Office Talk

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Sitting at the desk. So distracted. Details of the two conflicting stories are fleeting. There are deadlines to meet. Reports to write. Cases to solve. In front of him the curser blinks in anticipation of some semblance of a narrative from today’s incident, but instead sentences full of legal jargon turn into erotic thoughts of what he wants to do to her.

Why does she have to keep coming over to sit next to him? Just her presence makes him flustered. Shaky. Doesn’t even know this is happening, save for when he stumbles over a one syllable word or he can’t remember how to say “the.”

How is it even possible? This has never happened to him before.

The two of them have exchanged many glances, a light touch on the arms as they pass, sexual innuendos back and forth, knowing the other catches on without it being too obvious. Especially when others are around.

He can’t concentrate or get any work done this way, not with those perfect perky breasts beckoning him through her shirt, just inches away from his mouth!

Finally, she gets up out of the chair slowly, eyes fixated on his, and walks back to her desk. She is across the room now but yet close enough that he can feel the strong vibes of sex the emanate from her entire being.

Still staring at a blank screen, he picks up his phone and decides to send her a text. “Go in the bathroom and a take picture for me. I want to see them.” This could be crossing boundaries. Major boundaries. But what the hell, what does he have to lose? His job maybe. His reputation halkalı escort for being a “family man.”

She replies, “Seriously!? We are at work. No.”

Worth a try. A smirk lingers on her lips as her head is down, fingers typing quickly on her phone. The bulge in his pants grows. Her playing innocent and hard to get arouses him further. His phone alerts him to another text. “You come over here and take a picture of me instead.”

Not what he was expecting. Slowly he stands up, adjusts the now full instant erection that precedes him and walks toward her. Luckily, there is a small room tucked in the back corner, unused, with the exception of boxes of decades old case files and paperwork.

She seductively stepped backwards into the room, her fingers skillfully undoing each button on her top, exposing the delicate lace covering her supple breasts; her eyes never disconnecting from his.

Holding up his phone, staring through the square of the screen at the beauty in front of him, he taps the circle to capture a few moments of this sexual bliss. Something he can refer to later. She continues to undress; her top slides off her arms and floats to the floor, the curves of her body taunting him even more; almost begging him.

He approaches her, sliding one strap over her shoulder, then the other as both mounds of flesh spill out over the fabric. He cups one in his hand and takes the other in his mouth, not caring if anybody were to walk in and see taksim escort them right now.

The nipple in his mouth gets hard, a piece of sweet candy rolling around on the tip of his hungry tongue. A loud moan escapes her as she grabs the back of his head, pulling him into her. He sucks harder, bites, teases, enjoys.

She fumbles to find his zipper, his belt clip, she can’t get it off fast enough.

His erection is finally free of the confines of his pants. She takes him in her hands, they feel like an expensive silk, soft and delicate.

He hikes up her skirt, ravenously moving aside her thong to get to the wet folds of her swollen pussy.

Reaching around further to prop her up onto the wall, his fingers grip tightly onto her voluptuous round ass, squeezing it harder with every thrust of his hips. Their bodies crashing like thunder into one another, two worlds colliding.

His cock is so hard, so deep inside her right now, how long until he explodes? The build up has been intense. Years. Never did he think a moment like this would happen. To him. With her. In her. Devouring her.

What he wants to do to her is way more than what is allowed. He knows that. Technically they are both off limits. He knows this is wrong. But it feels so right. So amazing. She is so tight, wet, strong.

The escapade continues. Her perfect tits bouncing in time to their rhythm, egging him on, causing her to moan, right in his ear, she commands him to fuck her harder. He kisses her forcefully on şişli escort her mouth to stop her from yelling too loud, giving anybody a chance to walk in and catch them in the act, but then again when she moans he throbs with more intensity, becomes even harder. He is pulsating, and not just his heart, the blood rushing so quickly to his dick that he nearly blacks out.

He can feel every inch of her, her intricate muscles gripping onto him, milking him with every movement, squeezing like a vice, SHE is his vice. Sex with off-limits women like her are his vice. At home life, and sex, seem like a chore, but this is a fantasy come true. He places her bare ass on the desk near by. He wants his hands free to explore her amazing body before he explodes, before it ends. Still driving deeply into her he grabs her tits, brings them to his mouth once again, sucks on them hard, inhaling her scent and drinking in her sexual energy.

Knowing he is on the verge of coming he pulls out of her slowly; he loves the way his erect penis looks as it exits the shiny wet folds between her toned thighs, the veins bulging, so thick and sturdy.

With one seductive movement she slides onto the floor and kneels in front of him, slides him into her mouth and finishes him off with a grace and skill he has never experienced. With his hand on the back of her head she swallows him, more than just his silky salty cum, she swallows all of the pent up sexual desire and need he has been carrying around for months, if not longer.

She looks up at him, her tongue traces the curve of her lips, his taste still lingering. She smiles that little smirk again, a sign of satisfaction and fulfillment. Quickly they put themselves back together, smooth out their garments and go about their day as if it were any other. Except they both know it isn’t. This day is only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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