Renaissance Festival

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I love the Renaissance Festivals, all the history involved, The Jousting, King and Queen, all the sights and sounds. The Jesters, Turkey legs, drinks in coconut halves, I think it’s a blast going! My wife and I try to take the kids every year.

This Years Festival turned out a bit Different, as we walked the acres and acres of the festival having a great time checking out the different acts, juggling, singing, mud wrestling and side shows. Me watching the women in the chain dresses, tits exposed, my wife and kids looking at the acts. I had to pee so went to find a rest room. Coming back to where I thought my family was, I couldn’t find them. Well this sucks, I thought to my self, and I set out to find them.

I walked for about 30 minutes looking for them, sat on a bench a few minutes to take a break and rest. Getting up I turned around walking right into a rather large woman, bumping into her, my chest to her large chest. I excused myself saying it was my fault for not looking, all while staring at her tits in her chain dress.

“Are you alright?”

I told her “Yes.”

While I blushed at my stupidity for staring at her like I did. She grinned at me.

“Thanks, your stare is the best thing that’s happened to me today!”

“Well it is hard NOT to stare, seeing your boobs in a chain is a rare sight for a married man like me.”

She never blushed, or looked uncomfortable, she just smiled.

“Are you here alone?”

I told her “No, I was lost and couldn’t find my mommy!”

Grinning. She grabbed me by the arm.

“Well let’s go look for her sweetie!”

We walked around looking and talking, I finally asked her.

“Don’t you get cold just wearing a chain?”

“Only my tits!”

Looking at them, I mumbled “I sure wish I could help you out there!”

“Oh Yeah? You think you could handle them do you?” she smirked.

I held out my large hands clinching them open and closed a couple of times, then and said “Yes Maam, I do!”

She thought about it a minute, then dragged me to a spot she knew.

“It etimesgut escort is OK here, only performers use this area and it has dressing area so no one will see us!”

Now, this woman isn’t pretty, but she isn’t a dog either, and at this time my mind was on her tits not her face. And like I said before, she is big, has to be close to 250-270 pounds. She grabbed my hands placing them on her cold nipples, sighing as the heat from my palms warmed them up, while I began to squeeze them.

“Oh Yes baby, squeeze mama’s big tits baby, Make them warm for Mama!”

Hmmmm, mama huh? I could play this game! I looked at her and moaned pitifully.

“I’m so hungry mamma, I really need to eat!”

She pushed my head to her huge tits, my mouth closing on her chilled nipples sucking like a Newborn baby. Her nipple extending as I did getting even thicker and longer as I did.

“Oh baby, you make mama feel so good, suck my boobs for me, it feels Sooooo good honey!”

I moved to the other one licking it, squeezing the nipple harshly her moans becoming louder, from deep in her throat. I put my other hand behind her large ass and pulled her to me, running my hand up between the cheeks of her big ass, feeling she had no panties on either. I looked up at her.

“Mama, my peckers cold, can you make it warm for me?”

She had me remove my jeans got on her knees and looked at my hard cock like it was the finest food in this kingdom.

“Mmmmmm, mamas favorite, A nice hot sausage!”

And wrapped her fat lips on my cock, sucking it deep in her throat! This is something new to me, since my wife can’t deep throat!

“Fuck yeah mama, suck your babies hard cock for him, make your baby Cum for you!”

My God this woman could suck a cock, she went insane on it, Never has a woman bounced her face all the way to my pubic bone slamming her nose against it like she did. She moaned so much I thought someone walking by would hear her. She kept it going for about 5 minutes, before I could hold out no longer, I grabbed her sincan escort head.

“Oh Mama, I’m gonna Cum Mama, Suck it, suck it deep, Oh Fuck NOW mama NOW!”

And I shuddered as my whole body was shaking feeling my balls empty their heavy load into her throat as she gulped it down, never slowing her heads movement, not until I had to pull her off me.

I told her to get off her knees and sit down so I could eat mama’s wet pussy for her. She looked shocked, like I wouldn’t have wanted to suck her pussy. She didn’t have much pussy hair, I guess because her thick thighs kept it naturally short on her pussy lips. I didn’t care. I had only one thing on my mind.

“Mama, hold your legs open, wide mama real wide.”

Kneeling between her fat legs, I looked at her thin pussy covered by her fat. I spread her cunt open and began to lick her wet slice of pussy pie, Her voice wavered as she meekly told me.

“Oh baby, it’s been so long since a man has eaten my pussy, Please, Please, don’t stop!”

I had no plans on Stopping. I licked her pussy with a vengeance wanting to feel her Cum on me. I wanted to taste her juices, hopefully she would flood my mouth with her wetness. It didn’t take just a couple of minutes before she had an orgasm, her fat thighs quivering, her breath was coming so fast and heavy.

“Now baby, NOW, eat mamas cunt, oh fuck yes, eat mamas cunt! Mamas, uh, uh, uh, Oh Fuck I’m Cummmmiiinngggg baby!”

Then she did flood my mouth. Her juice was thick and hot as it came gushing out. She sat back with her head against the wall, her breathing slowing back to normal, her juice drying on my face, then pulled me to her kissing me and licking my face clean of her pussy.

I turned around, and she asked in a pleading voice.

“Your not leaving now, are you?”

“No, Mama, baby has a hard on that needs your care!”

Shaking my dick in her face. She looked so relieved and grabbed my cock jacking it off.

“I need some of mama’s sweet pussy on my cock.”

She laid down on the hay they had for a floor escort etimesgut there and spread her thick thighs open wide, as I crawled between them, she rubbed my cock on her sloppy wet pussy.

“That’s a good boy, Come Fuck Mama baby, Fuck Mama’s hot pussy for her!”

I couldn’t believe hot tight her cunt was, maybe its all the fat pushing her pussy together from the inside, I don’t know and sure as hell didn’t care. All I knew was it was good! She was so slick and hot in the chilled air, her legs open wide, my cock fucking her as hard as I could, wanting it to last but wanting to Cum also! Causing me quite a dilemma.

Well she made my mind up for me as she started to Cum again, Shit, this woman was a sex machine, I wondered if she ever got satisfied. Her huge tits flopped around her big wide chest, sweat all over her, grunting like a bitch in heat as my cock slammed her cunt!

“Oh Fuck! Oh FUCK, I’m gonna uh, gonna, OH FUCK, I’M FUCKING Uh, UH, CUMMMmmmminnggg baby fuck mama fuck me, fuck me!”

I fucked Big Mama for all I was worth. My balls were beginning to tighten, as I felt the urge to cum again. I started ejaculating again, spurt after spurt of spunk hitting the inner walls of her tight cavern. Her squeezing me close to her huge sweaty tits as she came with me.

We dressed, I gave her a hug and as I was leaving.

“I come here every year, You be mama’s good boy and come back next year, OK?”

I looked over my shoulder as I walked outside and told her “I wouldn’t miss it!”

I finally found my wife and kids a bit later. She noticed my ragged appearance, asking why I looked so disheveled.

“I had been walking all over this damn place trying to find you.”

“You Poor Baby!” She replied

Hehehehe, “Baby!” That was a good one. I smiled to myself!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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