Teacher’s Pet Ch. 1

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Mrs. Earle sat at her desk at the front of the class, I sat at my desk working on the assignment I had asked help on. Finally, when she had finished marking, she came slowly down the aisle and sat down beside in one of the other chairs.

“How did you make out?” taking the assignment and glanced through it. She pointed out where I was correct and where I went off track. It was nice that she tried hard not to say I was wrong. She sat back in the chair and looked at me.

“You’re very pretty, Shannon,” she finally said. “Why don’t you wear a little makeup?”

I blushed. “I don’t really know how to put it on.”

“Well, we’ll have to teach you. Go get my bag in the bottom right hand drawer.”

I went to her desk, pulled out her handbag and brought it to her. She fumbled through the contents, taking out blush, mascara, eye shadow and liner, and lip stick. Mrs. Earle pulled out a small mirror that had its own stand. She put it on the desk in front of her, pushed her chair back, and told me to sit down. On her knee? I was too flattered to think it strange.

Mrs. Earle began to show me the instruments, explaining technique first and then she had me apply each in turn. She scolded me when I applied too much blush, and we had to try the liner twice. As we worked together, I felt her arms around me, her body sometimes brushing against my back.

Finally I was done. I stared at the lady in the mirror. Mrs. Earle wore soft tones and with my pale skin, silivri escort it was just right. I felt her fingers through my hair, pulling it back off my neck and shoulders.

“Look how lovely you are! Your boyfriend will be so impressed.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“A girlfriend then?”

“Oh no!” I said

“Well, I think you are beautiful and would love for you to be my girlfriend.”

I was suddenly aware of my position; sitting on her knee, her skirt pushed up, my bare legs surrounding her flesh. I felt her hands on my arms and back. My breathing quickened.

“Would you like to be MY girlfriend?’ she whispered

I swallowed. I couldn’t answer in case my voice betrayed me, so I nodded my head instead.

“I could teach you everything you always wanted to know.” Mrs. Earle’s hands slid over my chest, began to pull my blouse out from my school skirt. Her warm fingers slid under the fabric and cupped each of my breasts. A moan escaped my mouth.

“Does that feel good? Do you touch yourself like this, late at night, in your bed?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

She pushed the bra’s material down under my breast, took the nipple between thumb and finger and rolled it gently. “Do you make your nipples hard like this?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

Her hands slid down my belly, gathered up the front of my skirt. I sat up for a second so that she pull the skirt up to my waist. şirinevler escort When I sat back down, Mrs. Earle’s fingers were sliding over my panties, pushing the material, molding it to my sex. One hand found its way down the elastic band and her fingers slid over my young bush and onto my sex, parting the lips and circling the tiny bud.

“Do you touch yourself like this Shannon.”

“No.” I said.

“No? Not late at night, with your hands between your legs, rocking back and forth just a little?”

She knew my secrets! She was prepared to show me more. Her fingers explored me expertly, turning my secret fantasies into reality. Her free hand returned to my chest and tease the nipple there. I couldn’t help myself, I began to rock back and forth on her leg, her fingers pushing into me.

“That’s good Shannon, give into it. Let it run through your veins, let me love you.”

“Oh God, oh God.” I said quietly, what was this? I’ve gone further than I have ever done myself. This heat was burning, radiating from my groin, tumbling through my muscles till I cramped down on her fingers. The climax almost hurt, it was so strong.

Mrs. Earle held me, slowly withdrawing her fingers. Tears actually came to my eyes.

“Dear dear, don’t cry! You’ll ruin our handiwork.”

I turned on her lap and buried my face in her neck. I sobbed while she rocked me, kissing my hair softly. I finally was able şişli escort to look up. She dabbed at my tears and the tiny mascara run. I dared to kiss her on the lips. She smiled and called me her sweet pet.

We held each other a little longer and just as I was sliding my hands onto her breasts she took my hands, kissed each palm. “We’ve spent far too long in here already, we must get ready to go.”

I suddenly realized how public we were and I struggled up off her lap. She stood beside and helped me button my blouse and tuck myself back in. At one point, she pulled me hard against her, her lips crushing mine but all too soon, we parted.

“We must be careful if we are to remain friends. Can you come to my apartment some times?”

“What about your husband?”

“He’s away on business, working late or playing some stupid sport. We’ll have the run of the place.”

“I could come over on Saturdays?”

“Perfect. Come on, you can walk me down to my car.”

And just before we opened the door, Mrs. Earle kissed me on the lips again. “You won’t regret this Shannon, I’ll be teacher in so many things.”

As we stepped out into the hall and Mrs. Earle turned to lock the door, I glanced down the hall and saw our Principal standing near her office door. She was looking at us. A chill ran down my spine. Mrs. Earle followed my gaze and gave Principal Ms. Langford a small wave. She took my arm and turned me around, leading me down the hall and out to the parking lot where we said our good-byes. I watched her wave as she pulled out onto the road. With my books pressed against my beating heart, I looked towards the school and saw Ms. Langford standing at her window. She smiled but it didn’t seem very warm. I put my head down and hurried home. Saturday was just two days away.

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