Sexting with the Wife

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Her: So how many times have you played with yourself?

Me: I thought you were spending quality time with your nephew.

Her: We’re in the bedroom. Watching spy kids. I can multi task. I like thinking about your dick getting hard in your hand while you think of me (or some hot Brazilian)

Me: Yeah. That sounds nice. Not sure how the Brazilian got into the mix.

Her: Just thinking of some hottie. There was a blonde chic at the pool that I’m pretty sure we all would do. She was hot.

So… Jack still there?

Me: Yep. We are going Christmas shopping tomorrow.

Her: Guess that means you can’t sext me then huh?

Me: Maybe later.

Her: K. Just thought it’d be fun…

Me: It would be. So would making you purr.

Her: Tomorrow.

Me: I saw the bondage straps poking out from under the bed today and remembered some fond times.

Her: Honey, we have had some incredible sex. On many, many different occasions.

Me: Thanks for being so awesome and beautiful and sexy and loving.

Her: Ah.. : -) wish you were here. In another room 😉 we could fuck like rabbits.

Me: It was fun to fold your undies. What kind do you have on right now?

Her: I should probably lie. I have my grandma panties on. I’d much rather be lying next to you without any ataşehir escort on though. What ones are your favorite?

Me: The ones on the floor.

Or pushed to the side.

Her: Mm. Those are good. Damn why am I so horned up? I like it.

Me: There is a bathroom. You should have packed one of your little toys.

Her: There is. I should have. I like the sexual tension. I miss you but I miss your dick, too!

Me: How was the pool tonight. Did you rock it? Want to go show off at the Swinger’s Club next Friday?

Her: Friday, we are probably going to be exhausted, but I won’t rule it out

Maybe I’ll plan something to do with those bondage straps instead…

Me: Yeah, what would you do?

Her: I’m thinking I’ll tie you up in them. On your back.

I’d kiss your lips while I blindfold you. Once I’m sure you can’t see, I will begin caressing your chest and lower abdomen. Avoiding your dick until a little later.

I move down to your legs. Rubbing the inside of your thighs. Feeling them flex in response to my touch. As I move back towards your ever-increasing rigid dick, I stop for a moment and change my position.

I get up and go to the side of the bed. I will graze my hands over your legs to inform you of my presence once I reach avcılar escort the other side. Then I’d lower myself to my knees, and bring my mouth just over your cock.

You can feel the warmth of my breath and you harden with desire. You want to be inside. You want to feel the warmth of my mouth. I lick your head. You moan and raise your hips to bring yourself closer to me. I tighten my lips around the top of your shaft. Not taking you all in just yet.

You are so hard! I pull away and lick your balls.

I have other areas that I want to taste tonight.

I use my tongue to stroke your balls and continue licking while I move closer and closer to your tight ass. You grind your hips into my face. Your anticipation is making me wet. I love making you squirm.

I take my tongue and swirl it around your asshole. You moan with pleasure. I take your cock in my hand while I slide my tongue in and out of your ass. You are filling with cum and are engorged with arousal.

Once your ass has been eaten out, I want to feel its tightness. I press my finger on the outside. You relax the muscles and accept me inside. Pulling away slightly at the response of the pleasure.

Mm. I grind my hips into the bed.

Fingering your ass has me on fire. I want to ride avrupa yakası escort your face while I suck you dry.

I position my pussy right over your mouth practically dripping in my cum even before you begin. As soon as you can reach, you waste no time and take all of me into your mouth.

You immediately begin flicking my clit with your tongue leaving me unable to focus on your cock. I’m covered in your spit and it is making me need something deep inside of me. My pussy is throbbing in the agony of this evening. I can’t stop thinking about how your ass would tighten around my finger while your cock would throb in my hand.

Each movement inside of you. Then now, grinding into your face, feeling you lubricate my pussy. Preparing it to slide around your dick.

I can’t resist anymore. We are both ready to explode.

I climb off of your face and straddle your cock. Taking you inside. Mm. The walls inside tighten around your cock like a vice. It feels amazing.

Neither one of us can last any longer. I begin bouncing on your shaft. Accepting you deep inside of me. You’re hitting my cervix.

After a few taps, I begin to climax. I moan and purr in absolute bliss. The sounds are too much for you and you release your load deep inside of me. Quivering with every contraction. I collapse onto your chest and reach out to release your arms from your binds.

Still keeping your dick inside of me. You reach your arms around me and hold me close to you.

It will be another incredible evening of sex, love and passion.

Something like that maybe…

Me: That works.

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