumpers left and right. Luzerne’s team came out to double her and Missy fed the open guy every time with sharp crisp passes. It really wasn’t fair. We had a professional.

Luzerne is 6’3″. He is a big guy. A couple times Missy drove the lane and was happy to take the ball right to Luzerne when he stepped up to block her shot. Missy has strong legs and Luzerne ended up flat on his butt more than a few times. Missy knew how to pick her spots. She never battled Luzerne on the boards for rebounds; she just pulled him outside then drove hard to the basket. The faculty got winded and the game wound down. Luzerne griped that the graduate students had found some undergraduate ringer. He did not take losing well.

The graduate students taunted Luzerne by pointing out the “ringer” was a little 5’5″ girl who had run him silly. Fact is that I was the only graduate student who could keep up with Missy. We need more wind in the department.

Missy asked me if I wanted to join her and her friends on their run. A couple other girls had walked up to watch us finish our game. Missy introduced me to two tall skinny black girls, Vershana and LaTanya. I smiled and said I didn’t want to hold them up. Vershana and LaTanya run track. They look like they run track. Vershana is buff. LaTanya is less buff, but very tall.

Vershana grinned and said that if they had to slow down for me that might just save Missy’s sorry butt from a beat down.

I begged off and said that I would leave Missy’s butt to them.

LaTanya said “yum.”

The three of them ran off with Missy insisting “that” (whatever that was) was not what I meant about her butt. The girls were all laughing.

With what I know now, the volleyball coach probably would not have been happy to learn that her star setter played pickup basketball on her off Sunday during the first month of the season. That was a knee waiting to happen. Missy was just being social. Missy is like that, social and independent.

Of course with what else I know now my comment of Missy’s butt was square on.

A couple weeks later I met Missy again. I got a call from someone named Buzz in the Athletic Department. They were looking for a History graduate student, a good writer, who could “advise” some of the women athletes about some of their humanities and social science courses. By “advise” Buzz really meant tutor, but they didn’t like to use the “T” word at our school. We admitted only smart athletes.

I said sure. When I showed up for my first “advising” session, one of the girls was Missy. Missy’s friends Vershana and LaTanya were there too, as well a few other girls.

When I got home Sarah asked if I liked my private time with a room full of jock babes. She then stripped off her clothes and we fucked like bunnies. As busy as both Sarah and I were this Fall, we found time virtually every morning and night for very good sex. Sarah loved to try new things and I never complained when she pushed boundaries. Sarah is very creative about her sex. Before I met Sarah I might masturbate three times a day, I hardly ever touched myself now. Sarah would be pissed if I masturbated and she didn’t at least get watch.

Of course the problem tonight was that Sarah got herself soaking wet just from talking about me hanging out with jock babes. Sarah’s panties were soaked as she pulled them off. There was a sense of urgency about her need for a fuck. Something gave me the impression that Sarah wanted to be used by a strong athletic girl. Sarah was in a dirty mood and made me fuck her butt while she rubbed her clit hard. Sarah bent over, lubed up her back hole, and insisted that I put my “little wee, wee” in. No foreplay, just right to hard butt fuck. I obliged. Sarah moved her but around as we fucked. She pushed up against me when I thrust. I pumped hard. Sarah pushed back hard and squeezed and relaxed her anus. Sarah’s in great shape but I’ve got more wind. I guess that means I am in better shape. After a very hard butt fuck I came gobs. I am not sure I have enough down there to make it hurt, but I sure tried. Sarah just laid there smiling with cum oozing out her ass when I was done. I should have taken a picture. That was a good cum. Sarah likes to get fucked in the ass. That asshole looked fucked. Red, puffy, dripping.

I got into a regular routine where I saw my jock babes on Sunday and Tuesday nights, with an occasional Thursday if they were not travelling for a game or meet. The girls were good workers. Big time college sports take quite a bit of work; with all your weight work and practice, you don’t have much time for studies. My jock babes worked hard on their school stuff with the little time we had together.

As the jock babe got to know me better they talked “out of school” about other athletes, coaches and such. One night Vershana admitted she preferred girls to boys. That’s a big step for a college athlete. College athletes usually don’t come out while they are still in school. They certainly don’t come out to outsiders. There are always rumors and stories about some folks, but the athletes usually are good at keeping what they know about teammates to themselves. Maybe that meant I was now an insider. Vershana did keep her actual “hookups” pretty private, but made one big slip. She mentioned that she thought a few of the women’s teams liked their road trips better than being at home because no one really cared where they slept on the road, unlike back in the dorms where there were always prying eyes. There are some things best left alone, and I did not comment on Vershana’s revelation about road trip bed buddies.

The betting line at this point would have to be that Missy preferred girls to boys. A few key facts: even though they were in different sports, Vershana and Missy did roadwork together, they lifted together, if they were sore they hit the training room together and Missy was on one of those women’s teams that took long overnight road trips, I presumed with bed buddies. I wondered who Missy slept with on the road. Of course those facts could mean nothing at all. Some of the girls were straight.

I told Sarah when I got home that Vershana outed like half the jock babes at school tonight. Needless to say, that got Sarah hot. She wondered how she could hook up with a jock babe? She also proceeded to get naked and invite me to join her in our big claw foot bathtub. I stripped off and laid down in the tub. Sarah squatted over me and let go a stream of piss in my mouth. Yum. We had done piss play before. A couple times I pissed in Sarah’s mouth and all over her face. When Sarah wants to do it she “saves up” and drinks a lot so she can give me a really big pee. When Sarah finished with her pee, I ate her out. She came hard. We showered (to clean the pee off) and headed to bed. In bed, Sarah said she wanted a little show. I jacked myself off for her. When I came, she licked the cum off my hand and cock. Sarah loves eating cum.

Mid-November at a Tuesday night “advising” session Missy asked if we could talk in private. I said sure, after the session. The other girls left and Missy and I sat to chat. Missy then “outed” herself. Missy said that she needed a respectable “boy date” for a dinner with her parents first of December. She really didn’t have other boys in mind. She hadn’t dated much in college. Her folks would be coming to town for this dress up dinner thing. Her mom had asked her if she was going to bring that boy she always talked about to the dinner. That boy happened to be me. Missy’s mom had taken a comment from Missy that Missy saw me a couple nights a week to mean that we were “an item.” Missy talked with her mom about me all the time. Missy saw no reason to correct her mom. And besides, if Missy’s mom talked about me that usually meant the track girls never came up in conversation.

I was flattered. But I am also nothing if loyal to the women I love. I told Missy that I would be her date, but that she would have to ask Sarah (my girlfriend) for permission to “borrow me” for the night. I warned Missy that Sarah might be tough on her. Missy winked. Missy had an away road trip starting the next day, but said she would come by and ask Sarah upon her return.

I told Sarah about my “date” with Missy first thing when I got home. Sarah thought it was cute that Missy had outed herself to me of all people. Sarah then told me to take off my pants so she could blow me. Sarah wanted me to remember that she was my best girl and liked to eat the cum from my little dick. Sarah told me not to get the idea that Missy would be willing to eat my cum like she did. Sarah blew me again first thing the next morning. Sarah seemed convinced that if she drank all of my cum, there would be none for Missy. Sarah vowed that she would drink so much cum from my cock between now and December that I wouldn’t be able to get the little thing up for Missy. It would be small and limp as a noodle.

Sunday night Sarah and I were sitting around the house not doing too much. Sarah had finished her work for the night and was on her second glass of wine. I went to take a shower. I hadn’t taken the time to clean up after the morning Luzerne basketball game over at the HPER and wanted to scrub off some grime and sweat before bed. I was just out of the shower and the doorbell rang. Sarah yelled that I should get the door.

I am naked drying off and Sarah is doing what? The naked boy gets the door? Who knew why. So I wrapped a towel around me and got the door.

It was Missy to ask Sarah about borrowing me. I had totally forgotten when Missy would come by. I yelled to Sarah that Missy was here to see her. Not sure which room Sarah was in but she wandered into the living room wearing one of my shirts (and it looked like no pants) and holding a glass of wine.

Sarah is very polite and offered to get Missy a glass of wine too. Sarah says it is rude to not offer a guest a drink.

I am still standing there in a towel. Thanks everyone for the concern.

Sarah put her glass down and ran to the kitchen. She was back in an instant with the bottle and another glass. She poured and handed the glass to Missy. Sarah implored Missy to sit down on the couch. Sarah planted herself right next to Missy.

I think Sarah may have been a little drunk.

I told everyone that I was going to run and get some clothes; Sarah said I did not need to bother. We were among friends. I should just sit.

Missy chuckled.

Missy started to talk and explain to Sarah what she wanted.

Sarah interrupted Missy and explained that I had already filled her in on what Missy wanted. Sarah motioned me to come stand by her. Sarah began to tell Missy that she had no objection at all to my being Missy’s dress up date, but that Sarah was not sure that Missy knew what she was getting. Missy looked confused. I certainly was confused.

Sarah then pulled my towel off and pointed at my dick. Sarah went on, “he’s not that big and I don’t know if a jock babe such as yourself wants to stake her reputation for being straight on that little thing.” Sarah grabbed my cock.

Missy blushed and held back a laugh. I was not sure if the laugh was at my expense for my little dick or at Sarah’s for acting so crazy. Missy should have run for the door.

Sarah went on, “but it works fine.” Sarah started to fondle me and play with my balls.

Sarah continued, “and I like to do this …” And Sarah started to suck.

Missy was paralyzed and looked like she wanted to die. I guess I was paralyzed too because I let Sarah suck away at my dick.

I suppose that for various institutional and legal reasons I should have stopped Sarah and kept the towel on and the like. I had an official university position of sorts. I did “advise” Missy a few nights a week. But technically I had no authority over Missy and Missy had asked me on a date.

Missy kept watching. I don’t know why.

Sarah turned to Missy, “Your turn. I have to see how you are going to take care of him.”

Sarah tugged Missy’s arm to pull her closer to where I was standing.

“Come on,” Sarah went on, “don’t be shy. It’s easy to do. Here watch me again.”

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