Summer Rebound Fling

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At the time this story took place I stood a little over 5’7. I am still to this day on the plus size and at that point in time I was probably weighing in around 250 pounds with wide hips and 44C breast size. I have a natural wave in my hair that turns into an afro if I don’t take care of it. My hair normally has a reddish tint to my brunette coloring, but two days out in the pool a week during the summer turns me into a natural bleached blonde. I usually hold a tan pretty well but working night shift and sleeping during the day had made me almost as pale as my hair.

I’m a true blue jeans and t shirt kind of girl with a thing for cute underwear and religiously wear thongs. I rarely do my hair or wear makeup, but when I’m out on the prowl for a new flavor of the month all that changes. My curls are carefully tousled to look like I just rolled out of bed after an all day romp. My blue eyes are accented with shadow and mascara to get the most drastic effect. I have a very wide smile likened to Julia Robert’s, so I keep it basic – just enough color to catch your eye. A moment later you’re thinking what those lips would look like wrapped around part of your anatomy. I will wear a shirt cut just right to accentuate my high seated breasts and ample cleavage. Low rise jeans so you can see a peek of my thong and my piece de resistance – the “Hoochie Heels” as my friends calls them. It’s rare to catch me in anything shorter than a 3 inch spike up to my favorite, a pair of black, patent leather, 5 inch spike stiletto mules reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The night of my 25th birthday I was itching for some fun. I had been out the night before with my two best girlfriends and had spent a somewhat quiet night just out having drinks. I had just started dating a guy named Keith so I had behaved myself. He was against girls who went out and drank, even if it was a once in a while. Since that was my main plan for my birthday, he had decided not to come out with me. He called me only two hours before my friends were to pick me up to tell me he wouldn’t be celebrating my birthday with me after all. I was absolutely furious with him. After my angry phone call with him I ripped my conservative outfit off and went riffling through my closet. I quickly pulled together an outfit and sat down to redo my makeup.

When my girlfriends arrived to pick me up an hour and a half later I was greeted with catcalls and wolf whistles from my crew. I was wearing a light blue V necked tank top with lime green bra like straps & a lime lace flower, cut low to show off “the girls”. I had on low rise jeans with blue flowers embroidered down the right leg and blue and white rhinestones placed in the center of the flowers. For the final touch I had on 4 inch heeled sandals with brown leather straps spiraling up the arch of each foot. I had pinned hunks of curls to my head for a messy up do that screamed “take me back to bed!”

Thirty minutes later, my girls and I walked into the bar and I locked eyes with Lance.

The last two guys I had been involved with were more on the rugged side, so a pretty boy was definitely a welcome change for me. Lance stood about 5’10, so I was slightly taller than him with my heels on. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, a square jaw, a dark tan and a bright white smile I couldn’t take my eyes from. He was wearing white linen pants, a fitted turquoise fitted T shirt and dark brown sandals. My friends jokingly called him “Miami Vice” but all had to agree he was one of the best looking guys in the bar.

The only open table was next to his so I steered our little group over to it and escort bostancı took the seat nearest to his. My friends took turns buying me drinks and I started to get a little tipsy. Lance took over by bringing me a shot, wishing me happy birthday and introducing himself. We pushed our two tables together since he was by himself and our table was cramped with my girls. He and I conversed about many things and although he stunk of money, I didn’t believe him when he casually mentioned his parent’s yacht. I figured he was just trying to get in my pants by bragging and that turned me off. I excused myself and went up to flash the DJ some cleavage to get my songs played. I was out on the dance floor for a long time until my feet started killing me, and my buzz started to wear off. I went back to sit down and Lance was there waiting for me with a fresh drink. I shrugged him off at first and sat talking to my friends about our different men. I kept looking at Lance out of the corner of my eye and weighed my options.

Ok, this guy was probably lying to me, but I wasn’t looking for a relationship at this point in time. I had never had sex on my birthday and would like to change that and Lance looked willing to help. He was incredibly hot, had a chest so cut I could trace the ridges with my tongue and he was undressing me with his mind every time we locked eyes. I figured what was the harm? The bar had died down and it was only 12:30, so my friends were already talking about our next stop. I sat down beside him again and told him that although my friends and I were leaving soon, but I’m sure I could sneak away from them for 10 minutes if he wanted to meet me outside.

It took him all of thirty seconds to trail me out of the bar. I knew what vehicle he drove from our earlier conversation so I headed towards the only red SUV I saw in the parking lot. Before long I was thrown up against the side of the vehicle and molested. He had his hand in my hair groping my breasts and grinding against my pussy with his cloth covered penis. He managed to hit the automatic unlock and we moved into the back seat of his car. I’m not sure how long we were like that before we realized that there were high beams flashing, horns honking along with screaming and yelling from my girlfriends. I managed to get myself put back together and scrambled to meet up with my friends. I heard Lance yelling to me so I turned around and he thrust his phone towards me. I dialed my phone number from his phone and let it ring a few times before I disconnected the call and deleted my number from his call log. I rossed his phone to him and ran to get in my friend’s car.

I waited a few days to give him a call just to make him sweat a little. We talked back and forth for several days before we decided to hook up. On one of my days off I woke up to a call from Lance asking me what I was doing. I told him I was in bed sleeping and he asked if I’d have more fun in bed with him, but not sleeping. Well, that was the best wakeup call I’ve ever gotten! I got a shower and got ready as fast as I could and headed out.

I called Lance after I was on my way to get directions. I did well for the first half hour but I got totally lost and he had to end up coming to get me so I could follow him home. We pulled into his apartment complex parking lot and I flopped on the sofa still half asleep as soon as we got in the door. Lance fixed himself a Red Bull and Vodka and sat on the sofa with me and started kissing me. His cat decided to surface at this point in time to play but it was neither the time nor the place. Lance had to keep picking ümraniye escort him up and throwing him off of the sofa. Finally he got up and asked if I wanted to watch a movie or if I wanted to mess around. I asked, “Why don’t you put a porno in and we’ll kill two birds with one stone?” He smiled at me and told me he liked the way I thought. He put “Elastic Assholes” on the projector he has in his living room and we’re watching bigger than life size porn. The girl on screen was getting done in every hole she had by three different guys with three different dick sizes. It wasn’t really my speed, I prefer one on one hardcore but I got caught up in the moment and half way through this one girls act we start messing around again and he stripped for me.

He had such a beautiful body that I couldn’t stop staring at him. I knew he was tan but I had no idea he had no tan lines. He started taking my clothes off and kissing me and playing with my breasts. I start kissing and nibbling his neck and earlobes since I learned that night in the parking lot it makes him moan. I kiss my way down his chest and pulled my hair to the side so he can see me starting to kiss the head of his penis. He starts moaning again and playing with my hair as he watches. I make sure I go really slow and run my manicured nails up and down his shaft. He grabs my hand and commented on how good my manicure looked. I cocked my eyebrow, leaned over and bit on his nipple. His head fell back with a moan escaping his lips. His head snapped back to attention and he dropped my hand. “Right, carry on, sorry to interrupt”, he said with a smile. I told him I also got my toes done and wiggled them against the bottom of his balls and watched goose bumps shoot down his legs and up his chest. I got him close to cumming several times, always stopping as I felt his balls tense up. He started to tell me how mean I am when I lean down to swallow both of his balls in my mouth at the same time and begin stroking his still slick shaft with my fingertips. He cuts off mid sentence with a low, animal like, guttural groan. I take pity on him and switch from his balls to swallowing his entire shaft as he grabs two fistfuls of my hair. I begin to suck hard and bob my head at different angles till his grip tightens on my scalp. I pull off of him and he looks at me as if he’s about to go insane. I flick my tongue at the underside of where his cock head meets his shaft and hear him moan as the cum spurts from him.

I stroked his balls until he’s done than lick his trails off his stomach as he twitches. I got off the sofa and walked back the hall to his bathroom. He walked back the hall to his room and came in the bathroom and pulled my hair to the side and began kissing my neck. I rubbed the washcloth up and down his abs and asked him if he was ready to go again or needed some time. He told me he’d finish cleaning up and meet me back in the living room.

I walked back out and tried to watch some more porn. I saw yachting magazines on his coffee table and recognized the name on one of the covers from the name on Lance’s mailbox. I flipped to the cover article and read about his family and their two yachts. Poor little rich boy, eh? This was going to be more fun than I thought. Lance walked back out with some condoms and began kissing me, pushing me down on the sofa. I was now feeling in a commanding mood so I pushed him onto his back against the side of the sofa and kissed my way down his body again. I sucked him hard again and he grabbed the condoms. He rolled one on and asked what position I wanted to start in. I laid him across the sofa so he was leaning kartal escort bayan against the other side of the sofa so he could still watch the porn as I rode him. I sat across him and slowly slid him into me. He moaned as he got the whole way in. I began to rock my hips on him enjoying the feeling. I bent over him and began kissing his neck as he kissed my neck and tugged on my nipples. I began working figure eight’s until he came again. Lance asked if I wanted to go to the bedroom so I got off of him and walked back to his room as he cleaned up again and disposed of the condom.

His cat came running back the hall batting one of our used condoms in front of him. We had a good laugh and Lance threw him out and closed the door as he went back to kissing me. He was stiffening up beside me again so I asked him what he wanted to do now. He said he’d do whatever I wanted and looked at me inquisitively. I said I wanted him on top of me, pounding the hell out of me. He put another condom on and slid into me up to the hilt. He began to work against me as we locked eyes. We fed off each other getting more and more intense until I couldn’t tell who was yelling louder.

I slid my hands down his back as he started to shine with sweat. Digging my nails slightly into his back I raked them up and down as I watched his face screw up in a pleasurable kind of pain. My hands were slick now so I slid my hands down over his ass cheeks and felt the perfect square muscle snap each time he slammed into me as he swiveled his hips. I alternated between squeezing, pinching my nails into them, and tapping him lightly with my fingertips until he exploded. He got another condom and I rolled over onto my stomach. I grabbed his body pillow and folded it in half, slid it under my chest, held onto it and raised my hips for him. He gripped hard onto my hips and slid in again. I had my face in the pillow and began to moan with each thrust. Lance grabbed my head and raised it so I could see the mirror in his headboard. I watched my crouched body bent for him as he kneeled above me. It was such a contrast. Me, bowed forward, my breasts bouncing against the bed, my pale hips outlined behind my body with his tan fingers digging into them, and this golden brown body thrusting behind me. Our marathon sex session was starting to frizz my hair into an afro and I started worrying about what it looked like when he bit my shoulder. I flung my head back and watched my dark blonde curls slap his tan stomach. I tilted my head to the side and watched in fascination as I got myself fucked. My curls were in my face, my dark pink, glossy lips twisted under my top teeth and my body bouncing against him. I felt like such a porn star! I could tell he was getting close to cumming so I looked back at him in the mirror and locked eyes with him as he started to spasm inside of me. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and closed his eyes and dug his fingers into me as he violently pounded into me. Finally, he collapsed against me and we rolled over. He laid there for a minute until he could get up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back into the bedroom, he stretched out beside me and kissed my breast than cheek. He laid his hand on my breasts and he promptly passed out.

I figured I could use a nap too and I dozed off for about an hour. When I woke he was still sleeping so I snuck out of bed as carefully as I could leave a waterbed. I’ve never been one to enjoy prolonged goodbyes or the uncomfortable moments that occur after wild sex. I opened the door praying it wouldn’t squeak. I made my way out to the living room to retrieve my clothes. I quickly got dressed while I watched his cat Buster play with the multitude of spent condoms we had left behind. I grabbed my keys, had one last laugh at Buster, locked the door behind me and wondered how long it would take Lance to call me after he woke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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