The Argument

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We don’t fight very often but when we do it often gets heated. We are both stubborn but sometimes Brad could be unreasonably stubborn or at least that was MY opinion.

“I guess we will have to agree to disagree then” I said standing in my office.

“Sounds good” Brad murmured walking towards the door as we were ready to leave. “But I am still right” he said under his breath. Ugh, why was he always so darn hard headed.

“Have a great night Amy, see you tomorrow” I said.

Amy laughed as Brad was motioning she’s crazy hands as we walked towards the exit. “Now you are just messing with me” I said smacking his shoulder.

“Okay Miss Right” he said chuckling.

He loved poking fun trying to get a rise out of me. This time it was not going to work.

We stood at the elevator door silently side by side – why was this thing taking so long I wondered. It was 9pm and there should be no one left in the building. I glanced over and noticed Brad had this childish little grin on his face. He thought he was SO funny and this annoyed me and I didn’t want to even talk to him anymore tonight.

“Where is the elevator” I grumbled.

“Are sancaktepe escort you in a hurry” Brad questioned.

“Yes, yes I am, I want to go home and I don’t want a word out of you anymore tonight”

“oooookkkkkkkkkk” Brad said as he play laughed trying to lighten the tension between us.

He had a client visits downtown and dinner meeting earlier close to my office so we commuted together today. He looked handsome standing there with his gray suit pants and vest with a starchy light blue dress shirt which matched the fine pinstripe in his coordinating tie. This man was sexy but I was NOT letting him know the sight of him was actually turning me on. Nope, I was mad and that was final!

Finally, DING, the elevator had arrived. I got in and put my back against the wall letting my leather briefcase fall to the floor. Brad stood slightly in front to me closer to the door and pressed the Lobby button. As the door closed I could see Brads smirk and thought to myself that this was going to be a very quiet ride home. As the elevator started to descend Brad hit the ‘Emergency Shut ümraniye escort Off” button and the elevator bounced as it quickly came a halt between floors. “What are you doing” I asked even more annoyed.

Before I could utter another word, he turned around quickly and kissed my lips hard with lust and haste jamming his tongue into my mouth. I kissed back as our tongues angrily played with each other. His hands grabbed for my skirt and pulled it to my waste. Breaking from his mad kiss he fell to his knees and pulled my tiny purple thong to the ground. Tearing the thin strings as my legs spread with anticipation. “Shit” I uttered as I clenched the elevator railings.

Just as my hands gripped the bars his face dove for my awaiting pussy. His tongue lapped at my engorged lips and flicked my hardening clit.

“Ugggggggggg” I moaned.

This felt amazing and sent shivers throughout my body. He worked my pussy with precision as my juices began to flow. His hands on my round ass pulling me closer he was a master of pleasure. He moaned with satisfaction as he sucked sending vibrations throughout tuzla escort my entire body. I looked down at my stud and enjoyed watching him take part in my slick mound as though he hadn’t eaten in days. His hands now moving towards my juicy gash he spread my lips wide and took further assault on my rock hard clit. Back an forth, swirling his masterful tongue as my hips bucked away from the elevator walls.

Breaking free for for just a second he begged “Cum for me baby”

“Ahhhhhhhhh” I screamed and he ravaged my clit sucking my hard little button. My impending release was near. I could feel the inside walls of my canal tightening. He continued to wreak havoc on my slit and I took pleasure in every second as I became closer to the brink. My hands released from the rail grabbing my skirt as I flooded Brad with my sweet load. He lapped down every ounce of his reward gently sucking me dry.

Out of breath from screaming in my husband indulgence, completely spent, Brad returned to a standing position and released the elevator from “Emergency.”

He looked me square in the blue eyes “So, now who’s right” All I could do was kiss him. I could taste my sweetness on his lips as I gently nibbled on his full bottom lip.

“I’m right but I still love you.” I said

Gathering my tiny undies off the elevator floor I stuffed them in the side pocket of my briefcase and lowered my tight black pencil shirt. I thought to myself that perhaps the ride home was NOT going to be as quiet as I had thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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