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Female Ejaculation

“Sir . . . . You affect me in ways no one else has. I crave to do things that I have never before imagined myself doing. My thoughts often drift back to moments I have spent with you . . . . and . . . . to fantasies of things I would love to do with you in the future. If only I had the courage to put them into words in person.” (Dedication, you know who you are)

It was a Wednesday night, the usual night of the week she called him. Her call came earlier than usual and she had a special request of him. She wanted to see him. Right now. She wanted to talk with him in person tonight.

She had never really felt a need like this before. It was a burning deep down in the pit of her stomach. Her mind would not let it go, it just kept replaying different scenarios, with him, over and over in her mind. Some of the images she desired so much to live out. Some she was too afraid to allow herself to taste. Some she had already experienced at his hands. He lived across town from her, but tonight she was only a few blocks away from his house, so it wouldn’t be like she was making a special trip.

“Are you busy tonight?” she asked nervously when he greeted her on the phone. “I am on your side of town tonight, only a few blocks from you . . . . and . . . . I really would like to stop by and talk with you in person . . . . if . . . . that is alright with you?”

He did not care to have visitors late in the evening on weeknights. He had to get up early in the mornings to be at work by 6 am, but something in her tone of her voice was different. Her voice was slightly shaky. He had never heard that in her voice before, it was almost as if she was unsure of what she was asking. There was something she wanted, needed, from him tonight. He wasn’t sure why she felt the urge to see him tonight, but at the same time he didn’t want to deny her. Her justification of being only a few blocks away put a smile on his face. He already knew she was always on his side of town Wednesday nights for a class.

“Alright, you may come over tonight. For just a little while, its almost bedtime.”

“Thank you so much” she said, feeling the apprehension that had built up as she was dialing the phone dissipate. She was very nervous about making this special request. The last thing she wanted was for this wonderfully wicked, older man, who took her to places she had never experienced before, to see her as needy.

She pulled up to the gate at the entrance of his neighborhood and pushed in the code he gave her. The gate slowly opened. She felt the anticipation and anxiety building up inside her again. Had she made the right decision to ask him if she could come by? Should she just have buried her feelings of desire and gotten on the freeway and driven home before calling him? She had done that several times already.

She pulled up to his house and turned off the motor. As she walked up the steps of his front porch her heart began pounding. She reached up to knock on the door but it swung open before she got the chance. She just stood there stunned.

He stood there with a smile on his face in his flannel pajama pants, t-shirt and slippers. “Come in.”

She walked in, shut the door and took off her coat. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, her usual greeting to him. Her whole body was trembling.

After her kiss he walked Escort Bayan back over to the sofa and sat down, turned off the television and turned on the radio, the local classic rock station.

“If you are thirsty go ahead and fix yourself something. There is soda, milk, water and beer in the fridge.”

As she started into the kitchen he called out to her, “I’ll have a soda in a glass with ice.” He always had her serve him when she was over. It was not something she was accustomed to doing for anyone, but secretly, she would never admit it out loud, serving him made her inner being burn so deeply with desire.

She shuddered with a chill as she opened the cupboard and pulled out two glasses. Her hands were trembling. She filled his glass with soda, then her own with water and walked out to the living room again. She hoped he would not notice the tremble in her hand as she handed him his glass.

He was sitting in his favorite spot on the sofa, smoking his pipe. She loved the smell of his pipe. She handed him his glass, then took a sip of her water and set it down on the table next to the sofa.

She stood there in front of the sofa for a minute pondering what she should do. Normally she would sit down next to him and start talking, but tonight was different. What she really wanted was to sit at his feet on the floor in front of the sofa and rest her head on his knees. That was all. That was the whole reason for calling him early tonight, before she went home, wasn’t it? She didn’t expect anything to happen, she just wanted to sit there quietly with him, in that submissive position, enjoying his presence. Enjoying the scent of his pipe. Enjoying the feel of his fingers as he wrapped and then ran them in her long dark hair. Hell, not a word had to be spoken. All she wanted, no, all she NEEDED tonight was to be close to him.

She had never felt this urge ever before. She was a submissive by nature, but no one had ever captivated her in such a way to make her want to be submissive to them outside a scene, to serve them without hesitation, to sit at their feet and be their pet. It was a very new and frightening feeling, and she was afraid it might change his feelings towards her if he knew.

“Are you going to stand there all night long?” he asked.

“No” she replied.

Then she did it. She took her place at his feet, a knee on the outside of his feet. She rested her chin on his knees looking up at him.

He smiled down at her. “Oh, I see. Is this what the uncertainty was that I was hearing in your voice?”

She could feel her cheeks burn as she blushed and nodded.

“What has brought you to this point tonight?”

“I don’t know. I just felt a . . . . need . . . . I don’t know how else to describe it. I have felt it for a while. I kept trying to push it away, but it kept coming back stronger and stronger until I couldn’t resist it anymore. I had to see you . . . . I had to feel you . . . . I had to smell you . . . . but most of all, I just had to be here . . . . with you.” Her voice was shaking as hard as her body was trembling as she spoke. She could feel her face flushing more red as all the emotions poured out of her. She buried her face in his knees to hide it.

She felt his hand on the back of her head. It caressed her. “Its ok” was all he said as Bayan Escort he began to wrap his fingers in her hair.

That was all she needed to hear. She felt all the anxiety drain from her body and excitement build as she kept her face buried in his knees to hide her tears of relief.

They sat there, in that position, in silence, for what seemed like an eternity. The only movement was his fingers through her hair and the occasional shudder of her body with a chill. Finally she looked back up at him and he smiled down at her again.

“Feeling better?” He asked.

She nodded.

“Good. I could use another soda.” He grinned down at her.

She blushed, got up, took his glass and went back into the kitchen to refill it. When she returned she handed him the glass and automatically resumed her place at his feet, smiling up at him as she did.

Again there was a long silence, he smoked his pipe, curling his fingers in her hair, and she just sat there enjoying it. After a few minutes she started placing little kisses on his knees. As she did she noticed his fingers starting to knead in her hair more, which just sparked her on further. She started kissing all around his knees, lowering herself down his legs. As she lowered he let go of her hair, allowing her to continue down.

He scooted to the edge of the sofa, which allowed her to kiss around his legs as well as down them. She kissed all over his shins and calves, not leaving one inch uncovered with a kiss, continuing lower towards his feet.

His ankles were bare and she began giving him little licks, sucks and small nibbles on them as well as the kisses. She spent a lot of time there, at the bare skin. He tasted so good. All the anxiety and the unsureness were gone, now she was just filled with pure lust and enthusiasm in what she was doing.

She finished his ankles and started kissing his feet through the slippers.

“Nope. If you are going to do that, you are going to do it right.” She heard him say above her as he kicked off his slippers.

She had never kissed anyone’s bare feet before and for a second wasn’t sure if she really wanted to, but she really wanted him. She really wanted this. She needed it. As soon as that second of unsurity passed she started kissing his feet all over, adding small nibbles, sucks and licks as well.

She was so focused and thoroughly enjoying kissing, licking and sucking all over his feet and toes, that she didn’t hear him direct her to start back up his legs again. Suddenly she felt his fingers wrap themselves in her hair again and give a little tug upwards.

“Work your way up again”

She nodded and started back on his ankles. Kissed her way back up his shins and calves to his knees. When she got to his knees, she stopped, grinned up at him and started giving intermittent kisses to each knee. She could see she was not the only lustful one this night.

“Keep going,” he instructed her.

She nodded and began kissing slightly above the knees, covering every inch. He spread his thighs farther so she could get the inner thighs as well as the tops and outer thighs. Up she continued, feeling the fire burn within her, knowing she was becoming extremely wet.

As she worked her way to his pelvic area he reached between her legs with one of his feet and Escort indicated she was to spread her legs farther. She complied.

“No . . . . Spread them farther . . . . ” he lightly kicked her inner thighs.

She now could smell her wetness. It was so overwhelming to be kissing his thighs two inches away from his cock and to have the smell of her excitement filling the air around them. She was a little embarrassed at the thought of the fact that he probably could smell her excitement as well.

He began stroking her pussy through her pants with his toes. She found light moans escaping her mouth in between kisses as she started lightly grinding herself against his toes. She could feel her wetness soaking thru her pants.

He wrapped his fingers in her hair once again and lifted her head to look at him.

“Stand up.”

She obeyed, standing before him. She let out a startled gasp as he reached up and ripped her pants down to her ankles with a ferocity she was not expecting.

“Step out of them and take off your top.” He directed.

Quickly she stepped out of her pants, kicking them to the side and removed her top, tossing it on top of them. Her bare skin made the air suddenly feel a lot cooler.

“You may resume what you were doing, at the point you were, however, you are NOT to worship my cock. Go all around it, but you don’t get that just yet.”

She nodded, she would do anything he wanted at this point, she was his. Kneeling back down she resumed her position, and he resumed stroking her pussy with his toes, except now he could invade her lips. She felt all her juices sliding down onto her thighs the deeper he went between her lips. She felt her body instinctively thrusting towards his toes as her excitement continued to grow.

“You don’t like this at all, do you?”

She blushes as she continued working her way up his thighs. She kissed her way up to his pelvic area where she suddenly started nibbling on his pants as well. She could see his excitement right in front of her, lifting the front of his pants. She could smell his excitement and it was killing her to not be allowed to continue her worship onto his cock. But she must obey. The last thing she wanted to do was overstep a boundary.

She continued up, kissing and nibbling on his pants over his stomach. Eventually the pants turned into his shirt, his stomach turned into his chest. There is a place in the very center of a man’s chest where you get that scent, the scent of a man. It is especially strong when he is excited. She was inhaling his scent deeply as she came to this part of him. She could hear his breathing was growing deeper with each kiss.

Continuing on, she reached his shoulders, then his neck. At last, bare skin again. She kissed, licked and nibbled on one side of his neck, then the other. She left no spot unworshiped. She kissed up his jaw, then his chin, then finally his lips. He allowed her to kiss him deeply for several minutes.

He wrapped his fingers tightly in her hair at the base of her head during their kiss and pulled her closer. She let out a little moan as he did so. Then suddenly he pulled her back. With a grin he sang along with the song by Tom Petty on the radio “There is no sense in pretendin’. Your eyes give you give away . .”

He then stood up, above her, grinning, fingers still tightly interlocked in her hair. “Do you really want to go there?”

“Yes, Sir, I do.” Her heart was pounding, not quite sure where “there” was, but trusting him implicitly and wanting . . . . no NEEDING . . . . whatever he gave her at this moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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