Show , Tell Ch. 34

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The first time I saw Elle’s daughter Kim… she was wearing her mother’s clothes.

After giving in to just about everyone in my life, but mostly because of Elle and my granddaughter Alexis, I’d applied for a Substitute Teaching position in four of the five School Districts in my area. The only one I’d skipped over… was my home town.

While Elle and Lexi were both disappointed, I’d provided just enough rational reasoning to somewhat placate them and have them agree that it made sense.

Oh, and if you haven’t been following my “Autobiography,” Elle was Lexi’s 2nd grade teacher… and my lover for almost eight years.

So, on the Monday afternoon, the week before Christmas, my wife took a call from one of the School Superintendents Office, asking if I was available to substitute at the High School the next day. Knowing I’d passed on numerous earlier opportunities… fear of making a fool of myself, she told the caller I’d be happy to fill in and asked for the particulars.

I was informed of her traitorous betrayal at dinner that evening, Lexi and her dad joining my wife in their enthusiasm for my opportunity to overcome my fears.

The following morning, I skulked into the Principals office to introduce myself. Turned out that he was someone I’d played some pick-up basketball with over the years. He’d already reviewed my profile and had been anxious to get me started.

“I’m not sure this is such a good idea,” I told him, “haven’t faced a classroom full of kids since my “Student Teaching” days.”

“I don’t know,” he replied, looking at my profile, “says here you’ve been creating and telling stories to 1st and 2nd graders for a number of years now… and by all accounts, from the Principal, teachers and parents, you’ve done a great job.”

“How hard is it to fool a 2nd grader?” I asked.

“A lot harder than fooling most of these kids. If it isn’t on their computer or cell phone… it doesn’t exist! You’ll be fine.”

He’d made it sound too easy.

So there I was, standing in the Classroom door, greeting the 12th grade Seniors to, “Advanced America History.”

Because of my height and the fact that I was wearing a suit and tie, I was grabbing the attention of just about every student that walked past… or through the door.

But once class got started… height and wardrobe might not…?

The activity in the hallway was starting to wind down… when I saw a skirt and sweater approach. And this wasn’t just someone’s simple skirt and sweater… but “the” denim mini skirt and button front, cropped waist, sweater I’d bought Elle at “Seductive Night.”

There was no denying that this was Elle’s daughter… but how in the hell had she gotten out of the house dressed like that?

As she approached, the bell starting class rang throughout the building. By rule, the teacher was supposed to close the door, any student not in the classroom, now needing to go to the office to get a pass.

I held the door open for her… a look up at me, followed by a smile as she sashayed past. The smile wasn’t one of recognition… but rather one of… interest?

Couldn’t help myself… I shot a quick glance at her ass!

My “Fear Factor” immediately jumped to… “Alien v Predator!”

“Fear Factor?”

Needless to say… I knew Kim attended this Hight School and that there was a chance that I might encounter her at some point during the day. But… never having met her, or her brother TJ… and without their father showing any indication that he suspected his wife of any betrayal… I was only mildly nervous about that encounter. Yet… here she was, with me not even having started a class… wearing her mother’s revealing clothes… and with me already acting like a pervert.

“Fear Factor!”

In spite of that… I couldn’t help but continue my appraisal of her posterior as I followed her until I reached my desk… with her continuing to an empty desk on my right…

That appraisal caused a couple of snickers from the boys watching her also, my display of that, “Universal” male trait snidely acknowledged.

Putting those thoughts aside, I introduced myself and reintroduced what their teacher had been discussing the previous week… “The First Amendment to the Constitution.”

Immediately, one of the boys began a harangue about “Free Speech” leading to, “… depraved accusations and misrepresented words,” on Social Media, “…aimed at Liberal politicians and pundits, by Right Wing radicals!”

That elicited a come back from Kim, her words dripping with sarcasm… “No… we have a First Amendment so that idiots like you can offer stupid opinions like that!”

And off they went.

It wasn’t what I’d expected at all, mostly everyone having an opinion and even those that didn’t get involved… were paying attention to the discussion.

Finally, Kim posed a question… “Mike,” addressing the boy who’d started it all, “you said, “… “Free Speech was responsible for “depraved accusations and misrepresented words… on Social Media.” Do you still haramidere escort stand by that statement?”

“Of course,” he replied.

Turning to me, she smiled and asked, “Could a student make a remark like that in a high school… or even a college or university in the Peoples Republic of China… or in Iran?”

I’d been sitting on the edge of the desk since this had started, only involving myself when an opinion caused the debate to drift off the subject matter at hand.

While that would be my “cover” story, I’d really been making use of the “debate” to sneak glances in Kim’s direction, studying her… the similarities and contrasts between she and her mother… and because of that, her question caught me off guard.

Now I’d been challenged to offer a “World View” opinion… Kim hoping to use my knowledge to make her point.


Twenty two faces turned and looked at me.

“Interesting question…” I answered, “because they are both vastly different political systems and cultures. But if forced into a corner… No… individual opinions carry no weight in either country… and there is no Free Speech. Free thoughts cannot be stopped, but disclosing your thinking can cause you lots of trouble.”

Kim’s face said it all… and she didn’t need to add anything further.

The bell rang, ending the class, the kids all surging for the door, although a few stopped to thank me for an, “interesting class.”

Then I noticed one student gathering her paraphernalia, in no apparent rush… before standing and walking towards me on her way to the door. A look up, a nod and then she kept going…

“Well done,” I said, as she approached the door, “you seem to know what you’re doing.”

I said it as a compliment.

Stopping, she turned her head to the left, looking over her shoulder… smiled and said, “You have no idea,” and then continued out the door.

Oh… and I watched her ass the entire time, without guilt or observation.

The rest of the day was less stressful, a class of 10th graders covering “Social Studies,” centering on the differences between Mayoral and City Council governing, and that of a Board of Selectmen. Since there were Towns in the district that were governed by both, the children were familiar with the terms… but had no idea what might make them different or similar. A class of 11th graders on “World History,” where the textbook seemingly ignoring anything that happened before 1946, and relied heavily on interpretations of the United Nations in regards to current events. When I asked a question about the Middle East… the Principal’s perspective on his students was proven correct. They knew nothing. As did both other 11th and 12th grade students on “American History,” their opinions shaped more by each other than actual history. It made me realize how lucky I’d been to attend school before the revisionists had settled in. But then, thinking about it on my way home… I realized that “we” were the revisionists, my generation… and that was sad.

While I’d contemplated that… for maybe a half minute… my main interest centered on Kim. Knowing how her father thought… and her mother’s schedule… it seemed impossible to me that she left the house that morning, dressed as she’d appeared in my classroom. Something was wrong.

Since the Elementary School day finished an hour after the high school, throughout the entire district, I called the office and left a message for Elle to call me. By the time she responded, I’d concocted a story about, “Hey… nothing really important, but on my way home this afternoon, I saw a girl at the Coffee Shop and based on the picture on your desk, I thought it might be your daughter.”

There was a pause at her end… then, “Yaah…”

“Well… and since I’ve never met her… and you’ve told me how her father thinks… she was dressed rather “seductively” for a high school senior.”

“I’ll call you right back…” and she hung up.

Five minutes later…, “Couldn’t have been her… Todd was home when she left and her friend picked her up. But thank you for the concern,” she continued, “that was sweet.”

So… she’d left with a friend… and changed clothes. Why?

While that seemed important, the more pressing question would have to be…

How had she found the ensemble, since her mother professed to keeping the wardrobe I’d purchased for her… in boxes… in her closet… in the master bedroom.

If that was true, in addition to finding the boxes… how had Kim managed to pair the skirt with that sweater… the very one Hue had chosen for her mother?

And that now led me back to my musings, while half listening to the debate that morning, while I played, “The Same and Not the Same” in the classroom.

Both of them looked awesome wearing the mini skirt and sweater. Elle wore heels and sometimes thigh high stockings, while Kim wore flats and a bra… an accoutrement that her mother would never consider. içerenköy escort Elle had hard curves and larger breasts, although those had been surgically enhanced… her abdomen rock hard, the result of countless sit-ups and hundreds miles of running. Kim was all soft curves, her breasts… kind of a mystery because of her bra… but all of that paled in light of her indisputable nubile perfection!

Elle’s allure was her beauty and her air of innocence. Despite her age, she carried the innocence, which acted like a beacon… drawing men to her… even with me hovering nearby.

Kim’s allure was her raw sensuality and an aura of confidence in who she was. If she was lucky, this confidence would serve her well as she moved on with her life.

The same… but different.

In a sense… I was glad to have met her, even under those circumstances, the chances of Kim… her mother… or especially her father… ever learning of Elle and my relationship… slim to none.

So, checking “Substitute Teaching” off the “Bucket List,” I stopped at the school on Wednesday, Elle having finished compiling her annual, “What I want for Christmas…,” list, which I would incorporate into my annual “Christmas Story,” now ready.

As we went over the list and Elle gave me the name of the student she felt needed a boost in her self-confidence… something I’d do by making her the focal of the story… she suddenly asked, “So what made you think that it was Kim that you saw?”

Getting up, I took the picture frame off her desk and pointed at Kim in the photo.

“That picture is two years old,” she protested.

“And it’s the only one of her I’ve ever seen,” I retorted. “The girl that was walking into the coffee shop could have been her twin… well, except for the clothes she was wearing.”

No longer interested, she went back to the list and we agreed that I’d tell the story the following Tuesday.

With thoughts of Kim still swirling… I remembered Elle’s excuse to her husband for taking the day off the previous week. “Hey, did Todd ever ask why you took the day off last week… or anything about it?”

“No,” she answered, “because when I asked Kim about… the “Winter Formal…” she gave me one of her looks and said, “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes, than waste my time on that.”

“Well, I guess that answered that…!”

… and then we had a nice sexual encounter in the little bathroom, Elle recreating her liaison with her boss two weeks earlier.

When I got home… I found out I’d been signed up for Substituting on Thursday and Friday at the same High School!

“They must have liked you,” my granddaughter exclaimed, “because they called you to come back.”

That opinion was shared by my wife and son.

Thursday morning, in the Teachers Lounge, the Principal explained that I’d be filling in for the same teacher, a “flare up” in her Arthritic back requiring two full days of bed rest.

Handing me her Planner, he told me, “Hey, she teaches the best of the best. You’ll have an extra treat tomorrow because her last class is 12th grade “Honors Current Events.” That’ll get your juices flowing.”

After I scanned the Planner, I found he’d been prophetic in his description of my next two days… as I realized I’d have Kim in four of my ten classes!

I had no doubt that my, “… juices would be flowing.”

And wouldn’t you know it… first class of the day, “Honors Social Studies,” which turned out to be a “catch all” of what used to be called, “History & Civics,” had me standing at the door as mostly all of the same kids I’d had on Tuesday… walked past me, all of them looking like they were on the back side of a “24 Hour Keg Party.” Despite my every effort to motivate them… the fifty minute class turned into a “Snooze Fest.”


She’d dressed in her own clothes that morning, jeans and a sweater, both well within social norms… but still looking extremely attractive.

My next class with her was just after lunch, a notoriously bad hour of the day for teachers… and that turned out to be a repeat of my morning. No interest in anything I had to say. Except for my sophomores and juniors, I would had considered the day a complete failure.

As I sat in the lounge after school, trying to find something that might stimulate the seniors the next day, one of the math teachers came in… a fifteen year veteran… and after listening to my ruminations… he laughed and said, “If you have one good day a week with these kids… cherish it because it’s hard to motivate them. The 24 hour stimulation they get on their phones and computers is hard to match with text books and lectures.”

“How do you do it?” I asked, needing to try something.

“To be honest…” he answered, “I throw a lot of shit against the wall… and if something sticks, I ride it until they lose interest… and then I throw some more!”

With “Honors American History” again the next day… this time right before innovia escort lunch, I read the Planner to see what I was supposed to teach, which was a continuation of the “Amendments to the Constitution,” and then thought about what the Math teacher had said.

“Time to throw some shit!” I said to myself.

My three classes before Kim were good, especially the 10th grade “Civics” class, when I asked if they thought one of the towns in the district should allow a Mall to be built along the highway. They’d obviously been listening to their parents and other adults because, between the twenty three of them… they could recite the “Good & Bad” of the proposal.

Great class!

Now… standing in the doorway again, watching the students hurry past on their way to their next class… or walking past me into the classroom… another sweater and mini skirt approached… and I knew Kim had been in her mother’s closet again.

She’d found the black corduroy mini skirt… and had, once again, chosen the sweater that… Hue had chosen for her mother… the purple, mohair, boat neck.

And… once again… she’d timed her entrance so that the bell to start the class… rang as she was five feet from the door. I held the door for her and was rewarded with one of her “$Million” smiles as she entered.

And… this time I stood and watched her walk to the other side of the room, not giving a rat’s ass what the 12th grade boys thought…

Hell, I’d only had to deal with her for less that two hours a day… they’d already had to suffer through three and a half months of her in this current adaptation!

Now sitting on the corner of my desk… I said nothing.

There was the usual banter and shuffling as they settled down… which finally ended and now things got quiet. I looked at them and they looked at me.

Then I asked… “While the Framers of the Constitution argued in Philadelphia about how to turn this loose Confederation of 13 Colonies into a new and independent country… what did they watch on late night TV?”

Quiet… really quiet, a stunned silence because they’d just heard a question that made no sense… from someone whom they’d expected to ask a more serious question… Or, at least follow the script that their regular teacher had expected to be followed.

Finally, a girl right in front of me asked, “What do you mean… there wasn’t any TV back them.”

I stood up and clapped my hands together and said, “Thank you!”

Then I walked to my left, putting some distance between myself and Kim… afraid that if left to my own devises… I’d end up standing over her… looking down the front of that purple sweater… because I’d yet to see any evidence of a bra!

“But what if they did have Late Night TV back then… was there anything interesting going on? Did all the Framers spend the day arguing over whether Rhode Island would have as much influence as Virginia? If they did… what did they do at night, or what would they have done if they’d had television?”

“Watch re-runs!” someone called out.

“MTV!” came another.

“Sports…” “Discovery Channel,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “News…” and so on… until they were all laughing and no one could come up with anything else.

“That’s good,” I told them, “but how about this one… “America’s Got Talent.”

They seemed to be stumped again… until Mike, the kid who’d argued with Kim over the 1st Amendment on Tuesday, called out…, “Ben Franklin.”

Looking at him… I asked, “You think?”

“Sure, smartest man in the building,” he replied.

“Thomas Jefferson.”

I didn’t have to look.

“You think?” turning to look.

“Smartest man on the continent,” Kim answered.

Now Mike, seemingly the only boy in the class unintimidated by her, fired off another volley… “Author, scientist, inventor, diplomat… he did it all.”

Kim listened quietly… as he smugly grinned at her.

Then she responded, the sarcasm dripping… “And he wanted the Turkey to be our National Symbol.”

“Really…” someone said, incredulously, “not the Bald Eagle?”

Off they went… eventually dragging the rest of the class into the discussion, as I sat and listened, spraying gasoline on the fire every time there was a pause. I invoked the members of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts delegations and their input, but it was Mike and Kim who continued to debate whether Franklin or Jefferson contributed the most to the eventual Constitution, Bill of Rights, victory over England and the foundations of a new County.

But… it was their final declarations, just as the bell rang ending the class, that proved they both knew what they were talking about…

Mike professed, “Eventually, it was Franklin that persuaded the French to enter the Revolutionary War on our side. That, more than anything else, convinced King George to give up the fight. Without his diplomatic skills, the British could have held out until reinforced.”

Kim had the final say, “And without Jefferson, leading the fraction that included, Madison, Monroe, John Adams… there would have been no Revolutionary War, and freedom from the British would have been pushed into the 19th Century.”

No one had moved… everyone listening until I finally said, “Wow! That was a great discussion. One of these days… I’ll have to write a book about “America’s Got Talent…” the 1776 version.”

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