The 22 Year Old College Virgin (fm)

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The 22 Year Old Virgin in College (fm)

By AnonymousNin


At the bus stop I sat and read a thick book, like usual.

There were only three people at the bus stop: me, a guy with a man bun, and a blonde sorority girl.

Man bun and sorority girl were talking to one another.

I couldn’t help but to overhear their conversation as I read.

“Do you want to have an interesting and funny chat,” the guy asked the girl

“Sure, why not, ” she replied

“I propose that we should have sex sometime, are you down?” the guy said with a big smile

“What the f–” the girl said with a genuine laugh.

“–no, no, hear me out–“

The girl smiled and laughed some more.

“We had like one class together, we never hang out, we probably won’t ever hang out. I like you and you like me, so, why not, you know?.

“Yeah, why not,” the girl said with a laugh

“And I’m pretty good at it,” the guy said with a laugh.

“I bet you are,” still laughing, “fine, fine, you’re right, we should sometime, ya know,”

The bus arrived and the three of us boarded.


All day I thought about that long haired guy and that girl. What sort of magic did I just witness? A guy asking a girl first thing in the morning– at the bus stop crying out loud!–

if she wanted to have sex. And she said yes! What the fuck.

How did this guy do that? Was it really that easy to have sex?


Later in the week I was at the bus stop reading.

It was just me and the long haired, tan, man bun, smooth talker.

I had to say something.

“Hello,” I blurted out, “I uh, I like your shirt,” I said, attempting to save myself.

The guy smiled, “uh, thank you,” he said, glancing down to his plain white T.

“Is it alright if I ask you something?”

“Sure,” he said

“I couldn’t help but overhear you the other morning, when you asked that girl if she wanted to, you know.”

“Oh yeah, turns out the sexual chemistry between us is pretty great,” he said with a hearty smile.

“Yeah, well, I’m wondering, how did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Get someone to have sex with you?”

He laughed, “I just smiled and asked.”

“Yeah, but, how come that worked?”

“I don’t know, I genuinely was interested in her and wanted to have sex with her, so I just asked.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s about it,” he said, “it also helps that I’m a funny guy, so if she said no, the whole experience would just be funny, and we both could just laugh it off.”


“Really,” the guy stretched out his arm, “I’m Jake by the way.”

“Cat,” I replied as I shook his hand, “it’s short for Catherine, and it’s good to meet you.”

The bus arrived and Jake and I boarded.


Jake sat down next to me one the bus

“Why are you so interested in the first place?” Jake asked

“Well, to be honest, its just that, I never have had sex before.” I said

“Do you want to?”

“Well, uh, yeah, duh, doesn’t everyone, I mean, yeah I do.”

“I mean, you’re a girl, like, if you just asked any guy at this school I am sure they would say yes.”

“Really, it’s that easy?”

“Really,” Jake said, “no hesitation, I would say yes if you asked me,” he said with a smile.

“And I hear you’re pretty good too,” I said and we both started to laugh. “What about the blonde sorority girl?”

“Oh, we are just fuckbuddies, it’s not like we are dating. And it sounds like you are looking for a fuckbuddy too.”

“I don’t know what I am looking for, but I would like to fuck, finally.”

(it was so freeing saying the word ‘fuck’ to this stranger).

“What year are you by the way?” Jake asked.

“I am a senior, you?”

“Freshman, Jake said, “wow that’s crazy, it’s almost impressive that you have been at this school for four years and still haven’t gotten dicked down by some Sigma Nu frat boy.”

I laughed.

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

“Like I said, I’ll have sex with you,” Jake said with a laugh, “if you just ask politely.”

Jake’s sense of humor was contagious.

“Can I think about it,” I said with a smile, “but probably, I’m down.”

“Ok, let me see your phone, if you want to fuck, text me, if not, just leave my number alone.

The bus arrived at the school campus, and Jake and I went our own separate ways.

I looked through the contacts in my phone and found Jake’s.

Fuckbuddy Jake


All day I thought about Jake. Should we have sex? My instinctive immediate reaction– yes, we should. But, the more I thought about it the more nervous I became.

‘It’s time,’ I thought to myself. I would have sex with anyone at this point, just to get my first body out of the way.


Mid-day, I summoned some bravery, and I texted young freshman Jake:

“I’ve thought about it and I am down.”

“Sweet, how about tonight then?”

“Sounds good, can we do it at my apartment?”

“Sure ??”

“Sweet, Kolej Escort I live in apartment 801, can you come over at 9?”

“Sounds good, I’ll see you then Cat!”


Alone at my apartment, I paced the hardwood floors. I was nervous.


Jake arrived.

I led him through my apartment and into my bedroom.

Jake was taken aback by the two large bookshelves in my room.

“Oh, you’ve been too busy reading these last four years. All this reading has left no time for sexy times.”


You seem kinda nervous, Jake said, “here, let’s make a game plan. We are going ot just make out and get comfortable for an hour, just kissing, and then at ten o clock exactly, I am going to take off your pants, and we are going to kiss and fuck in the missionary position. Does that sound good to you?”

I gulped, “sounds good.”

I took my large clear square Ray Ban glasses off and carefully placed them on the floor next to my bed.

I sat up and Jake kissed me.

We made out for a while, our mouths growing accustomed to each other.

I felt myself becoming more horny, “You can play with my boobs, I mean, if you want to.”

Without missing a beat, Jake’s hand slipped under my shirt, and under my bra, gripping my bare tit.

When I asked Jake to play with my tits, I meant through my shirt and bra, but this was way better.

I could feel my erect virgin nipple in Jake’s hand as he squeezed me.

Jake played with my unexplored tits as we kissed.

Time flew fast, and Jake’s phone alarm went off signifying that it was time.

“Here, I am going to take all my clothes off first.”

Jake took off his shirt revealing his toned body.

Jake pulled his pants off as I just watched. I now had a naked boy in my room, naked except for his black hipping necklace around his neck.

“Alright, your turn.”

Jake helped me take my shirt and bra off. I then, somewhat embarrassed, slipped my jeans and panties down, and Jake helped me pull them off my ankles.

“Fuck, you are so sexy Cat,” Jake teased with a smile.

“Stop it–“

“No I mean it,” Jake cut me off, “you really don’t get how sexy you are,”


“Wait,” Jake cut me off again, “let me say this before you say anything, because you really don’t know. You have a great mousy face cat, and a tiny skinny sexy body that you keep hidden, and a sexy librarian glasses reading thing going, and cute short shoulder length brown hair, and perfect tiny hershey kiss tits,” Jake pinched my nipple, “fuck, your tits are so sexy, and your small pretty pink pussy, fuck, you are sexy Cat. And what’s most sexy is you just don’t get how attractive you are.”

“Fuck, Jake, really?”


Jake’s lips found mine and he hovered his body above mine.

One of Jake’s hands found my lower lips. I did not realize just how horny and wet I was until I felt my wetness against his fingers.

Jake guided himself to the outside of me, and slipped right in.

Slowly, Jake entered my virginity.

It hurt, but I was so wet and horny, it was endurable.

Jake continued to lower himself. I was shocked at how big and deep he went inside me. It seemed like the sensation went on forever, deep into the darkest recesses of my body.

Until Jake was completely inside me, his pelvis against mine.

Jake held still against me, and we resumed kissing.

Even though Jake was completely still, I could not get accustomed to how far in, how deep, Jake was in me. I could not get used to it. It continued to hurt but I was so wet and horny, I couldn’t imagine the pain ending. I did not know that the recesses of my body went back that far. It felt inappropriate that someone could touch me so deeply. And I guess it is inappropriate, the violation of the deepest, furthest back, recesses of my body.

Jake squeezed my ‘perfect hershey kiss tits.’

I felt violated. I also felt sexy. I wanted Jake to violate me.

Jake’s hips began to ever so slightly rock into me. It was the perfect amount of movement for my sore virgin-ness.

No matter how I attempted to grasp at or explain the feeling– I could not get used to Jake’s cock inside me.

The sensation was always something new, each thrust a new and unique entity unto itself.

I moaned and whimpered as Jake took me.

My body grew more and more sensitive with each thrust, until the pain was too much.”

“Stop, stop, stop,” I moaned.

Jake pulled himself out of me.

“Sorry, it just hurts too much.”

Jake kissed my lips.

We made out for a little while, while I cooled off.

“Alright, can you just hold still this time,” I suggested.

“Sure,” Jake moaned into my lips.

Jake entered me slowly.

And again, I was taken aback by the sheer deepness of my body, how truly and fully penetrated I felt.

Jake kissed me and kept himself perfectly still.

I grasped the feeling of Jake, but I could not get used to it.

Jake Sincan Escort pinched my tits and touched me all over.

I grew so sensitive that eventually even this motionless intercourse was too much.

Jake slowly pulled himself out of me.

Jake was a good sport. He gave me a big hi five.

And I felt better about myself and the bad sex.


Jake began to put his underwear back on.

“Wait,” I said, “you didn’t cum yet.”

Jake laughed, “it’s alright, you’re too sensitive to do it anymore, I get it.”

“But still, I want you to feel good.”

Jake laughed some more.

“I can give you head?”

“Look Cat, it’s alright, It’s ok if I don’t cum.”

“No, Jake, I want to,” I said as I crawled over to him.

I pulled Jake back onto my bed and slid his underwear down.

I put my mouth to his tip and began my crude imitation of the things I had seen in porno.

We were physical mismatches for one another. Jake’s cock was too big for my mouth. I could barely get my mouth around his tip.

Jake’s cock was too big, or my mouth was too small. Eitherway, Jake still did not cum from my terrible amateur blowjob.

Eventually my jaw started to hurt, and Jake sensing my discomfort, brought my lips up to his and we went back to kissing.

“It’s ok Cat, I don’t have to cum, let’s just kiss.”

“But I want you to, I want to thank you, you should feel good.”

“You really don’t get it, Cat. I do feel good, all this has felt good, and kissing feels good too. I don’t have to cum to feel good.”

We kissed some more, dressed, and then Jake gave me another high five and left.


I layed in bed and felt bad.

Based off my pornography inspired standards: our sex was not good.

Jake just held still inside me for a half hour and then he stopped me halfway when I was giving me head.

Maybe I was meant to be a virgin. Maybe sex was not for me. Eitherway, that was a good experiment, but I don’t think I need to have sex again, not in my near future at least.


A couple nights later Jake texted me late at night.

“Hey Cat, what are you up to?”

“Oh, nothing much, what are you up to?”

“Oh, nothing much either,” Jake texted, “I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out ;)?”

“By hang out ;), you mean fuck, right?”

“Well that’s rather a crass way to put it, but yes lol”

“But it was so bad last time,” I texted.

“What are you talking about? Cat? I had a great time!”

“You’re just saying that to be nice lol.”

“No for real, and it was your first time last time, you are being too harsh on yourself, and I am sure that this time it will be even better.”

“You think so?”

“I know so ;)” Jake texted

“Ok, let’s try your apartment this time?”

“That sounds good ?? it’s apartment 415 btw.”

“Kk I’ll be there in fifteen-ish.minutes.”

I went to my closet and changed out of my pajamas into a cute short black sundress. I put my lucky black choker on and set out for Jake’s.

It was a dark chilly walk to Jake’s in just my sundress.

I arrived at apartment 415 and knocked on Jake’s door.

The door immediately opened.


Jake opened the door dressed in just a pair of light grey sweatpants and white t-shirt

“Wow, you look great Cat, I should have dressed up,” he said as he pulled me into the apartment.

“What, this old thing,” I said with a laugh.

Jake led me through his apartment and into his room.

His room was very sporty, the room you would expect from an athletic guy. There was a basketball, a lacrosse stick, and a yoga mat together in the corner; a big Washington Capitals flag on one of his walls; and athletic shoes lining the floor of his closet.

That being said, Jake’s room was extraordinarily tidy and clean. And it was not clean in the sense of, ‘hey I better clean right before a girl comes over;’ rather, it was clean in the sense of deep habits, vacuuming, and dusting.

Jake led me to the crisp blue comforter of his bed.

We sat down together.

“I really like your choker by the way,” Jake said as he touched my neck

“Thanks,” I said, “and I actually really like your grey sweats. ‘Yoga pants for men’ as they call them,” as I copied Jake, and touched his leg.

“I know were here together to fuck,” Jake said with a smile, “but do you want to watch a movie or something first.”

“Sure, that sounds awesome!”

Jake grabbed his laptop.

” Here,” Jake said as crawled under his blankets. I followed him under his comforter.

We laid together in Jake’s bed and scrolled through Netflix.

“Do you watch anime at all?” I asked.

“I don’t, but I would be totally down to watch some.”

“Here,” I said as I grabbed Jake’s laptop. I pulled up my favorite show, Fullmetal Alchemist, and we began to watch the first episode. The dialogue was set in Japanese for whatever reason. I didn’t change it.

Together Yenimahalle Escort we laid in bed, my bare skirted legs against his sweatpants. We occasionally touched and caressed one another as we watched the show. Jake’s hand found mine under the blankets and we held hands, Jake’s laptop resting on his lap.

We watched two episodes of the show like this, when, unexpectedly, Jake’s lips found my neck.

He began to gently nibbly my neck as we worked his way to my mouth. He set his laptop to the side, the Japanese dialogue of the anime still playing, and we began to kiss.

I reached to take my glasses off.

“No, keep your glasses on,” Jake commanded as he kissed me, “they are super sexy.”

Jake’s lips were moist and fruity. Jake played with the choker around my neck. Jake’s strong hands against my neck, combined with his gentle kisses, turned me on

I rolled myself on top of Jake and straddled his sweatpants-ed pelvis.

We kissed and began to dry hump one another.

I pulled Jake’s hand back to my neck as I grinded on top of him.

I could feel Jake’s largeness through his thin sweatpants.

The anime in the background, Jake pulled his sweatpants down, pulled my panties to the side, and slipped himself inside me.

Jake’s hand came back to my neck and he lightly choked me.

On top, I lowered myself until Jake filled me and I was overspilling with him.

Jake pulled the straps of my dress down revealing my tits. He caressed me, choked me, and squeezed me while I attempted to get used to him.

Gently I began to rock into Jake. It didn’t hurt that bad this time.

Jake moaned into my lips as I began to move.

It turned me on seeing how good Jake felt. I wanted to make him feel good, even better. I would do anything to make him feel good.

And I felt good too. I was really wet, and I rocked against Jake with ease. There still was some pain, but it was a good pain this time.

With each thrust, I was still taken aback by how deeply Jake penetrated me– to the deepest recesses of my soul and body. I didn’t know I could be touched that far back.

Being on top, I was in control, which helped me get used to Jake and get into a rhythm. As opposed to Jake thrusting into me.

I rode Jake and I began to moan.

Jake moaned, I moaned, we moaned together, the slapping of our pelvis reverberating around Jake’s room, with the Japanese dialogue of the Anime still playing.

It now sounded like a hentai video in Jake’s room.

“Fuck, Cat, you feel so good,” Jake moaned.

“Yes, fuck me Jake, I’m so horny for you,” I moaned back.

(All my dirty talk I learned from porn lol).

Jake chuckled and began to thrust himself into me as I rode him.

“Yes daddy,” I moaned into Jake as he choked and fucked me.

(Again imitating porn).

Jake liked me calling him daddy and thrust himself against me more harshly.

“Yes daddy, yes daddy, yes, fuck me daddy,” I moaned in rhythm, as we fucked.

My nipples were in an erect sensitive rage as they chafed against Jake.

“Fuck, choke me daddy, I’m so horny for you,” I moaned.

Jake choked me, his thumb moved to the outside of my lips, and I began to suck on it as I rode him.

“Fuck, Cat, you feel so good,” Jake moaned.

I was actually enjoying myself. This was sport sex.

I rode Jake and sucked his thumb, his pelvis now frantically pulsing into mine.

Jake was breathing hard and moaning loudly. I felt his body squirm. How bad he wanted– no, how bad he needed me. I felt the desperation in his legs and hips.

“Fuck, Cat, I am going to cum.”

I pulled my hips away from Jake’s.

Again, imitating porn, I brought my mouth down to Jake’s cock.

I tried to wrap my lips around Jake but I was a fraction of a second too late. Jake shot himself all over my face and glasses.


Jake got me a towel to wipe my face and glasses off. We layed in bed together and kissed for a while as our bodies cooled down.

“What was with that daddy stuff,” Jake asked with a smile

“I don’t know,” I laughed, “I think I saw it in a porno once.”

Jake laughed, “well, it was very porn-ish, but it was way hotter than I thought it would be.”

“I’m glad you liked it, daddy,” I teased with a kiss.

“Fuck,” Jake moaned, his hand moving to my neck, “what about choking.”

“I like it alot,” I said, “choke me daddy.”

Jake and I both laughed.

We kissed and fondled one another for a while as we fell asleep.


When I arrived back at my apartment the next morning, I took a mental inventory of last night, and how good it was. And how just a couple days before, I thought sex wasn’t for me, that I resolutely had resigned from the world of sex. And here I am now, after a night of great sport sex with Jake, a changed person. What made that night so good: Was it the chokling; was it me calling Jake ‘daddy;’ was it me being on top? Perhaps a combination of these three things. Or perhaps it was just me getting used to sex? This seems more likely. Maybe it was watching anime beforehand? Is anime the key to great sex? This seems unlikely. Eitherway, I wanted to replicate last night, and have fun sport sex again– soon.

Like a cargo cult, I inventoried all the little nuances of last night in order to replicate the situation that led to great sex.

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