Teasing Daddy Ch. 01

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All persons in this story are over the age of 18. Elizabeth, as she wrote this story, had just turned 18. She lives with her daddy and is currently staying on at school to study. Here is her story…

We were sat cuddling on the sofa as we usually did, daddy stretched out and me curled up behind his legs with my head against his chest. I loved lying here like this with daddy, his arms wrapping me up so strong and tight. He was so protective of me and he would always kiss the top of my head and tell me how much he loved me. But I loved it for different reasons too. Sometimes I would bring my arm round to snuggle deeper and ‘accidentally’ brush past his cock. It made daddy squirm in his seat. I liked the feel of it, especially if there was a sexy lady on the telly and it made daddy go harder down there, it used to make me giggle. He was the sexiest man I’d ever known. He was good looking, kind, caring and he loved me more than anything in the whole wide world and I would have done anything for him. After sharing dinner, he would ask me about school, help me with my homework, send me upstairs to get showered and to put my short pyjamas on and then we would choose a film and curl up like this together most nights and would laugh together until it was time for him to tuck me in.

But tonight was a different kind of night. Daddy had come home early from work that day and was there when I got back from school. I was so happy to see him and ran towards him to put my arms around him and wait for the shower of kisses he would usually give me. But tonight was different, he didn’t return my hug as tightly as he normally did and the millions of kisses were replaced by one little peck on my cheek. I didn’t know if I’d done something wrong to daddy, maybe he’d just had a hard day at work, but it upset me to see my strong daddy as sad and disappointed as he looked tonight. He told me to go upstairs to do my homework.

“But daddy, I always do it at the dinner table, why do I have to go upstairs?”

Daddy didn’t even look at me, he looked really angry as he shouted

“Just go up, do as I ask please. Don’t question it. I need some space, some time to think” and I ran quickly upstairs and threw myself onto my bed and sobbed a little. Once I had calmed down and dried my tears, I attempted to make a start on my homework, I didn’t want to make daddy any angrier than he had been just then. I finished my homework, took my uniform off and went to shower. I thought that daddy might have shouted me down for dinner by now but he hadn’t. Distraught about daddy’s mood earlier, I confided in my diary. I write everything in there. All my thoughts, all my feelings, all my experiences. I wrote about how I wanted to make things better for daddy. Then I heard him shout up to me,

“Elizabeth, I’ve made you some nice dinner. Are you going to come down and eat with me?”

“Yes, daddy” I replied, pleased that whatever had made him so cross earlier had gone away.

He was stood there at the bottom of the stairs with his arms wide open when I saw him and I ran into them immediately. He wiped my tears away and turned my face to his.

“I love you baby, so much. Sometimes it’s very hard to be a daddy. I want you to know that no matter what happens, daddy will always love you and that you can ask me anything. I will always be here for you princess”

“I love you too daddy”, I smiled, and he held my hand and led me to the dinner table.

He was still quiet as we ate and he kept looking at me with a different look, one I’d never seen on him before. As I got up to clear the plates, daddy gestured for me to sit back down. He held both of my hands in one of his big hands and looked me deep in the eyes.

“Baby? Daddy isn’t cross with you but there’s something we need to discuss. I saw your diary this afternoon. I know, I know, I should not have read it. But I did. You know what I’m about to say don’t you?”

I thought back to the most recent times I had written in there and my cheeks flushed with shame. I turned beetroot red, my heart started to race and tears pricked my eyes. I panicked, left the table and ran upstairs, grabbed my diary and locked myself in the bathroom. My heart raced with every page, knowing that daddy had seen it all.

“Thursday tuzla escort 5th September

Me and Rachel had another row today. She called me some really bad names, even though she’s going out with Gareth now, even though I said that I fancied him. Me and Andy met up as normal behind the sports hall. I like the way he touches my boobs, it makes my knickers go really wet. He said he wanted me to suck his cock the way I’d done it to Ste once, he’d heard about how good it was!! I’m soooo happy, I’m glad the boys like it. I do it all the time but their cocks are so tiny! I sucked Andy’s cock and pulled it backwards and forward until he told me to stop and then he covered his school coat in a load of sticky white stuff. I’ve seen that sticky stuff before when I did it to Will, I was curious and I swallowed it. The boys like that the very best. I wish I could have a grown up cock some time. A nice big one just like daddy’s. Daddy doesn’t notice when I try and touch it when were alone so I’ll keep doing that.


The tears started to flow, Daddy was sure to ask me to leave the house. He was going to kick me out, I’d never see my daddy again. I thought he must really hate me. I turned the page.

“Friday 6th September

Andy said today that he wants to be my boyfriend but then I won’t be able to suck all the boys off and that’s my favourite thing. I don’t ever want to see another school boy’s cock after what happened last night anyway. Me and Daddy decided to watch a scary film in his bed. But then he fell asleep. I sneaked under the covers and had a look at daddy’s massive cock. It was so big, it was really thick and warm and I touched it. After a minute, it had gone really hard and I was scared that daddy would wake up. So I tasted it very quickly, I licked it up and down and then tried to put it all into my mouth, it was a big struggle but I managed it, and then left him in his bed. I went back to my bed and touched inside my knickers. I’d never been so wet! I’d love to do it again, but I’d be in so much trouble if he found out!


And then I knew for sure. Me and daddy were over. He’d stopped loving me now and I’d be sent away.

Just then, there was a gentle knock on the door.

“Baby, come on out please. Let Me talk to you” he sounded so gentle and calm but I was scared that if I opened the door, he’d shout and throw me out of the house for good.

“I can’t, daddy. I’m so scared, I’m so sorry. Go away daddy, please” I sobbed

“I won’t shout. Come out and let daddy make it all better”

I opened the door slowly and daddy was there, smiling through his own tears and holding his arms out to hold me. I ran into them and let daddy soothe me. After a while, he led me to my bedroom. He lifted the covers back, put me down gently and tucked me in. I lay on my side to face daddy’s warm chest and he held me tighter than he ever had.

“I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t realise how much you’d grown up. You’re curious about sex and boys, its natural. But you’re a beautiful girl and you don’t need to be doing all these things at school to the boys just to be popular”

“But I don’t daddy. I do it because I enjoy it. I like the way it feels in my mouth and I like the feeling in my tummy when I do it. Is it wrong?”

“No, it’s not wrong darling. But don’t ever do anything you don’t want to do”

“I won’t, I love you Daddy”

“I love you too sweetheart” and with that, he held me so tight, so tight that I could feel his hard cock pressing into my tummy. I could feel my big firm boobs pressing into his chest and our legs began to entwine. I looked up so I could see my daddy’s warm kind face and he kissed me softly on the lips. I kissed him back. He kissed me again, rougher this time and I didn’t pull away. His tongue darted into my mouth and I’d never felt happier. He pulled away, a look of shame on his face.

“Please don’t stop Daddy” but he kissed my forehead, pulled the covers up tight and blew a kiss goodnight. I lay there, my heart racing, wondering what the next step would be.

I was confused. I was mad at daddy for reading my diary. I was cross with him for kissing me and running away. I was sure he was going to shout but his reaction had me more confused than ever.

He could see tuzla escort bayan how feminine and curvaceous I’d become, he was fighting his own desires. I was his daughter, yet is seemed like he wanted me. Was he fighting his conscience, fighting his instincts and fighting his sexuality? But would he fight my advances? I made some plans. I wanted my daddy, to hold me, to lick me, kiss me, teach me and fuck me. I wanted daddy to fuck me. I wanted his big, hard grown-up cock inside me. After slipping my hand into my very wet knickers and rubbing until I had come, I made a plan before I went to sleep…

A week had gone by and daddy and I were beginning to return to normal. He was awkward around me at first but I continued to pretend that nothing had happened. Soon enough, we were cuddling again on the couch and laughing over the days stories at the dinner table. But I still couldn’t shake that night from my head and knew that I wanted more, I had convinced myself over that week that daddy wanted more too. The memory of that little kiss often had me running upstairs to make myself come. I couldn’t shake it from my head and I wanted him to kiss me like that again, I wanted it all! And now that the summer holidays were here, I had too much time on my hands…

I would play the dutiful daughter, washing and cleaning and having daddy’s dinner ready on the table when he came home. He was very happy with his little girl lately.

“Hi daddy. How was your day?” I asked as I heard him walk through the door.

He came through to the kitchen, cuddled me, covered me in little kisses as I giggled in his arms and he told me about his day.

“I’m just going to get changed before dinner honey”

“Ok, daddy. Oh, whilst you’re going upstairs, please could you put my clean washing on my bed for me?” I asked, purposely placing my sexiest little knickers on the top of the washing pile.

Daddy had, as expected, been upstairs for longer than he normally would, I knew he’d found it. I’d left my diary open, on the page I’d last written on, and I knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist having a peek. I didn’t care, I left it there for him to see, after all!

“Daddy’s kiss is still in my mind… I wanted him to carry on but he stopped… I loved it the most when I could feel his massive hard cock pressing into my tummy, it made me so wet between the legs. I wish he would touch me down there… he’s got such big warm hands! I wish I was brave enough to ask daddy if I could kiss and touch him down there like I do with the boys at school. I know I could make him feel nice and I wouldn’t tell anybody…”

I had crept upstairs and was watching Daddy through the gap of the door. Watching him as he read my thoughts, his little girls dirty thoughts. I watched Daddy as he began to turn red and I continued to watch as he reached inside his trousers and stroked his cock slowly.

“…I would love to show him how grown up I can be. I know he hasn’t had sex in a very long time and I’d love to be the one to make him come… I just wish he’d slip it into my mouth and let me taste it, right up until the sticky white stuff comes out, and I’d love to taste that too…!”

I carried on watching daddy, the realisation that his little princess had grown into such a naughty, dirty girl all too clear on his face. He reached over to the pile of washing and I was shocked and delighted when he grabbed my silky bra from the pile, held it firmly in his hand and stroked his cock harder and harder. He was turned on! He was coming, I could see it! Daddy was bringing himself to orgasm over my words and my underwear!

I resisted the temptation to slip my fingers inside me and pump them in and out of me in rhythm to daddy’s own movements, and reluctantly went downstairs to continue as normal. A whole fifteen minutes had gone by before I heard him coming down the stairs. He looked me dead in the eye and sat down at the dinner table.

“Chicken and pasta daddy, with that nice sauce you like. It should be ready now, I’ll just check…” and I bent right over in my short summer dress, legs slightly apart, showing off my smooth bottom to daddy. I really hoped he was watching. As I stood up, he was wriggling in his seat.

“How was your day, daddy?” I asked as I dished up. escort tuzla He muttered something about someone at work who had done something and something had happened because of it, blah blah blah.

“I’ve picked out a really funny film for us tonight. Shall we watch it together after dinner?”

“Course we can baby” he replied, with a smile.

Dinner went by, we chatted pleasantly, everything seemed so normal. I stood up to clear the plates, daddy stood up too. He held his arms out for me, I pulled myself towards him and then he held my hair, he ran his hands through it whilst looking me in the eye, he grabbed it slightly, lowered his hands to either side of my face then kissed me on the mouth. Full, hard, deep and more passionate that I could ever have dreamt. He kissed me with such a force that I found my back was pressing hard into the wall, daddy’s full weight pressed against me. “I love you baby, I love you so much…” he mumbled, between kisses. His lips roamed down my neck and his large hands found their way to the bottom of my dress. He lifted it and ran his fingers around the top of my thighs, around the elastic of my underwear and began to rub ever so gently against my now throbbing clit, through the cotton of my knickers, all the while never stopping kissing me. He was so experienced, he rubbed just the right spot, and I was so close to coming. I reached down and pulled at daddy’s hand.

“Oh God, sweetheart, daddy’s so sorry. I’m so sorry. Don’t hate me baby…”

“No daddy, it was perfect. But it’s your turn now” I said sweetly, with a smile that I know will always melt daddy’s heart. I felt my way around the band of his jeans and worked my fingers at the zip. I pulled his jeans down to his knees, followed by his boxer shorts and dropped to my knees.

I was startled and taken aback by the length of daddy’s dick! It was huge! It was long, thick and perfect. I touched it gently, wrapping my inexperienced hands around his girth. I stroked it back and forth watching as the skin moved over the head of his cock and back again. Daddy was making little groaning noises that made me giggle. I looked up, smiling at daddy, eyes wide with excitement.

“Am I allowed to taste it daddy?”

“Of course baby, taste your daddy. Do you like it darling? You’re making daddy feel so good, its ok baby, taste your daddy” and he smiled down at me.

I gently licked at the end. I licked it and I liked it. I put the tip into my mouth and sucked gently at first. I wanted him to see how well I could do it. I ran my wet tongue up and down his shaft, right along the length of it until I took his whole cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked, harder and faster, my hand working in rhythm with my mouth. I reached out with my other hand and daddy held it, our fingers entwined. His moans were getting louder and his breathing grew rapid and urgent.

“Oh baby, my baby girl. Be a good girl for daddy. Daddy loves you. Keep going baby. You’re going to make daddy come…oh…oh god…”

“Do it daddy! Come for me daddy!” I pleaded, as I hungrily sucked harder and harder. He grabbed at my hair, gently forcing my head backwards and forwards. “Now honey, daddy’s coming princess” and with that, daddy spurted his warm sticky come deep inside my mouth. There was so much of it! Some of it dribbled out onto my hands but I made sure I licked it all up. There was some left on the end of his still-hard cock and I instinctively leant in to lick it clean.

I swallowed hard, making sure I had every drop of it inside me. I stood up and allowed daddy to pull his trousers back up. He pulled me towards his chest and I could hear his heart pounding, his legs and body trembling and could feel his arms wrap so tight around me, I thought he’d never let me go.

“You were perfect baby. I loved every minute. Nobody has ever done it so good before. Come and lie with me honey” and he led me to the sofa. We put on the film and we lay as we always did, clinging on tight to each other. Daddy kissed the top of my head about a million times that night. At the end, he held my hand and led me upstairs where he tucked me in with more kisses and told me how much he loved me. I was daddy’s special girl and I knew I always would be. I’d tasted daddy. That was what I wanted more than anything. We didn’t need to talk about it, he knew how much I wanted to do it and he let me do it.

“Goodnight my darling, daddy loves you. Always”

But for me, it was time to step it up a notch…

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