Sandy’s Seduction Ch. 05

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The difference in temperature as they entered his apartment was palpable and he thanked his lucky stars that today was the day he’d remembered to set the heating on a timer. The wind outside had been bitter although not entirely unexpected. What was unexpected was the girl in front of him, and he still didn’t know quite what to make of her, there were too many contradictions.

Placing a hand on the small of her back he led her into the lounge, watching as she gazed, wide eyed, around her, taking in her surroundings.

“Have a seat,” he said, indicating a large white leather sofa on the far side of the room, “and I’ll make us a hot drink to take off the chill.”

“That would be heavenly,” Sandy breathed, sinking into the soft cushions. “Coffee please, if you have it. White, two sugars.”

“Your wish is my command, madame,” he joked, smiling as he dropped into a comically overacted bow. Her laughter warmed something inside him as he wandered into the kitchen to make the drinks, his thoughts on the girl on his sofa.

In the living room, Sandy relaxed, curling her legs up underneath her and resting her head on the arm of the sofa, feeling the warmth of the room seep into her chilled bones. She was such an idiot for going out without a coat, but then she hadn’t planned to stay long, just a quick drink after work before heading home to get ready to see Rob.

But then Rob had sent that message and she’d started to wonder what she was doing, building her hopes up when they hadn’t seen each other in weeks, mostly at his instigation. They weren’t even dating, she wasn’t sure what they were doing, maybe she’d built it up in her head to more than it really was.

It had started easily enough, a few drinks after work, some flirty text messages, he was the boy next door and she’d had a crush on him for as long as she could remember so when he started paying her attention she was over the moon. They’d gone out a few times, dinner, dancing, a few kisses and caresses, and then all of a sudden he’d started cancelling at the last minute.

The stupid thing was, they still spoke via text almost every day and the flirty tone and content of the messages hadn’t changed, but maybe she had. She was starting to see that her idol wasn’t quite as perfect as she’d thought, and if she was honest, she was starting to lose interest. It was difficult to maintain any kind of emotional attachment to someone she never saw, and she was starting to doubt that he was interested at all, it seemed like now he realised he could have her, he didn’t really want her.

It was these kind of thoughts that had kept her at the bar, her mood going downhill with each subsequent drink, until the stranger had appeared with his smiles and his proposition. So maybe she had had a little too much to drink, and maybe her judgement was a little impaired, but after Robs apparent loss of interest, the attention and the obvious effect she was having on him had been flattering to say the least. And what followed, God! She’d never done anything like that before, and definitely not in public! But she just couldn’t help herself, he was so hot and so obviously turned on for her that all of her common sense had flown out of the window.

Covering her mouth to stifle a yawn she smiled to herself, thinking back to that moment in the club where she’d been dancing for him and he’d taken control, bringing her to orgasm in front of anyone who passed. Oh she didn’t üsküdar escort think anyone had seen but just the possibility of it, of being caught doing something so deliciously naughty, had been such a turn on she could feel herself getting wet just thinking about it!

Yawning again, she listened as he clinked the mugs in the kitchen, wondering if she should take the initiative and go to him, suggest a much more fun way of warming up.

Wriggling deeper into the cushion, she let her eyes fall closed as she pictured what would happen if she walked up behind him and put her arms around him, sliding her hands under his shirt and down into his trousers, feeling his hot hardness beneath her fingers…

The lateness of the day and the effects of the alcohol finally getting the better of her, she slipped into a deep sleep, her last thought that of unbuttoning his trousers and freeing that cock of his in the light of the kitchen and sucking him deep into her mouth.


Pouring the boiling water into two mugs, he contemplated what he wanted to do with the little vixen in his living room. He didn’t know what had gotten into him earlier when he’d made his move but by God he was glad of whatever little devil that had encouraged him to make that suggestion.

She’d been on fire in the bar, dancing with him, then pushing him down onto the sofa and teasing him until he just had to taste her, and when she’d sunk onto his cock he’d almost blown it right there, he couldn’t wait to get her into his bed and spend some quality time with her.

Placing the spoon on the draining board he picked up the two coffees and walked back into the lounge, careful not to spill any.

Placing them on the table in the centre of the room, he bowed again.

“Madame’s coffee is ready.”

He’d expected her to giggle at his silliness and when she said nothing he looked up, confused, before groaning aloud in frustration. There went his plans for the evening, he thought angrily, he’d only left her for a second and now there she was asleep on his sofa.

The thought popped into his head that he should just unzip his pants and thrust his cock into her open mouth, that would wake her up for sure, and once she’d done gagging on him she’d be certain to want to continue. After all she’d been hot as hell for him in the bar and you couldn’t fake that!

Unfortunately his conscience kicked in, and that annoying voice reminded him that technically that could be considered rape, and he was too much of a gentleman to want to take her by force. He’d always prided himself on the fact that everyone he’d slept with had always been as willing as him, and, looking down at her he felt that strange combination of tenderness and awe again. She looked so tiny and vulnerable curled up like that.

Leaving the room for a second, he returned with a blanket, draping the soft fleece over her, careful not to disturb her.

If you were really a gentleman, his conscience reminded him, you’d pick her up and put her to sleep in your bed and take the sofa yourself. Or, he thought longingly, put her into his bed and climb in with her. But his brain told him that there was no way he’d be able to feel her curled up against him and be able to keep his hands off her, and besides he wasn’t feeling particularly gentlemanly at the moment. In fact, he was feeling exceptionally horny and unreasonably yenibosna escort disappointed that she’d passed out on him before they’d had the chance to continue what they’d started.

With a low growl, he turned sharply and took himself off to his bedroom, before he did anything stupid. Standing under the hot spray of the shower he had a quick, less than satisfying wank, before climbing naked under the covers. He’d thought it would take a while to drop off but he was asleep almost immediately, his thoughts of what might have been if the girl had been awake, and the worrying realisation that he still didn’t know her name.


Rubbing her neck to ease the ache, Sandy groaned, she must have fallen asleep on the sofa again, it was becoming a bad habit and one that she needed to break before she did herself permanent damage.

Glancing down at her wrist she noted that it was gone 4am, usually she woke around 2am when the heating went off and the room started to cool but she must have forgotten to set the timer again, it still felt warm.

Groggily she sat up, taking stock of her surroundings, a light was on in the hallway and the dim light cast strange shadows. It looked like there was a table in the middle of her living room!

Hold on, that was a table!

Concentrating hard she could just make out the shapes of two mugs sitting on top and again she groaned, remembering. She’d picked up some guy in a bar and gone home with him. From the looks of the two mugs she’d obviously fallen asleep before anything happened. This was so embarrassing!

She noticed the blanket on the floor and realised he’d at least been kind enough to cover her, but oh the shame of falling asleep like that. And she’d led him on to think that she was entirely wild and up for it in the bar. She dropped her head into her hands, wondering if she could just sneak out and hope she never saw him again.

He was really very sexy though, her brain reminded her, and she replayed in her head the events of the night before. As she did, a naughty thought popped into her head. She was awake now, perhaps she should just slide into bed with him and finish what they’d started. Remembering the look in his eye in the bar, he obviously wasn’t averse to her charms, and he knew nothing about her. He wouldn’t know that she wasn’t usually that confident about taking the lead in bed, with him she could be whoever she wanted to be, do whatever she wanted to, with the added bonus that she’d never have to see him again if she did make an utter fool of herself.

With a grin she stood and made her way to the hallway, actions decided. If he thought she was a sexy wanton kind of girl, then that’s what she’d be.

Three more doors led off the hallway, one was obviously the front door, next to that she discovered the kitchen, meaning that the last door must be his. Feeling a little less confident now, she pushed gently, revealing a large room, surprisingly tidy for a man, and in the centre of the room, a bed.

There he lay, barely covered by the sheet, naked and obviously aroused and she bit her lip as she stared at him, feeling incredibly voyeuristic.

One arm was flung above his head, strongly muscled and lightly covered in hair. His shoulders were wider than she remembered and she almost drooled at the way his chest tapered down to a hard stomach and narrow hips, the zeytinburnu escort sheet frustratingly hiding his lower half from her view.

“Wow,” she breathed softly, he looked even better naked than he had clothed.

Taking small hesitant steps, she moved closer, noticing the slight stubble on his chin, the arrow of hair leading from his stomach to beneath the sheet. Did she dare do this? Surely someone this gorgeous couldn’t be interested in her?

Stopping beside the bed, she cautiously reached out and ran her finger over his erection, hidden beneath the sheet. He groaned and turned towards her, eyes still closed and she couldn’t help herself.. Lifting the sheet and gently tugging it down over his legs she got her first full view of him.

The sight of him almost made her groan herself, he was just absolutely perfect, no other way to describe him. Stroking her hand over his hard cock, she felt the heat emanating from him, and watched as a droplet of precum beaded at the tip in response to her eager fingers.

Bending down she poked out her tongue, tasting him. Swirling her tongue around the bulbous head she moaned, wanting more before gently sucking him into her mouth. She heard him groan as his hips moved instinctively towards her, pushing his cock against the back of her throat and making her gag before she pulled off a little. Sucking harder she looked up to see his eyes snap open as his thrusts became more frantic and his breathing heavy. She grinned at his surprise before dragging her concentration back to the task in hand.

He’d been dreaming about her when she woke him and when he first opened his eyes he thought he must still be dreaming. The naughty gleam in her eye as she caught his gaze and sucked harder was almost his undoing. The sight of her as she climbed onto the bed and knelt between his legs, and her obvious enjoyment, pushed him right to the edge.

It helped that she was fully clothed and her hair was still mussed from sleeping on the couch. The thought that she’d been so hot for him that she’d woken up and come straight here, to do this. The sensations of her soft, wet mouth and the vibrations of her moans against his shaft combined to create an incredible tightness in his balls. He wanted to fuck her mouth hard until he came and watch her swallow it all down. He was so close he could almost feel it. The way her throat clenched around him as she gagged, struggling to take him deeper as he pushed up, tears forming in her eyes as she tried to swallow all of him. Argh!

Reaching down with both hands he roughly dragged her off him before he blew it. He could see the confusion and uncertainty in her eyes as she sat back abruptly and took a deep breath, turning her head away.

Oh no you don’t, he thought, as he sat up, turning her to face him again.

“Honey, that was incredible,” he rasped, watching her face carefully, “but I’ll tell you now I have no intention of it being over that quick!”

“Sorry,” she said softly, trying to look away from his searching gaze.

“Hell, don’t be sorry! That’s the best wake up call I’ve had in ages. But I have plans for you and me, and they don’t include me shooting my load in the first five minutes.”

She looked up, still unsure of herself, and he decided that talking was over rated. If she didn’t know what he meant by that then he was just going to have to show her.

A slow smile spread across his face as he ran through the possibilities in his mind and he leant over, running his finger over her collarbone and around the neckline of her top, brushing his knuckles lightly over the upper slopes of her breasts as he held her gaze.

As he dipped one finger beneath the thin covering of her lace bra he smirked.

“Oh yes,” he growled, “I definitely have plans for you.”

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