Staying Close to Home

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I had always been attracted to my mother. She’s the kind of a woman any senior in high school would love to have as his mom. Five-eight, short blonde hair – slim, but not too slim. She’d look good in anything from a bikini to a business suit. Often times at school I’d hear guys talk about her when they thought I wasn’t listening – how they say they’d give anything to lick her tits or fondle her ass – some even wish they could fuck her, name the time and the place. But there wasn’t a chance in hell of that happening – not with them.

I’ve seen my mother naked before – plenty of times. In fact, my whole family’s quite comfortable with nudity – nothing bizarre, or anything – just out of the shower stuff, going to get a towel or clothes, you know. She has long firm legs and an equally firm ass that blends into her lower back. Her tits are medium-sized, and when it’s cold in the house her nipples freeze up hard as rocks and stick out, perfect and brown. I guess she’s got a nice pussy, too – though I don’t look at it too much directly for fear that someone might notice. All I know is that it’s blonde – like her hair – and that she keeps it trimmed, for my dad, I guess.

You know when kids ask if you’ve ever caught your parents fucking? Well I have – plenty of times. There are certain nights when you can tell they are horny as hell – when they sneak into their rooms at eleven or twelve, leaving the door open for circulation and go at it hard and furiously. I’m usually working or talking with friends, but occasionally I sneak down and catch the show. They say that when they are screwing, it is expected that we mind our own business and respect their adult privileges – but hey, I was a curious virgin then, what can I say? I’m sure she noticed me a couple times, but she would have done the same in my shoes.

My father is a traveling businessman and has to leave town a lot, so the first thing he does when he returns is fuck my mom. When he’s gone, my mom resorts to her collection of dildos and vibrators that she keeps “hidden,” though both my sister and I have discovered them. We’re pretty close and talk a lot about sex – she tries to hook me up, and I do the same for her, though none of us had actually screwed anyone. She said that one day when she was home alone she snuck into the collection and played with the toys, and was surprised at how many mom had. There were big and small dildos, vibrators with twenty settings and attachments, anal probes – the works. My sister claims she tried them all, but I doubt she had the stamina then.

Well, anyway – when my dad does leave, my mom gets pretty lonely – which is tough for two or three weeks at a time. She hasn’t slept around that I know of, but I wouldn’t blame her if she did – she sure has her choice of men! I haven’t caught her masturbating, but I would love to watch her plunge a ten-inch dildo into her pussy, screaming with delight and gasping for air! I would love to be the one to plunge it into her pussy, for that matter! Hell, I’ll be the first to admit it – I have considered “incest” with my mother – but any kid would be crazy to pass up such a piece of pussy even if she was related! And I certainly was not crazy.

One day my father was out on a usual business trip leaving the three of us at home to do nothing. My mother started reading, and my sister and I watched t.v. Then my sister’s friend called and asked her to go to a movie, so she packed and left in a hurry (a guy “friend,” of course) leaving now only my mother and I alone in the house. I decided to make my move – this would be my chance. Even if she said no, it would only be a compliment to her ravishing sex appeal.

She was sitting on the couch reading cross-legged when I entered the room, with one finger twirling her beautiful hair. ‘God, she’s fucking hot’ I said to myself. I walked up and stood before her sheepishly as she continued to read.

“Hey, mom” I said. “Oh, Hey Sam – I thought you went with your sister.”

“Oh no – she went alone with some guy. They’re probably screwing in the back seat by now.”

It was out before I knew it – I was so used to talking like that in front of my sister. To my surprise my mother chuckled.

“Well, girls will be girls” she said “and boys will be boys.”

“Yes – yes, I suppose so” I said, nervously. I looked at the book. “So, is that any good?”

“Ah – the usual shit: guy meets girl, love, they fuck for two chapters and get a divorce.”

I had never heard her use that word so comfortably in front of me before – the book must have really turned her on. She looked up into my eyes. I had to act now.

“Mom – I wanted to ask you something.”

“Yes, Sam?”

“Well – I was wondering. Since I’m going off to college soon and won’t be seeing you except at breaks, and since dad is gone and so is Jenny…”

“What is it, sugar?”

“Well, I was wondering if you could teach me about – about sex, so I’d be prepared for college, you know”

Boy that came out dumb. canlı bahis I blushed, and she stopped twirling her hair. She set down the book and lay her hands at her side, cool and composed.

“What do you want to know about sex?”

“Well… basically, how to have it.”

She smiled wryly and looked down for a split second, then stared straight into my eyes, trying to look serious.

“Sam – you know what you’re asking me to do for you, right?”

“Yes, but please don’t take it like that – honest to God, you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Just think of it as a lesson – you’re the teacher and I’m the student. Plus, since dad’s gone I’m the man of the house now, right?” What a comeback! My heart started beating faster. “I suppose you have a point there, Sam” she said slowly “you are technically the man of the house now, which means you are technically the man I should be fucking when I feel horny…”

“Technically, yes.”

“Well then,” she said with a naughty grin on her face, “Let’s quit with the technicalities and get down to business – I’m horny as hell, and we can’t let Jenny walk in on us fucking, now can we?”

I smiled in reply. Slowly, using each hand as support on the couch, she lifted herself off the seat slightly, allowing her legs to swing out of their position and fall in an arch to the floor. The sun shone in and I saw once again that sweet, shaved goldness between her legs – she wore no panties. She stood up slowly and walked towards me, taking my hand. She turned and with a sway in her hips led me into the bedroom as my cock struggled against my shorts. She stepped into the room and turned to face me, moving backwards a few paces to eye me over.

“Well, everyone always said you were a hansome man” she said. “But that was with your clothes on. Now we’ll see how hot you are with them off. Strip, Sam – you’ve got to master this before anything else.”

I laughed as I flung off my shirt eagerly, then pulled off my pants. I, too, wore no underwear, and my erection stood quickly at attention. It seemed to have grown since last I saw it.

“Hey – not bad, not bad at all…” she said, smiling and nodding her head. “Well, son – it looks like you came well prepared!”

As she said this she pulled off her shirt in one fluid motion. Those perfectly succulent tits popped right out, and as the cool air hit them, her nipples froze into tiny balls of steel. She reached down and rubbed her nipples, then moved her hands to her skirt and pulled them down to her ankles. As she stepped out of her clothes, I could do nothing but stare: with the light shining in from above, she looked absolutely beautiful. Her blond hair seemed to shine – both above and below – and her tits were just begging for attention.

“Well, now” she said, “It looks like I’m the teacher and you’re the pupil. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.”

I shook my head rapidly.

“Then lets begin the lesson.”

She walked over to me and put her hands on my chest, rubbing circles around my nipples. Looking up, she opened her mouth and kissed me on the lips, letting her tongue explore my mouth and throat. She withdrew and smiled, then kissed my chin, and my neck, and proceeded kissing in a straight line down my stomach until she reached my bush of pubic hair. She ran her fingers through the curls like a barber, tugging occasionally at tufts of stray hair, and cupped my balls as if weighing them. I shuddered as she breathed on my manhood, gently stroking the base of it with her spare hand.

“The fist lesson, Sam, is called the blow job. Now, do you already know what this is, son?”

I played the fool and shook my head, wanting her to show me what I had heard about for so long.

“The blow job is a form of art, dear, where the wife – me – sucks and swallows the penis of her husband… you… until he ejaculates in her mouth.”

“Sounds interesting” I said. Boy did she sound sexy using those technical terms. “Would you like a demonstration before we proceed?”

“Yes please, mom.”

“Well, since you asked so politely…”

With that she kissed the head of my penis and licked away the pre-come, squeezing my dick and watching with delight as the head turned purple. Opening her mouth, she lowered he lips over my dick, sucking my penis into her warm, sweet mouth. I moaned as she grabbed my ass, sucking and licking around the base of my cock. I could feel my head bumping the back of her throat as her face bobbed up and down on my shaft, now sticky with saliva. I put my hand on her head, pulling her face into my hips as I began to thrust into her mouth. Faster, faster – god, I couldn’t take it any longer.

She sucked hard on my dick then relaxed back down as her head slid back and forth on my bulging cock. I looked down as she lustfully pumped my penis and then went over the edge, my hips spazzing as I spewed squirt after squirt of cum into her mouth. She pulled off of my dick and licked it clean, sucking bahis siteleri the tip dry. Looking up into my eyes, she stood and I noticed that she had a dribble of cum running down her chin. I steadied her face with my hands and licked her chin, pushing the semen into her mouth and kissed her deeply. She moaned as our tongues danced in a pool of sperm. Then she swallowed my load and I looked at her, smiling. She smiled too.

“Not bad, eh?” she said, licking her lips. “Fucking awesome” I replied, breathing deeply still.

She laughed and brought a hand to her mouth, then reached down and grabbed my penis.

“Now as you recuperate, I will teach you the next lesson” she said, leading me by my dick to the bed. “Cunnilingus is like what I just did to you, except for women. I’m going to sit on the side of the bed like this, and you sit on the floor between my legs.”

I sat down and stared up at her her pussy lips. They were soaking wet and swollen pink.

“Good” she said. “Now what you do during cunnilingus is quite simple: imagine you are staving on a stranded island and have just come across some food – my vagina. I want you to lick and suck and nibble and eat my cunt like there’s no tomorrow!”

I raised myself and quickly pinched her nipple with my teeth, then dove into her wet pussy. It was unbelievable – the folds of skin, the juice – I dug my tongue in deeper and deeper, drinking in her wetness. She tasted better than food. She mashed my head into the hot layers of her vagina, grinding her hips into my probing lips. I came across a hard button which I suspected was her clit, and started to suck and nibble without mercy.

“Ohh, Oh… That’s – that’s my cli…clitoris, Sam” she gasped. I grabbed her back and jammed my nose into her cunt. “Ahhh, Oh God. Yes – Yes!”

I plunged my tongue in and out like a piston, lapping her juice into my mouth and drinking my mother like a dog. She bucked wildly against my face – I had never seen anyone so worked up before. The bed literally bounced off the floor as she arched her back and threw her pussy into my face.

“Ohh, shit! Fuck, Sam – I’m Cumming! I’m Cum… I’m, Ohh, God Yess!”

She gave a little squeal and impaled herself on my tongue with a final thrust as ripple after ripple of her orgasm rushed down her body and past my lips. She was breathing heavily and sweating, and lay back on the bed with her arms spread, flushed and exhausted, still shaking out her orgasm. I pulled out and kissed her raw pussy lips, then joined her on the bed.

“Oh, God Sam – that… that was the best!” she looked at me and laughed. “Oh, but look at your face – it’s all sticky! Here, don’t move.”

She grabbed my face like I had done to her earlier and licked my cheeks and nose, drinking in the remnants of her own climax. She smacked her lips.

“It’s a great taste, isn’t it hubby?” she asked cheerfully. “Nothing tastes better than pussy – except virgin cock, of course! And boy does my son’s cock taste good!”

We laughed and I stroked her nipple gently, running my finger along the edge of her breast, then back up to the tip. I squeezed and pinched her tits, playing with them as I stared into her dazed eyes. My penis was erect again after its momentary siesta and was pointing at the ceiling.

“So, teacher – what’s the next lesson?” I asked, kissing her on the lips. “Wow, son – you impress me!” she exclaimed, looking down at my penis. “Virgins have got a lot more stamina these days!”

“I’m not a virgin anymore, mom!”

“Not for long, at least” she said, smiling.

She pushed herself further up the bed and lay down on her back, spreading her legs apart. I stared at her, breathing heavily with knees pointed to the ceiling, waiting for me to fuck her – me, her own son. Shit, if the guys at school could see this! She motioned with a finger for me to come to her, so I crawled up the bed on my knees and stood between her legs, stroking each thigh.

“There are two more lessons I will teach you today, Sam. The next, as you might have guessed, is what you’ve been waiting for – pure, hardcore sex. Now, you horny boy, fucking a woman’s vagina can be extremely exhausting – both for me and you – so be prepared for the workout of your life! And trust me, since I’m you’re mother, I’m going to expect extra from you!”

She reached between her legs and grabbed hold of my penis with both hands.

“I’m going to start you off in the misionary position, son, but after that I’m all yours.”

She pulled my penis forward until the head touched her swollen lips. I leaned forward and placed my hands beside her shoulders.

“Now when I tell you to, push into my pussy as hard as you can. It will be a tight fit, seeing how huge you are and how long since I’ve been laid, but once you’re in you won’t regret it. Are you ready, son?”

“I’m ready to fuck your brains out, mom.”

“Okay, then – push it in, baby – ram it into my vagina!”

I grunted and pushed my penis bahis şirketleri into her vagina, moaning as first my head and then my entire shaft sank into her pussy. Oh, god was she tight! I moved my hips a little, trying to get the feel for her pussy and holding back my all ready swelling orgasm.

“Ohhh” she moaned, “It’s been soo long! God, I love how you feel inside my pussy!”

I started slowly pulling my penis out and pushing it back in, pulling out and pushing in until I found a comfortable rhythm. She wrapped her legs around my hips and tossed her head from side to side, pulling me in closer till our pubic hairs ground together.

“Oh, baby – you’re like… ugh, like a mountain inside me! I don’t know how you fit it all in!”

I picked up my pace and was now holding on to her shoulders, pounding my hips steadily into hers. With each thrust her perfect breasts jiggled up and down – I almost came just watching her smile and lick her lips. She, too, picked up her pace and started meeting my thrusts, bucking faster and faster against my pelvis. She dug her fingers into my back and held on breathlessly as I jammed my meat into her swollen cunt, watching as the flesh on her stomach and on her thighs vibrated with each stroke. I looked down at her pussy and watched as my penis shot back and forth between my mother’s cunt lips, reaching down to catch the pussy juice that squished out of her vagina with each thrust.

Touching her clit, I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked her juices. She moaned loudly – very loudly and leaned up to give me a kiss – a kiss so full of tongue and passion that I don’t know how I managed to hold on. She put her arms around my neck and humped me wildly, kicking me on with her heels as her pussy lips began to tighten around my cock. I knew she was almost there – I could feel her stomach tighten and her breathing quicken. Then, throwing her head back and screaming, she came violently – explosively, ramming into my cock and squealing like a madwoman as the orgasm jolted through her nerves. I stopped and stared in astonishment as my mother continued to bounce on my cock – my mother on my cock! To think that I could bring so much pleasure to her!

“Holy fucking shit! Ohh… God that was – that was awesome!”

“Don’t stop now, mom – I haven’t cum yet” I said, resuming my thrusting. “Shit, you animal!” she screamed, looking down at my erect cock stuck in her pussy. “I don’t know how you do it! But hey – don’t think I give up that easily – I’m not your mother for nothing!”

With that she spun me around and I fell flat on my back. She took my hand off her hips and placed them on the bed, then unwrapped her legs and planted them on each side of my hips. She rubbed her hands over my nipples and grabbed a hold of my shoulders – and then it began. Slowly – ever so slowly she raised herself on my shaft until my head popped out of her pussy, then in one quick motion engulfed my entire penis in her vagina. She started rising and falling, picking up her tempo, and with each draw squeezed her hips and legs together, tightening her grip on my cock.

She rode me faster and harder until sweat began to drip off of her nipples and onto my chest. I closed my eyes and moaned, opening them to find her bouncing up and down my shaft, furiously hopping up and down as my penis burrowed into her pussy. She was moaning loudly too, but I was too concentrated in my own surge of emotion. Her juices were spilling all over my penis and balls as she slid my dick in and out of her vagina. Suddenly I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her down firmly – once, twice! I exploded before I knew it and sent a river of semen crashing through her cunt.

She was cumming again, and as her orgasm squeezed the fluids out of my cock I watched as streams of semen flowed out of her pussy and down to my balls. I was breathing deeply – almost choking, still thrusting my hips in the aftermath, not able to grasp that I had just cum inside my own mother’s pussy. My mother was still sitting on my cock, swaying back and forth dizzily – eyes closed. Then she collapsed on my chest, arms splayed. I kept my penis in her vagina, rubbing her ass and lower back until my cock became limp and slipped out.

I guess she fainted, for when I kissed her she did not kiss back. I flipped her onto her back and watched in amazement as the sunlight spilled over her body. She was red everywhere – her entire face flushed, and her body covered in sweat. Her beautiful blonde pussy was soaked in semen, some of which dripped slowly onto the bed sheets. I nibbled at her pussy delicately, but she did not stir. Staring at her face, I leaned over and sucked her left breast into my mouth, playing with the nipple like it were a dog’s chew toy. I bit down softly on the firm pebble, then harder, rolling her tit in my mouth. She stirred.

“Unghh, what happened?” she asked.

She lifted her head and looked at her breast, then looked at her pussy and smiled. She reached between her legs and rubbed my semen into her blonde hair.

“Oh, so it wasn’t a dream, baby!”

“No, mom – it sure wasn’t.”

“I guess I must have fainted or something.”

“That’s what it looks like, teacher.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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