Slave to My Virginity

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It seemed hopeless, I was eighteen and still a virgin and far too shy to be able to do anything about it. When I was around girls, I became tongue tied and ended up sounding like a babbling idiot when I tried to talk to them. I would masturbate constantly as I fantasized about slipping my dick inside a woman’s hot wet cunt. I had all but given up any hope of losing my cherry and then one day the fates shinned down on me and my life changed forever.

After an afternoon in a porno theater, I came outside to see five missed messages from my mother. When I returned her call, she didn’t even say hello she just started right in on me,

“Reginald where have you been, I’ve been calling for hours? Your brother needs you to pick him up at Jason’s house and take him to the library so he can study.”

God I hated it when she called me Reginald, I wanted to be called Reggie. I stammered that my phone had been off and to calm her down I said I would run over to Jason’s right now.

When I got there Jason’s older sister, Sharon, opened the door and with a sneer ordered me inside. I was surprised to see her there as she had moved to her own place months ago.

“So you finally show up, well you’re too late I had to take the boys myself. You owe me for the time I wasted and for that, you are going to help me finish my laundry so I can get out of here before my mother gets back.”

I have to admit that Sharon scared me, unlike me she just seem to ooze confidence. As she looked at me, I knew there was no way I could refuse her. She wasn’t a pretty girl, well as she was twenty-four I guess I should say woman but there was something about her that I found sexy. Although she wasn’t fat, she was heavy with big thighs and a wide ass that usually stretched her jeans to the limit. Today however, she wasn’t in jeans but only in an over-sized man’s tee shirt and I found myself wondering what was under it.

I watched as she sorted her dirty clothes and found I couldn’t keep my eyes off her soiled panties. I felt my erection growing inside my pants and I unconsciously squeezed it to ease the throbbing. I looked up and saw her watching me,

“You perve, are you getting off looking at my dirty panties? I bet you’d like to sniff them wouldn’t you?”

I couldn’t help myself, I just moaned with the thought of putting a pair to my nose.

“I bet you’re Ataşehir Escort still a virgin, tell me the truth, have you ever been laid?”

I tried to summon the bravado to cover my humiliation but when I looked her in the eye, I could only shake my head.

She walked up close to me and looked me up and down,

“OK, I going to give you a big treat, I’m going to let you hand wash my dirty panties and then you can sniff them all you want to.”

She picked up the pile, handed them to me, and led me to the bathroom. She instructed me what to do and then as she started to leave the bathroom she stopped,

“I almost forgot you might as well wash these too.”

She reached under her shirt and pulled her panties down, I watched as she turned them around in her hand until she had the crotch exposed. She put them to my nose, there were damp from her fluids, and the heady aroma almost made me swoon. She told me to get busy and not to dare touch my hard-on. I sniffed everyone before washing and I know I had her smell all over my face. Once I’d finished and the panties were in the drier she had me fold the rest of her clean clothes as she relaxed with a magazine.

When I was finished I took her clean clothes to her car for her, then she told me to be at her house Saturday morning for a treat. When I told her I had something else to do, she leaned in close and whispered,

“You do what I tell you and I just might take that cherry of yours.”

Well, that got my attention, and fast, she smiled, as she knew she had me then. She told me to get there early and be prepared to spend the day. I was so excited I almost came in my pants and in fact, after I got home I jacked off almost all night long. I had actually begun to have fears that I would die a virgin and here was Sharon offering to ease my fears. The best part was I didn’t have to pretend to know what I was doing so I could just relax and let her show me how. I jacked off almost non-stop for the rest of the week and I thought of nothing else.

After telling my mother, that I was going to a friend’s I went directly to Sharon’s apartment. As I knocked on her door I began to get apprehensive and wondered if it was just going to be a big joke with her, I mean, why she would fuck me, she was a woman, and I was just a kid. All those worries were gone as soon as she Anadolu Yakası Escort opened the door and I saw her standing there in just her bra and panties. While I just stood there staring at her almost naked body she asked me if I was ready to lose my cherry. All I could do was nod as she pulled me inside and closed the door.

“OK you’re going to get what you want today but only if you earn it. This won’t be easy, I’m going to make you my personal slave, and only if you keep me happy will I fuck you. Do you understand?”

I couldn’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to lose my virginity and I told her I would do anything she asked.

She led me to her bedroom where after instructing me to undress she ordered to lie on my back on her bed. She straddled my chest and as she looked in my eyes, she pulled her panties to the side exposing her cunt to me for the first time. As she placed herself on my face, she told me,

“Stick your tongue out and just keep licking until I tell you to stop.”

She talked while I licked; telling me that this was what all girls liked and if I could eat pussy well I would have girlfriends all my life. After a while, I learned where she liked it best and she told me I was turning her on. She unsnapped her bra, and then slipped it off and I watched her tweak her nipples and roll them in her fingers. It wasn’t long after that she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to her and then suddenly she pushed me away and slid away from my face. I thought I had hurt her and I apologized but she told me I had done good and had made her cum. Dumb me I didn’t even know that girls came and I for sure didn’t notice any jizz spraying anywhere. She then told me about girl’s orgasms and how they were different from boys. I was sure that now would be my turn but she had other plans for me.

Now was the time for the real slave part of my day, as she had me wait on her while she relaxed. I had to clean her apartment including the bathroom and kitchen, and then I had to fix her lunch and serve it to her. She kept me naked but she had put on her extra large tee shirt. I felt silly doing housework naked but somehow it excited me to be in front of her with my dick hanging out. The best part was after I finished cleaning she had me give her a bath. She watched me fill her tub and had me take off her shirt and hold Kadıköy Escort her hand as she got in the tub. I scrubbed her whole body, even her tits and pussy; meanwhile my boner was sticking so far it made her laugh. She got out of the tub; I dried her off, and then rubbed some kind of lotion into her skin. When I was done she grabbed my hard-on again and said,

“OK boy I guess that’s enough teasing, let’s go take care of this.”

She held on to my dick while she led me to her bedroom.

She sat on her bed as I stood before her and she began to play with me. I warned her that I couldn’t hold back too much longer and she said it was all right and that she wanted me to come on her tits.

“No, no,” I cried, “I wanted to…”

She shushed me,

“Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want, but first I want you to cum before we do it, that way you’ll last longer.”

As soon as she said that, I shot all over her boobs and as I watched she rubbed my cum into her skin. She put her feet up on the bed and then spread her knees exposing her pussy to me. I already knew what to do and I dropped to my knees and put my face in it. I stuck my tongue inside her and just the taste of her honey began to excite me anew. I ran my tongue up her slit and found that little bump at the top. I put it in my mouth and rubbed it with my tongue and as I felt her shake, I knew I was doing the right thing. This time when she came, I knew what was happening and when I began to lick her faster, she came in a loud moan.

“You did good boy, now it’s your turn. Stand up and I’ll put this on you.”

She opened a drawer in her nightstand and took out a rubber. She rolled it down my dick and I realized it was finally going to happen. She had me lay on the bed and told me to relax, yeah as if I could relax. I was instructed to lie still and let her do the work. She held my dick as she hovered over me and she looked me in the eye as she slowly sat down on me. It felt fantastic yet what was even better was the fact that I finally was no longer a virgin. No matter what, that could never be taken away from me, I had lost my cherry.

Sharon smiled when I came, for she knew how much it meant to me but when I was finished, she was through with me. She told me not to come back, that she wouldn’t fuck me again but all I wanted to do was to thank her. I wanted to tell her that I was thankful for all she had taught me about girls, for giving me confidence and of course, for taking my virginity but I said nothing. I left her place walking on air knowing I had learned some of life’s big secrets and I knew I would use them on the next girl I met.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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