Sex with Someone You Love Pt. 02

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A Wank for a Wink or Two.

Quite how long I’ve been sitting here slowly stroking my long, thick, thoroughly lubricated cock is anyone’s guess (hats off to olive oil though, that most versatile of dressings?). I do know, however, that the thought of your fabulously toned body has had me so incredibly hard for such a long time now that every single synapse, every nerve ending, every muscle fibre – but especially my throbbing, aching cock – is primed and ready to succumb to you.

I continue to stroke away as I close my eyes and watch you slip the straps of your swimsuit down off your shoulders, shrug your arms free and then roll the tight fabric down to your waist. It might be the feel of the cool air on your body or it might be the thought of my gaze that causes your nipples to pimple and stiffen the moment you reveal your gorgeous breasts. Then again, it could be the sight of a small trickle of pre-cum oozing from the tip of my swollen helmet that gets you going. You wink at me and then reach up and rake your fingers through your dirty blonde hair. And I resume my stroking. Then you smile, slowly pirouette, arch your back a little and push out your lovely ass. I feel a wonderful warmth pool at the very base of my cock as I savour the moment and slow my stroke right down. You glance over your shoulder at me and hitch the swimsuit so high up your hips that it’s pulled right in between Ataşehir Escort your buttocks like a thong. Fuck me, how I’d love to spray cum all over your ass. And my cock gives a tell-tale twitch in my hand as I watch the crotch stretch into a thin strip and slip into the slit of your pussy.

I realise that I’m falling fast as I continue to very slowly glide my hand up and down my cock. It feels so fucking good, straining in my grip, and my heart feels like it’s going to pound right out of my chest. I stare at you, open mouthed and flex my ass as the warmth in my groin intensifies. My mind is awash with you and I attempt to gauge my stroke as my cock swells to bursting point. A couple more and I’ll be there. And then, as my mind swirls and my back stiffens, I feel a hot, liquid surge of pleasure rush up my shaft. I catch my breath and instantly release my grip. My stomach dips and swoops as I sit back desperately fighting the urge to come. I try to clear my mind, but all I can think of is you closing your lips over my helmet and sucking every drop out of me. This isn’t helping. I shake my head, take a deep breath and gradually the surge subsides. But I’m still weary as my cock throbs and pulses, pumped full to the brim with spunk. I know that for the next few seconds the slightest touch (or thought of you) will have me gushing. But you’re absolutely determined Ataşehir Escort Bayan to test my resolve.

You wink at me again, grasp the swimsuit and then, with a little wiggle of your hips, peel it down your ass and thighs and let it drop to the floor. I bite the bullet (and my lip) and start to slowly stroke my cock again. It’s just so hard and sensitive that I’m struggling to maintain any control. And as the soft curves of your lovely, inviting ass dominate my thoughts, I squeeze my hand up my shaft – just as if I were slowly thrusting it in between your buttocks – and gasp as a small trickle of creamy cum seeps out of my tip. Fuck. It’s started. My mind and my cock feel like they’re on fire and I can’t stop thinking about burying my face deep in your behind and running my lips over every inch of you. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. I dare to stroke my shaft again and another creamy trickle seeps out. You turn around and let me feast my mind on your delicious pussy. And once more I’m teetering right on the very brink. It’s taking all my willpower to hold back the torrent of cum, but my resistance is crumbling fast. Whatever I have you do next is liable to push me over the edge. And, right on cue, you close your eyes, tip your head back and let out a long, breathless gasp as you reach down and slowly run your index finger between Escort Ataşehir the moist lips of your pussy. Yep, that’ll do it. This time there’s no fighting it.

I squeeze my hand up my shaft, watching the slit in my helmet gape open and then, as a huge wave of pleasure crashes through my body, I let out a loud gasp and spray out a thick, milky stream of cum. And you’re still there, fingering yourself. My stomach, my balls and my cock all go into spasm as I slide my hand over my helmet again and pump out another jet of cum. By the way you’re shaking and moaning it looks as though you’re in the midst of an orgasm too. I stutter out a whole list of expletives as I continue stroke away and pump out more rich cum. And the stiffness of my cock shows no signs of waning, if anything its getter harder. I listen to the delicious wetness of your pussy as you frantically rub your fingers over your clit and feel another warm surge travel up my cock. And then my body is gripped by another climax as a last powerful jet of cum shoots from me.

With beads of sweat meandering down my chest and my mind and body largely spent, I start to regain my composure and calmly milk out the remainder of my spunk. My cock has barely softened though and still feels solid and thick in my hand. And though I have half a mind to let it stay this way for the rest of the day, all good things must come to an end. But just before I close my eyes and allow my thoughts to drift back to the ordinary, to the everyday, I watch with considerable satisfaction as I imagine you running your tongue up my shaft, lapping up the very last drops of cum that are now oozing out of me.

And there was you wondering if you were my type.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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