The Office Ch. 01

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We’ve been flirting in the office for a while. As it usually does it started off innocent. It didn’t take long to develop into something more. You were one of those men I instantly found myself confessing my deepest darkest sexual needs and fantasies too. You shared just as much with me.

We’ve had several trysts. They become raunchier and raunchier each time we connect. I’ve started to recognize your moods. I can tell when you need slow and sensual and when you need to fuck hard and rough. I know you can read me even easier. I feel like an open book under your intense gaze.

Today, I know you well enough to know you’ve been hard since you walked in. Every time I see you my eyes are immediately drawn to that thick bulge I see outlined by your pants. I’m almost a little amused that no one else seems to see it. Or perhaps they do but are choosing not to acknowledge it.

I see it. I imagine sliding my hand in your pants and feeling every inch of it.

I catch your gaze from across the room and my face reddens. I know you’ve seen me looking. The smile on your face is wicked and knowing.

I turn away and pretend to be busy with something in my office. When I look up you are gone. I try to concentrate on my work when I hear my phone buzz.

I see you looking at my cock.

I’m so hard. I’d love to be buried balls deep in your tight cunt.

It’s not the first time you’ve sent me a dirty text. In fact we’ve had phone sex a few times now. You fill my email with pornographic images and links to whatever you were watching that makes you hard.

Every communication we have that isn’t in person is sexual in nature. When I see your name pop up in my email or texts my heart speeds up, my nipples harden and my pussy gushes.

This time is no exception.

I can’t help but look at your cock. You’ve been hard since you walked in. lol

I never transition easily. I have to laugh off your strong advances. I’m still uncomfortable being so sexual.

We’ve talked in depth about my sexuality. You know my experience is limited but my imagination is wild. I’ve confessed to you my darkest, slutiest desires. You’ve confessed your own dark desires to me. You’ve told me time and time again how much you desire to dominate me. You want to help me discover and experience all of my desires and you’ve taken great pleasure in doing erotik hikaye oku so.

You laugh but this cock is going to need to cum soon. And since you keep looking, I’m thinking you want to do something with it.

I smile and flush. My pussy is wet. Uncomfortably so. I imagine how you’d feel buried deep in my pussy. I reach down and rub my pussy a little over my clothes.

I’m wearing an almost inappropriately short skirt. Black thigh high stockings and a pretty sheer blouse. The outfit is borderline acceptable for work, and truth is I wore it for you. I always dress proactively for you. I’ve never confessed this to you but I suspect you know anyway.

My phone rings and I have to take care of some actual business. I can’t seem to get off the phone for the next hour or so. I am so distracted that I can barely focus on what I’m supposed to.

Around lunch time I get an email from you. I shiver when I see it. I look up and scan the room. My office is pretty secluded but I worry someone will see what’s in your email. I know you well enough to know it won’t be something clean.

I’m right. You’ve sent me three images.

The first of a woman blindfolded. On her belly with her hands tied behind her back. Her lips are parted, her lipstick slightly smeared, a trail of saliva hangs of her lips. Next to her face is a big thick cock. It’s hard, the tip red and swollen and covered in what I assume is the woman’s saliva.

I star at every inch of the image imagining myself in the woman’s position. Tied up and at the mercy of the man fucking her mouth.

I lick my lips and imagine I can taste your cock.

The next picture, there is a woman lying on her back, her hands are tied above her head. She is clearly straining against her bounds. A large, muscular man looms over her, his hand around her throat.

I’m starting to see what’s on your mind. To see what has your cock so hard.

The last image is of a woman, tied with her hands in front of her. Her shapely ass is in the air. A man is behind her, one large hand is on her hip, the other is fisted in her hair. I can’t see where they are joined but I know by the rapturous look on her face she’s being fucked.

The message underneath the pictures reads: Call me. I know your pussy is soaking wet.

I bite my nail. I want to call you. I want to hear your güncel sex hikayeleri oku sexy voice. I’m too nervous. I get up and close the door to my office. I stand at the door still trying to get the courage to call you.

If I do I know pleasure awaits me.

The phone rings making me jump. I stare at it. Nervous. I’m worried you are on the other. I’m worried you’re not.

I move back to my desk and answer.

“Next time I say call me, your pretty ass better call me.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just, it’s work and I…”

“I bet that wet pussy couldn’t care less about where we are. I know my dick doesn’t.”

I laugh. Again it’s a nervous laugh.

Your voice gets deeper. “Did you get my email?

My heart is racing now. “Yes. They were very hot.”

“That’s how I want you. Tied and at my mercy. Rub your pussy for me. I want to hear you cum.”

“I can’t. We’re at work.” I whisper. There is no one who can hear me but our current location has me scared. The fear is probably adding to my arousal.

“Fuck that. Your door is closed. I know you’re wet. Slide your hand into your panties and play with you clit.”

I bunch up my skirt and do as you’ve ordered me. I slip my hand into my panties and stroke my warm wet clit. I moan loudly.

“That’s it baby. I’ve got my big cock in my hand stroking. Check your email. Follow the link.”

I use my free hand and open my email. I click on the link to a video. Once it loads I see a woman on her knees she has a cock in each hand and she is alternating as she sucks them.

I gasp and slip two fingers into my tight pussy. “Oh yes. You know how much I love a good DP porn.”

“I know, Baby. You get so wet. So turned on. Watch her take these two big cocks. Imagine it’s you. Imagine its you sucking two cocks.”

I can hear your ragged breathing, the porn playing on your computer, and I moan. “Fuck yes. Two cocks to taste, to take deep in my mouth. I want to suck every inch of both of them. Feel them throb against my tongue.”

You growl. “That’s right, Baby. You’ll get every inch of those cocks. How many fingers do you have in your pussy?”

I’m breathless. The actress in the video is now sucking one cock while another slips slowly into her tight cunt. “Two.”

“Slip another one in that tight pussy of yours.”

I slip a third finger sikiş hikayeleri into my pussy. I start fucking myself faster. I hear your breathing become more and more erratic. You’ve been ready to cum all day. Your cock has been so hard. I’m surprised you’ve waited this long.

“I wish that was your cock deep in my pussy right now.”

“Mmmm yes, yes. I’d fuck you so hard. I’d find a friend to fuck your ass. I want to see you full of cock, Baby. I’m so hard for you.”

Just as you speak the words I watch the actress change position. She takes one cock in her ass, and one in her pussy. She’s being fucked hard by the two cocks. I can’t stop myself I finger myself faster, harder. “I want to be full of cock. I want to feel a cock in each hole, fucking me hard.”

“I know you do. Are you ready to cum for me?”

I bite my lip. I’m so ready to cum. “Fuck yes. I’m ready to cum. cum hard for you.”

“Me too, Baby. This cock is about to explode. Cum. Cum for me now.”

I cry out, cumming hard. I can’t breathe as my orgasm washes over me. I hear your moaning as you cum. You are calling my name. Demanding I take your cum and in that moment I wish I was on my knees in your office tasting every last drop of your cum.

“God, Baby. That was good. Just what I needed to get me through the rest of this day. Do me a favor. Go to the copy room, right now and hurry.”

You hang up before I can say anything. I right my clothes. I know my face is flushed but I’m rocking an amazing sexual high so I pay little attention to it. I ignore everyone around me as I rush to the copy room.

The room is empty. It usually is. I had expected to see you there but you are no where to be found. I wait there a few seconds. I am about to run back to my office. My senses are coming back to me and I’m becoming more nervous when I feel you come up behind me. You press yourself against my back and run your hand into my blouse.

Your hand is wet. You smear the wetness all over my breasts, tweaking the nipples as you do so. You wrap the hand around my neck so that I can’t turn around. With your free hand you reach up my skirt and rip off my panties.

“I want you to wear my cum for the rest of the day. Don’t wash it off. I’m going to keep your wet panties, proof you belong to me.”

You kiss my neck and release me. I turn around only to see you retreating from me. You don’t even look over your shoulder as you walk off. I miss you already. I can’t wait for our next encounter, and I wonder how the hell I’m going to get through work with a wet pussy, no panties and images of your cock dancing in my head.

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