Riding the Rails

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There is nothing like riding on the train. A bus is far too cramped and crowded. Busses don’t glide; they force you to pick a single spot and anchor yourself to it. Airplanes are no better. They do offer the advantage of a quicker travel time, which for painfully long distance travel can be beneficial. However, when it gets down to the actual travel “experience,” they are nothing more than “buses in the air.” Therefore, when it comes to “indulging” in the travel experience itself; “there is nothing like riding on the train.”

This was the best time to take the train to Florida. The point of origin would be New York City and it added two days of travel time to the excursion. However, they would be days of relaxing, reading, and maybe I might even be inspired to do a little “writing” along the way. The other aspects relating to the decision were the unique opportunities that train travel alone present. A person can walk from car to car freely. There is a full service dinning and bar car. And for this trip in particular a private “sleeping berth.”

This was going to be Lacy’s first time traveling by train long distance. Needless to say she was very excited and I wasn’t helping by subtly planting little ideas in her head. I was telling her about how once the train gets under way the whole environment changes and can become very social. People “riding the rails” open up quite readily to one another; I think simply because they can; they have the freedom to move about and therefore they do. It can spark a unique kind of “restlessness” that’s often associated with traveling but, can’t be expressed anywhere else.

That’s probably how we were able to meet David and Lynn so readily. They were an attractive couple in their late thirties traveling south to see their family. David wasn’t terribly tall in comparison to me. I’m 6’3” and he was probably about 5’8” or 9” at the most but was in excellent shape. He had been involved in gymnastics all through his high school and college days and it still showed. Lynn was petite as well, about 5’1” or 2.” She was also involved in gymnastics and had the taut body to show for it; they had met in their college years.

Actually, it was Lacy who had found them in the bar car. I was taking care of things with the conductor in our sleeping compartment but lacy was anxious to go off and explore. When I had caught up to her she was already zeroed in on these two and was working her charm. Lacy is an insatiable flirt. It’s just one of the many qualities I love about her and the best part is that she is absolutely “shameless” about it. There have been times when this “naughty little vixen” would spot someone; then actual detour into the bathroom for a moment just to make her nipples extra hard so that when she first approached her objective she would have every advantage possible. Alas… There is no one else like her.

Lacy was working on Lynn. She could read people so well. Inside of a minute she had already seen that Lynn was the key to making her seduction. I stood toward the other end of the car for a little bit just to watch her work. She had everything going. All three were leaning with one arm on the bar. Lynn was facing Lacy and David was standing behind Lynn and it was truly incredible to watch her work. She was conscious of every little detail. She knew how to position her quarry. She knew that having Lynn right in front of her offered the subtle opportunities she sought; the gentle “touching of her arm” when making a point in conversation; the coy “brushing of Lynn’s hair” when complimenting her eyes and choice of make-up. She knew that having David standing behind his wife would quickly make him the “wanting” voyeur and at the same time; Lynn would be focused on Lacy because David was behind her providing security but “out of sight” all in the same moment. She is a master!

There is no way I can express how I wanted to move up behind Lacy right then and there so I could simply start fucking the shit out her. She was incredibly hot and the blood was starting to flow in my cock. Already, I could feel the distinctive drips of pre-cum making the head of my cock even more sensitive with its sticky wetness. I wanted to stand behind her and casually slide the head of my hardening cock up and down the crack of her beautiful round ass; letting her feel the steamy moisture of my pre-cum as I painted her dark hole with my leaking prick.

Instead, I approached with a smile and Lacy introduced us to each other. Of course I didn’t want to interrupt the fine work that she had begun so, I merely ordered a drink and knew to take a position perpendicular to David too simply support the flow. Just like my lovely Lacy, I began subtle bits of conversation with David. Not enough to distract him from his voyeuristic observations of the women but to essentially support what I already knew was formulating in his mind. Lacy worked the charm and I got the basic requirements. The where they were coming from; the where were they headed too; the calculations klasbahis yeni giriş of how much time we might therefore possibly have with them. You know? The basics.

We were both rather adept at this sort of exploration and passionately in tune with one another. I knew that even though she did not show it for even an instant; she was listening to everything that David and I were saying. And she knew that I was perfectly aware of every word and nuance that was exchanged with her and Lynn.

Everything was progressing perfectly when Lacy boldly changed the course of things by suggesting the idea that we move to the back of the train. Now this also happens to be where the sleeping compartments were. And she being perfectly aware of this; let her suggestion awkwardly hang in the air for just a moment. When there was just the right amount of tension to suit her she said,

“You just have to see the view from the rear of the train.”

You could sense the relief in David and Lynn.

“It’s quite a sensation to watch the scenery all ‘fall away’ from you as you see the tracks disappear in the distance,” she continued.

After that they both agreed that it was a fine idea and a good time to stretch their legs.

Lacy knew exactly what she had done. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She knew that she had teased them just enough that they would be predisposed to thinking she was offering an invitation to “sex” by her suggestion. This created just the kind of tension that she desired and when she had them right where they weren’t sure they really wanted to be; she turned right around and lead them back to a comfortable place; making them feel like “the sex thing” was their idea and not hers in the process. She is absolutely brilliant and I can never get enough of her.

As the ladies started to make their way out of the car I touched David’s arm and said,

“Why don’t we get some drinks to take with us?”

Wanting to help Lacy, I knew she could use a little “one on one” time right about now.

“Great idea,” he responded.

As I ordered some champagne David continued talking.

“My compliments to your wife, she is very charming.” “Lynn doesn’t have many girlfriends and is always complaining how hard it is to find other woman that she can get along with.”

I let him continue, not bothering to correct him on the fact that Lacy and I were not married. The status of a person has never meant anything to me and besides, David obviously needed to “vent” some of the “steam” that Lacy had created. We grabbed the champagne and some glasses as we started toward exactly where Lacy was leading us too all along.

When we finally reached the end of the last car we could see Lacy and Lynn leaned up against the door, peering through the glass while engaged in what appeared to be an intimate discussion.

“Champagne for my lovely vixen and her newfound friend?”

I just had to start; I had been on the sidelines long enough. Immediately sensing this, Lacy turned to me and gave me one of those “most knowing” smiles that always makes the blood start rushing toward my cock.

“Why thank you my dear…” “You’re always so thoughtful” she said teasingly; making the blood inside of me surge even more.

Lacy skillfully took her time, allowing the champagne to smooth the way for her. The ladies continued with their intimate small talk while I engaged David in the history of his collegiate career. It was a somewhat boring conversation for me but, as “all things worth having,” my patience was starting to be rewarded. Lacy and Lynn were now giggling and flirting openly with each other. This did not go unnoticed by David who at this point I think was starting to relax a little himself. I continued to coolly engage David with conversation subtly demonstrating how if we “just stay cool” things will take their designed course. David followed my lead well. We kept our conversation light and flowing standing behind the ladies. We casually stole glances of our woman flirting without actually staring. All the while conveniently blocking the view of anyone who might happen to stroll to the back of the train and stumble upon the “goings-on” between these two.

Then she made her move. Lacy in response to something Lynn had said started to laugh very heartily. In the process she automatically put her hand on Lynn’s upper arm as if holding on to steady herself. Only this time she didn’t let go after calming down a bit. Instead she started to massage her lightly with her thumb.

“You are really great,” said Lacy as she complimented Lynn.

“I think you are too,” responded Lynn

Then Lacy graciously leaned in to kiss Lynn lightly on her partially open mouth.

At this point I think it all started to become too much for David. He looked to be in a mild state of shock as he stared wide-eyed at his wife kissing another woman. After watching Lacy’s hand slip from Lynn’s arm and deftly begin cupping her sweet petite klasbahis giriş ass; he started to say something. That’s when I put my hand on his shoulder and held up my other hand. I didn’t actually speak, but my gesture was clear to him saying, “Relax, everything’s going to be fine… just let them go.” David settled down for the moment as we continued to watch our lovers make love to each other.

It was fascinating to watch this scene unfold before me. I found myself more engrossed watching David than the girls. He was completely transparent. He was afraid. You could see the fear in his eyes as the “societal programming” designed to give him “security” in his relationships was being yanked away from him in wholesale fashion by the actions of his own wife and her newly found friend. Honestly, I don’t think he was aware of his own combination of fear and excitement. Though he was staring at these two hot, passionate, little snatches, transfixed in fear and disbelief. He didn’t seem to be conscience of the fact that his one hand had been rubbing the increasing bulge in between his own legs.

Lynn and Lacy were now becoming really hot for one another. They continued kissing each other with passionate, wet, deep reaching tongues. Lynn was definitely the novice as she just kind of held on to Lacy, trying not to fall off the ride she was on. Lacy, on the other hand was playing her newfound friend like a “virtuoso” would play a fine classical instrument. Her hands were sliding up and down Lynn’s body in a rhythm all their own. She would focus on Lynn’s pert, sensitive tits, rolling and pinching the nipples in between her fingernails. She moved her hands up to Lynn’s face to hold it as she kissed her, and then down her back to her firm, sensual ass so she could pull her in close just before grinding on her pussy.

Lacy broke off from her entanglement with Lynn.

“Let’s go to our compartment,” she said matter-of-factly.

Lacy turned to lead the way taking Lynn by the hand. David and I followed just like she knew we would.

Once we were inside of our compartment I used the opportunity to lighten things up a bit. First I refilled every one’s glass. Then directed David and Lynn to sit down and relax while Lacy and I sat down across from them. After making some jokes and a few amusing observations things seemed to be quite comfortable. Strangely, it was as if we had already “done it,” and I wanted our new friends to see that they were “okay,” that it wasn’t “the end of the world,” and more importantly; that if they wanted to, they could do it again. Lacy leaned over and began to whisper in my ear in that sultry sexy voice of hers,

“You always seem to know exactly what is needed.”

While she was whispering to me she began to tickle her hot wet tongue in my ear knowing that this always gives me goose bumps. While she was tickling my ear, I continued to throw a seductive glare at Lynn and David who’s excitement had them moving closer and closer to the edge of their seat. Turning to lacy I began whispering in her ear,

“Let’s give them a little show.”

She pulled back to look me straight in the eye. Her wide-eyed expression of great delight made it clear she thought this to be the perfect idea.

Lacy started to move off our seat on to her knees. Before she made it I forcefully grabbed a fistful of her clothing just below her neck and pulled her back up close to my face. She felt the force I was using and was instantly excited but, for the wrong reasons. Pulling her close to whisper to her I insisted,

“We have to go slow with them.”

Staring into her eyes we communicated volumes to each other in a matter of seconds. I love moments like these; when you can communicate with someone so intimately and yet no words are required.

We began making out just like her and Lynn had been earlier and let me tell you; Lacy is the “best” kisser. Her tongue is primal; full of energy and expression that reaches all the way down into my soul. I moved my hand from the outside of her thighs to the warm moist spot between her legs. She immediately responded by humping my hand; rolling her hips with deep circular motions. She had taken my head in her hands and was sucking my tongue into her mouth when I decided to check in on our guests. They were stiffly sitting across from us in wide-eyed excitement. Pulling Lacy away from my mouth I asked the room;

“Are we being impolite, carrying on this way in front of our invited guests?”

Lacy turned to see their response. In unison David and Lynn started saying,

“No, no, not at all.”

Lynn continued while looking at David, “No, I think it’s safe to say that we are both enjoying ourselves very much; wouldn’t you agree Sweetheart?”

“Uh… yeah!” David responded to his hot little wife. “Today has been very entertaining so far.”

Lacy, not being one to miss a thing got up and stepped over to David curling up right next to him. Slipping her arms around his waist she was making klasbahis güvenilirmi her own sandwich of him in between Lynn and herself.

“David…” she purred, “Have I told you just how much I love to entertain?”

He responded nervously, “Well… no, I don’t believe you have.”

“Well then, I would like you to sit back, relax, and let me and your sweet, lovely wife entertain you, okay?”

David nodded his head excitedly. Lacy stood up extending her hand toward Lynn, who took it while rising up along with her. Lacy softly called to me

“Honey… Would you put on some music for us?”

Knowing exactly what she wanted, I put on a very seductive, very danceable, blues-jazz CD. Lacy’s hips immediately began to sway in a sultry motion and I made my way to the seat opposite of David leaving the two ladies moving in between us. To my surprise and delight, Lynn began moving with great confidence. Later we found out it had to do with the dancing elements in her gymnastic routines and how she had always fantasized about incorporating a really sexy dance number into one of them.

Lynn started to turn into a fiery hot performer. As Lacy swayed to the music Lynn moved up, down and all around Lacy’s passionate gyrating body. She danced with Lacy using a talented combination of ballet and erotic striptease. Lacy was becoming more and more turned on with Lynn. It was an erotic dance of courtship between two feisty little snappers. As the song progressed so did their taunting of each other. Each one would remove a piece of clothing and throw it at the other challenging her go further.

Sitting across from David I began to rub my hardening cock through my pants to let him know it was okay to relax and enjoy the show. He quickly followed suit. The girls were down to their sexy bras and thong panties. Lynn had a magnificently taut ass peering from her butt floss. When she turned to taunt Lacy with it in a series of erotic gyrations Lacy moved to her knees to whip her ass wildly with her hair. As this continued Lynn removed her bra reveling a pair firm petite breasts that matched her ass perfectly. Small dark nipples that protruded at least an inch topped her inviting tits. Lynn swung her bra around and let it fly into my lap. Lacy followed Lynn’s lead dropping her bra very slowly and deliberately in between David’s legs. Lacy then turned back to Lynn and began to fondle her alluring tits. Lacy moved one hand up to Lynn’s hair so she could grab a handful and use it to pull her mouth on her own in a hot passionate kiss. The other hand descended in between her legs and pulled her thong away to find that hot spot that she had been working her way toward all afternoon.

As our sex show continued I had undone my pants to release my cock from its confines and was openly stoking it. When David had followed my lead I looked over at him smiling.

“Not bad, huh?” I said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life,” he managed to say through his stuttering.

Lacy had continued her kisses in a southerly direction moving to Lynn’s extremely erect nipples then downward further to her flat stomach, lingering at her navel. Lynn was moaning wildly as Lacy continued finger fucking her. She peeled away Lynn’s panties completely so she could taste that sweet honey pot she had been laboring to find. Lacy was now sitting on the floor as Lynn straddled her face, getting the first tongue-lashing she had ever received from another woman. Lynn stopped breathing and tensed her entire body in what appeared to be a paralyzing orgasm. Each of her hands had a handful of Lacy’s hair as she rode her mouth in a series of convulsing waves. I could just see the combination of cum and sweat rolling down the side of Lacy’s face. These two were hot. Lynn’s legs finally gave out as she collapsed in pile on the floor. Lacy gingerly caressed her exhausted friend moving up to her mouth to share her love juice in a deep, wet kiss.

“You stay her and relax,” she said to Lynn, “I’m going to go and enjoy your husband’s cock for a little while.” “He looks like he is ready to burst.”

Lynn laid there smiling in her post-orgasmic bliss as Lacy crawled over to David on all fours like a tigress ready to devour her prey.

Lacy crawled up David taking his hard cock into her hand and kissing his mouth to share a taste of his wife with him. Then in one deft move she lowered her head and took his entire cock into her hot, sultry mouth. At first I thought David was going to lose it right then and there but, he held on and slowly started buck his hips into Lacy’s eager face. Lacy was kneeling in between David’s legs and I was quit content to watch the show while stoking my hard cock however, I thought I might extend my leg and use my big toe to caress Lacy’s round, exposed ass. Feeling my touch she immediately moaned in response and stuck her ass out further to give me better access. I used my toes to pull her soaking wet thong over to the side of her upturned ass. She was so wet and I slide my big toe as deep as I could in to her hot, inviting pussy. She moaned loudly at the attention; which made David moan at the sensation she caused to his pumping member. Slowly entering and withdrawing my toe I smeared her pussy juice all around her lips and ass.

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