Brett’s Bevy of Babes

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Brett drove over to a popular bar in Dallas looking for a good time. Brett was six four and two hundred and twenty five pounds of pure muscle. He had long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He always wore his cowboy hat and boots. His large hard dick was lonely and needed someplace warm to stay for the night.

Brett walked in and up to the bar to order a beer. He turned around and watched the people mingling and coupling. He laughed, it never changed.

A pretty little brunette came up next to him and ordered a drink. Brett watched her with interest.

Brett looked down and smiled at her. “Hey.”

“Hello.” She smiled up at him.

“You sure are cute, darlin.” He winked at her and looked her over. She had a tight little ass and round full breasts. Her dark auburn hair was down past her ass and she was hot.

“Thanks you look pretty good yourself.” Her smile grew and her green eyes twinkled.

“Are you here with someone?” Brett looked around then looked back at her with an eyebrow raised.

“No just my friends.” She giggled.

“How old are you sweet heart?” Please be old enough he thought.

“I just turned twenty one.” She leaned on the bar and stared at him.

“Well congrats.” He toasted her with his beer.

“Thanks. I’m Sadie.” She stuck her hand out and Brett shook it.

“Hi Sadie, I’m Brett. You want to join me.” He pointed at the stool next to him with his beer bottle.

“Why don’t you join me and my friends?” She took his hand.

“Okay,” he got up and followed her over to a table of beauties. Be still my throbbing cock. He muffled a laugh. He sat down and introduced himself.

They all were twenty one or older and were college students. They all were beautiful, with great tits and asses, some were short and some were tall but they all were young and eager to please.

Sadie sat next to him and kept running her hand up and down his thigh. She was hot and horny. She ran her hand over his fully erect cock a couple of times and would just look up at him and smile coyly. Brett just looked down at her and smiled. He bought them drinks and sat and talked to them all night. . He was about to leave when Sadie suggested he come home with them. “Okay I’m game. I’ll follow you in my car.”

“Okay.” They all said.

Brett followed them home to a dorm house. He got out and leaned against his truck. He lit a cigar taksim escort and smoked it as he watched the girls get out of the two vehicles they were driving. They were all gorgeous women. He wondered which one he would end up with. Sadie came over to drag him in and he went willingly. He threw his cigar away before they got to the door. The other girls went in ahead of them and went upstairs.

Sadie closed the front door and turned to face Brett. She pushed him up against a wall and kissed him hard and deep. She reached down and stroked his hard cock through his tight jeans. He moaned. She looked into his eyes with amusement. “You’re a big boy aren’t you?”

“Guess you’ll just have to find out the hard way.” He pulled her back to him and kissed her deeply. He ran his hands up and down her back and then caressed her breasts. He wanted her out of her cloths now. “I want you now Sadie.”

“Come with me baby.” She took his hand and led him upstairs.

“I’ll cum with you every time darlin.” Brett pulled her back and kissed her again.

Sadie pushed him back, “just remember you’re mine.”

“Oh baby, I won’t forget.” He smiled.

Sadie stopped outside a door and leaned him up against it and kissed him again. “Just see that you don’t. And you can’t cum in anyone but me.” She opened the door and pulled him inside. “And I’m last.” She pushed him down on the bed.

Brett sat on the bed. The girls started stripping out of their clothes. There were tits and asses everywhere. He sat there stunned by it all. The girls came over and started taking his clothes off. He let them strip him naked. He was hard and ready for anything. Sadie sat watching him and the girls interact.

Brett kept an eye on Sadie. She slowly stripped for his entertainment. He swore and felt like he was going to burst. She had a sweet tight little body with a perfect ass and beautiful tits. He wanted her now. Sadie saw from the look in his eyes what he was thinking and shook her head. She pointed to the girl in front of him and smiled.

Brett grabbed the girl standing in front of him and sucked her tits while playing with her clit. She kissed him hard sticking her tongue into his mouth and moaning. Brett pulled her down on to his lap and impaled her on his dick. He thrust up into her hard. She giggled and moaned. “You’re big and topkapı escort hard baby.” Brett silenced her with his mouth devouring her mouth as he fucked her. He thrust deeper into her tight hot pussy.

The other ladies were playing with each other and one had her tits in Brett’s face. He suckled and nibbled while he fucked the other girl. The girl he was fucking came and got off of him.

Brett looked over at Sadie, she pointed at the next girl. Brett shook his head and grabbed the next girl. He laid her down on the bed. He went between her legs and licked, sucked and nibbled her to an orgasm. He crawled up her body and thrust deep into her. She screamed as he filled her up. “Oh god baby, you’re huge.” He continued thrusting deep into her hot wet center until she came again. She moved over and let the next girl in.

Brett looked over at Sadie. She was watching him and pleasuring herself. She smiled as she licked the finger that had just been inside her pussy.

Brett swore and thrust into the next girl. She moaned and kissed him deeply, he moaned into her mouth. He continued thrusting into her; each pussy was tighter than the last one. He moaned and thrust deep into her until she came. She moved over and let the next girl in.

Brett looked over at Sadie who was watching him. She smiled and blew him a kiss. He laughed.

Brett picked the next girl up and pushed her up against the wall. He thrust up into her, she moaned as he filled her up. “Oh god baby you know how to fuck a girl don’t you?” Brett played with her tits and kissed her deeply. He continued thrusting deep into her sweet little pussy until she came. Brett let her down and grabbed the next girl and pushed her up against the wall. He thrust hard into her. She moaned and he kissed her sucking her tongue into his mouth. He continued thrusting deep into her until she came.

Brett got up and walked over to where Sadie was sitting. “Now it’s your turn, are you ready darlin?” He leaned over and kissed her deeply.

Umm-hmm, Sadie sighed as she licked her finger then wrapped her arms around his neck.

Brett pulled her up and bent her over a chair in the room and entered her from behind. He thrust deep and hard into her, thrusting his full ten inches into her tight little pussy. He groaned as he thrust deeper into her and nibbled on tuyap escort the nape of her neck. Sadie pushed her hips back into him to take him deeper. She screamed and came. “Oh baby, fuck me.”

Brett caressed her nipples and turned her around. He picked her up and threw her on the bed. He climbed up between her legs and stuck his tongue into her wet pussy. She screamed at she came. He continued feasting on her until she came again. He laughed and crawled up to her breasts taking one nipple and then the other into his mouth. He thrust deep and hard into her tight hot wet pussy. She screamed his name as she came again. He plunged deeper and harder into her. “You like to share don’t you baby.”

Brett kissed her hard and thrust into her harder.

Sadie opened her eyes and looked into his, “only if I’m the last and you only cum in me.” Brett laughed, “what ever you want, darlin. He continued thrusting deep into her until she came again. He thrust deeper into her as she arched her hips up into him taking him deeper. He kissed her deeply and let himself go, shooting his load into her welcoming pussy. She screamed as she came again.

Brett kissed her and rolled off of her. He lay down and he put his arm up over his eyes. Sadie lay with her head on his shoulder and the other girls were laying all over him. They started licking and nibbling on his body. One had his balls in her mouth while another was stroking his shaft and a third was licking and nibbling on the head of his penis. Sadie was kissing him while the others were sucking on his nipples and caressing his body until he thought he had died and gone to heaven. They all continued their assault until he felt himself ready to explode.

Brett got up and pulled Sadie to the end of the bed. The other girls left the room.

Sadie grabbed his dick and stroked it and then took him fully in her mouth. She licked his shaft up and down, paying special attention to the head. She licked and nibbled and sucked until he thought he would go crazy from the sensations shooting through his body. She caressed his balls just as he exploded into her mouth.

Brett screamed in ecstasy. Sadie milked every drop out of him, squeezing his balls gently and running her hand up and down his shaft. She licked her lips and then pulled him down to kiss him deeply. He moaned into her mouth.

Brett pushed her back on the bed and lay on top of her. He kissed her devouring her mouth.

Sadie moaned and placed her hands on his face. She pushed back from him and looked into his eyes. “You can come back anytime, baby.”

Brett laughed. “I think I will cum back darlin.” He nipped at her lower lip.

Sadie giggled and they curled up in each others arms and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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