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I was introduce to you at work about a year ago and the first day I saw you I thought wow he’s hot, but then I hardly saw you after that working in different departments.

Well one work function I had spent a fair bit of the evening with you and knew then I wanted you. But events took hold and our paths departed again. Many months later I had reason to contact you and the flirting began… at times its felt like 2 steps forward then 5 steps back. Today I’ve decided it’s time!

Wearing a black fitted pencil skirt and holdup stockings and a white blouse just slightly unbutton to reveal a bit of cleavage I totter my way in my black stilettos too your office, nervous yet excited, will you be there and will my plan work or will it backfire on me, my mouth dry as the nerves kick in the closer I get, yet I can feel my clit is moist as I’m excited at the thought.

I peer into your office most of the shutters are closed its fairly late in the day so most of the staff have gone, you’re not there, a bit of relief sweeps over me, I figured you have also gone.

I go sit on your chair pondering… my mouth still so dry, there’s some fruit on your desk, I nick a banana figured you won’t mind. Leaning back on your chair swivelling slightly I catch a glimpse of you hovering obviously watching/thinking what am I’m doing in your office.

Now quickly I decide the moment is now, and rest my long legs up on your desk whilst still leaning back in your chair. I slowly play with the banana and stroke it pretending its your cock, running my fingers up and down the length of it, grasping it, turning myself on thinking its you and knowing your watching me I hoist my skirt up a little, just enough so that you can see the lacy tops of my stockings, running my fingers over the softness of the lace and then down towards my pussy, as I’m not wearing any panties, I can feel my lips are slightly swollen already.

I take the banana and slide it down the length of my pussy and then bring it too my mouth and taste, the banana skin doesn’t taste too good, so I slowly peel the banana and remove the skin and hope the hardness doesn’t squish too quickly. Putting the banana in my mouth I wet the tip of the ripe banana, take it deeper and deeper in my mouth and pull it out slowly.

I can feel my phone vibrating ataşehir escort against my bosom, swapping hands with the banana I go answer the phone wondering who it is.

A girlfriend is calling and tells me she is on her way over to meet me. I tell her where I am in the building, soon she joins me and she has brought a friend with her. She introduces Lucy to me and tells me that this is her new girlfriend.

Liz my friend knows me pretty well and ask what am I up too, I have a devilish look about me. I smile and act all coy and mouth I’m being watched.

Liz being a bit of the exhibitionist decides she wants to join in. Soon she is kissing Lucy and running her fingers all over her body.

I swivel on the chair and glance at what your doing, I get the feeling you don’t know where too look first.

My mission can quickly fail at this point so I tell Liz to go in the room next door. A half undress Lucy leaves with Liz.

I can see them from where I am, but alas you cannot.

I watch as Liz begins to feel Lucy’s pussy, knowing my clit so well I know exactly where to press and tease myself to bring me off slowly or hard.

Feeling my own clit, feeling the juice that’s beginning to seep, when touching someone else’s how different it feels the difference in size of her lips, her hole and wetness, it’s strange feeling touching someone else clit, yet exciting as I know exactly how to turn her on. My fingers go deeper into her hole. Yet now I want to be licked.

Quickly I bring my thoughts back to you, glancing across you’re gone, disappointment hits me, removing my legs I stride towards the door, just as I open you appear and close the door behind you.

I smile at you. No words are spoken I decide it is now or never. I go too kiss you, you’re a little taken aback but too my relief go with the flow.

My hands run all over your shirt, feeling for your nipples, whilst heavily kissing you I pinch and flick at your nipples before ripping your shirt, I wanted you now.

You begin to grope at my butt, fast frantic breathing, I can feel your cock hardening against my body, my hand goes to explore for the first time, you groan slightly, I begin to undo your zip and button ready to expose your avcılar escort hard member.

I stop kissing you and start to move down your neck, my tongue licking you as I go, reaching your nipple I give it a hard suck and bite it slightly with my teeth, your member is now fully aroused in my hand, I cup your balls and squeeze then slightly, returning my hand to the base of your shaft, my mouth is moving so quickly yet softly down your body.

Soon my mouth reaches the top of your member, pre-cum is already expelled using spit from my mouth I take your hard cock and wetting you fully, I feel you throbbing against my hand as I wank you.

You place your hand in my hair and try and thrust me onto your cock (I soon put a stop too that) I just tease your helmet with my tongue I taste your salty juice, just so slowly sucking your helmet you throb between my lips.

I know you want too cum, so I build up a nice fast rhythm, you groan, you start to release your salty liquid and I swallow as quickly as I can catching my breath as I go.

You fall against the door frame a little overwhelmed, I step back and prop myself against the desk, by now my skirt is hoisted quite high and you can just see my stocking tops and shaven pussy.

I signal you to come here, you kiss me hard tasting some of your cum from my lips, your fingers feel inside my wet pussy, you start to rub my clit whilst thrusting your body against mine.

I want to cum but I’m delaying myself, I want this too last longer as I’ve waited so long.

Whilst kissing we stop now and again, the girls catch your attention, I glance over to what’s occurring. I can tell your interested (TUTS!!! Ha-ha) grabbing your hand, I pull you to the chair and you rest between my legs on the chair.

Looking over we can see that they are both on the desk in a 69 position each have their heads buried in pussies.

I talk softly and nuzzle in your ear and tell you that it’s Liz and that Lucy is my lesbian friend.

Lucy likes to wet her finger then feel the outline of a pussy really slow, simply strokes, watching your lips pink up, smelling the aroma of the juice, so slowly that it feels like its tickling you but not a ticklish tickle that makes you flinch, it’s a avrupa yakası escort nice tickling that only makes you want her too touch you more.

Totally relaxing she will then start to slightly part your lips and again slowly tease you, this time she will start to push a finger inside your hole, you want her to taste you.

When she is ready, she will start to place her tongue on your lips, wetting you and tasting you.

Feeling her tongue flick on your clit, you want more but she tease’s her tongue darts about flicking around.

She can tell your becoming turned on by the moan you make and the simple wriggle or thrusting your are doing against her mouth, she will go deep inside your hole with her tongue and wiggle her tongue around, then moving towards your clit hood, just giving a couple of sucks to bring you near to cumming, before stopping and then going back to licking your hole.

She knows that by doing this she will really turn you on, she is in control and she will receive plenty of juice for her efforts.

She repeats the process of sucking your clit hood when she is ready, she gently pushes down on your pubic area thus pushing your clit hood out more and then she will bring you off too an intense orgasm, then quickly she will go and taste more of your juices.

Whilst I’m talking too you my fingers are resting on your thighs, stroking near too your groin area, your beginning to become turned on by listening and watching what’s going on.

Getting up I say, let’s give them some privacy I want your undivided attention now.

Leaving we drive too my house that is nearby. Little is said in the short drive.

But once inside my house you quickly grab hold of me, there is some intense urgency in the kisses; we stumble into the lounge whilst you’re pulling at my clothes.

You’re pretty much naked and hard as hell, sitting on the sofa, sitting astride you I slowly guide myself over your hard cock, slowly the tip of your cock enters me, gradually becoming accustomed to you, my hands resting on your knees I thrust on you.

Your hands rest around my waist supporting me as well as wandering over my body.

After a while, to give me deeper penetration I get off you and turn around and again ride you but this position takes a little more care and practise, you can’t help but finger my ass.

You can tell I’m getting tired, and tell me to get on all fours, kneeling on the floor you beginning to fuck me hard from behind, rubbing on my clit, I’m totally soaked, rubbing faster on my clit you begin to make me cum.

You are still really hard, the evening is early and the fun has only just begun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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