Night Run Pt. 02

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by NICHOLX, 02.04.22, 4.2 K words

The long-awaited spring season had finally arrived, with its welcome warm and sunny weather. We were lucky to find a little three-bedroom house. It was ideal for Jasmine because from there it was only a short walk to the beach. Now little Zoey had her own bedroom. The third bedroom became an office for my consulting work, and a place for Jasmine’s PC and medical library. The weather had been beautiful, holding at about seventy-five degrees with clear skies. We finally had enough furniture and had the house fixed up to a livable condition. Jasmine was working regular hours at the hospital, usually seven to four, which gave her plenty of time for her favored exercise, running on the beach. She liked to run after sunset, which she said helped to keep her blood pressure down. Lately she preferred running at night in the nude, loving the coolness and sense of freedom that it afforded.

This week little Zoey was staying with her little friend, Rita, so Jasmine wanted me to join her on her runs.

“Okay, hon, I’d love to come with you, but you’re a pretty fast runner and there is no way I can keep up with you. I don’t want to slow you down,” I said.

“Don’t worry about that. It is okay if I run slower, or really we just walk on the strand. The important thing is to move and get the blood to pump, don’t have to run fast,” she said.

“Okay, I’ll go with ya, I’ll give it a try. What time do you want to go?”

“Let us have supper first, a nice light meal, then we rest and go after sunset. I make a fruit salad and we have some nice cottage cheese to go with it,” she said.

Jasmine was raised in Portugal and came to the states when she was eighteen. She was twenty-six now and still had a hint of her Portuguese accent, and I hope she never loses it because I just love it. And I love her long jet-black silky hair, green eyes, her angel face, and the sweet taste of her skin. I don’t think it would even be possible for me to love another woman after loving her and having been with her, tasting her, being inside her tender body. Our daughter Zoey will be as lovely as she, if not even more lovely.

I think, I pray, that Jasmine loves me as I love her, though shortly after Zoey was born she began to indicate some curiosity about group sex, swinging, and sex with women. Not surprising, as she is so young and beautiful and energetic. None of that really bothers me, and I decided that I would go along with anything she wanted to do, as long as it didn’t hurt her and it made her happy. Lately she had been talking about the Hispanic couple she’d met on the beach one stormy night. And I was getting a bit curious about the Hispanic lady myself.

After supper, I asked Jasmine what we should take on our run.

“We take just one knapsack, with cell phone, beach towels, two granola bars, couple cans of tea, that’s all we need.” As she said that, she got naked, ready to put on shorts and a T-shirt. Her breasts looked especially perky and yummy, and her beautiful delectable ass, as always, defied description.

“There’s one more thing you should have,” I said.

“What is that, love?” she said.

“A good injection of vitamin,” I said.

“Oh, you are right. Which vitamin?” she smiled.

“Vitamin C,” I said.

“Vitamin C as in cum?” she chortled.

“Exactly right. I have a good supply of the vitamin and I have the needle too,” I said.

“Let me check that needle,” she smiled. She unbuckled my belt and my shorts slid to the floor, showing my half-erect needle. She gently grasped my cock, licked its head, stroked it a few times, and the needle grew long and hard and ready to administer a full injection.

“Do you have injection ports?” I said.

“Yes, three ports to facilitate your injection,” she smiled. She lay on her back on the bed, then drew up her knees and spread her legs wide, showing me her silky black bush and sweet nether lips, which were already tacky. She opened those gleaming lips then with both hands gaped the vulva wide open, showing the creamy pink of her wonderful vagina. It took me about one second to throw off my shirt, then I stepped out of my shorts and fell on the bed, stiffening my tongue as hard as I could. I gripped her sweet ass-cheeks and thrust my tongue deep into her succulent vagina. Deep! I kept my tongue in as far as I could and swirled it. Soon she began to breathe fast and her vagina begin to spasm and flutter; she was starting to cum. I pulled my tongue out and shoved in two fingers, then swirled her clitoris with my tongue, as I fucked the fingers in and out. Syrupy love juice dribbled copiously from her vagina, coating her anal star. With the other hand I swiped her juice and with my thumb swished it around in her rectum for lubrication. Soon I felt her body stiffen, then her belly rose and her back arched as she spasmed and shuddered through a violent climax, “Ahhh! Oww! Ahhhh! Nnnnnnngh! Brett, something in the ass! Please! Aaah! Aaaah! Aaaaaaaaah!

I did as she asked, Haramidere escort bayan pushing my cockhead gently into her tender rectum, the love juice helping to grease it in. Finally I shoved the cock in to the hilt, then smoothly fucked her tender ass with gentle deep strokes, going slow to make it last. A half hour later I felt her shuddering again as another orgasm built in her, then she locked her legs on my buttocks, urging me to push deeper into her ass.

“Brett, I cum again! Stay in deep, love, let me feel your cum squirt deep! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh! Unnh! I cum hard! Ngaaa!Nnnnnnngh! Ohhhhh!”

I held off as long as I could, but she was so beautiful I could not hold my juice any longer, and the hot cum gushed from my cock like hot water from a faucet!, “Aaah! Aaaaaaaaaaah!”

“Aieeeeeeeee! Fuck me hard! I feel your juice shooting deep inside! So good, so good, love! Give me all! Oh, so, so good! Mmmm!”

After that session, we conked out on the bed. I held her with her sweet breasts delicately touching me, her hand holding my soft tired cock. We slept for three hours, well past sunset.

We woke and peeked outside. The sky was clear and full of stars and a beautiful jeweled full moon, a perfect night for a beach run.

We wore only T-shirts, shorts, and sandals for the short walk to the beach. We found a sheltered spot under a small palm. “Okay, time to get naked,” she said as she kicked off her sandals and took off her T-shirt and shorts. She stood naked in the moonlight, clothed only by her long flowing black hair, and the sweet silky black patch on her triangle. “Okay, your turn, get naked!” she said.

“Aw, do I have to be naked too?” I said.

“Of course you do! It would not look right if anybody sees us like that, naked female, clothed male! That is what I would call ‘fucked up’, to say the least!”

“But can I just leave my shorts on?”

“Why would you want to?” she said.

“Well, women are smooth and beautiful when they run or walk naked, and they have their sweet little pussy patches, neat. But men–“

“Men what?” she said

“Men are not beautiful, we’re chunky and have stupid hair all over and–“

“And what?” she said.

“When we run, our silly cocks and balls flop around like hanging sausages, swinging in the wind, gross!”

“Ah, so what, women’s titties flop around too like pancakes when they run or walk, and sometimes it even hurts. But we won’t run very fast so don’t worry about it. Besides, women really like to see men’s cocks and balls flopping around. You enjoy seeing women’s titties flopping, don’t you, hmm?” she smiled.

“Sigh…okay, if you promise not to laugh,” I said, taking off my shorts, as my half erect cock sprang out.

“Well, see, your poor cock needed air, he was glad to get out of those hot shorts!” she said, moving close to me. She put her arms around me, and drew me close, and my cock pressed against her warm soft naked belly. Good Lord, she was so lovely in the moonlight. I wanted to lay her down on the grass right there and shove everything I had into her pretty ass! But I thought we might be seen, so instead I kissed her, embracing her, then I held her breasts, and we kissed some more. My cock got hard and throbbed, and she took it in her hand. As she did, a large wad of precum spurted out, making a warm wet spot on her belly. She smiled when she felt the cum, then swiped it with a finger and savored it before swallowing it.

“Mmm, sweet,” she said. “Haha, this is the second time I have eaten cum on this beach!”

“Really? When was the first?” I said.

“It was when I met the nice Hispanic couple a while back. Remember, I told you he embraced me?”

“Yes, then what?”

“When we broke our embrace, he stepped back from me, and there was a string of cum from my belly to his cock! We all laughed about it. I must have excited him enough so that he ejaculated a little on my belly. It wasn’t a big deal, but I was afraid to tell you about it.”

“Don’t ever be afraid to tell me anything, Jasmine. So you swiped his cum and ate it?” I smiled.

“Yes, it just seemed the proper thing to do. They were both very surprised and happy that I did. It seemed important to them, as if it somehow cemented our friendship. They are from Peru. I think maybe eating a friend’s cum was one of their local customs. Please don’t be angry,” she said, meekly.

“I’m not angry, Jasmine. Apparently they considered what you did to be an act of friendship and trust. Any chance we will see them on the beach tonight?”

“This is about the same time of night as our first meeting, on the strand by the big hotel. They like to sit in the surf as it washes around them. If we head for that same spot maybe we’ll see them,” Jasmine said.

“Could we just walk fast, not run, so my dick doesn’t flop around too much?” I said

“Don’t be so conscious about your dick, it is just fine,” she smiled. “Um, if we find them and they invite us to have sex with them, Escort İkitelli what should we do?”

“Whatever you want to do, sweetie, that makes you happy. Heh, I know you wanna try that big bamboo of his, and that’s okay as long as the lady entertains me too. I can’t have you getting more satisfaction than I do!”

She was happy with my answer. “Eeeeeeeeee! I love you, Brett!,” as she kissed me and gave my cock a playful yank. “Wait til you see Maria! You will love her! She has the skin of a goddess, and the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen!”

Damn, this is getting better every second, I thought.


So we walked about a kilometer, and the big hotel came into view. A couple hundred feet further on, we saw a naked couple sitting on the strand, enjoying the surf as it washed in and out.

“They look like Manuel and Maria,” Jasmine said excitedly. We got a little closer then Jasmine jumped and yelled, “Maria, como estas? It is Jasmine!”

“Aieee!” Maria answered. “Ven a mi, querida! I am so glad to see you!”

Jasmine was right. Maria was lovely, her skin was a light cafe au lait, and her nipples and large areolae were a light shade of coral, almost gold, very beautiful. From a distance they looked like little stars. And Manuel was tall, well built, deeply tanned, and had a noticeably large cock. Heh, I could understand Jasmine’s keen interest.

Jasmine introduced me, “Maria, Manuel, este es mi esposo, Brett.”

“Hola, Brett,” they smiled in unison, shaking my hand.

“Aha, Maria, I see you and Manuel now have hairy patches over your coño and pene, and yours is shaved to look like a crucifix!” Jasmine said.

“Si si, we very much like the patches. In Peru we were in a sex club which did not allow pubic hair, but now we are free, haha. Manuel is going to have his shaved like a swastika, when there is enough hair. Ai, what can I say, he is crazy.”

“No, swastika is cool. I would like that too.” I said.

“Oh, I must tell you before I forget, last week the hotel received a notice from city council that this beach is now declared twenty-four hour open, which means that all nudity and exposed sex acts are allowed,” Maria smiled.

“Well that is good to know. Now we can run naked any time of day or night,” Jasmine said.

“Si, or have sexo at any time!” Maria smiled.

“Sexo?” I said.

“It means sex. You know, fucking, blowjobs, eating pussy, things like that,” Jasmine giggled.

Jasmine asked, “Ahem. Maria, you said your sex club in Peru did not allow pubic hair. Were there other rules or customs?”

“Si, I will happily tell you. Pero, surf is getting high, first let us go to our tented shelter spot further up on beach, we have big towels there, and pillows, and cooler with beer and wine. Come.”

At the shelter, after drinks…

Manuel whispered something to Maria.

“Ah, I must explain. Mi esposo speaks fluently only Spanish, but he does now understand most words of English. I have been teaching him and he will speak it a little. What he just told me is that I should ask you now directly, do you desire to have sex with us?” Maria said.

Jasmine looked at me, her eyebrows raised, eyes big as saucers. I smiled at her, and gave her a little nod.

“Um, yes Maria, of course we would love to have sex with you, we are so honored that you ask!” Jasmine smiled.

“Oh, that is so good, Jasmine.” She nodded to Manuel, and he smiled. “I will not mince words. Manuel greatly desires to make love with you, and I am anxious to take you inside me, Brett. But first allow me to explain the custom that we still practice, when initially exchanging sex partners. It is meant only to discourage foolish inhibitions and encourage forthrightness. The initial sexual acts must be done in full view of all members of the party, in otherwords the four of us. The first act will be for the woman to fellate and masturbate the man so that he cums a small amount into her mouth, which she must swallow, but then he must not ejaculate fully into her mouth, he must withdraw his pene from her mouth and ejaculate fully on her breasts, and the woman will rub the semen into the nipples and areolae. Then, the man must lick the woman’s coño and clitoris until she has a full and complete orgasm. Then any manner of sex may be enjoyed. Do you agree to this custom?” Maria said.

Jasmine and I exchanged glances, then we both nodded our agreement, and in unison said, “Si.”

Manuel and Maria smiled, then Maria said, “Ah, bueno, that is so good! Let us now have a drink of wine to toast our loving friendship!”

“Let me make the toast,” Jasmine said, “Here’s to love and life and joy and good friends, may our happiness and our loving never end!”

“Ah, Jasmine, that was heartfelt toast,” Maria smiled. “And now, con su permisso, I begin our joy by sharing pleasure with Brett, even as you pleasure with Manuel.”

“Sounds okay to me!” Jasmine said, a little nervously.

We all Çapa escort went to our knees. “Maria, may I first kiss you, and taste your breasts?” I said.

“Si, of course, me encantaría que,” she smiled sweetly, her nipples beginning to swell and harden. We kissed, and her mouth was sweet as honey, as was her tongue. Then I moved down on her, to her delectable breasts, planting kisses on those soft delights, finally tasting the nipples and areolae which had a slightly fruity flavor. I glanced at Jasmine and she was receiving similar attention from Manuel, and from the soft sighing sounds she made, she was enjoying it immensely. I held my face between her lovely breasts a long time, then I told Maria, “I am ready.”

“I now will suck and stroke your beautiful pene, and when you are close to cumming, just tap my shoulder,” she smiled. She took the cockhead into her mouth, then licked its bottom, as she used all her fingers to tenderly stroke the shaft. In a very few minutes, I felt my juice start to tingle and tapped her shoulder, but just a second too late. Maria’s eyes opened wide in surprise and she coughed as a huge spurt of cum hit the back of her throat, but she swallowed it and quickly recovered, unmouthed my cock, then held it to direct the spurting cum onto her left nipple, then onto her right. Both nipples were well coated with semen, and she smiled and sighed with pleasure as she rubbed it well into the areolae, “Ahhhhh! Mmmm! Your cum is sweet, Brett.”

I looked across the tent, and Jasmine had already sucked Manuel’s cock, evidenced by the copious amount of cum showing on her chin and neck. She was lying on her back as Manuel straddled her chest while she aimed his ejaculation shooting down onto her nipples, sighing as she too rubbed it in, “Mmm! Manuel, tu semen es delicioso y dulce! Ahhhhhh!”

Manuel smiled, “Muchas gracias, mi preciosa,” then kissed her belly, lay next to her, and began to hungrily lick her pussy and clitoris. I could see that Jasmine’s belly was trembling, and I knew she was close to orgasm.

“Ah, Manuel does his job well, he has a wonderful tongue. Jasmine will soon have good climax! Why don’t we now lie down in sixty-nine position, then you lick and eat my pussy, and I break the rules a little before I cum, and suck your sweet cock some more?” she smiled. “If you push cock in gently and slowly, then it may go deep into my throat.”

We lay down on our sides and she took my cockhead into her sweet mouth. It was a miracle that I still had a hard on, the miracle being that she was so beautiful and irresistible. She held my shaft with both hands, gently stroking, then opened her legs. Her nether lips and vulva were gleaming with her creamy love juice. I spread her vulva open, and saw the wonderful rich pink walls of her vagina. I pressed my face between her legs and licked or kissed everything, and as I did, her love juice began to spurt and dribble faster. I moved down a little, thrust my tongue into her anal star and swirled it.

“Ai! Brett, your tongue is so wonderful and gentle in my cula! Please lick my coño deeply, mi querido. And do not be afraid to push your cock deep, deep into my mouth. I will guide it, so that it goes deep into my throat, and when you next spill your sweet semen it will ooze right down into my belly,” she said.

As I thought before, it just gets better and better and better.

Having no wish to refuse her kind invitation, I gently and slowly started pushing my cock in deeper, and deeper. I felt the head squeeze into her throat, and still I pushed in deeper, until the cock was fully inside her, and my balls pressed on her face. It felt so wonderful I had to keep reminding myself this was real, and not a dream. Then I focused and began lapping her pussy and licking her clitoris frantically! I wanted her to cum hard, and I wanted to ejaculate into her throat while she was cumming! I fucked her mouth with short strokes and soon my juice began to tingle, and I felt the fluttering and spasming of her vagina as her orgasm built. We were both on the verge of orgasm! We looked across the tent and Jasmine and Manuel were now doing ‘sandwich’ sixty-nine, with Manuel on his back and Jasmine lying on top. She was holding his huge cock with both hands as her head bobbed the cockhead and some of the shaft. Manuel’s tongue was deep in her pussy. I could discern her juices copiously flowing and her buttocks trembling, and I knew she was close to orgasm too. Everybody was breathing sharp and fast; we were all just seconds away from cumming!

Manuel was the first to climax, squirting huge chunky wads of spunk into Jasmine’s mouth, “Ahhhh! Dios! Nnnnnnnngh! Aiiii!” Jasmine tried to swallow it all, but couldn’t keep up, so unmouthed the cock and directed most of the ejaculation onto her face and neck and breasts, and she smiled with joy, giggling.

Jasmine was the next to orgasm, just as Manuel’s cock spurted its last sticky wads into her face. She hunkered down, laying her head on Manuel’s thigh, spasming and shuddering as the searing waves of pain and pleasure rippled through her body, “Eeeeooooh! Aaah! Aaaaaaaaaah! Nuuuuuuuungh!”

Then Maria climaxed, but she kept my cock deep in her throat, even as she shook and trembled though her violent orgasm, her back arching painfully, “Mmmm! Mmmmmmmf! Nnnnnnn!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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