Opposite Worlds Ch. 07

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As always:

Thanks to “Alpineskier” for editing.

Thanks to “Doc” for story consulting.

All characters involved in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age. (So get your mind out of the gutter!)

Ch. 7: Individual Days Spent Together

Since Monday was Senior Skip Day, the couple had two days to enjoy themselves. Jason had a novel idea. They always went to the movies or the occasionally bowling, never again miniature golfing, but this weekend he wanted to be special, anything to get the foulness of Tiffany from their memory. They had to check out soon and they had no plans. He turned off the TV, entered the bathroom, and sat on the edge of the tub.

Chelsea looked at him in the mirror as she began to apply her make-up. “Hey Baby, what are you thinking?”

“I was thinking that I can’t believe that after being in here for 45 minutes you are not ready, even though when you rolled out of bed you were already the most gorgeous, stunning, and downright sexiest woman in the world.”

Chelsea stopped what she was doing, blinked once, and smiled. “Thanks, but was that a compliment to my beauty or an insult to how much time I spend to look my absolute best for you?”

Jason laughed. “I just can’t win with you.”

“Nope.” Chelsea went back to work on her face. “The sooner you accept that, the better off you are.”

“Well, with that in mind, I have an idea on what to do the next two days.”

“Oh really? What movies do you want to see?” Chelsea applied her mascara.

“None. I am offering you a deal, but it involves concessions on both our parts.” Jason tilted his head. “You interested?”

“Let’s hear it first.” Chelsea took the cap off her lipstick.

“Well, I thought we could each have a day. I will go anywhere and do everything you want to do today, but tomorrow we go anywhere and do everything I want to do.”

Chelsea, now finished with her make-up, turned to face Jason. “Why, what do you want to do tomorrow?” She immediately thought if she said yes, that Monday would be the longest, most boring day of her life.

“Doesn’t matter. What matters is what do you want to do today?” Jason wasn’t about to tell her.

Chelsea gave Jason a wicked grin. “Okay, agreed. I’m done in here so let’s go to the mall.” She walked out of the bathroom, not allowing him to change his mind.

“There’s one stipulation.” Jason added as he entered the room.

“I knew it.” Chelsea threw some clothes in one of her bags. “As soon as I said the “m” word you’d back out.”

“No phones.” Jason grabbed his bag and set it by the door.

“What?” Chelsea looked at him with confusion. “I was certain you were going to change your mind.”

“No, I’m not changing my mind. I just want you all to myself. We will have each other’s undivided attention. I think you’ll survive one day without your phone.”

Chelsea let out a small whimper. “Alright, but you’ll have to hold mine. I will try to sneak it when you’re not looking.”

* * * * *

Jason held the mall door entrance door open and Chelsea entered. She was so used to it that if he didn’t do it, she would’ve splattered into it like a bug on a windshield. Chelsea got ten feet into the building and turned around. Jason was frozen at the entrance.

“What’s wrong Baby?” Chelsea asked, a little worried.

“Nothing. It’s been in fact six years since the last time I’ve been here, and that was because my mom made me. I’m just delaying the breaking of a pretty impressive streak. That’s all.” Jason smiled at her.

Chelsea shook her head and went back and grabbed Jason’s hand. “C’mon, a deal is a deal. Besides, I need someone to carry my bags.”

Jason was the good soldier at the shoe store, the purse store, and the four clothes stores he was dragged to. He answered honestly to Chelsea’s frequent questions about what he liked, what might go together, or what color looked best. Jason also found out that he was always wrong. He was wrong about everything, including where in the mall they should eat lunch. Despite hating the mall, Jason realized he was still happy. All he needed was to be with Chelsea.

Chelsea was having a blast. She enjoyed tormenting Jason with fashion. He actually gave some good suggestions a couple of times, but didn’t want him to know that. She asked him more than she did Tiffany when they used to shop together. Whatever Jason chose to do tomorrow, she was getting her days worth today. She then decided to really test him istanbul escort and headed straight for the lingerie store.

“Beautiful, do I have to go in there?” Jason asked hopefully.

“Sure, you can wait over there.” Chelsea said deviously.

“Really?” Jason was shocked.

“Absolutely.” Chelsea gave a smile. “But you give up your day tomorrow.”

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” Jason replied defeated.

In the other stores, Jason always had a visual on Chelsea, but would wander and browse himself. In the lingerie shop, he was never more than two feet right behind her with his eyes emblazoned on the floor as if The Secret to Life was etched in the carpet. He was following her around like a puppy.

Chelsea had questions immediately, trying to test his resolve. She hovered around the clothes racks longer than she needed and seemed to say “I don’t know” and “I’m not sure” quite often. After picturing herself in all the outfits, she was getting horny. She accumulated a small pile of bras, thongs, and corsets she liked and went to the cashier, a long haired brunette woman a year or two older than herself with a nametag that said “Sheila”. Sheila had been eyeing the mismatched couple curiously since they walked in together, noticing Chelsea was in designer jeans and Jason in a Yoda t-shirt.

“I’d like to try these on.” Chelsea set the items on the counter.

“Sure, follow me.” Sheila grabbed a key and led them to a door. She unlocked it and then pulled it open, revealing a row of doors on each side. “There you go. Take any room you’d like.”

Chelsea smiled at Jason. “C’mon.”

“Sorry miss, he can’t go back. He can wait right here for you.” Sheila pointed to three chairs right outside the door she opened.

Chelsea frowned. “Alright.” She then went into the first door.

Sheila looked at Jason. “Sorry I ruined your fun.”

Jason blushed as he sat down; realizing they both knew why Chelsea wanted him to go back with her.

Sheila took a couple steps towards the counter, then turned around, came back and sat next to Jason. “Can I ask you something?” Curiosity about the couple finally got the best of her.

Jason turned his head and looked directly into Sheila’s eyes. “What would you like to know?”

Jason’s expression shocked Sheila. His eyes had locked with hers, instead of staring at her chest, which was the normal reaction she received. His voice had an air of confidence, which is the exact opposite of what he portrayed to be when he walked throughout the store. After only six words, she knew the answer to her question. “Never mind.” Sheila stood.

“Too bad. It was a romantic story about a nerd and a cheerleader.” Jason said as if reading her thoughts.

Sheila offered Jason a smile. “I’ve got another customer. Just come to the counter when she’s ready.”

As Sheila walked off, the rest of the store came into view. Jason’s awkwardness returned. At least with Chelsea next to him at least people knew he wasn’t a pervert. His gaze returned to the floor.

Chelsea first tried on a red corset with black trim. She never wore one before and struggled with it momentarily. She put on the matching thong and black fishnet stockings. She looked in the mirror. Her B cups were pushed higher in the air as the material hugged her lithe body. She felt incredibly sexy and wanted nothing more than for Jason not only to see, but touch her more than ever. She came out of the dressing room and peeked out the door that was a gateway to the outside world. “Psst, is she around, Baby?”

Jason glanced up to see only Chelsea’s head, the door acting as a shield to the rest of her body, and looked to spot Sheila. “She’s by the entrance helping a customer.”

Chelsea gave a lustful smile as her hand appeared. Her finger enticing him to come inside.

Jason slipped into the door and Chelsea pushed him into the first changing room. Suddenly his eyes went wide, his mouth hung open, and his dick instantly hardened to full capacity as he saw Chelsea through the mirror. He was speechless.

Chelsea had the look of a predator in her eye. A lioness stalking her prey as she sashayed into the dressing room. She pulled down the thong and bent over. “I need it hard, fast, and right now, Baby.”

Jason pulled down his shorts and underwear as his erection stood at attention. He grabbed her waist and buried himself to the hilt. “We are definitely buying avcılar escort this outfit.” He repeatedly slammed into her with full force.

Chelsea’s arms kept buckling against the wall. She made no attempt to mute her screams.

Looking into the mirror, Jason got a great view of Chelsea’s cleavage. He reached around and began kneading her tits and rolling her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

Chelsea’s back arched. “Oh my God! This feels insane. Here it comes.”

There were two knocks on the door as Chelsea’s orgasm swept through her body. “I said he couldn’t come back here. Everyone can hear you out there.”

“We’re…so…sorry.” Jason exploded into Chelsea.

They collapsed onto the one place they could in the small room, Jason never letting go of his embrace.

“C’mon you two. He can’t be back here.” Sheila said with urgency.

Jason put his clothes back on and kissed Chelsea. “I apologize for not being able to hold you longer. I’ll see you out there.” He opened the door to see a disgruntled Sheila.

“Really guys, you couldn’t wait until you got home?” Sheila shook her head.

“I apologize for any problems we may have caused you.” Jason displayed concern.

“I don’t think you understand how thin these walls are. I lost a customer but gained three because of you two. I just hope nobody tells my boss, I’ll be fired.” Sheila opened the outer door.

“I truly hope that doesn’t happen. Why don’t you give me your corporate number and I’ll call in a compliment for you.” Jason exited the changing area to the sound of applause from a small group of people, ages between 19 and 67. The old woman was banging her cane against the floor.

Jason let out a chuckle, blushed a little, and sat down.

“Alright everyone.” Sheila waved the crowd to disperse. “Show’s over. You can only stay if you buy something.” After a moment, she came back and sat next to Jason. “If you two happen to break up, here’s my number.” She went to hand him a piece of paper.

Jason looked at her in the eyes and spoke with the utmost sincerity. “I can’t accept that, but thank you for the offer.”

“Oh well. You can’t blame a girl for trying.” Sheila got up and resumed her place at the counter.

Chelsea was dressed, but still peeked out from behind the door. Seeing Jason alone, she ran to him. She set the lingerie garments down and hugged him. “You must really love me to turn down a good looking, big breasted, older woman for me.”

“You heard?”

“I was getting ready to come out when I heard her talking.”

“So which outfits do you want to buy?” Jason tried to change the subject.

Chelsea glanced up at Jason. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Chelsea put her head in Jason’s chest, and held him tighter. She glared an evil eye in Sheila’s direction.

* * * * *

The sunrise was glimmering through the cracks of the houses from across the street, casting Jason’s silhouette on the front door of the Pollack house at 6:15 in the morning. He was dressed in a white button down dress shirt and black slacks. He grabbed his cell phone and called Chelsea.

A very groggy Chelsea answered. “Hello.”

“Good morning Beautiful.” Jason countered in the most upbeat way.

“Jason? What time is it?” Chelsea wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Quarter after six.”

“Baby, if we had school I would’ve only woke up a half hour ago. Call me in a couple hours, okay?” Chelsea rolled over on her bed away from the sunlight.

“I’m here.” Jason was chipper.


“I’m here.”

“No. That wasn’t an ‘I didn’t hear you’ what. It was a ‘what the hell are you talking about’ what.”

“It’s my day to pick what we do. Since the sun rose to start the day, I’m here to start ours.”

“Fine.” Chelsea showed her disdain and hung up. She dragged herself out of bed and made her way to the door. “Whoa, you look good. So I guess that means we’re not going to one of those comic book conventions, huh?”

“No, not this time.” Jason laughed.

“Not anytime.” Chelsea muttered.

“These are for you.” Jason handed Chelsea a dozen roses.

“Oh Baby, they’re gorgeous. When did you find the time to get these?”

“I went out after you dropped me off last night.” Jason went to kiss her.

Chelsea used her hand to cover her mouth. “No, I have morning breath.”

“I don’t care.” Jason removed Chelsea’s hand and kissed her firmly.

“Well, I better get dressed şirinevler escort then. I guess I can’t go where we are going in just a robe.” With the remnants of sleep gone, Chelsea had an extra bounce to her step as she bounded toward her bedroom.

By the time Chelsea got ready, a quick breakfast, and the forty minute car drive, the couple made Jason’s destination right when it opened at 9:00 AM. As was customary, he went around to the passenger side door to open it.

Chelsea was wearing a light blue sundress and heeled sandals. While Jason went around the car, she hiked up her dress to her waist. Jason opened the door and she stepped out, flashing him the fact she wasn’t wearing panties.

Jason shook his head.

Chelsea smiled. “I can’t help it. When my man gets me flowers, I like to give him mine.” She slipped her arm through Jason’s arm and started walking. “You took me to an art museum? I’ve never been here before.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. Not a field trip I see Tiffany making.” Jason kissed Chelsea. “I hope you enjoy it.”

Chelsea thought about that for a moment. She gazed at Jason and grinned. Since he came into her life, she has become someone she has longed to be, herself. He gave her that strength, that confidence. Suddenly the idea of spending the day with Jason, whether it is a Star Wars marathon or an art museum, would make a perfect day.

The couple slowly made their way through the hallowed halls of the exhibits. Chelsea intently viewed certain paintings while not giving others a second glance. On those she lingered, Jason was there to either offer a small amount of information about the artwork or just hold her until she was ready to continue forward. Chelsea seemed most interested in the impressionist wing and especially one painting of a couple leaning in to kiss each other. The artist appeared to capture the love between two people.

“This one is my favorite.” Chelsea said in a low voice, as if she was talking to herself.

“That is a great coincidence.” Jason smiled. “This is exactly where a major event in your life occurred.”

“What?” Chelsea was confused.

“C’mon, you ready for lunch?” Jason wanted to change the subject.

“We can have lunch after you tell me about the major event in my life that happened here.”

“It’s your life, you mean you don’t know?” Jason chuckled.

“Jason.” Chelsea raised her voice slightly.

“Chelsea.” Jason mocked her.

“Tell me.” Chelsea was defiant.

“Beautiful, let’s get lunch.” Jason put his arm around her and almost had to push her to start her walking.

The couple was passing the bathrooms when Chelsea pushed Jason into the ladies room. “I know what will get you to tell me.” Chelsea backed him into the last stall, dropped to her knees, and made short work of his pants.

“Beautiful, this isn’t the place for… Oh my God, you do that so well.”

Chelsea attacked Jason as she deep throated him. She bobbed up and down with speed and suction, encouraging a quick release from him.

Jason tensed up. “I’m close.”

With that, Chelsea stopped and smiled. “You ready to tell me?”

Jason looked down. “You’re kidding, right?”

Chelsea stood and lightly stroked his shaft. “You can tell me, Baby. I’ll take care of you.” She lifted her dress and rubbed his manhood at her mouth’s entrance.

Despite the repercussions, Jason held firm. “It literally pains me to say this, but it’s something you’ll have to figure out on your own, Beautiful.”

Chelsea gave a pouty face. “Damn it, I’m horny too. Just tell me already.”

“You’re incorrigible.” Jason was steadfast.

“Oh well.” Chelsea left the stall and went out the door, leaving Jason with his pants around his ankles in the women’s bathroom, hard as a rock.

* * * * *

Under the porch light of the Pollack house with the night sky behind them, the lovers were saying their good-nights.

“I love you, Beautiful.” Jason kissed Chelsea.

“I you too, Baby.”

“Just to let you know, I’m going to get you back for that stunt in the restroom.”

Chelsea laughed. “It’s your fault. I can’t believe you were stuck in there for twenty minutes after I left. What was that little girl doing?”

“She missed the toilet and was trying to clean it up.” Jason shook his head. “By the way, here’s your phone back. You can surgically reattach it to your ear again.”

“Ha-ha.” Chelsea mocked as she turned her phones volume from silent to max. “Oh wow, I’ve got like 30 missed calls and my voice mailbox is full.” Chelsea scrolled down the list. “They’re all from Candice.”

Jason became suspicious as he checked his phone. “My voice mail is at capacity as well.” Jason paused. “They’re all from Nick.”

Coming soon, the last installment: Chapter 8: Mutiny and Graduation

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