Return of the teacher Pt. 02

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My name is Rohan Gupta and in the last few weeks, I had managed to convince my old college crush, Mrs Tania to tutor me for the upcoming placement interviews. I arranged a weekly connect with her at home, where she would give me one-hour lessons on how to conduct myself during group discussion sessions or how to answer questions during interviews. Her house was a 2BHK apartment in a posh neighbourhood in Kolkata and I could see from the interiors that Tania ma’am had an exquisite taste. Most of the times, she would wear a loose nighty or a top with jeans that would show off her buxom figure or a hint of her magnificent cleavage. However, I would not get to glimpse much beyond that. Also, she never seemed to wear those beautiful sarees which I would die to watch her in.

Our sessions would go on for an hour and after that we would chat for half an hour or so before leaving. She told me that her son had just gotten admission to a US university for studying engineering and had left the previous month. Her husband is a consultant who has to stay onsite most of the times due to his job and hardly spends time at home. From some of the conversations, I could gather that she felt lonely but she didn’t express much beyond that explicitly.

This went on for a couple of months and by now, we would have conversations about studies as well as everything beyond the sun including our personal lives. I had mentioned to her that I am single and she was mildly amused to hear that but playfully warned me from having any distractions before getting a job. One night however, I got a message from her on WhatsApp at 12am in the night saying that she was unwell and could not have the class tomorrow. I was alarmed; because Tania ma’am was not the one to ever cancel classes so, I called her up to ask if she was okay. She picked up the phone to say that she wasn’t well but I could understand from her heavy voice that something was wrong. I didn’t press the matter any further and asked her to take care.

I sent her some funny memes the next day to cheer her up. Although she responded, I could sense that something was amiss. After a few days, I sent her a text asking if I could come by to check on her. I had also gotten a couple of interview calls, which I wanted to share with her. She asked me to come by the next day. I went to her home with some chocolates in order to lift up her mood in case she was still unwell. She was pleasantly surprised to receive the chocolates and was delighted to hear about my interview calls. She was wearing a loose fitting pink kurta with a white dupatta and maroon leggings.

The dress was unassuming but if I looked closely, I could see the dupatta hiding those wonderful 36D melons. Tania ma’am wasn’t wearing the usual kajal or lipstick which she wore but even without that her beautiful face sparkled a million times in front of my eyes. I asked her to have a short half an hour session to revise possible interview questions bahis siteleri and she obliged but I could see that she was a bit distracted while asking me questions. After a while, I asked her if she was okay or If she was still physically unwell. She said she is fine but was just having some troubles at home. Saying this she started looking out of the window and I could see her eyes moisten with a hint of a tear. I got concerned, shifted from my chair to her side on the bed, and asked her to tell me what happened.

Tania ma’am said that couple of days back, she found out that her husband had been cheating on her with his office colleague for nearly two years. She found this out through WhatsApp messages on her husband’s phone. When she confronted him, they had a big fight and he told her that he no longer loved her and did not want to live with her anymore.

“Rohan, I feel ashamed to tell you this but he told me that I don’t excite him anymore and I’m too lifeless and cold!! He left me crying in tears and said that he doesn’t want to see my face again. Tell me am I really that bad and lifeless? I don’t know what I have done wrong!” Tania ma’am burst into tears saying this.

“Ma’am don’t listen to him. Your husband has been an asshole to you and doesn’t deserve your sympathy”. Saying that I grasped her palm into my hands and gave it a light squeeze to make her stop crying but I noticed her weeping didn’t stop.

“You are also the most caring and beautiful woman I have ever known in my entire life. He is an idiot to not treasure you like the queen you really are”. I took her into my arms and embraced her into a warm hug. I could feel her massive boobs squeezing onto my chest and for a moment, I was scared that she would be angry at my gesture. I was then relieved to find her hands moving up my back to complete the embrace and her breathing gradually slowing down. My heart in the meantime started thumping harder and I wondered if she would be able to feel it or not. I could sense her weeping stop and it seemed like an eternity before I broke the ten-second embrace.

I slowly looked into Tania ma’am’s eyes and could see conflicting emotions of wanting affection and hesitancy of me being there with her. Without thinking too much, I leaned slowly into her lips and could see her inching towards my face too. I pressed my lips into her soft luscious pink lips and embraced her harder than before. I waited for her to embrace me and when I could feel her fingers clasped tightly on my shoulder I increased the force of my kiss and darted forward my tongue on her lips. I felt her lips part and I pushed my tongue inside for a passionate smooch and soon met her tongue and felt our mouths mingle into one. I clamped down both my lips onto her lower lip and continued smooching her for full five minutes. I put my weight on her and slowly laid her down on the bed while still embraced in the liplock. When I opened my eyes again and canlı bahis siteleri broke off from the kiss, I could see a mixture of disbelief, lust and delight in her eyes.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I’ve known this when I laid my eyes on you from the first day in college ma’am. I love you.” I whispered. Tania Ma’am responded with a million dollar smile and a quick sloppy kiss on my lips again and gently whispered, “Love me Rohan”. That was all the signal I needed. I bent down, kissed her neck and collarbones and pushed her dupatta aside. I gently roamed my hands over her huge boobs and could feel her sharp nipples poking through the cotton fabric but I reminded myself that I had to ace in my first impression. So, I gently rolled up her kurta to reveal her milky white stomach and the border of her leggings. I started tracking my lips down her cleavage to her belly while her breathing became heavier. I firmly put my fingers underneath the fabric of her leggings and tugged it but it would not move. Tania ma’am understood and raised her hips to help me and I removed the leggings in a flash. I could see her beautiful navel and further down a cotton Jockey black panty stuck firmly on her skin.

I started to continue my kissing down her belly and gave a sloppy smooch to her navel to tease her which evoked a sharp “Aaaah, Rohan!” from her. By this time I had a raging hard on which I’m sure she could feel against her thigh. I went further down but this time skipped her panty and directly went to her toes. I lifted one foot in the air and started suckling the toes one by one, which resulted in soft moans from Tania ma’am. Then I went kissing slowly up her ankles, her calves and then to her inner thighs and just brushed her crotch lightly but didn’t kiss it. I could feel the moistness in her panty and could understand that her pussy was aching for my touch. I repeated the kiss on her other leg and thigh and finally rested my chin over the band of her panty. Tania ma’am had already raised her hips in anticipation. I lowered her panty and threw it away. The sight that greeted me was something I could have died for. Her pubic hair was triangular shaped but the length of her hair was 3-4 cms, it seemed that she hadn’t groomed it for a few weeks.

I parted the pubic hair and started blowing warm air on her outer vaginal lips. She arched her back and uttered a long “Aaaaahhhhhhhh” to reaffirm what I was doing. I drew some circles on her abdomen and finally opened her labia to see the soft pink tissue inside. Till now, I had only seen this on porn videos but this nothing could compensate for this experience. I got a faintly musky sweet smell from inside her pussy and dove my tongue inside. She responded with a loud moan and grasped my hair. I started trying to dash my tongue wildly inside but ma’am said “Aaahhhh, Rohan go slowly first”. I realised I was going too fast and slowed down to smooch her pussy like I had canlı bahis smooched her lips. I sucked slowly and could feel her round clit against my tongue. Every push of my tongue against her clit, resulted in a “Aaaahhhhh babbyyy” from her. Slowly I built up the tempo and started to draw my lips against her vaginal walls and occasionally give a push to her clit.

I noticed that she had started to move her butt to mimick the motion of my tongue and this made me hotter. I reached out for her boobs like a blind main and managed to give it a hard squeeze over her dress. I could hear a sharp gasp from her the moment I did so. Gradually I built up my momentum and towards the end, while I started to dash my tongue wildly inside her pussy and flick her clit non-stop, it resulted in Tania ma’am starting to plead in a voice I hadn’t heard before.

“OOhhhhhh,, ooohhhh,, ooooooo,, aaahhhhhhhhh,, ohhhh babbyy,, Rohaaannnnn,, yessss,fasterrrrrr,,ohhhh yessssss,,, aahhh abbbyyyyy goo onnnnn” She would go on incessantly. Suddenly I found her locking her thighs tightly around my face in a clutch – I was locked but I sensed that she was about to cum and hence started increasing my tongue’s motion and even grazed my teeth against her clit. This made her go overboard, she froze suddenly and moan hoarsely like a demon had possessed her and I could feel bitter sweet juices flood my tongue. I lapped it up as much as I could but some of it dropped out and smeared my chin. I kept on licking until she went limp and then removed my face and looked up to see her eyes closed with a tear having flown down her left eye. She looked peaceful and I went near her ears and whispered “Ma’am, how was it? Are you okay?”

She opened her eyes and said “I have never felt this good before Rohan. You are my world” and embraced me tightly. We stayed like this for ten minutes, which seemed like an hour. My raging boner had subsided quite a bit but I decided in my mind that today would be just the day to love her. I knew I would have her fully later on, every single inch and hole of her body and I did not rush it.

So, after a while I got up and told her that I had to go but I would be back soon. However, before that she had to promise me something. Tania ma’am was mildly amused and asked what? I got down on one knee and held her arm and said “Tania ma’am will you be my girlfriend, the woman of my dreams, the woman to whom I can pour my heart out to and get delighted to spend my time with”. She initially thought I was joking but then looking at my eyes understood that I was dead serious. She nodded tightly, pulled me up and gave me a tight loving kiss. I responded back and moved my hand upwards to cup her breast softly, which made her, broke off into giggle. I broke up into laughter too and it was good to see her back smiling and laughing this way. I left her apartment knowing that this was only the beginning of something beautiful and before parting whispered in her ear, “I will take you out on a date soon. I’ll let you know when and where” and winked at her. On the way back I played the visual images of her beautiful body over and over in my mind and couldn’t wait to meet her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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