Story 1

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I wait here, because you told me to do so. I wait here because I know far better than to go against your word. I comply without hesitation. I wait for an hour for your arrival. You told me you would be here at 6:45, and it is now 7:13. I worry a little, but not to a noticeable extent. I just kill time by getting acquainted with my surroundings. I set the keys to Room 208 on the nightstand and plop down on the meticulously made bed. Across the room from me is a long dresser drawer with a TV on top of it. I don’t watch it. To the right of the TV is the bathroom door. I hadn’t seen in there yet, so I get up to take a look. There’s a plain white bath/shower combo with a semi-transparent curtain around it. Across from that is a matching white toilet, and next to that is the coordinating sink. I check myself out in the mirror above that. I run my fingers softly over my face and flinch slightly as I pass over the bruise on my jaw line. I smile. As I turned off the light to the bathroom, loud thuds come from the main door.

“Lemme in!” you shout at me. “It’s fuckin’ cold out here.”

I open the door and you throw your scarf and hat on the floor and shake off the snow. You pause for a moment and look at me dearly. You pull my face to yours and kiss me, hard. Without a word, you break our embrace, pick me up, and hurl me onto the bed. I giggle a little. You know your strength gets me excited. You sit on the edge of the bed and remove your shoes. Your socks are soaked from the melted snow. You take off your jacket and toss that escort ataşehir to the pile containing the rest of your clothes.

“No one knows you’re here?” you ask without looking at me.

“No. Does anyone know you are?”

You shake your head. We’re very lucky that we never get caught. I don’t know what my boyfriend would do if he ever found out. He’d probably beat the shit out of me, without knowing that I would more than likely get off on it. He never was any good at knowing what I like. You, on the other hand, seem to always know.

You lay down on your back beside me, and I cuddle up to you and chew on your ear a bit. Now you giggle softly and smile. You put your hand over on my thigh and up my navy plaid skirt just enough to get me purring.

“Stand over me and strip. I want there to be nothing on your body.” You command directly in my ear. Your voice demanding me to do these things has me wet already. I stand up on the bed. My shoes are on the floor. I stand at your hips, one leg on each side of you. I stand with my skirt too short and my shirt too tight. I never take my eyes off of yours. I unbutton two buttons from the top, then two from the bottom, leaving only one where my bra would cross in front, if I were wearing one. I unbutton the side of my skirt and let it slide down a bit to reveal the top of my black satin g-string. I lift one leg out of the skirt then kick it off the bed with my other. You grab at my bare legs with your greedy hands and I watch you as your eyes light up more kadıköy escort bayan and more. I undo the last button and throw my shirt behind me onto the dresser. You grab at my panties and rip the flimsy thing apart. I am dripping wet.

I see you notice the moisture moving down my leg. You take your finger and wipe my cunt with it, then bring it to your mouth. You pull my legs toward you and I fall onto the bed. You bite ferociously at my neck, and grab me with your hands. I get up slyly, and make my way to the bathroom, pulling you by your shirt collar all the way there. I turn on the shower and begin undressing you, very hastily. I throw all your clothes to one side. I drop to my knees on the cold tiles and ram your cock into my mouth. I get you good and hard. I stand up and lead you to the shower. You love fucking in the shower. You stand in the tub, and I on the ledge. You reach around me and cling to my ass and I wrap my legs around you, inserting your throbbing prick into my wetness. I use my leg muscles to press my feet against the wall and ride you. You suck my wet tits and scratch into my back and ass with your fingernails. This usually means you’ll be coming soon.

“Moan for me bitch!” you scream at me, and I do. “Tell me to fuck you harder!”

“Fuck me! Goddammit! Go harder! Make me hurt!” You pound into me, and slam my back against the wall. You come for a long time, but you’re not finished. You put me back down on the tub, and slap me hard. I run into the bedroom, and you chase after me escort bostancı leaving the water running. I jump up onto the bed, soaking wet.

“You get on your fucking back like the slut you are.”

I fake whimper, but it sounds real. I do it, though. You take out some chains from a bag that I didn’t see you had. You cuff my hands together so I didn’t try to hit you. And you told me I’d regret it if I tried to get away. I believe you.

“Beg me to fuck you bitch! Tell me how bad you want my dick in your snatch! Cry for me! C’mon! How bad do you fuckin want it?”

“I want it! I want it! Fuck me goddammit!” I moan loudly. “Oh god, hit me! Hit me really fuckin hard!”

You do. I scream louder than I think I ever had.

“Again! Slap my ass! Make it hurt!” I come hard when you do this. “Please fuck me…Oh I want it!”

You push your fat cock into my spasming slit, all in one stroke. You claw at my tits as you pound into me. I scream, and you hit me again.

“Don’t you fuckin say a work till I tell you to, whore! Now get on your knees so I can fuck you like a dog, you fuckin bitch!”

I roll over and you slap my ass until it goes completely red. You push your dick in deeper and deeper still. I have to bite into the pillow to keep from screaming. You pull on my hair to get my face out of the pillow. Tears are running down my face.

“Tell me it feels good, bitch. C’mon slut! Scream for me!”

“I love it! Hurt me! I’m yours!” I shout this over and over until I come again. “Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck! I’m coming all over your prick! Mmmmm…Oh Jesus…Fuckin…Shit!” I let out a last scream as your hand goes hard across my ass again. I feel you come again.

“Goddamn! Uhn…god you fuckin slut. You feel so good. Uhn…” and you collapse on my back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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