Office Romp

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Torture was the only way to describe how it felt sitting across from your office. Seeing you everyday, admiring you from afar. I could never get up the nerve to say more than a mumbled “hello”. You were always so outgoing and flirty, a hearty handshake for the men, and a warm, familiar hello for the women. I shivered whenever we passed in the hall, the scent of your Grey Flannel cologne staying with me for hours. I was attracted to you in many ways, number one being a very strong urge to have wild, passionate sex with you. The others didn’t seem very important after that.

On Tuesday, when you came over and helped me with my computer problem, I nearly fainted at your closeness. My nipples pressed hard against the material of my blouse, as you leaned over me to get to the keyboard. I closed my eyes and cherished your closeness. Admiring your lean body and imagining it pressed close to mine. I couldn’t believe how wet and hot my pussy was getting. I noticed you had button fly jeans on, and how firm your cock looked resting against your right thigh. I began to squirm in my chair, picturing my tongue and teeth on those buttons. When you were finished with my computer, you leaned back and looked at me. Our eyes lingered for just a moment. I couldn’t help but notice a faint flicker of arousal in your eyes. I was almost giddy with delight, knowing that you were attracted to me also.

“Well, I think that takes care of your problem.” You explained, heading towards the door.

“Thank you.” I stammered, wondering if you knew what my real problem was.

“No problem, I’m just across the hall if you need me for anything.” You said, eyes flashing, your smile warm and inviting.

Oh how I needed you. I needed your body thrown across mine, your cock, thick and hard, thrusting into my tight pussy. I could barely concentrate the rest of the afternoon, work piling up around me, as thoughts of you invaded my mind. When 5 o’clock came, I was anxious to get home and “take care” of the aching throb in my pussy.

The rest of the week went by agonizingly slow. You were busy, running in and out of meetings. I was swamped, barely keeping up with the flow, exhausted every afternoon when it came time to leave. On Friday, everyone’s mood had lightened up. Donuts, bagels, and other assorted goodies were brought in. I brushed by you on the way to the kitchen, blushing as you smiled down on me.

“How are you today?” you asked, a istanbul escort warm smile on your face.

“Still busy, looks like I’ll be working tomorrow.” I explained, trying not to sound whiney.

“Me too, I have a lot to take care of before my vacation next week.” You said.

“Well, guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” I answered, hiding the agony of you being gone for a week.

Saturday morning, I woke up early. Taking some extra time on my appearance, leaving my hair loose and flowing down my back, glossing my lips with my favorite bubblegum flavored lip gloss, and squirting a musk-scented body spray all over my body. I was tempted to wear my shortest skirt and tightest sweater, but opted instead for some faded jeans and a bulky sweater. I did, however, choose a sexy blue bra with a little bow in the center, and some matching panties. I was pleased with the way the sweater, although bulky, molded my breasts. Overall I was happy with my appearance, I was hoping you would be too.

When I arrived at the office, the only car in the lot was yours. I was ecstatic. Crazy thoughts running through my head, of us, locked in a tight embrace. Grabbing my things, I hurried into the office, anxious to see you, and to be seen by you. When I reached my cubicle, I could hear you on the phone, laughing. I turned slowly to wave, and was surprised to see you smiling at me, a gleam in your eye. Fumbling to my desk, I hid my blushing cheeks behind the monitor.

We both worked silently for a few hours, the only sounds were our fingers clicking on the keyboard. Lunchtime rolled around, but I didn’t want to leave if you were staying. Staring out my window, I began to daydream of your lips pressed against mine. Suddenly, a burst of laughter from your office jolted me back to reality.

“Hey, come on over here.” You called from your office. “I want to show you something.”

“Coming.” I replied, trying not to sound too excited, as I dashed over to your office.

When I stepped into your office, you were still laughing and pointing at your monitor, motioning me closer for a look. I glanced at the screen, giggles escaping my lips when I saw the cartoon playing on your computer. Our heads almost touching, we both chuckled at the scene playing out before us. Your scent invaded my head, my thoughts grew blurry, and before I realized what I was doing, I leaned down avcılar escort and kissed your lips.

“Oh My God, I’m so sorry.” I cried, stumbling back. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Grabbing my wrist, you smiled. “It’s okay, I was wanting to do the same thing, you just beat me to it.”

Pulling me closer to you, you reached up and tenderly drew my lips to yours. The kiss was electrifying. My body was on fire, as your arms wrapped around me. My heart was beating hard in my chest, and my nipples tingled, as your lips tasted mine. I sucked hungrily on your tongue, sliding my tongue along your teeth. Your hands found their way under my sweater, and my skin burned as you caressed the small of my back. I moaned softly into your mouth, my desire for you becoming unbearable.

Breaking our kiss, you roughly pulled me onto your lap. Wrapping my legs around your waist, I nipped and tugged at your ear lobe with my teeth. My hot breathe tickling you. I could feel your cock growing hard against me. Wriggling on your lap, until my pussy was positioned right over your cock. The denim of my jeans felt so confining now, making me wish I had worn a skirt. Your hands gripped my ass, fingers pressing into the denim and the flesh. It was all so much, I felt wet and hot and hungry. I was delirious with passion, as you kissed and sucked on my neck, up to my ear. You growled into my ear, letting me hear your desire, and I felt a gush of juice between my legs.

“Is this really happening?” I whispered, afraid to end this moment.”

“Yes,” you growled. “Its finally not a dream.”

Pulling my arms up, you tugged the sweater over my head, smiling at the little bow on my bra. Leaning in, you licked playfully at the blow, before unclasping the bra and yanking it off. My nipples were hard, aching for your touch. You palmed my breasts with each hand, gliding your thumbs gently over the nipples. I was moaning louder, pulling your mouth to my breasts, wanting you to devour them. As you eagerly sucked on one nipple, your hand flicked and pinched the other. My hand snuck down between us, rubbing my pussy, while the knuckles rubbed your cock. It felt so thick, so ready for me.

I lifted myself off your lap, standing in front of you. Slowly, I unzipped my jeans, watching your eyes follow my hand. Pushing the jeans, along with my panties, down my hips, letting them fall to my ankles, then stepping şirinevler escort out of them. Your eyes burned into me, as I teasingly placed my fingers into the curly hair covering my mound. I kneeled on the floor in front of you, leaning back to give you a full view of my aroused pussy. My fingers moving around my clit, slick with my juices.

I watched as you released your hard cock from your jeans, licking my lips at the sight of your manhood. Our eyes met, staring longingly at each other, as we both stroked and caressed ourselves. I reached between your legs, lightly stroking your shaft, feeling it twitch in my hand. My tongue darted out, licking the very tip of your cock, savoring the drop of precum. I wrapped my lips around your shaft, sucking slowly down. I could feel it pulsing in my mouth, as your fingers tangled in my hair. Grabbing my chin, you pulled my mouth off your cock, and smiled.

“I want you on your knees. I want to feel your ass grinding against me.” You commanded.

Getting into position, hands and knees on the floor, I looked back to see you positioning your cock at my opening. Grabbing my hips, you plunged in to the hilt. I gasped in surprise as your thickness filled my quivering pussy. Rocking slowly, you thrust your cock in and out of my pussy, teasing me. I was at your mercy, trying hard to keep you in me, moaning each time you pulled out. I reached beneath me, and began rubbing my clit with one finger, flicking your cock with another. Playfully, you pulled your cock out and smacked my ass with it, before thrusting back in hard. I cried out, increasing the friction of my finger on my clit. Each time you plunged in your fingers dug into the flesh on my ass, harder with every thrust. I could feel the fire burning in my belly, as waves of pleasure enveloped every nerve in my body. I could feel the heat rising, feel the juices welling up in my pussy. I was so close to release. Pumping harder and faster, your balls crushed against my ass, you began to breathe raggedly. Hearing your moans, knowing you were about to cum, I let go of my orgasm. Shuddering, arching my back, I bucked hard against you as I came. My juices gushed over your cock and down your thigh. I felt your cock pulse, and you pulled out suddenly, shooting your hot, sticky cum across my back. Droplets ran down the crack of my, mixing with my juices.

Spent, you collapsed on top of me, moaning softly in my ear. I lay there, enjoying the warmth of your body, basking in the heat of our passion. I squirmed beneath you, turning to find your lips. Kissing you softly, hugging you close.

“Saturdays in the office will not be as bad as I thought.” I murmured quietly into your ear.

“Not anymore.” You chuckled, pulling me into a tight embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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