Summer Days Ch. 04

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Christina and Justin did their best to avoid each other over the next few days. Even Ashley and Justin didn’t text much. It was simply too awkward.

For Christina, she didn’t quite know what to do. Here was this sweet little boy she raised from the time he was six. She watched him grow up. Went to all his baseball games, plays, and High School graduation. She still remembered crying as he received his diploma. And Ashley was like a daughter to her. She had known her for just as long as Justin. They did everything together. To see them in such dramatic context was almost proving too much for Christina.

They were both twenty years old and adults. Christina was not naive. Twenty year olds have sex. It’s as simple as that. But he was like her son and she was like her daughter. It was very odd to see them in this very intimate context. And to make matters worse, she learned that her stepson has an extraordinarily large penis. A penis that she was 99% sure her best friend Dana had seen on text messages thinking she was talking to a stranger.

Christina was overwhelmed. But of all the different realizations she was dealing with, one thing stuck in her mind whether she wanted it to or not.

It was Justin’s penis.

It’s substantial length and girth was something Christina had definitely never seen in real life before. Perhaps not even in the few pornographic movies she had seen. It was truly remarkable. So remarkable in fact that she couldn’t get it out of her head. How on Earth did it get so big? She imagined it standing strong with Ashley’s tiny little hand wrapped around it. The prominent head, the veins, the giant balls hanging from the bottom. She remembered the look on her stepson’s face as he watched his best friend hold his penis in her hand. It was a look of lust and desire. Something she had never seen from him before. She wanted to forget it all, but she simply couldn’t. She had to confront it directly.

Justin was lying on the couch watching TV when Christina walked in. “Hey sweetie,” she said as she took a seat on the chair, opposite the couch.

“Hey Mom.”

Even though Christina was his stepmother, Justin often called her Mom. He didn’t recall his real mother and for as long as he could remember, Christina was his mother figure. “Could you turn that off for a second?” Christina asked. “Alexa, turn off the TV,” Justin said. The room was now silent.

“Let me first say that I am sorry for what happened the other day-“

“No, Mom it’s me who should be sorry. I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Christina put up her hand indicating for him to stop. “Justin. I appreciate you apologizing. But you know what? You’re a grown man. And this is your house too. I shouldn’t have walked in on you two like that.”

“Thanks, Mom. I really am sorry, though. Dumb move on my part.”

“Thank you, Justin. Now… onto the other topic. Ashley? Justin sweetie, I had no idea you two were… a thing?”

Justin shook his head. “Naw… Ashley and I are just being goofy. She was curious about-” Justin paused, unsure how to proceed.

“About what, sweetie?”

“Umm.. she umm… she was just curious about something.” Justin looked down, blushing. Christina took the opportunity to eye her stepson’s crotch. The outline of his bulge was visible as his tight shorts were running up his thighs.

“About what?” Christina asked as she crossed her leg and looked back at Justin.

“She just wanted to see. That’s all…” Justin trailed off, still looking down.

“Justin, honey… I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me, ok?” He nodded. “Was Ashley curious about your penis?”

After a long silence, Justin nodded ever so slightly. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her in the face. The conversation was incredibly awkward for him.

Christina felt uncomfortable with the conversation too, but felt it important to help Justin feel at ease. Besides, she too had been curious about her stepson’s penis. “Justin, sweetheart, it’s ok. Justin, look at me.”

Justin lifted his head and made eye contact with Christina. She had such gorgeous brown eyes, he thought. Even at forty-two, she showed no signs of age with her smooth and fresh skin. Her brown hair was tied snug in a bun.

“Justin, I’m sure you get plenty of attention for your… umm… your penis. I’m not surprised Ashley was curious too. You’re gifted with a very large one.” Christina started laughing as she leaned back in her chair, crossed her arms and shook her head. “I mean, my God Justin I think I saw the thing from the kitchen!”

Both of them laughed as Justin became more comfortable talking about it with her. “Yeah, I guess I’m kinda big down there.”

“Kinda?!? Sweetie, that’s more than kinda. You are one of a kind I’d say.”

Justin smiled at her remarks. He was glad the situation was less awkward now and he could relax a bit. He repositioned himself on the couch. He then realized his bulge was probably canlı bahis a little too apparent so he tried to fix his shorts to conceal it better. Christina watched as he attempted to loosen his shorts up. They were simply too tight.

“Everything ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s just. These shorts, I think they’re too small.”

‘Or you’re too big,’ Christina thought to herself. She nodded as Justin continued to try and make more room. She found it humorous how much his bulge was getting in the way. “Justin, sweetheart, do you need some help?”

“I just,” Justin kept pulling at his pants. “I can’t seem to… I can’t get these things loose.”

“Here let me,” Christina said as she stood up and walked over to her stepson. She grabbed his shorts and tried to shimmy out some more slack. She was now up close and personal to his crotch area. She could clearly see the outline of his dick and balls as he writhed around in his shorts.

“Honey!” Christina laughed. “I don’t think there’s any more slack. These are too small for you!”

Justin, feeling defeated, gave up. “You’re right. I’m just so uncomfortable in them.”

Christina stood back up and put her hand on her chin, assessing the situation. “Well, no sense being uncomfortable. Why don’t you take those off and we can get a different size for you.”

Justin froze. He didn’t have any boxer briefs on as the shorts were too small to accommodate them. Plus he didn’t have any clean sets because he dragged his feet on doing laundry for so many days. He couldn’t take his shorts off now, he was naked! “It’s ok, Mom, I umm, I’ll just deal with it.”

“Justin, stop. Don’t be silly. They don’t fit you, there’s no sense wearing it.”

“Mom, I… I’m not wearing any underwear and haven’t done laundry yet,” Justin argued.

Christina stood there, hands on her hips. “Justin, I hate to say it, but I saw everything there is to see the other day. You don’t have to worry about that around here anymore, now do you?”

Christina did have a point. There was nothing left to the imagination anymore. Plus a tiny part of her, deep inside, wanted to see his cock again. She had to satisfy her own curiosity as well as confirm one hundred percent that her best friend Dana had indeed been texting with her sweet boy.

Conflicted, but losing, Justin decided to pull his pants off. They really were incredibly uncomfortable. If Christina wasn’t home, he would have them off by now. No sense in not doing that especially since she’d already seen him the other day.

Justin hesitantly stood up and started to undo his shorts drawstring. He then slowly pulled them down. His penis was already filling up with the excitement from this unique situation. His cock lazily flopped out of his pants, hanging well past his large and bloated testicles. Christina’s face was in shock. As she stood no more than 12 inches away from his cock, she stared intently at it. It was absolutely the same penis that Dana had shown her in the photo, albeit softer now. “My God, Justin. This is a very large penis,” she said as she tried to refrain from laughing.

“I hope you didn’t scare my poor Ashley with this!” Christina joked. Justin laughed and shook his head as he picked it up with his hand. He put it back down as they both continued to stare at it.

“Justin, honey. Tell me. How big is it anyway?”

Justin lied. “I’m not really sure, Mom.” Christina looked surprised. “You don’t? Justin, all men know. Surely you must have measured before, no?” Justin shook his head. “Well, then. I think we should get to the bottom of this now don’t you?” Christina walked away and headed for the kitchen. Justin remained standing there in the living room, naked and unsure what was happening still. ‘What the hell is going on?’ he thought to himself.

“This will do,” Christina returned with a tape measure in hand. She and Justin stood in silence, each staring at his jumbo sized phallus. “Can you lift it up? I just want to see something.” As Justin lifted his penis up, Christina leaned in, inspecting his balls. “Your testicles are very large, Justin. They look like they’re bigger than eggs!” Justin shrugged as Christina continued to study them. “OK, you can put him down again. Let’s see what we have here.”

“But Christina,” Just started. He subconsciously started calling her Christina instead of ‘Mom’ given the circumstances. “It’s not exactly, all the way there yet.”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” Christina said waving her hand. “I have a feeling you won’t have an issue there. Now, let’s see.” She kneeled down to get a better angle.

Next, she pulled out the end of the tape measure all the way to the 5″ mark. She placed one end at Justin’s soft penis tip. “Well this isn’t going to work is it,” she said out loud as she realized his flaccid member was much longer than the five inches she had allocated. She continued to expand it until it reached about seven and a half inches. “Seven and a half,” she said out loud as she leaned back bahis siteleri sitting on her legs. “And it looks like you’re still soft!” Christina put the measuring tape in her lap and continued to stare in admiration. “That is one big dick,” she said as she laughed.

“I told you it gets bigger!” said Justin as he clutched it with his fist.

“I know sweetie. I saw you out there,” she said as she pointed towards the pool. “Can you get hard again so we can measure?”

Justin nodded as he slowly started to stroke his soft penis. He pictured his best friend Ashley’s handjob from the other day. He imagined her surprised face each time he first revealed his dick. Then his mind wandered further. He involuntarily pictured Christina. He imagined her naked, sprawled out on her bed, inviting Justin to approach her. The fantasy had the desired effect as Justin hardened before their very eyes. Christina smiled in admiration as she watched him expand in both length and girth. She simply shook her head as she watched it get bigger and bigger before her eyes. “Look at you go, honey.”

Justin’s immense arousal from naughty mental imagery and the current situation unfolding before him helped him achieve an erection he felt was even stronger than normal. “There,” he said as he completed a couple of last strokes. “I think it’s there.”

Christina held up the measuring tape again. She expanded it out to 9 inches this time. As she placed it against his penis, she quickly realized it wasn’t enough. She pulled out to 11 inches and tried again. Justin’s powerful erection reached all the way to the 10″ ½” mark. He couldn’t even believe it.

“Ten and a half inches! Justin, you have a ten and a half inch penis!” Christina looked up. “Did you know that?”

Justin in fact did not. He thought it was just ten. “No idea, Christina!”

“Wow,” she said as she looked back down. From her position next to him, she was a mere inches away from his cock and could easily study it. She came to the conclusion that this was absolutely, without a doubt, the penis in Dana’s picture. She expected to feel angry or disappointed. But here she was, measuring her own stepson’s penis and becoming incredibly aroused by it. No, she was not mad with Dana. The feelings she had were probably more like jealousy. She wanted this penis. Why did it have to belong to her stepson?

“What a prick,” she said as if she was speaking to it.

“It’s also very thick too!” she said. “Hold on a sec.” Christina kneeled down in front of him and held the tape measure back up to his penis but this time wrapped it around the thickest part of Justin’s dick. In doing so, she held his penis with her hand for the first time. Justin immediately felt a tingling sense of arousal throughout his body all from her single touch. He compared it to the feeling when Ashley first held his penis the other day. Justin was overcome with sensitivity. He felt his cum boiling quickly. Much quicker than he expected. He grabbed his dick tightly and immediately stepped back so he was out of Christina’s reach.

“Is everything ok?” she asked, concerned.

“Yeah, sorry Mom, I just felt a pinch, that’s all.” Justin slowly walked back so she could resume her measurements. Christina again wrapped the tape measure around him. “Ok let’s see here… Umm… oh my God Justin. Six and a half inches. That’s like some kind of record!”

Christina smiled up at Justin as she held the tape measure around his penis. Her delicate, small and manicured hands carefully measured his girth. Justin was traveling to another planet. He could not control the gushing sperm coming up from the depths of his balls. He tried to close his eyes, look anywhere but down, but it was to no avail. He had reached a point of no return as his incredibly sexy and flirty stepmother held his engorged penis.

“Uh oh,” was all he managed to say as he felt the first flow travel up his shaft. “Mom… mom watch out please.”

“What do you mean?” Christina asked as a thick rope of ejaculate launched out of Justin’s penis and landed directly on her chest. “Oh dear!” she shouted as she stood up and out of the way. Justin then took hold of his penis and began pumping out the rest of his massive load.

“Arghhh!” he grunted as he shot out stream after stream of cum all over the living room floor. He wanted so desperately to stop, but it was impossible. To add to it, his natural instincts forced him to stroke his penis in the midst of the orgasm. Christina just shrieked as she covered her open mouth with her hands. She watched as Justin’s uncontrollable orgasm splattered all over the hardwood floor beneath them.

“Ohh God… fuckk… I’m sorry” he said as he closed his eyes and continued to stroke out the final spurts. Justin finally stopped, knees buckled, out of breath. He looked up at Christina who was still in shock, a thick streak of spunk all over her chest.

“Mom…” Justin said. “I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“No, Justin I’m bahis şirketleri sorry. This was my fault. I don’t know what got into me,” she said quietly as she examined her shirt. She noticed cum starting to drip down to the floor and did her best to wipe it off. “Maybe you should go upstairs and get cleaned up. I’ll take care of this” she said as she gestured towards the mess in front of them. Justin obediently went upstairs and closed the door. He sat down on the floor, naked, pondering what had just happened.


Justin had just about drifted off to sleep watching TV. He had not left his room since the incident. He was too nervous to come downstairs even to eat. He then heard a knock at the door.

“Justin? It’s Mom.

“Justin? Please open the door, honey.”

“It’s open,” Justin said as he rubbed his eyes. It was 10:14PM.

Christina opened the door slowly and peeked her head in. “Do you mind if I come in and talk?”


Christina opened the door all the way to find Justin lying in bed. All the lights were still on. The television played at a low volume in the background. Justin rolled over in bed. He was still naked, but covered by blankets. Christina walked up to his bed and sat down on the edge with one hand on his legs.

“Justin, about this afternoon…”

Christina paused and stared at Justin’s blankets. Trying to come up with the best words.

“What I did was not right. I should not have encouraged you to let me… to let me do that… measure you… all that stuff.” Christina now looked at Justin in the eyes. “Sometimes the moment can come over us the wrong way. And that’s precisely what happened here today.”

“What happened was a normal reaction on your part. Something you certainly can’t control.”

Justin was so embarrassed by this conversation. He wished it would end as soon as possible. He couldn’t look Christina in the eyes even though he felt her gaze.

“Justin I thought about this. And I think I have a solution.” Christina took a deep breath and exhaled. “It was my curiosity that got the best of me today. So let’s take that completely out of the equation moving forward, shall we? If there’s nothing to be curious about, well then there’s no need for me to encourage you like I did.”

Justin now looked up at Christina. “Christina, I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

She took another deep breath. “Your father has been gone so much. And now that you and Ashley are getting closer… Earlier I told you this is your house too. You need to feel comfortable in it.”

Justin didn’t say anything. ‘Where is she going with this?’ he thought to himself.

“Justin… it’s ok if you’d like to be around the house without… without clothes… Nude. You can be nude around here, honey.”

Justin was dumbfounded. Did his stepmother just give him permission to be naked around her whenever he wants?

“If everything you have is just out and about, in the open? Well then, that means I have nothing to be curious about, and you have nothing to get over-excited about. Make sense?”

Something about the proposal made him feel incredibly aroused. Justin nodded. He imagined hanging out with Christina and Ashley all day, letting his penis free and unbound. Christina smiled. She slapped her thighs. “Well, then. It’s agreed. You’re a free man!” she joked.

“Thanks Christina, this should be… this should be interesting,” he laughed.

“Well what are you waiting for?” she winked as she pointed to the blanket.

“Oh, heh. You’re right, huh?” Justin then slowly pulled his blanket aside. He revealed his hefty, soft penis which was lying across his pelvis hanging off the side a bit. Christina smiled and nodded as she viewed his first reveal. “Just as I remembered it,” she joked.

Christina placed her hand on Justin’s thigh, her fingers dangerously close to his cock. “I love you, sweetheart. I think this is for the best wouldn’t you say?” Justin nodded. Christina then smiled and gazed upon his penis again. It was at that moment that Justin noticed it. It was right above Christina’s left ear and taking up a very noticeable area.

“Umm… Mom?”

Christina broke her gaze from his penis and looked up? “Yes?”

“Above your… umm ear, Mom. You… uhh… have some… stuff.”

“Huh?” Christina asked as she reached above her ear. Her fingers immediately felt the glob of ejaculate from Justin’s orgasm earlier. It was now hardened and had made a nasty mess in her hair. “Oh my God!” she shrieked as she realized what it was. “Justin!” she laughed as she felt around noticing how large it was. “Is that yours?”

“Must be. Sorry about that, Christina!”

Christina quickly gave up and made a smirk at Justin. “Now I definitely have to shower. You’re a piece of work with that thing, young man.”

Christina leaned over and kissed Justin on the forehead. “Hey. I’m glad we had this talk. Things will be fine, ok?”

Justin nodded. She kissed him again before standing up and feeling his cum on her ear once again. She shook her head “Unbelievable.” After taking one last glance at Justin’s penis, she left and turned off the light. “Goodnight, Justin.”

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