New Horizons for Nick Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Sunday seemed strange to Nick, mainly because it wasn’t! He had slept well, and woke up with a warm glow. He spent the day remembering the night before, but also spent the day wearing the black lacy underwear he had been given the day before. He had spent time with his mother, and while he felt a little odd after the conversation the night before with the Frazers, he didn’t let it show, behaving as normally as possible. In many ways it was a typical Sunday. The only odd thing was a text he received from the Frazers mid-afternoon, saying maybe wait a few days if he was going to make a move on Mandy, wait until Wednesday.

Monday was just the same, back at work. He spent the day working in the warehouse, barely seeing either Mandy, or the Frazers. He thought about Mandy and wondered what she would be like. He reflected on what he knew about her. Tall, slim, maybe fortyish. He knew she had a daughter who was still at school, soon to go to college. He thought she probably lived on her own with her daughter. She had shoulder length black hair. She tended to wear jeans and t-shirt to work, and Nick thought she had a good body for her age. She wasn’t bossy at work, but when she dealt with the men at the warehouse she stood for no messing. He spent most of his spare time thinking about her on the Monday, and into Tuesday.

It was Tuesday lunch time as he sat eating his sandwiches on his own that she appeared in the staff room. Normally there would be others, but most of the drivers were out, and a large truck full of pet food had arrived and had to be unloaded. The truck could be unloaded by forklift, so all the guys around were out working on the load. Nick couldn’t drive the forklift, so took his lunch knowing that while the others were having lunch he would have to check off the load against the order list later.

Mandy walked in to the staff room and spoke to him bruskly. “Hi Nick. Can you give me a hand?”

Nick thought it was something she wanted there at work. “Sure, what do you want me to do?”

Mandy paused a moment. “Well, Mr Frazer said you were very handy in the garden and around the place. I’ve got this shed I need taking down – it’s getting dangerous. Could you come and give me a hand. Perhaps tomorrow after work? I’ll feed you as well.”

Nick was slightly shocked, although his heart gave a leap, his cock a slight twitch. Was this a move by her? He stammered his reply: “Sure, um, sure, I don’t have anything else on tomorrow.”

Mandy smiled. “Good, I’ll give you a lift from work.” She turned and was nearly gone, when she turned back. “Oh, yes, by the way, Mr Frazer said they had given you some of their son’s clothes the other day, suggested you use them to work in, then leave them with me, I’ll wash it and return it to him. Sounds like a good idea.” With that she was gone.

Nick was stunned – Mr Frazer had given Nick some of their son’s clothes – so they called it. Short pink shorts, a teddy bear t-shirt and black lacy panties. Not quite what most guys would wear… Nick was also stunned because there was a slightly different manner to Mandy, a slightly harsher edge than he had come across so far. A hint of bossiness he hadn’t experienced. It gave Nick a slight raising of the pulse – he was a regular guy, but sometimes he liked to be bossed around – especially by an attractive woman…

The following evening Nick found himself in Mandy’s car, driving to her home. He clutched his shoulder bag with the clothes he had been asked to bring and wear. He had put the bag in his locker and kept it locked up all day – he didn’t want anyone to know he had brought pink shorts, teddy bear t-shirt and black lacy panties to work with him! As they travelled Mandy was telling him what she needed doing – an old shed taken down, some trees pruned, an area cleared, and everything got rid of on a bonfire. Mandy mentioned she would get something to eat for them later. It was all said in a tone that suggested Nick wouldn’t disagree with her. It was that bossiness again…

It took them about 25 minutes to get to Mandy’s house. It was a small house out in the country, but there were quite large grounds, mostly overgrown. It only took Mandy a couple of minutes to show Nick what had to be done, jobs that Nick thought might take him three hours or so. “Okay Nick, great that you could do them, perhaps you should go and get changed in the spare bedroom at the end of the corridor. Assume you have the clothes in that bag.” Suddenly the thought of changing set his pulse racing, and wondering what Mandy had in mind. He had already guessed this might be more than just some chores, but he would do the chores as best he could because that is what he did, and Mandy was the boss. And in terms of changing – well only Mandy would istanbul escort see him, and it was obvious she knew what was in the bag, or at least the type of thing that was in the bag.

Nick changed, feeling his cock harden a bit as he put on the black lacy panties and the girly clothes. He returned back to the kitchen where he had left Mandy a few minutes earlier. “Ah, Nick, you haven’t met my daughter Lindsay yet, have you?”

Stood in the kitchen was a beautiful slim blonde girl, wearing a white t-shirt and blue skirt, her hair hanging down her back in a pony tail, smirking as she looked at Nick. Nick was stunned – he knew Mandy had a daughter, but hadn’t put it together that she might be at the house when he was there. “You can see from the cards she turned 18 last week.” Mandy waved her hand at the cards on the windowsill. “She comes home for tea on a Wednesday, spends the night at her father’s, comes back tomorrow after school. He’ll pick her up in a bit.”

Mandy was chattering to Nick, but he was much more aware of Lindsay stood behind her, giving Nick a knowing smile, looking him up and down, then staring hard at the front of his shorts. Nick was feeling very uncomfortable as this gorgeous girl was looking at him dressed in girl’s clothes, but felt himself stirring as she gazed hard at his crotch. Mandy was still chatting: “Hope you and Lindsay get to know each other. What do you say, Lindsay?”

Lindsay, smiled hard at Nick then spoke to her mother. “Get to know a pervert who likes wearing girl’s clothes? Bet he’s wearing panties as well…”

Lindsay spoke with a humerous tone, and Nick knew she was teasing rather than being nasty. It was Mandy who defended him. “Leave him alone, Lindsay. I made him dress like that. I think he looks really sweet. Anyway he’s got some jobs to do.” Nick took the opportunity to leave, to go through the French window, getting on with knocking down the shed. Half an hour later Nick heard a car or pickup drive up to the house and back again, and assumed Lindsay had been collected by her Father.

Nick continued to work on the shed, giving him time to ponder what Lindsay would be like it bed – she was hot and a minx… After completing the demolition of the shed Nick pruned the bushes. It was hot work, and a couple of times Mandy brought him out a bottle of coke. At last he had the bonfire burning, the work complete.

Mandy called Nick into the kitchen, and smiled. “Why don’t you go and take a shower, then put on the clothes in the spare bedroom I have left you, and come and have something to eat. I’ve left a towel for you.” The words sounded friendly enough, but Nick felt they were said in a tone where he was expected to do what was suggested. He did as he was told – he went to the bathroom, showered, dried himself and went to the spare bedroom. It was there that he had the shock.

Nick had expected to put on the clothes he had been wearing all day, but they weren’t there. They had been replaced by a pair of pyjamas. Girls pyjamas. Pink trousers. White top with pink trim. The top had pink writing with sparkly highlights. He read the words on the front: “sexy babe.” And the words on the back: “pretty girl.” Nick searched but there was nothing else, and no underwear. Nick realised – this was what Mandy wanted him to wear, so he had better put them on.

Nick was very embarrassed in the pyjamas as he went to the kitchen, and felt strange as well – having no underwear, hanging loose in the pyjamas felt very strange. Mandy seemed to ignore what he was wearing as she pointed to a seat and asked if he was happy with Chilli. Nick loved chilli and his face clearly said so. They ate together, Mandy chatting about people they knew, about work, about the Frazers.

Nick listened mainly, and got the picture that Mandy had known the Frazers a long time and had worked for them for many years. She chatted on”…and of course I’ve known your mother for a long time. Did you know – me and her were lovers for a time?”

Nick was taken short. “You and mum?” Nick’s voice shook as he responded.

“Yes,” Mandy replied in a matter-of-fact way. “It was about 2 years after your father died. I met Susie at the gym, and we got chatting, and she was feeling lonely, so we got together. She was hot, and, well, we got together regularly.”

Nick was still stunned. “But, you, still… you don’t?”

“No – it was really good while it lasted, but I started working longer hours, and she was worried about you finding out, so we parted – still good friends, you know. Often have coffee together.” Mandy was continuing to chat. Suddenly she stopped and looked at Nick hard. “I bet the thought of me and your mother together makes avcılar escort you horny.”

Nick squirmed in his seat, feeling his face bright red. He was hard, and the thought of seeing Mandy and his mother was hot. He remembered that the previous Saturday the Frazers had talked about his mother, and he had found that hot too. And he thought about his mother. Susie. Mid forties, shoulder length dark hair. Slim, nicely shaped. A week before she had been a mother. Suddenly she was a sex object, almost available…

Mandy leant over towards Nick till her face was about a foot away from his. She spoke almost in a whisper. “Nick, I bet you would like to fuck your mother, wouldn’t you? I bet you would love to have your gorgeous cock in her fabulous pussy?” Nick’s cock leapt in the girlie pyjamas, his face bright as a beetroot. Mandy was pressing home her control – she wasn’t naturally domme, but was enjoying exciting Nick, and controlling him. He was so hot, so cute, as his mother had been. The teasing was turning her on, and was clearly having an effect on him.

Mandy pressed on. “Imagine her naked. Imagine her lying on the bed, legs wide apart. Imagine seeing her pussy. Imagine her pussy glistening with moisture.” Mandy kept her face inches from Nick’s. “Imagine putting your tongue to her, tasting her, flicking her clit. Imagine her moaning, her body wrything. Imagine her body shaking in orgasm, her crying out at the effect of your tongue. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Nick was squirming. It was true, but how could she tell, how did she know? Mandy continued. “I know your mother, enjoyed her. Her pussy tasted fantastic. She would love it. She would love your tongue working on her pussy, on her clit. Her nipples would be rock hard, her body squirming. I’ve heard her moaning. I’ve tasted the juices from her pussy. She is so nice, so good.”

Mandy paused. “Perhaps we should go upstairs to my bedroom, so we can both think about her and pretend…” Mandy grabbed Nick by the arm and pulled him towards the stairs. Nick was numb, but he knew his cock was harder than he had ever known, but felt strange inside the pyjamas.

As they move to go upstairs, Mandy was remembering her conversation with the Frasers on the Monday. She adored the Frasers, would do anything for them, and at times had been their slave. Truth was, she was only pretending to be domme, and managing to keep it going with Nick. The Frasers had told her – push, keep pushing, see if Nick could be made to bite back, see if he would turn from being gentle to being strong. See if he would change from being servant to being master. If he could be top and bottom he would be an amazing lover for someone, lots of people, in the future. Mandy was sure the Frasers wanted Nick to be submissive to them, but dominant to her.

As Nick climbed the stairs he was turned on by the thought of taking his mother, but Lindsay – Mandy’s daughter – was the person he had a picture of in his mind. And there was hint inside him – Mandy was making the pace too much, Mandy was taking too much control, she wasn’t really like that…

“Remove your bottoms. Lie on the bed.” As they had entered the bedroom, Mandy had continued to try to be domme, but somehow she was sounding a touch desperate. Nick was picking up more and more that this domme stuff may be an act. He was developing in confidence. He did as she told him, letting his cock spring loose, but was suddenly doing it not submissively, but with confidence. And he was doing it with a hint suddenly of anger, this woman trying to lead him to total submission, perhaps.

Nick continued to play along as his mind re-adjusted to what was really happening here. He did lie on the bed as he had been told, and enjoyed Mandy climbing on top of him in her skirt and t-shirt, straddling his waist. Mandy was trying to continue with the act. “I bet you would love to have your mother sitting astride you, your hard cock ready to thrust into her wet, warm, pussy as her gorgeous tits hang luringly close to your mouth…

Nick knew he would love to be in that position, his mother on top of him, and the thought had made his cock rock hard. But for Nick, something else had come to his mind. This time he had had enough time submitting.

Nick suddenly twisted on the bed, and Mandy fell to the side. Nick got up quickly, grabbed Mandy’s arms and rolled her onto her back. Suddenly he had scrambled on top of her, holding her wrists above her head so she couldn’t move. Mandy was stunned, and feebly tried to struggle, but with no effect. Nick’s anger had risen and suddenly this woman was under him, under his control. Mandy fought, but Nick would not let go. As she struggle her skirt pushed up more and more, her panties şirinevler escort became visible. After a few moments Nick barked at her to stop moving. Mandy knew this was the turning point she had been dreaming of, the Frazers had wanted her to discover in Nick.

Nick grasped Mandy’s wrists with one of his hand, reached behind himself and grabbed Mandy’s panties and ripped them off, making them fall apart in his hand. He snarled at Mandy “You won’t need them while I’m here…” but instead of throwing them away he had a thought as he felt them damp in his hand – he took them and thrust the crotch against Mandy’s mouth, pushing the crotch inside her mouth. “Taste them, bitch,” he ordered her.

Mandy had fought at first, but the change had been so hot. To suddenly have Nick on top, in charge made her pussy tingle, become dripping wet. She had never had her panties pushed into her mouth before, but it was so wrong, and so hot as she tasted her juices – hot because Nick was making her do something so kinky. For Nick there were all sorts of thoughts and ideas which came to him. He had never been in this sort of position before and didn’t know if his ideas worked, but he could try them…

“You may be right I want to fuck my mother,” he said fiercely, but suddenly he thought what would be kinkiest of all for Mandy. “I will fuck her, but first I want to fuck Lindsay. I want to get my cock in her cunt…”

Nick paused for the idea to sink into Mandy’s mind. She had never thought of Lindsay, except as the protective mother. “Please no, Nick…” she whispered.

“No?” Nick spoke to her commandingly. “No? You started all this about my mother. And I will fuck her. But I’m going to tell you what I want.”

The truth was Mandy was horrified at what Nick had just said, but her pussy was throbbing with arousal at the thought. Nick continued. “I’m going to Fuck Lindsay’s Cunt, fill her with my cock. I’m going to pump her full of my cum. You’d better get her on the pill.”

Mandy squirmed, and her willingness to talk about Lindsay this way was taking over her motherly protectiveness. “Please no,” she moaned, but it was obvious her resistance had gone.

“I’m going to fuck her hard,” Nick continued, “and when I’ve filled her cunt I’m going to make you suck her cunt clean, then make you suck my cock until I am hard, and then I’m going to fuck her ass…”

“Please Nick,” Mandy responded. It was ambiguous. But suddenly instincts were taking over her.

Nick smiled at Mandy. “You kinky bitch.” Nick said it affectionately. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you.”


Nick moved down Mandy’s body and between her legs, but his cock to the lips of her pussy and plunged in as deeply as he could. Mandy’s pussy was soaking wet, as he entered her to the hilt, then pulled out and thrust back in as hard as he could. Mandy moaned as his cock was fully inside her. Nick stopped, to speak. “That is how I am going to fuck Lindsay’s asshole. Hard, deep, so she is screaming. And I’ll make you suck her tits, then get under her and suck her cunt. Maybe get you right under her so she can suck your cunt. Would you like that?”

As Nick said that, he pulled his cock out and plunged deep inside Mandy again. He paused again, speaking to Mandy again. “Tell me what you want to do…”

Mandy’s arousal was reaching new heights and any inhibition was being swept away. Her response was almost immediate. “I want you to fuck her ass. I want to suck her tits. I want to taste her cunt…” As she spoke Nick began to pump hard in and out of her cunt so she moaned and squirmed under the fucking. Nick knew he wouldn’t last long as his hard cock pulsed, plunging in and out of Mandy’s pussy. He thrust harder, faster, Mandy moaning out loud, until her body began to thrash and she screamed out in orgasm. As she did Nick felt his balls explode, and he began to pump his cum deep into Mandy’s hot wet welcoming pussy.

Their orgasms seem to last forever, but at last they were lying side by side, breathing heavily.

Half an hour later Nick was unlocking the door on his mother’s flat, having been dropped off by Mandy. He had left the clothes behind and dressed in his normal clothes. After they caught their breath, Nick had simply taken a shower, dressed and told Mandy to drive him home. He knew that, at that moment, he should leave her wanting more. He was her master, and she should yearn for him. As she dropped him off Nick kissed Mandy and whispered that this was just the start…

Nick looked at the clock as he smiled at his mother. 10.30pm. He said he would get an early night, it had been hard work over at Mandy’s. He chatted a few moments with Susan his mother, who mentioned they had been invited to a barbeque at the Fraser’s on Saturday. That there would be a small group of friends there – the Frasers, Mandy and Lindsay, a few more local people. As Nick went to sleep he thought about the barbeque – he guessed it wouldn’t be an ordinary barbeque…

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