Nini’s Surprise Visit

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The first thing I felt were lips on my back. A dream? No. It woke me up. I could still feel someone close. But I was supposed to be alone. Wait. Skype chat. Invitation. I rolled on to my back toward the sensation. Opened my eyes, still unsure if I was really awake. A hand stroked by cheek. Nini came into view, kneeling on the floor next to my bed “Hi handsome,” she smiled, “I decided to take the offer.”

I sighed happily as my head cleared and the immediate realization that a year’s worth of fantasy was about to come true. I looked into her dark eyes, beneath those glasses that i found so sexy. I caressed her cheek, fingers slid into her braids. “Oh my God, I didn’t think you really would,” I whispered.

That devilish grin. “I didn’t think you’d really keep your door unlocked.” She climbed up into the bed and straddled my hips, her bare legs bent at the knees on either side of me. Jesus Christ, she is gorgeous. Beautiful, smooth dark brown skin, which was contrast perfectly under the white tank top she was wearing. That’s all she wore except for a pair of lace white panties which now rested on my boxer-covered, already hardening cock. I remembered her putting those panties on a few hours ago, after our mutual bath tub session on Skype; it was a thong, and her long, toned, swimmers legs and round bottom had never looked better to me.

My room was dark, but the light from the hall illuminated Nini’s beautiful body. Her large breasts, bra-less now, waited for me under that tank top, as did those full, round shoulders which I’d been dying to attack with my wet lips for ever. My hands had already been rubbing her thighs. “Fuck…I’m so lucky I found you.” My voice was deep, soft, audible only through the denseness of pure lust. I moved my hands from her legs up to the sides of her face, cupping her round cheeks. Nini had the sexiest mouth, with the fullest lips that I desired to kiss more than any others. My eyes told her everything she needed to know and she leaned down toward me. The first kiss wasn’t tentative at all, it was passion-filled, and her mouth on mine confirmed for me that my feelings of desperate need for her this past year were completely mutual. My tongue drove into her mouth to find hers, swollen with lust and enthusiasm. She licked across the face of my tongue, again and again. Moaning along with our kisses, her hips began to writhe against my now fully erect cock which was already dribbling precum onto my stomach and into my shorts. My hands played with her face and hair and then down to her shoulders. Her skin was moist and I knew the whole surface of her body would already have that glisten which came as soon as she was aroused. I’d noticed this during our first Skype masturbation session months ago and I was now experiencing it pressed into my body.

She was holding my face tightly, kissing my mouth, cheeks, eyes. I shifted my mouth and went to work on her neck. Her skin tasted of that natural arousal mixed with her perfume. My tongue and lips left my own wetness and I breathed in the mixture of delicious scents. I went to work on her shoulders, causing purrs from her. I sucked on her skin hungrily, teasing its surface with the vibrations of my breath and sighs.

She broke the kiss and sat up. Taking the bottom of her tank top she pulled it up over her head exposing her full breasts, dark areola and already hard nipples. “I need to feel skin on skin.” I was already shirtless and when she came back down to kiss me again the sensation of her breasts rubbing into my smooth chest felt so fucking good; I ground my cock up against her still covered pussy.

“I need skin to skin everywhere,” I said. She rolled off me and stood next to the bed. Clad only in the lace thong, for the first time i got a real life view of that body I’d come to adore. She was tall, her body was curvy, with ample hips, rounded kartal escort thighs and long legs. She worked out every day in the pool so her legs were strong and her ass was full and in shape. Standing there topless with that white lace thong, I couldn’t help but reach down and rub myself through my damp boxers. She noticed and the devil in her eyes returned. “Go ahead handsome, let me see you rub that big cock”. She reached down and ran her nails across my smooth stomach. “Mmmmmm, you know how long I’ve waited to feel that tummy of yours?” She lightly scratched back and forth and then slipped her fingers down inside the waistband, feeling my very tightly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

“I need to see that bum,” I whispered, still rubbing myself. She turned slowly, looking over her shoulder at me, with that knowing smile; we shared what some might say were deviant kinks, and ass play was one of them. She knew that her ass had been an obsession of mine for a long time and this little tease here was about to finally satisfy my lust.

Fuck, it was perfect. Smooth and black with the white lace disappearing down between her cheeks. “Oh myyyy God,” was all could say. She leaned forward exposing more to me, driving me more over the edge and i unconsciously pressed hard against my cock, rubbing it into my thigh. She sighed at the sight of that, and stretched farther forward, grabbing her ankles which brought her cheeks only inches from my face. Beneath that thin piece of lace was that sexy little asshole and pussy that I couldn’t wait to sink my tongue into. I attacked her cheeks with my mouth kissing, licking and rubbing my face against. With my lips and nose I followed the line of the thong down to where it disappeared. I breathed in deeply, already smelling the heady arousal building in Nini’s sex. I may have fallen in love right there.

Reaching for her hips I took the panties, and began lowering them. I savored the unveiling as the material slowly peeled out from between her cheeks, first opening the tight little ring of her butt and then the dark lips of her labia. That view from behind, that I’d seen so many times on my computer screen was now finally with me for real. I knelt up in the bed, pulled her closer and pushed my face into her ass, breathing in the intoxicating scents building with her increasing lust. Parting her gently, I saw her dark labia open with strands of her wetness pulling apart. The inside of her pussy was pink and full of juices that had already begun to moisten her lips. My mouth closed in and for the first time, I tasted Nini. She had once said to me, while licking her juices off her own fingers on Skype, that she had the best tasting pussy ever; oh my God, she was right. Her taste was heady and thick and i breathed it in like my life depended on it. My lips played with hers and my tongue slipped inside her vagina. I kissed upward, kissing toward her ass. Using my hand, I pulled her cheek open a bit more and proceeded to give her closed mouth kisses, little pecks directly on her tight hole. Her knees weakened and she steadied herself, and her breathing quickened. “ohhhh…ohhhhh wow,” was all she could say.

Doing this to her had been my fantasy for a long time, and Nini knew it. My lips and then tongue teased her most secret of places; I rimmed her and the sounds she made told me that she loved it. My fingers slipped into the entrance of her vagina and it felt like her body sucked them deeper. She pushed against me and her moans only drove me more over the edge. Her hips found a rhythm and she ground her body against my face. She was close, I knew she was, but then she pulled away. “I need you inside me,” she breathlessly said.

I lifted my ass up off the bed and she slid my boxers down and off. My cock was long and hard and laying against my stomach. bostancı escort Nini licked her lips and smiled at me. “You have a beautiful cock, handsome.” She lowered her mouth on it. Fuck, I knew her lips and mouth would be the best suck on Earth, and even though it was only for a few seconds, it was a preview of something to yearn for in the future. She fixed on my eyes as I watched her very slowly draw my cock out of her mouth. She pursed her lips, stretching the moment, giving a chaste kiss to the tip before pulling it away. When she did, a strand of pre-cum connected us. “Mmmm,” she said, as much with her eyes as with her mouth. She took off her sexy glasses and set them onto the floor beside the bed.

She straddled me, the way she did when she first woke me up, but this time completely nude. Her pussy was moist and her lips were full. A trimmed patch of sexy bush topped it off. She leaned forward, reached her hand behind her, and slid me in to her warm wetness. The sounds we both made were the same, in perfect unison.

I loved her weight on me and the feeling of her body engulfing mine and then she came down on me, her bare breasts to my chest, and her mouth on mine. We fed off eachother. In my life, I’d never craved anyone more and it was already better than the fantasy. She was making love to me, and she was fucking me into oblivion, both at the same time. We kissed and moaned and breathed life into eachother’s mouths. And then she came, and it was hard and her whole body tightened and got hot, so hot that perspiration seemed to seep from her whole body. She rocked against me and she soaked me through till I too exploded in orgasm, from my cock and from the rest of me. We cried out together, our bodies shook, and then she collapsed on me and then we slowed.

Nini nuzzled into my neck. Her mouth kissed it. Her braids tickled my face. Still weak, she said, “I’m really glad I came, handsome.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the double entendre. My cock was still inside her and started to soften. I love that feeling. She was still so wet, a combination of her arousal and my semen, now dripping down from within. We stayed like that for a while, holding eachother. I think I even dozed, maybe she did too…

I don’t know how long it was before I felt her climb off me. “I’ll be right back,” she whispered in my ear. I watched her walk to the bathroom…God, that ass, close the door, and turn the water on. My eyes were closed and I was still in that post-orgasmic haze so I don’t know how long she was in there, but I didn’t open my eyes again until I heard the door open. She walked toward me, full and naked. Her large breasts, her sexy rounded stomach, her long legs arousing me again as she approached. When she reached the bed I noticed she had a washcloth in her hand. She took my now semi-erect cock in one hand and proceeded to wipe me down with the very warm wet cloth. She cleaned my whole groin area. “Mmmm that feels nice,” I said.

She smiled at me. She has the best smile. “Not as nice as this is going to feel,” she said as she lowered her mouth on my cock again, taking me totally down until her lips touched my mound of hair. “Ohhh God,” I moaned, and reached for her leg, signalling my need for her to straddle me again, this time my face. She obliged, climbing on top of me in 69 position.

Her pussy was still so warm, and fresh and clean and ready for the assault my mouth would give her. She knew my fantasies well; she knew I wanted her to fuck my face roughly. She ground her sex down onto my mouth, her pink pussy swollen and as I licked her, she began to juice up again so fast. My cock was fully erect and she sucked and licked and drooled her saliva all along my shaft. My face was wet, glazed with her juices and my nose was pressed to her tight little ass. “Fuck maltepe escort my face, Nini…smother me baby.” She humped me hard, moaning, screaming as she sucked me like I was her last meal. My tongue stretched up inside her till it was painful. I licked circles…slow then fast and it felt so good for her that my cock popped out of her mouth and her head collapsed down on my inner thigh and she cried out as she came again, this time in my mouth. She poured onto me and it only made me push deeper. I was so fucking turned on I wanted my whole head up in her.

But I wanted more… I wanted that tight asshole. I shifted my body up until my tongue could reach her ass. I rimmed her again and her moaning started anew; different this time, a weakened, helpless moan. She was mine to control. My fingers played with her clit as my tongue pushed inside her ass; her body resisted at first and then it was like every muscle in her collapsed, and my tongue stretched deeper. She was totally mine now, nobody had ever been this intimate with her before. While my fingers teased her clit, my thumb slipped inside her pussy. It was a three pronged assault now and her body quaked and the sounds from her mouth against my groin were fucking the hottest thing I’d ever heard. She tried to resume her blowjob but was powerless from the work over I was giving her. My own sounds were barely human. I was crying out in lust and intense pain as I stretched my tongue so deep in her that it felt like was going to tear out of my mouth. I was smothered by her sex and I could barely get air but if I died like this I didn’t fucking care, because all I wanted to do was make her cum again all over me. I wanted to drown in Nini’s cum.

And then she did…she exploded in orgasm yet again. Her body was violent when it shook. Her pussy milked my thumb and her asshole milked my tongue. There were tears in my eyes it hurt so bad, so very good. Her body rocked for over a minute. As soon as it stopped rocking she took my cock in her hand and stroked it hard while her mouth came down on my balls. She tongued them, covering them with her thick aroused saliva till they were slick with it. She pushed my thighs apart wider and her mouth went lower, tonguing past my balls, down to my own ass. She opened me up and assaulted me with her tongue. Fuckkkk I never felt anything as amazing as this. My hands grabbed onto her ass hard to brace myself, digging my fingers into her skin. Her hand stroked me in perfect rhythm along with her tongue fucking me. “Ohhh God, I’m gonna cum,” I incoherently groaned. She stroked harder and my body tensed to the point where I thought it might snap. My cum shot hard, blast after blast. She knew how to stroke, she never stopped, as I shot on her neck and chest. She pulled her mouth up from my ass and the last couple shots hit her lips and cheek.

When she knew I was finished, and also completely paralyzed she gracefully flipped around and planted her mouth on mine. I kissed my load off her lips as she tongued it into my mouth. I broke free to lick it off her cheek. We were sharing eachother’s cum in this lustful kiss. This was the most perfect sex I’d ever had. We were absolutely drenched in sweat and cum now, we reeked of sex and we were drunk on it. She collapsed again on top of me and our breathing slowed again. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, and i could feel hers against me. I felt them slow together as I looked into her eyes, only inches from me. “I’m so lucky I found you,” I said.

She smiled. “I’m so lucky, I came into that chat room.” She rested her head on my chest.

“You don’t have to leave right away, do you?”

She giggled, and reached down next to the bed, where she had set her purse that I hadn’t noticed. She pulled something out of it and held it up; her strap-on with a flexible blue dildo attached. She’d told me about it, that she used it with her girlfriends. She saw my shocked, slightly fearful look. She knew it was a fantasy of mine, but some fantasies we never know if we actually want to go through with.

She smiled that smile again. “No handsome, I don’t have to go anywhere yet. I don’t think we’re through here…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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