Sis and I at College Ch. 02

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For reader clarification: This is the third in this series. Little Sister Surprises and Sis and I at College: We continue to develop our sexual relationship preceded this installment. This all occurred in the mid 70’s when the pill was first widely available and there were no STDs with the implications of today’s.


Breakfast recharges our batteries

Amy and I both had a ravenous appetite after a night of exhausting pleasure that our morning quick one had just added too. I made breakfast and Amy showered. She didn’t bother to put on any clothes when I called her to the table and I must admit I liked the look of her naked body coming across the room. When she sat down across from me she saw me looking at her beautiful breasts and gave them a little shake for me.

“I got Mom’s tits,” She said with a flirty smile and preceded to dig into the omelet I had cobbled together.

I knew at some point we were going to have a family get together and I had some worries about what we had just done the last two weekends being discovered. Even as liberal as my parents were I couldn’t see this going over well.

“Speaking of Mom and for that matter the rest of the family, how are we going to make sure they don’t notice anything different?” I asked. “Mom and you girls are so tight I can’t imagine she won’t see something and suspect.”

Amy threw back her head and laughed, “She has mentioned more than once how close you and I seem to be and so long as you just act as much like normal as possible I think we are fine. When I applied to go to school here she asked me if you being here played into the decision. You know she wanted me to go to her alma mater like Tish (for reader’s clarification that is the sister older than Amy) but I told her I wanted to go to a big state university. I did tell her you being here was a part of my decision process though.”

She seemed so relaxed about it that it put the worries out of my mind and I moved on to more pressing issues for the day.

“I usually go over to Tim’s place to hang out and party a little and he is expecting me sometime before one,” I said reluctantly. “You are welcome to come along if you like.”

“I need to do laundry and if you can take me back to the dorm and bring me back here to use your washer and dryer that would work out really well,” she replied. “I may go out with the girls again tonight but I don’t really have any plans right now. But I really had a good time with them and there a few of that group I could see me being friends with. There are a couple of them you might like too.”

The idea of her being on campus was getting better all the time as I pondered what a resource she could be in setting me up with some of her friends. I thought I should return the favor and offered, “If you see a friend of mine you like let me know and I will introduce you if I think they are worth your time.”

“I will keep that in mind but I already know one that I like already but I am not sure if you would set me up,” she replied with slight smile.

“Of course I would unless I think they are bad news in which case it is my brotherly duty to keep you out of bad relationships,” I offered. “Who are we talking about because I am not sure how many of my friends you have actually met other than at the party last weekend and I am afraid about half of them think you are my girlfriend.”

Amy laughed at that, “We were pretty flirty weren’t we?”

However she didn’t answer my question but instead preceded to gather up the breakfast dishes and headed to the sink to wash them. I noticed she was making a bit of a production of moving her ass from side to side as she washed and then dried them.

When she finished she turned to me and said, “With your permission I am going to put my clothes on and get ready to go get my laundry?”

“It is hard to see such a beautiful body covered up,” I said truthfully. “But I need to get to Tim’s and we had better hurry.”

We both dressed and started out to the drive way. Bill was doing yard work and gave us an enthusiastic wave with a friendly hello when he saw us.

Amy waved back but then caught me totally off guard when she said to Bill, “I hope you enjoyed last night?”

Bill seemed momentarily at a loss for words which was no surprise since what Amy had thought had gone on last night had not actually included the blinds being open for them to see the action.

Bill to his credit went with it and simply said, “I enjoy any time beautiful young women are around.”

When we got in the car Amy turned to me, “Have you done that for them before?”

“No, never,” I replied. “But as close as our bedroom windows are they probably pick up at least some audio on some of my more vocal sex partners,” I continued with a laugh.

The trip to and from the dorm was uneventful and we fell back into our regular rolls of brother and sister. At Amy’s request I stopped by the liquor store and bought her a bottle of wine taboo heat porno for her to sip during laundry chores. After getting her back home and showing her all the laundry items I left her to her wine and headed out for my afternoon with the guys.

We typically drank a lot of beer and smoked a little weed but mainly it was just guys being guys, however, I found myself thinking about sis at my place doing laundry. I dismissed myself as quickly as was possible after a couple hours and headed home.

When I arrived at the house Amy had the stereo blasting out some of the disco tunes of the time and my entry went unnoticed. I went to the back of the house where the washing machine and dryer were located and Amy was completely naked folding clothes. The bottle of wine looked to be half gone with a full glass still sitting beside her. She was dancing to the music as she folded and looked to be enjoying herself immensely.

“Do you have the laundry under control?” I kidded her as she turned to view me in the door to the laundry room.

“I went in your room and got what looked like it needed washed. It is all folded on your dresser for you to put away. I thought it was the least I could do for all the things you are doing for me,” she said with that air of sultriness to her voice that I was coming to understand as a warning sign of a turned on Amy. “I have a little story for you later but it can wait,” she said seductively.

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m going to jump in the shower and then grab a beer.”

I went to my room and stripped of my clothes and got in the shower. The water felt good and I stayed in and enjoyed it long after all the soaping and rinsing was done. I was just letting the warm water run over me when I heard the door open and suddenly the shower curtain was drawn back and Amy was standing there with a cold beer in her hand. I started to exit the shower but before I could Amy joined me in the shower and handed me the beer.

She placed herself so only her nipples were touching me and she swayed back and forth slightly which ran them over the lower part of my chest and made my cock start to harden. I had one hand occupied with the beer and soap still clutched in the other but Amy had no such constrictions and started running her hands over my ass and stomach as she started to rub her full body against me.

“I thought I would get you a beer and it made a good excuse to look at that nice body you have again,” she said with that same sultry undertone. “All that lifting and running really has got you looking good. All my friends in high school thought you were hot and if you weren’t going steady with Patty I would have been setting you up with them.”

I had broken up with Patty when I went off to college since she was going to a smaller school close to home. We enjoyed each other but we had always been more about hot lust than a love oriented relationship. We had a couple trysts when I came home when she happened to be around but had lost contact with each other over the last couple years.

“How is Patty?” I managed to gasp out. “She and I had a lot of fun and she was almost as good a fuck as you are,” I added with a grin.

“She is great,” Amy said as she continued to stroke parts of my body with her hands. “She asks about you whenever I see her and she is looking really good. She is graduating this year and I think she plans on teaching somewhere around our hometown. Did you and her ever do anything with anyone else when you were dating?”

The question caught me a bit off guard but I assumed Amy was trying to learn about just how kinky her big brother was. I was not surprised Amy was still talking to Patty since after all they had both been on the cheerleading squad together and in little schools freshman and seniors are much tighter than in big schools.

“We talked about it a couple times but we never did anything,” I replied. “That was too small a community to be too adventurous.”

“Well Patty apparently got pretty adventurous at college,” Amy said. I detected even more of a sexual tilt to her voice which was soon explained. “She asked me to go out and party with her before I Ieft for college. We got a bit drunk and she took me out and showed me where you two used to park.”

“That was a good place to park. She made so much noise that we needed to be at least a mile away from anyone to be safe,” I added.

“Well you aren’t the only one in the family now who has had sex with Patty,” Amy smilingly offered while one had ran down to my cock that by this time was rock hard. “She kissed me and one thing led to another and she was amazing. If she sucked your cock as good as she licked my pussy I bet you came quickly.”

As she told me about the tryst with Patty her hand was moving up and down on my cock and her body now was pressed fully against my front side. “You know she wasn’t my first girl though. Melinda (one of her classmates who was also a cheerleader) teach that bitch porno and I liked to play with each other’s pussy.”

I can’t say I was totally shocked but I was starting to understand just how in touch Amy was with her sexuality.

“I would have liked to watch that,” I panted as Amy continued to stroke my cock while we talked.

Amy was becoming more and more aroused as she talked, “I let Patty think she was the first time I had been with a girl. When I asked her if I could lick her pussy after she went down on me I thought she was going to faint she was so turned on. She was screaming and moaning so loud. I know exactly what you mean about having to be a mile away from anyone.”

Her hand was gripping my cock even harder but she had stopped pumping it and now was rubbing the head of my cock up and down the slit of her pussy. I was having to concentrate to keep from dropping the beer but there was no place to set it and I found myself having to be somewhat passive to Amy’s sexual aggressiveness.

“So now you know that your little slut sister is even more of a slut than you thought,” she panted as she arched her hips so that the head of my cock slipped part way in her wet pussy.

Almost simultaneously as luck would have it the hot water began to run out and even as hot as I was the cold water on my back got my attention. We exited the shower almost as one and as soon as I could set down the beer I turned Amy around and grabbed her ponytail with one hand while I slapped her ass. Every time I slapped her ass she moaned and wiggled her ass more.

“I am going to have to punish my little slut sister for using those pussies without sharing them with her big brother,” I said in as commanding a voice as I could manage in my state of arousal.

I had her head pulled back by the ponytail and I took the ass slapping hand and ran it across her breasts and down to her pussy. She spread her legs to give my hand room and I lightly gripped the lips of her pussy in my hand and rubbed them together. My bathroom was so small that I was going to have a hard time enjoying the incredibly turned on body I had at my command.

“Follow me you little slut,” I told her. “That pussy needs taken care of and your big brother is going to do it like you want it.”

“Oh yes, yes,” she moaned followed by a host of unintelligible mumblings punctuated with a, “fuck me!” every so often as I led her to the bedroom.

The last two weekends had shown me she liked to be commanded and called a slut especially if I worked the brother sister thing in.

“Get on the bed and show me how my slutty little sister masturbated while she watched her big brother get off,” I commanded her.

She got on the bed with her legs spread wide and she started to work her pussy with one hand while her other hand was working her breasts. I leaned over and forced my mouth over her open mouth. I could feel her whole body writhe as I forced my tongue down in her mouth and when I pulled my head back she seemed to go to another level of arousal. Her hips were arching as she worked her pussy with one hand. I could feel her sucking at my tongue and pushing her mouth harder against mine and all of a sudden she took her one free hand and grabbed the back of my head. I could feel her cumming as her tongue, mouth and hand pressure against me increased.

She continued holding my head while she worked her pussy while extending her orgasm. The kisses were still incredibly passionate even as she started to wind down from the pleasure.

“Oh that was so good!” She said when she finally released my head. “I was thinking about getting myself off if you took any longer to get back but I am sooooo glad I waited for you.”

“Well you came before your big brother could get his cock in your hot little pussy so we are going to have to do something to make up for that,” I told her.

I placed a pillow on the floor and instructed her to sit on it and then placed another pillow against the bed so her back was braced against the bed. I straddled her and guided my cock into her mouth. I was still rock hard from watching Amy cum. I slowly worked it over her open lips and pushed it until I could hear her start to gag. However she didn’t protest even when she was gagging so I began long slow strokes ending each time with it buried just a little deeper into her mouth. I could feel her tongue starting to work the underside of my cock more and more as I stroked her mouth.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” was about all I could get out coherently as I hung on the edge of orgasm. I tried to remember to stay in control but it was getting hard. Finally I couldn’t control it anymore and I moaned out, “Oh sis, you hot little cocksucker here it cums get ready!”

I came in gushes and she obediently sucked and licked until I had shot my entire load. I started to pull it out but she grabbed my ass with both of her hands and pulled team skeet porno me to her until the entire length was in her mouth and throat. It was evident she liked sucking cocks and was really good at it.

“I wanted to make sure I can take it all the way,” she said. “I really like to be able to feel the cum shooting down my throat while my tongue feels the cum pumping through a cock.”

She was still noticeably turned on but as much as I wanted to enjoy her some more my cock was telling me it needed some time.

“Sis let me get you another glass of wine and I will finish my beer,” I suggested.

After gathering up her wine and my beer we returned to the living room but still were totally naked. We sat and drank a bit and talked about her one class. Organic chemistry with lab was a full schedule for summer class especially for a freshman but sis was feeling confident that it would be five hours of A. Sitting naked with my sister across from me was starting to become very comfortable. However, when there was a knock on my door we were both startled. We ran to my bedroom where I put on a pair of gym shorts and t-shirt and returned to the front door.

Bill was standing on the front porch when I opened the door holding a pie. “Thanks,” he said as handed me the pie which was still warm.

I was caught completely off guard and asked, “I really appreciate this but not sure what I did.”

“Well it is not really for you. It is for the cute little thing you are seeing. That little show she put on for Michelle earlier got me out of a lot of chores,” he said with a smile. “I think she wants me back pretty quickly so thank her and I better get back before I miss out on anything,” he continued with a laugh. “I guess I must have missed the one she was talking about earlier when I saw you two leaving but I sure wish I hadn’t if it was anything like Michelle described!”

At this point I really had no choice but to go with it. “She is a bit of an exhibitionist,” was all I could think of to say but fortunately Bill was ready to return to his wife and I didn’t need to say any more.

However, I now realized that my little mental erotica game with Amy had unleashed this scenario as I headed back inside. Once inside I headed to the kitchen with the pie where Amy met me still naked.

“Bill just brought this by and it seems my slutty little sister has been showing off.” I was not sure if I should be upset or turned on but I was leaning towards the latter as I asked her, “Just what did you do to get Michelle to make a pie for us?”

“Since they had already seen us in action I thought I would have a little fun,” she said.

Amy continued, “I was going to tell you but I wanted to save it until later and seduce you with the story of how I got your neighbor lady so turned on she was playing with herself. Now you know why I couldn’t wait for you to get out of the shower and I came so quickly.”

As she talked she took the pie from me and put on the counter and turned to me. “Was I a bad little slut to do that?” she said sheepishly. “She had already seen me having sex with you so I thought it would be all right.”

I wasn’t sure if I should tell the whole truth to her about them not actually watching us but I went with it, “Yes you were a bad little slut and you are going to have to tell me the whole story so I can decide what punishment you deserve. Now tell me what you did.”

“I was in the bedroom getting your laundry and I decided to peek out the window to see just how good of a view your neighbors had of us the other night. They had their windows open and you can see right into their whole bedroom,” she gushed. “The woman was laying propped up on the bed in shorts and halter top reading a book. I didn’t do anything at first but I had a little more wine and decided to have some fun and see what she would do.”

Amy was enjoying telling the story and continued, “I cranked up the stereo so loud I knew she would hear it and went back into the bedroom and opened the blinds. I acted like I didn’t notice her and turned with my back to the window and stripped off your football jersey I had been doing laundry in. I was just going to dance for a while and then call it good. But after I got to dancing for a bit and doing a lot of butt shaking her direction I turned to face the window so I could see if she was watching.”

I still had the shorts on from meeting Bill at the door but I saw her look at the growing bulge in my shorts with a grin.

“She still had her book up like she was reading and she wasn’t close enough for me to see her eyes so I did a little shake like this,” she said as she did a little tit and ass grind while lifting her hands over her head.

“When I did that it was obvious she wasn’t reading any more. The book wasn’t in her hand anymore and she was watching me,” she giggled. “I was so turned on I walked over to the bed and laid down on my back with pussy right on the edge of the bed and my legs spread facing the window with a couple of your pillows stacked so my head was up high enough to see her. I started playing with my pussy while I was watching her.”

Amy was speaking in little bursts as her breathing was becoming a bit rapid from the arousal and I was getting harder as she talked.

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