One Afternoon

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She was a kinky little slut. He had known her for a few months and had talked to her on many occasions. She was the token lesbian in the office. Not many people knew of her past and most only guessed at her true orientation. She had done anyone at any time. Attraction to a personality was more important than the sex of the person. She had settled down some and was in a committed relationship with a woman that she called her wife. In time they had worked together she had told him many of her stories and they had taken their conversation to places that were not appropriate at work. They had flirted some and had started texting. Things were rapidly turning sexual between them. They spoke in innuendo. The text messages had become hotter and steamier. He began to begin to give her orders. Not at work, certain decorum had to be maintained. The late night texts were the key that would unlock their passion.

“You will do as I ask, my pet.”

“Yes, Sir.” The word “Sir” was very important. He did not control her and was not her master. She obeyed out of free will and could opt out at anytime. They did this only for fun but she never said no.

“I want a pic of your boobs.”

“Yes, Sir. I will.”

“I know you will my pet”

“It will be hard. We have company”

“You will find a way.”

“Yes Sir.”

After several minutes he had not received his desired picture. She had never disobeyed and most certainly never lied. It was time to push her to see how far she would go.

“I don’t have my pic.”

“I sent it, Sir”

“I am not happy. You must do better.”

“My phone did not send it. I will try again”

“Very well. Be quick about it.”

“Yes Sir”

He noticed that she had responded well. If there was a legitimate problem with the phone sending the picture he would use it to his advantage. He wanted the picture to masterbate to that night. It was then that a thought entered his mind. If the picture did not arrive he would try to get her to do something for him in person. Now he hoped that the text would not go through.

“Where is my pic?”

“I sent it again sir.”

“I did not receive it.”

“The phone won’t send it.”

“But you can text.”

“I know Sir. It’s weird”

“I will give you 30 minutes. If I don’t have it you will be punished.”

“I understand, sir.”

He stopped there knowing that more texts were not necessary. In their online world she obeyed without question. Now all he could do was wait. He had never pushed things this far with her. The text fantasies they shared were just that, fantasies, but now he was in an interesting position. If he received this picture he would have some new masterbation material for the evening. If she failed to deliver, he could push farther. How far could he go? How far would she go?

He busied himself working around his small apartment. He did the dishes, straightened up the living room, did anything that would take his mind off the clock, off her. Then he heard the quiet single ping. He went to the living room and grabbed his phone. There was a message from her but not the one he wanted, or was it?

“I’m sorry sir. The picture will not send. It is not my fault. I want to please you.”

“I am very disappointed in you my pet. You must be punished.”

“Yes sir. I understand. What must I do?”

“Do you have a riding crop?”

“Yes sir. I think I can find it.”

“Good. What time does your wife go to work?”

“9 o’clock.”

“OK. I will be there at 10. Have your crop ready when I arrive. If you do as I ask I may be lenient.”

“If I can’t find it?”

“You must have something suitable to punish you with.”

“Yes sir. I will have it. I want to please you.”

“Very good. You are released.”

“You are released.” That was the code that they had created to say that the dom/sub play was over and all texts would just be as friends until someone said sir or pet. Then it would start again.

He could not believe his luck. She had agreed to meet him for the afternoon and it promised to be very sexual in nature. All he had to do was wait till the morning and head over to her house. He just had to go to sleep and morning would be here before he knew it. But sleep did not coming easy. A thousand questions and scenarios were going through his head. Was she serious and going to let him punish her in person? Was she expecting him to continue by text? Would he really use a riding crop on her bare ass? How far would she go? Why can’t I just sleep? What does she look like naked? He just needed a drink to calm his nerves. He had done this with others before. Why was it so difficult this time?

“Bzzzz- Bzzzz- Bzzzz.” the alarm jarred him awake. Was it morning already? Still more questions and no answers. Was it just a dream? No, the texts were still on the phone. Does she have cold feet? Well it was time to put up or shut up. He got out of bed and made breakfast. As a frustrated chef, breakfast meant cooking. Without thinking he whipped up bakırköy escort a vegetable fritata and had it in the oven in minutes. He grabbed a few oranges and squeezed a glass of juice. One of the luxuries of moving to Arizona from the midwest was the fresh produce at that time of the year. The trees in a friend’s yard provided great fruit no cost. Grabbing the pan out of the oven he slid his breakfast on to a plate and headed to the living room. He clicked on the news and settled in to eat. Nothing newsworthy was happening that day. Just the usual distractions of bad drivers and local feel good stories.

After finishing breakfast he headed to the bathroom to get ready. He completed his usual grooming then started the work of preparing for this afternoon. He carefully shaved around his manhood. Keeping the area shaved was normal but when he had a date he did a very careful job. Today would be extra tricky. The thoughts of what may happen had him on edge and as soon as he touched his cock it responded. A little hardness would help with shaving, but it was screaming for attention. He wanted badly to jerk off but it would only reduce his performance later. In his younger days he would have completed that task and still had plenty of stamina later. He resisted the urge and competed his shaving. Extra time was spent at the mirror making sure all the hair was gone, both from is face and his head and also from his groin. As kinky as she was, he knew she would appreciate the effort.

He picked up his phone and sent a quick text. Her response would tell him what to expect for the rest of the day.

“Is everything ready my pet?”

Nothing. What the hell? Might as well head that way and see what happens. He finished getting dressed. Nothing fancy at all. He didn’t plan on wearing his clothes for long and he had to go to work immediately after. The uniform tactical pants and boots were a given but he threw on a beige polo shirt instead of his uniform shirt. He would take that with him and put it on later.

He checked his phone again. The blue LED was on.

“I am ready Sir.”

“The riding crop?”

“I can’t find it.”

“Do you have something else?”

“Yes sir. I want to please you.”

“Very good. I am happy with you today.”

“Thank you sir. I want to please you very much today.”

“Very well my pet.”

He had his answer. She was not only going to go through with it, but she was planning to have fun herself. The forty-five minute drive was a killer. They sent no texts for most of the trip. At a red light before her house he sent a quick one.

“b there in 5”

“I am ready sir.”

“Should I be naked?”

He never texted while rolling but this time he made an exception and sent a quick “no”.

He wanted to undress her, or at least be there to watch. She replied but he never read it. He was only seconds from her drive. He pulled in and shut of the truck. He took a moment and steadied his nerves. This should be a great afternoon and he didn’t want to ruin it. He had a nervous habit of shaking when he was excited. Not when turned on but with a general excitement and now he was both. It was a full body shiver that was hard to control and he had to fight it. A couple of deep breaths later he got out and closed the door. He hoped the extra time would get to her.

She was standing at the door waiting. It had been years since she had been with a man and now one was at her door with the sole intention of ravaging her body. Not only was he there to take her, he was going to punish her and make her do his bidding. She was trembling with excitement. Should she meet him outside? No, she would look too willing and that would not please him. The solid knock on the door made her jump. She tried to take a deep breath but it caught in her throat. Her hand reached for the door knob on its own. She opened it knowing that she would never look at him the same again.

He moved quickly through the door, grabbed her hair and kissed her as he pulled her head back. At six foot tall he towered over her five foot one inch frame. Her tongue shot into his mouth and he responded with his. He pushed the door closed then grabbed her ass. He found it firm yet supple. She was almost young enough to be his daughter yet old enough that she had an older woman’s curves. His brain shifted to the mission that brought him there and he pushed her away.

“Time for your punishment my pet.”

“Yes sir. I am ready.”

“What am I punishing you with?”

“This sir. Does it please you?”

She handed him a plastic spatula from the kitchen. It was solid black with a sturdy handle and a flat blade with holes. He took a moment to look it over. It was all show. He knew as soon as he saw it that it was perfect for what he had in mind.

“Yes it does please me. you have done well. Your punishment may be reduced if your obedience continues.”

“That is not necessary, Sir. I failed you and I must be punished.”

“Very beşiktaş escort well my pet. Your devotion is admirable.”

A smile crept across his lips. This chick wanted the pain he was planning. He only had a few hours before work but he planned on enjoying every second. If she was anything close to what she claimed to be, this was going to be one of his greatest sexual exploits ever.

“Go to the living room.”

“Yes Sir.” She turned and walked out of the entry and into the adjoining family room.


“Sir?” She asked as she spun to face him



“You do not question me!” his voice was stern now. “I said strip!

“Yes sir” she whimpered with her head down. She had angered him and that just would not do.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her full breasts. Very pale white, well rounded, capped with light brown nipples and large aureoles of the same color. They were significantly larger than he had expected. At work she only wore sports bras that concealed the wonders underneath. She cupped them with her hands and lifted them slightly. “Do you approve?” He only nodded.

She undid the belt buckle on the side of her pants. “Interesting location,” he thought. She unfastened her jeans and slid them down and kicked them to the side. Her legs were by no means toned but they had a nice shape. But it was the neon yellow boxer shorts that she wore that made him chuckle.

“Really?” He asked.

“You know I’m not into lady like things.” She said

“Well then,” he paused just a moment, “go to the couch and put your hands on it. Face the wall and don’t look at me.”

“Yes, Sir.” She turned and walked to the black leather couch an placed her hands on the back. Since it faced away from them she was not really doubled over but it did make her breasts hang slightly. Even from behind he liked what he saw. Her plump round ass was exposed to him and she was focused on the far wall, just as she had been told to do.

Walking forward he ground his crotch against her ass. She moved against him enjoying the feeling. He laid the spatula on the couch, reached around her and cupped both of her breasts, feeling their weight and pinching her nipples. She moaned slightly at his touch. He pulled her back to him feeling her body against his. He pinched her nipples hard, pulling them away from her body, until they released from his fingers. A gasp escaped her lips. He pulled her hips to him and stepped back away from the couch bringing her with him. Hooking his hands in the waistband of her shorts he yanked them to the floor.

“Step out of them.” He said. When she complied he put one foot between her feet spreading them apart. He grabbed a handful of her short black hair and shoved her roughly forward till her face met the couch. He reached forward, grabbed the spatula and smacked it hard on her right butt cheek. A yelp escape her lips because of the sudden surprise. “I will have none of that.” He said and brought the spatula down hard on her left cheek. This time not a sound escaped her lips but she winced a little at the pain. He stepped back to look at this work too nice red square imprints on each cheek from where the spatula had landed.

“Count.” The spatula connected with the left cheek again.

“Three.” Came in a trembling voice. Then a solid connection with the right cheek. “Four.” and so it went, left, “Five,” Right, “Six,” Left, “Seven,” until she barely muttered the word “Twelve.”

He laid the spatula down never to touch it again. Her ass was a pattern of red squares. Her punishment was complete but her obedience was not. He reached down and gently rubbed her right cheek. He wanted to ease her pain. The most important part of his form of domination was to show caring in return for obedience. He lifted her shoulders and moved her forward to lay her across the back of the couch. She was a limp form that moved with him with the slightest suggestion, like a practiced dance partner. Her arms and breasts dangled over the couch, her toes barely touching the floor.

He kissed her tender butt cheeks, gently massaging them. Her swallow breathing began to become normal and gentle moans started to escape her lips. It sounded like the gentle purring of a kitten. He allowed his hand to slide down the back of her leg and up her inner thigh. She shuddered as his hand grazed the folds of her pussy. He lingered for a moment, feeling her wetness and the delicate hairs there. It was time to make her cum, her reward for obedience. He reached around her with both hands, taking hold of her breasts and pulled her upright. With both feet now firmly on the floor, he turned her around and looked into her eyes. They were glazed over with lust and pain. She was dripping wet and desperately needed release.

He held the back of her head with one hand and cupped her mound with the other. Pulling her head to him he leaned in to kiss her. Just before their lips touched, he whispered the beylikdüzü escort words, “You are released.” Those words were a trip wire in her brain. She attacked his tongue with hers, coiling around his like a snake and trying to remove it from his mouth.

She moved quickly to undress him. She pulled his shirt off, unfastened his pants and pulled them down. Following them to the floor, she cupped his balls with one hand stroked him with the other. Her tongue began a luscious dance on the head of his cock. She swirled around the tip, licked the underside and probed his hole. She was everywhere at once yet was never anywhere for long. Her hand slid between his legs and a finger found is asshole teasing the outside, probing slightly, never entering, then teasing again. She had been on her knees for less than a minute and he was losing control, ready to fill her greedy mouth.

Using every bit of restraint he had left, he pushed her away. He lifted her to her feet and took her by the hand, leading her to the front of the couch. He sat her down and knelt in front of her, kissing her again and tasting his precum on her lips. His hand found a nipple and teased it lightly. He trailed kisses from her her mouth to her neck to her other nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue, the other hand drifted down to her mound. He took a few seconds to tickle her black bush before moving on to her wet lips. He dipped two fingers into her hot hole. She stiffened at the sudden intrusion.

He began to hammer her cunt with his hand. Two fingers drove hard into her wet hole as his thumb massaged her clit. She threw her head back as her while body stiffened. Releasing her nipple he quickly lowered his head and latched onto her now stiff exposed nub, sucking hard. His tongue vibrated across it as his fingers still continued to probe and twist inside her. She began to writhe on the couch. Her thighs closed around his head. Without relenting with his hand he raised his head and looked at her flush face, “CUM!”

And she did! Her body began to flail. Her head thrashed side to side. She screamed loudly. He had been with many loud women but no one could match this sexpot. Her body stiffened, her thighs clamped tightly to his head, her screams increased in volume and her juices flooded his mouth. He continued to suck on her clit prolonging her orgasm. Finally, she started to calm down, letting herself relax.

He would not relent, however. He switched from sucking on her clit to rapidly flicking it with the tip of his tongue. He continued to pump her now sopping wet slot with his fingers, curling them as he pulled out, straightening them as he thrust forward. His relentless onslaught pushed her over the edge again in a matter of seconds. She screamed again and raised her ass off the couch. She grabbed his head and pulled him in tighter. Not the kind of guy to deny a woman her wishes, he continued fingering her gash and tonguing her clit.

She rode, no surfed, the orgasmic waves that flowed through her body. Her pale face had turned red, the color flowing down her neck and spreading across her chest. She had stopped screaming, Short staccato bursts of sound were all that came from her mouth. She collapsed and the couch as the last shivers of her orgasm moved up her spine. He stopped the assault on her clit and eased his fingers from her pussy. He moved beside her on the couch, licking her juices from his fingers before cradling her head to his chest and kissed her forehead. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she melted into his body.

“Did I tell you I can cum on command?”

“No you didn’t. But I think I figured it out.”

“I had a master that taught me to do that.”

“I’ll say I’m impressed. My ex couldn’t relax enough to cum. I usually had to stop before she would get off.”

“That’s a shame.”

“And I love to eat pussy, but she made it a chore.”

“No man ever ate me like that.”

“I learned from a lesbian.”

“Really? Who?”

“My first wife was Bi. But really preferred women more than men.”

“That’s interesting. Want something to drink?”

“Sure. Anything cold and carbonated will do.”

“K. Be right back.”

She untangled herself from him and walked naked to the kitchen.

“Nice ass. I should fuck that someday.”

“Thanks. I haven’t had anything back there for a long time.”

“Well, we just might remedy that issue.”


She returned from the kitchen with two cold glasses of Coke just as her phone rang. “Shhhhh. It’s my wife.” He sipped his drink while she was on the phone. The conversation was nothing unusual, just the basic lunchtime chit chat. The whole time that she was on the phone he gazed at her naked body. He felt his erection grow. He wanted to just bend her over and take her but that would give them away. It only lasted a few minute but it felt like forever before the call ended.

“Want to go to the bedroom?” she asked.

“Sure, if you want.”

“We can use the guestroom. I won’t have to hide the sheets.”

“Works for me. Got rubbers?”

“Of course.”

She headed to the downstairs bedroom. He followed closely, eyes glued to her ass. When she paused to open the door, he reach out and slapped her butt cheek. “Are you threatening me with a good time?”

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