Now or Never

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“She’s here,” said Tim peering through the spy hole.

He looked anxiously around at Sue. “You don’t have to do this, you know. We could forget the whole thing if you’re not happy.”

“No,” replied his wife. “She’s already paid for and I want to do this. It’s now or never. We’re not getting any younger and how often do we get a night away from the kids?”

Tim was concerned about his dear wife’s nervousness but his penis was throbbing at the thought of a threesome and he desperately wanted to go through with it.

Sue breathed in deeply. “Let her in,” she insisted.

Tim’s erection hardened. This was going to happen; he was actually going to fuck another woman with his wife’s permission. He hadn’t believed his ears when Sue had suggested a threesome and he still couldn’t get over the fact that she’d gone ahead and arranged it. But here he was, in a plush hotel room with a Call Girl knocking on his door. His pulse raced and he felt light-headed but he wanted this, more than anything. He swung the door open.

“Hi I’m Chloe,” said the quiet spoken, immaculately well-dressed woman who was standing outside their hotel room.

Tim mouth gaped and his hard cock strained against the confines of his pants.

“I have got the right room haven’t I?” Chloe enquired glancing between Tim and his terrified looking wife.

“Yes, sorry. Where are my manners?” stammered Tim. “Do come in.”

Sue remained silent, her expression one of uncertainty. She necked the glass of wine she was holding and poured herself another.

“First time?” smiled Chloe. “Don’t be shy, I’ll look after you.”

Tim’s eyes wandered over Chloe, taking in the expensive dress that showed off her fantastic curves and her phenomenally high heeled red shoes. God he hoped she kept those on when he fucked her!

“Drink?” he asked politely, offering Chloe the choice of something from the mini bar.

“No, thank you,” Chloe smiled. “Not alcohol anyway. Water would be good. I’ve been filling up my bladder but I’m not quite there yet. Is it both of you or just yourself who wants the golden shower?”

“Me, it’s me,” blurted out Sue coming alive. “I want it. I want you to pee on me, all over me. I want to be drenched.”

She thrust a bottle of water at Chloe and watched longingly as Chloe chugged it down.

“More,” said Chloe holding out the empty bottle. “I can hold a little more.”

Sue’s eyes widened as the anticipation of what she was about to do made her cunt swell and her heart pound in her chest. She felt her juices flowing making her crotch damp.

“I’m fit to burst,” said Chloe as she finished off the second bottle of water. “Shall we?”

“Show me your breasts first,” said Sue, shocked at her own forwardness.

Tim gasped. He’d never heard his wife speak like that and had no idea she liked women in that way but he was dying to see those trussed up titties as well. He wanted to hold them and fondle them or better still, watch his wife do it.

Chloe slowly unbuttoned her dress and slipped it off, revealing the black lacy underwear Escort Bayan beneath. Her dark skin was flawless and her ample breasts sat cradled in her skimpy bra, her prominent nipples showing through.

“Do you want to touch them?” Chloe asked Sue.

“No. I want to suck them,” she replied.

“Oh yes, do it! Fucking do it!” groaned Tim, highly aroused.

His throbbing erection was beginning to pain him and he needed a release, but he’d have to wait. This night had been Sue’s idea and she should be allowed to live out her fantasy first. Tim contented himself with undoing his trousers, letting his rock hard penis spring out. He stroked it, running his hand firmly along the shaft and moaning as he felt it pulsate.

Chloe removed her bra and slipped down her knickers. She was a young woman, maybe mid-twenties, with a curvy but firm figure, deep brown eyes and fabulous long black hair.

Sue fell upon her, her hands grasping her breasts as her mouth encircled one of Chloe’s hardened nipples. She sucked down hungrily, groaning with pleasure at the taste and texture.

Tim held his breath, mesmerised by the sight of his once reserved wife getting off on another woman’s tits. It was so hot. His eyes ran up and down his wife then drank in Chloe; her rounded breasts, her curvy backside and her pussy, shaved and inviting. His cock twitched mercilessly as he noticed a drop of moisture emerge from between Chloe’s thighs and slowly run down her leg.

“I’m going to burst. I have to do this now,” Chloe grimaced thrusting her hands between her legs to prevent herself from peeing on the carpet.

Sue stopped what she was doing and led Chloe into the bathroom with Tim close behind.

“A spa bath. Very good,” said Chloe admiring the luxurious fixtures.

Sue had chosen that hotel room because of the bath. If she was going to fulfil her lifelong fantasy and have another woman pee on her she needed space to let it happen.

Chloe stepped into the bath, her clit stud showing as she lifted her legs over the high sides.

Sue hesitated again, her hands trembling.

“Are you ok with this?” asked Chloe gently. “Would you rather just watch me pee?”

“No,” said Sue. “Drench me.”

Sue lifted her tee-shirt over her head and pulled down her slacks. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Tim leaned on the doorframe, his huge erection in his hand. He eyed up his naked wife, comparing her body to Chloe’s. His wife was more beautiful; pale skin, fabulous slender figure, flat stomach, neatly trimmed bush and tight cunt. Sue had never lost her elasticity, even after giving birth to their three children, and Tim loved the feel of her cunt muscles around his cock. He stroked himself harder, allowing the pre-cum to ooze from the tip but that was all. He needed to wait, just a little longer. He didn’t want to ejaculate before he’d had his turn with Chloe. He loved his wife dearly but he wanted some action too.

Sue stepped into the bath and knelt at Chloe’s feet.

“Drench me,” she repeated throwing her head back and closing her Bayan Escort eyes.

Chloe straddled her, moving her dripping pussy over Sue till it hovered close to her face. Chloe concentrated and pushed. A tiny dribble of golden liquid squirted from her pee hole.

Sue gasped and opened her mouth then screamed out her ecstasy as Chloe released her muscles and let loose a cascade of hot golden piss which showered down over Sue. It splashed onto her face, covered her pert white breasts and ran down her body in a yellow river, pooling in an acrid puddle around Sue’s quivering body. Sue ran her hands through the stream and opened her mouth to catch the delicious bitter taste. It stung her throat as she swallowed. Her cunt throbbed and her body plunged her into the throws of her first orgasm.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck that’s so good,” she screamed out as Chloe adjusted her aim to allow her golden flow to shoot straight into Sue’s mouth.

Sue opened wider, tipping her head back for more.

“Oh fuck, you dirty bitches,” grunted Tim, fighting hard to prevent himself from coming.

Tim had never witnessed Sue behaving like this before, not in the twelve years he’d known her and he couldn’t believe how much it turned him on.

Sue sank backwards into the bath as Chloe’s pee slowed and she pushed out the last tiny drops. Sue breathed deeply, her heart racing and her cunt desperate for more stimulation.

Chloe found the shower head and turned it on, running warm water over herself and Sue. Once she’d cleaned herself off she turned the shower head onto Sue’s pussy aiming the jets right into her sensitive hole.

Sue groaned with pleasure and parted her thighs as she felt the warm water massaging her swollen vulva.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come again,” she cried.

“Let me help you,” said Chloe.

Tim watched amazed as Sue spread her legs wide allowing Chloe to push her head between them and lick out her cunt. Sue’s juices oozed as Chloe’s expert tongue flicked her clitoris and probed deep inside her, teasing and stroking her.

“Oh fuck! I don’t know if I’m going to come or pee myself,” Sue screamed out.

“Do both,” Chloe laughed. “You’re allowed!”

Chloe sat back and gently inserted two fingers into Sue’s silky hole. She began rubbing her clit, moving her fingers back and forth, fast.

Sue let out a piercing scream as her second orgasm ripped through her accompanied by a wave of golden pee. It ran over Chloe’s hand and down her arm but Chloe didn’t stop finger fucking her until her orgasm had passed and Sue lay back, spent.

Sue had dreamed of having the perfect golden shower but Tim had never been keen to try it so she’d given up believing it would ever happen, until now.

“Me now, my turn,” begged Tim, desperate to have relief from his torturous erection.

“Get undressed,” said Chloe softly. “You’ve been very patient. Time for your reward.”

Tim hurriedly stripped off his clothing. His enormous swollen cock stood prominently before him. He needed to be relieved, now!”

Chloe Escort kissed Sue softly on the forehead before stepping out of the bath and taking Tim by the hand. She was still wet from her shower as she led him to the bed.

“So, what do you want? Blow job? Hand job? Would you like to try ass fucking me?”

Tim looked bewildered and shook his head.

“I just want to slip my cock inside you, maybe from behind? Can I fuck you from behind Chloe, please?”

Chloe knelt down on all fours at the edge of the bed. She opened her legs exposing her glistening wet crack to Tim, inviting him in.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted as he moved up behind her and positioned his throbbing cock against her wet cunt.

“Oh fuck, fuck!” he cried again as his pulsating erection pushed past Chloe’s velvety lips and sank deep inside her.

It felt so good. He had been faithful to Sue since he’d married her ten years ago and the thrill of burying his penis into another woman’s hot cunt was indescribable.

“Oh you feel good and your cock is so big,” purred Chloe. “Fuck me harder.”

Tim thrust deeper, harder, feeling the warmth of her tight hole and loving it. His hands reached for Chloe’s pendulous breasts and grasped them firmly, the heavy roundness filling his hands. Suddenly he noticed that a second ass was facing him; a beautiful pert white ass with juicy cunt lips spread tantalisingly open. Sue was on the bed with them, on all fours next to Chloe, inviting Tim to fuck her as well.

Tim couldn’t believe his luck; two women at the same time. He pulled his swollen cock out of Chloe and thrust it firmly into Sue, pushing deeper as he heard her moan. He pumped her hard, slamming his balls against her wet pussy. He was close to coming, he could feel it, but he held back. He withdrew from his wife and thrust his penis back into Chloe, burying the shaft deep within her. Tim was in heaven, alternating penetration with his wife then his whore. It was a dream come true. He felt himself approaching climax, the waves building up and the pleasure so intense it made his head spin. He needed to let go.

Tim made a split second decision and withdrew from Chloe. He thrust his huge cock back into his wife and grunted loudly as he climaxed and shot his load deep inside her. He continued to slam hard into her again and again, filling her up with his creamy cum. He’d never produced so much sperm before.

Sue threw her head back and screamed as Tim triggered her third orgasm. Her cunt muscles contracted tightly around her husband’s softening penis holding him in a vice like grip which squeezing out every drop of semen. The two of them writhed together, crying out in ecstasy as they bucked and thrust.

When their orgasms finally subsided and they were spent, Tim and Sue collapsed in a heap, shaking from their efforts.

Chloe rolled off the bed, smiling. She gathered up her belongings and started to dress.

“Time’s up. I have to go, unless you pay for another hour?”

“No need,” panted Tim, hugging Sue tightly and kissing her tenderly on the mouth.

“So I see,” Chloe said, winking at them both.

Chloe dressed, straightened out her hair and make-up then quietly let herself out. Neither Tim nor Sue noticed her go; Tim needed to pee and Sue couldn’t control her excitement as he stepped into the bathtub!

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