Summer Weekend

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Day One

It was an early summer’s night. The sun was still shinning and the temperature was in the upper 90’s. We had just arrived at the cabin after a long drive. We were celebrating the end of our weight loss contest. You won and it shows. The cabin was located in a secluded part of the mountains of North Carolina. We took the cabin because of the nearby lake and lack of neighbors. We decided to get the unpacking done before we were to relax. You had your supply of Firefly and I have my 7+7’s.

When we entered the cabin the massive fireplace was spread out in front of us. There was a large fluffy rug on the floor in front of the fireplace. Off to the side there was a large TV hooked up to the DVD player. We heard this was a lover’s cabin as was demonstrated by the collection of dirty movies next to the player. The movies were a collection different titles that were intended to get your body in the mood for serious love making.

Moving into the bedroom we find a king size bed with red silk sheets. Next to the bed are assorted vibrators and dildos. Included in the collection is a strap-on. You pick it up and tell me that you will be using this one on me before the weekend was over.

The bathroom includes a shower that took up half the room. There were water jets in various odd positions. Several were so low that they would not miss your pussy. This made you tingle just thinking about it.

From there we moved to the deck that was off the bedroom. Here was the Jacuzzi full of water and ready to go. Next to the Jacuzzi was a lounger built for two. This was also giving you several ideas. Worn out from the trip you just strip right there and climb into the water. My dick grows inside my pants at the sight of your naked body. I return inside to make some drinks.

I return with a tray and two large glasses with no clothes on. You look down my body and notice my throbbing dick is rock hard. I climb in next to you and we kiss. It is a gentle kiss with our tongues touching each others. A shiver goes up your back as my arm brushes your nipple. We take our glasses and toast the trip and the weight loss contest. Lying back in the water we soak in the warm sun.

After a while of relaxation I feel you shifting next to me. I then feel your hand wrapping around my shaft and an up and down movement begins. My dick grows to full length. I bring my hand to your nipples and start rubbing them. This is building the sensual feelings to a higher level. I lower my hand to your pussy and can feel your heat even under the water. After some short time of playing with your clit you pull away. You move in the Jacuzzi so you are positioned in front of me. You take my dick and place it at the entrance of you love hole. As you are lowering onto me I tank your nipples and start playing with them. Taking them into my mouth and kissing them all over. Your pussy spreads open as my dick slides into you. You position yourself to be able to easily side up and down. With my mouth taking care of your breasts I move my hands around you and rub up and down your back. One hand wanders to your head where I lightly pull your hair. This is making you wild and you pump up and down faster. My dick is rubbing across your clit and I feel you building up for an explosion. This is having the same effect on me. Hit hits us at the same time. We both come at the same time and our juices flow against each others. You slump down into my arms and we lock in a passionate kiss, just hugging and squeezing each other.

After Bostancı Escort a long embrace our lovemaking has made us hungry. We exit the Jacuzzi and put on robes that we find on the lounger. In the kitchen you find an assorted variety of instant meals. You pop two into the oven and set the timer. At the same time I have started a fire in the main room. I turn the lights down low and turn the TV on. It has all the channels as it is hooked to a satellite. You walk into the room carrying our dinners with new drinks on a tray. The robe you are wearing has parted slightly and I see the curvature of your breasts in the flickering fire light. We eat as we watch an old movie on the screen. After we eat the movie ends. You suggest watching one of the DVD movies.

After looking through the collection you decide on the movie. As the screen lights up there is a couple on a trip the same as us. While they are driving the women is playing with the man’s dick. Your eyes grow large as you see how big it is. She has the buttons of her dress undone and her nipples are firmly sticking out. She leans over and gives him a blow job. We snuggle watching the movie. My hand is going up and down the front of your robe. You move a little and your breasts become exposed. I rub across your buds as we continue to watch.

The couple on the screen has pulled the car over next to a field. They exit the car and move to the soft grass. He opens her dress and pulls off her panties. Her pussy is shaved with just a hint of hair shaved into an arrow pointing to her clit. The man lowers himself down her body and starts licking you juices. As he does this I lower my hand to you pussy. I rub around the outside and you move your legs apart. You place your hand on mine and force my fingers inside of you. I look at you and you are staring at the screen. The man has stopped lick the woman’s pussy and is about to put his massive dick inside of her. You move your hand to my dick and find the juices dripping from the little hole. You take it in your hand and spread my pre-cum all over it. It helps you to slide up and down. The couple on the screen is heavily fucking each other. The scene has us both very hot. My fingers are working over your clit and you start bucking with a climax. You pull my pussy juice covered fingers to your mouth and suck them clean. Then you move in front of me and start sliding my dick between your breasts. Every time it goes up you suck it into your mouth. The leftover spit coats your breast every time I move down. The sensation drives me wild and soon I am shooting my cum all over your breasts. Exhausted we stop the movie and take a quick shower and fall asleep.

Day Two

Saturday is here and you are dreaming of me licking your pussy. The sensation is so real that without knowing it you spread your legs. The feeling gets stronger. You can’t take it so you want to rub your pussy to climax. As you lower your hand to your pussy you feel my head. You have not been dreaming, I am licking your pussy. As I lick I start pushing two fingers in and out. You start bouncing up to meet my tongue. It is so good that your pussy cums and your juice spreads all over my face. I climb up your body and you kiss and lick my face clean. Good morning is all I say.

We get up and put our bathing suits on. We plan on spending the day by the lake. After a light breakfast you pack our lunches in a basket and have me carry it out. We decide to walk the quarter mile to the lake. As we Kadıköy Escort walk we notice a power line along the path. When we arrive we find a cooler stocked with your favorite wine coolers. We set out the blankets on the private sunny beach. We enter the water and find it a pleasant temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. We swim for a while and then back to lie in the sun.

You lay on your front and ask me to put oil on your back. I start on your legs and move slowly up. Making sure I touch every part of your exposed skin. I even slip my fingers under your bikini bottom and lube your butt. I tell you it is incase you want to go naked. You spread your legs and the oil flows next to your pussy. We don’t want that area to burn. As I move up your back I find your bikini top strap. I am able to untie it with out you knowing. I am rubbing the oil in good. I move your hair and am able to until the neck strap as well. As I am oiling you I brush my fingers over the sides of your breasts. You let out a slight moan. I am finished and lay down.

After some time you decide to roll over. I watch as you roll to see your reaction. You turn and discover that you are topless. You look at me and give me your smile. Again you ask me to apply oil, not to miss the exposed breasts. I again start at your feet. Moving up slowly to your covered pussy. I tell you that you might as well lose the bottoms as well for the all over tan . You lift up your bottom for me to slip of the bikini. I slip them slowly of making sure to brush your pussy as I pass it. I then finish applying the oil.

You then tell me to lie down so you can apply oil to my front side. You have me lift my bottom so you can remove my trunks. As you lower them my dick springs out. You then take the bottle of oil and pour it over me. I ask how you will rub it in. I find out when you lie on top of me with your naked body. You start slipping around on me while we kiss. With the oil my dick is slippery and slips right into your pussy. You keep moving around until I explode inside of you. You slip off of me and lay down. We finish sunning for the afternoon.

On our way back from the cabin we stop at the shower and wash the oil off. I take the soap and rub it all over your body. Between your legs, cleaning your pussy. Up to your breasts and lifting them as I wash them. You soap up your hands and grab my dick to clean it. When we finish we cover up and dry off with the towels. I wrap mine around my waist. You laugh because my raised dick sticks the towel out. You take your towel and wrap it around your waist leaving your wonder tits in the open.

After dinner I start another fire. You tell me it is movie time again. This time you pick one out that has many different scenes. There is the girl-boy scene, boy-girl-boy and girl-boy-girl and the girl-girl scene. The first scene is the boy-girl-boy scene. They actors are all in clothes and playing strip poker. The game is even and they each are becoming more and more naked. You recognize one of the men from the movie last night. You remember how well hung he is. When they are all naked the two men take the women’s nipples into their mouths. One of them is fondling the women’s clit. We notice she is getting wetter. The same time this is happening I slip the towel from your waist. I rub your tits with one hand and your pussy with the other. You pull my towel away and start playing with my dick. The TV not displays the threesome having sex. The girl is sucking one man’s dick while Göztepe Escort the other one is eating her pussy. He then slips his dick into her pussy. They switch and the women suck the pussy juice off the man’s dick while the other man is stroking in and out of her. They all come at the same time. She swallows the man’s cum as it is flowing from his dick. The scene fades to a girl-boy-girl scene. They are already naked and kissing and fondling each other. The two women gang up on the man. One lowers her pussy on his face while the other lowers her pussy onto his dick. While they are doing this they are facing each other and touching each other breasts. After a short time the man gets up and starts eating one of the girls pussy. The other girl starts sucking the man’s dick. While she is doing this she picks up a dildo and lubricates it. She slips it into the man’s butt and starts to slip it in. As she does this his dick becomes harder and harder. The more she puts it in the harder it gets in her mouth. He finally explodes as the girl he is licking explodes.

You think back to the toys in the bedroom and get up. I just lay there watching the movie. You come back with some of the vibrators, lubricant and are wearing the strap on dildo. You tell me to get up on my hands and knees. You want to find out how hard my dick will get when you penetrate my butt. I am scared, but allow you to try. You lubricate my butt and then grab my dick. Wrapping your arms around me I can feel your breasts against my back and my dick is already growing harder. As you enter me from behind you are pumping my dick. It is really hard and ready to explode. You feel me come and pull out of me. I fall to the floor rolling over. We kiss and you remove the dildo from around your waist.

You tell me it is your turn. You climb onto of me with your head towards my feet with your butt in the air. You hand me the lubricant and a small vibrator. You lower your pussy onto my dick and I place some lubricant onto your butt. As you start going up and down on my dick I place the vibrator on high and up to your butt. It slips in easily and you let out a moan. I start pushing it in and out faster and faster. As I do this you increase your movements against my dick on your clit. It slips in and out as you get closer and closer to a mind shattering climax. The feeling of a dick in your pussy and a vibrator in your butt drives you wild. You buck wildly as you finish and roll off of me. We just lay together kissing as the movies ends and we fall asleep.

Day Three

The day starts with the tables turned. You wake me up by stroking my dick with your tongue. When you se that I am awake you turn and lower your pussy onto my face. My tongue snakes into your pussy. As I do this you suck me into your mouth. Up and down we both go until we are almost ready to explode. You get up and turn around lower your pussy onto my shaft. It slides in and we kiss. You taste your pussy on my lips and I taste my dick on yours. As we kiss you pump on my dick until we both finish. We get up and shower together. While in the shower you face the jet that is at the same level as your pussy. It hits your clit and you let out a squeal of pleasure. I lather my dick and enter your backside as the jet stimulates your pussy. Your pussy quivers from the water as I finish in your back side. Cleaning up we are sad. It is time to go home.

On the way home you have decided not to wear underwear and have a button up dress. Thinking back to the first movie you unbutton some of the buttons and flash your breasts at me. You then lay the seat back and take a nap, tired from all the sex. I have one hand on the wheel and another on your nipples, keeping it hidden from the passing trucks.

The End.

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