Tawny Learns a Lesson

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It was pleasant to have Nicole’s delicate fist wrapped around the base of his cock, but it was heaven when her sister wrapped her hand around the head.

“See, Tawny? Good head always comes with a hand job.”

Markus lay back as they squeezed and started jacking him off together, the purplish tip of his shaft emerging between Tawny’s forefinger and thumb, throbbing with their every tug. He didn’t know what he was getting into when this started, didn’t really know how he’d gotten here in the first place, but was damn glad he was where he was, sitting on the couch at his girlfriend’s with his pants around his ankles and two gorgeous sisters stroking his erection, an erection so hard it hurt.

He was oblivious as to the plan when Nicole had told him Tawny would be staying with them for the weekend while the dorms at her university were closed for cleaning. Tawny did stay the weekend occasionally to do laundry or get help with homework from the two of them, both teachers.

When he’d caught on that there was something going on was when Tawny walked in the front door looking gorgeous. Markus had been with Nicole long enough that Tawny was used to seeing him around and didn’t bother to look her best in his presence anymore, casually tossing on sweats and a headband to come over, but this evening she’d walked in wearing a cute little black skirt that left a lot of tan, athletic thigh exposed (Tawny was on the volleyball team despite being a few inches under six foot) and a tight white tee that accentuated breasts that had grown during her freshman year and a hint of dark tummy showing below the hem. She took her sunglasses off of her pert nose as she kicked the door shut with a bare foot, exposing impossibly pale blue eyes and round cheeks as tan as her stomach and legs.

Nicole came around the corner from the hallway to see who it was, and despite Tawny’s attractiveness it was clear Markus had picked the prettier sister. Nicole had cute, youthful features and a dash of freckles across her nose and cheeks that coupled with a wide, luscious smile to make her look younger than her sister despite being in her early twenties. Nicole laughed at Tawny and swept over to give her a hug, holding her younger sister against her ample breasts, and Markus took the opportunity to peek at Nicole’s ass, full and round and tucked into a flattering pair of jeans. Where Tawny was coltish and toned, Nicole was curvaceous and womanly.

“All dressed up for me, Tawny?” Markus teased, crossing his arms and leaning back in the recliner where he’d been reading.

“Uh-huh. Just for you,” she mocked. “Like my hair?” She shook her blonde tresses, more of them than last time he’d seen her. “It’s almost as long as yours!”

Markus laughed, running his hand through his own shoulder-length mane.

The evening was mostly routine for the trio, Tawny and Nicole talking about family things while Markus grilled steaks on the porch. Nicole opened a couple of bottles of Cabernet to drink with dinner. But there was a palpable tension in the night’s conversations. By the time the sun had set, the dishwasher was quietly sloshing and Markus was pouring the last dregs of the second bottle into their glasses. Whatever anxiety there had been had thoroughly evaporated and they’d laughed themselves to tears more than once.

Markus admired Nicole’s slightly tipsy smile in the soft lamplight and then turned to look as Tawny got up from the recliner to look for something in her duffel bag. When she bent over at the waist, her skirt rode up high in the back, exposing the bottom arc of her ass and a thin bit of pink fabric between her cheeks.

“Uh, Tawny? I think you’re bursa escort showing us a little more than you want to.” Markus blurted out, immediately regretting the tease; he should’ve just admired the view.

Fortunately, Tawny just giggled and wiggled her ass, the skirt swishing around her hips and exposing even more backside while she dug in her bag. Markus thought he felt his penis stirring and then suddenly realized it was Nicole’s hand on his lap, rubbing across the crotch of his shorts. He turned to look at her to find her smiling mischievously at him. She nodded back to her sister, and Markus turned in time to see Tawny straighten up and reach back with a hand to pull the thong out of her crack as she turned around. His gaze shot up reflexively to her face, but Tawny was looking at Nicole’s hand rubbing in his lap. She looked up at his face and blushed a little and opened her pink lips a bit as if to say something, but remained silent. The tension had returned.

Markus knew he should stop Nicole, but his dick was quickly growing and it felt wonderful. His gaze roamed over her sister’s body.

“Markus?” Nicole said, and he turned to look at her. She was still smiling seductively.


“Tawny needs your help with something.”

Markus blinked dumbly. Between the wine and his sudden arousal, he couldn’t catch up with what was going on. “Like, for school?”

“No, this is different,” she said, moving her hand to his belt and starting to loosen the buckle. “Tawny, why don’t you come sit down by us on the couch.” It was clearly not a question, and after a brief hesitation Markus felt her presence on the other side of him and turned to look. She was staring rapt at Nicole’s hand unzipping his pants and undoing the buttons, and the way she had sat down left her thighs parted and Markus could clearly see where those thin pink panties covered her young pussy.

“Tawny is having trouble sucking cock,” Nicole continued, and Markus whipped around to look at her, shocked. Nicole was rarely so aggressive or dirty without being in the throes of sex, so he knew she must be extraordinarily turned on. “Apparently she had a problem getting a boy at school to cum with her mouth, and she decided to ask me for help. You know she’s a virgin, and I don’t want her to have to compromise her virginity… and I was having a hard time explaining to her what to do, and I thought it might be easier just to show her, and I was wondering if you’d help us.”

While she was talking she had fished Markus’s cock, now fully erect, out of the front of his boxers and had wrapped her hand around it. He was still a bit overwhelmed, but he knew for certain he wasn’t about to do anything to stop her.

“Yeah, Markus, will you help me?” Tawny asked, having finally gathered herself a bit. Markus turned back to her and saw she had spread her legs far enough to have rendered her skirt irrelevant (as it had nearly been from the start) and her mouth was still slightly open, and he could see her wet tongue moving inside.

“I’ve seen you looking at her before,” Nicole said softly in his ear as she stroked his cock and he visually devoured her sister “and I know she turns you on. I know you want to fuck her. I know you dream about this…. about us, together…”

“Uh-huh,” Markus said dumbly.

Keeping one hand wrapped around his shaft, Nicole used the other to lift his shirt and started licking her way down his chest and wiry stomach. She rose from her seat and got on her knees in front of him as she moved down his thin, wiry body toward his crotch. “I like to tease him a little bit, see, Tawny? Lick here around his abs and inside his thighs.”

“MmmHmm.” bursa escort bayan Tawny said. She’d lowered her hand to cup her panty-covered pussy and began massaging herself. “But the boys I’m with aren’t my boyfriend, Nic,” she said quietly. “They just want me to make them cum.” “In that case,” Nicole said, grinning, “you can get right to it.” With that she engulfed Markus’s cock, sliding the first few inches into her mouth and bathing the tip with her tongue. Nicole loved to suck cock, and moaned as she fit his whole length into her face, the end slipping into the opening of her throat.

Markus couldn’t believe his fortune. He was watching his girlfriend’s sister finger herself while his girlfriend sucked him off. Tawny was grinding her ass into the couch cushion while she watched, and was now touching herself with both hands, obscuring his view but turning him on just as much. Nicole slobbered relentlessly on his dick, bobbing up and down and coating him with her saliva. She reached up and grabbed Tawny’s lithe calf and pulled her down to the carpet so she could get a better view.

When he was thoroughly wet with her spit, Nicole popped him out of her mouth and wrapped her hand back around his prick and started jacking him off. “Markus loves this,” she purred, “watching me wrap my little hands around his cock and squeeze.” She bent down and took his balls into her mouth while she masturbated him. Tawny’s face was hovering close enough that he could feel her breath on his cock, and that’s when Nicole surprised them both.

“You want to help me out, Tawny?”

Tawny looked up at Markus and slowly smiled. “Yeah, I do.”

Nicole let his balls drop from her lips and made room for Tawny to crowd in, and she wasted no time in wrapping her fist around his pulsing glans.

“See, Tawny? Good head always comes with a hand job.”

Markus watched as the two beautiful sisters stroked him. Nicole leaned in and kissed her sister’s cheek, and to Markus’s surprise Tawny turned into the kiss and soon they were ferociously tonguing while their grips tightened on his dick.

“Holy fuck that’s hot.” Markus gasped, and the girls stopped and smiled at him.

“Why don’t you take over,” Nicole said, leaning back, “and let me coach you on how to suck him off. I’ll get him to fill your mouth.”

Tawny didn’t pause at all and quickly took his cock, still wet with her sister’s spit, into her mouth. Markus groaned and cursed and buried his hands in her hair, bucking his hips up and driving his length into her warm, wet mouth. She gagged a bit as he bumped the back of her throat and he backed off enough to let her breathe but still forcefully started fucking her face.

Nicole started to strip her clothes off while she watched. “You like that, sweetie?” She asked Markus as her big, round tits came into view. “You like having my little sister suck your dick? Hmm?”

“Oh, FUCK, yes!” Markus exclaimed, watching Nicole strip while Tawny kept blowing him. “I don’t know what that other guy’s problem was.”

Nicole laughed as she lay back on the floor, now totally naked and spread her legs. “Well, to be fair, he wasn’t watching me do this, was he?” She asked as she pulled her cunt open with her fingers. It was clean-shaven and sopping wet as he knew it would be. Markus could see a rivulet of her juices already running down the curve of her asscheek towards her little pucker. Nicole frigged her clit while she watched, occasionally dipping a couple of fingers into her sticky snatch.

“Use your tongue along the underside of his shaft, Tawny,” she said as she fingered herself. “Keep him nice and wet and then wrap your escort bursa hand around the base and jack him off into your mouth. Show him how much you want to swallow his cum.”

Tawny complied, gripping his cock and establishing a rhythm with her hungry mouth. “Oh, I do,” Tawny said, looking up at Markus through her lashes, speaking with her lips on the tip of his dick. “I want him to come for me so bad. I’m so happy you decided to show me how to do this right.”

“Me too,” Markus said with a shuddering breath. As Nicole watched she felt her orgasm approaching and began making small mewling sounds of pleasure, her finger becoming a blur across her clit. She pressed down hard as the first wave broke, crying out in ecstasy, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Markus watched her writhe on the floor, her large breasts shaking with her convulsions, the moisture from her cunt coating her fingers.

After recovering herself, Nicole got up behind Tawny, whispering in her ear as her hands went to the hem of her little sister’s shirt. “You really want to make him cum hard?” Tawny murmured her assent around her mouthful of dick. “Then let me take this shirt off and let him fuck those cute tits of yours.” Tawny complied, reluctantly pulling away from Markus’s stiff member long enough for Nicole to pull her shirt over her head, exposing a sheer pink bra that quickly joined the shirt on the floor that left her breasts bare, nipples hard with arousal.

Nicole bent down to lick Tawny’s right breast, and Markus took the opportunity to join her at the left. Tawny clutched her two new lovers’ heads to her perky tits as they sucked at her areolas for a while before coating the space between them with a heavy layer of saliva.

Markus leaned back and Tawny leaned forward, looking up at him. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Never done what before?” Nicole asked, wanting to hear her sister say it.

“Never let anyone titfuck me.” Tawny said, looking naughtily over her shoulder at her sister.

“Mmm… let me help you then.” Nicole said, and reached around to press Tawny’s tits together around Markus’s throbbing cock.

He growled with pleasure as his cock thrust in her cleavage, the tip emerging at the top with every plunge between her breasts. He loved when Nicole let him hold her boobs together and thrust between them while she licked at the head each time it emerged, but it couldn’t compare with the sight of being between her younger sister’s smooth flesh and he felt his orgasm rising in his balls.

“Oh shit, I’m so close,” He panted.

“Yeah, baby, cum for her, sweetheart, cum for my little sister,” Nicole said, tweaking Tawny’s nipples and looking over her shoulder as Markus neared his peak.

Markus looked down and Tawny looked him in the eye. “Do it, please! Cum for me, Markus! Cum all over me!”

With that he could take no more and jets of cum spewed from the top of his dick. He shouted wordlessly as sticky ropes splattered across Tawny’s face and fell down onto her heaving tits, and some even found it’s way onto Nicole’s freckled features.

Markus slumped back spent, and Tawny fell back too, onto one elbow, the hand not supporting her thrusting down into her panties. Her eyes were closed with passion and her breath was ragged. Nicole leaned over and began licking Markus’s cum off of her face and tits, and soon enough Tawny was cumming too, screaming as she soaked her panties all the way through.

There was a moment of awkward awareness as the three all regained their senses in the aftermath, but they merely exchanged sheepish looks.

“So, Tawny,” Markus said at last, “Let me know if you ever need any more help.”

“Markus!” Nicole said mockingly.

“Oh, you are invited too, sweetheart.” He added quickly, grinning.

“Well, you never know,” Tawny replied, “There may be some more things I need to work on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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