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August Ames

Spellbound, I stare into your eyes and I move closer to you. I see your eyes drop to glance at my lips. I lick them, making them wet. Another step and now I am close enough to touch you if I put out my hand. Again your eyes meet mine and I take a final step that places my mouth a few small inches from yours. Eyes wide, I look up at you wanting to kiss you so badly but afraid of the consequences. You are mine, I am yours, but so much separates us. Misconceptions, pain, denial, fear, so much for love to overcome. You look at me and I see so much in your eyes but do not know how much of it I understand or what I should try to guess. With a sudden decision I close my eyes to your scrutiny and lean forward, pressing my lips to yours. With a softness like that of a prayer our lips press together, silently, gently.

With no words we pull closer until our bodies are pressed against one another. With a sigh my mouth gently opens and I run my tongue across your lips. You open your mouth to me and our tongues touch. I can feel that touch through my entire body, as every nerve seems to awaken with desire and büyükçekmece escort cry out for more. My body melts with the need I have of you, as I can actually feel the shift that my body makes from casual thoughts to outright, naked lust. I want you so badly and my hands move to your hips as if for support. You grab my ass and pull me into you so that I cannot miss the hardness of your cock pressing into me. My mouth opens even more as our kiss gets stronger and deeper.

My breath begins to come in gasps and sighs as I can feel myself start to get wet. Your mouth leaves mine to trail across my face and down to my neck. I offer it to you like a vampire’s chosen. I tilt my head and my hair falls away to give it to you. Gently your mouth closes over my skin and I feel your tongue taste it. Standing upon my toes I press into you, begging you with my body to bite me, to sink your teeth into the tender flesh of my neck and hurt me. But you choose instead the gentle pressure that you know only frustrates me. With a sigh my hands drop to fatih escort my sides and I start to pull away. Roughly you wrap an arm around my waist and pull me back into you, rubbing your hard-on against my hip. I glare up at you, frustrated, irritated and only wanting more. You laugh at me and I push you away. Again you pull me back, only this time you catch my throat in your hand and push my head to the side and lean down to whisper in my ear.

“I thought you liked to play…” you breathe into my ear.

“I can’t stand it…I want you too badly,” I gasp this out through teeth clenched in a wave of lust sweeping through me, as I feel the warm air surround my ear.

I can feel your mumble of understanding more than I can hear it, deep in your chest. Your hand relaxes from around my neck and you lean down to kiss it. I lean against you, in surrender, when your teeth sink into my neck, so hard that I gasp in a combination of pain and raw need. My stomach contracts, and I feel the muscles in me tighten with need. I grab your shoulders not esenyurt escort knowing whether to push you from me or to pull you tighter. You push me backwards until I bump into my desk. Thankful for the support I lean against it as you release my neck.

“That better??” your voice is mocking and yet gentle, and I can do nothing but moan my answer as my hand moves to my neck, feeling the welts begin to raise. You pull my hand away to look at the red marks on my fair skin, and lightly run your tongue across them, as if you would take away the sting if you could. I smile at you; loving the small throb and the awareness it gives me. You lean down and grasp the back of my thighs and pick me up and place me on my desk, shoving books and papers out of the way. I wrap my legs around your waist and we share yet another searing kiss.

“I want you to fuck me,” I whisper in your ear, “Now”

You lean back to look at me, a questioning look on your face, and then you look down at my body, seeing maybe for the first time my skirt. A wicked smile lights your face as you reach down and pull my skirt up around my waist, and then roughly pull my tights down and off my legs. My eyes widen and then I smile back at you as you quickly strip your jeans off. You grab my hips and pull me forward onto you and I sink my teeth into your shoulder and my fingernails into your back as I feel you slam into me so deep that a cry breaks from my throat in the scream of your name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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