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: This is in no way related to the Backstreet Boys”s song. To tell the truth: I just had trouble coming up with a decent title, so I took the easy way out and chose the most stupid one.


: NC-17


: Don”t know, don”t own, don”t imply. If homosexuality offends you, just hit the “Back”-button of your browser. You”ve been warned. The Call

It was a stupid, childish thing to do, and they both knew it. Yet, it was always how their phone calls ended, each one wanting the other to hang up first. Justin couldn”t remember how it started, but since their MMC days, it had become an unofficial tradition, to test which one of them was more stubborn or persuasive. Usually, JC won.

But not tonight.

Justin grinned while trying to put up a convincing fight. Five minutes were enough, though. “You know I hate you, don”t you, Josh? You always hang up after me. It”s not fair.”

The curly-haired man could hear JC”s smirk. It showed in his voice. “Ha! Just admit that I”m better than you. Maybe, just maybe I”ll hang up first once in a while then.”

“We”ll see.” Justin tried to hide his smile, absent-mindedly twirling the phone cord around his fingers. “I can still beat you at basketball whenever I want, though.”

“So what? Don”t tell me basketball is more important than the question who gets to hang up last.”

“Oh, I wouldn”t dare.” The smile was obvious now.

“You”d better not.” JC agreed, his amusement evident. “And now be a good boy and hang up.”

“You suck. Bye JC, see you later.”

“Aww, you”re my best friend, too.” JC laughed. “Bye Just.”

Pressing a random button that he knew wouldn”t end the conversation, but produce that typical clicking sound that would JC convince that his friend had actually hung up, Justin couldn”t suppress a smirk: The brunette wouldn”t be too pleased to hear that he had been tricked. Now, where was that click that indicated that the older one had pressed the end button, meaning that Justin had won this round?

But JC hadn”t hung up, the younger one could still hear the other man breathing, then, so unexpectedly that Justin almost jumped in surprise, the brunette began to whisper, in an oddly tender, loving voice. “I love you, Just.”

Then, there finally was the click. JC had hung up, leaving his stunned best friend staring at the phone.

Oh. My. God.

Suddenly, Justin was having troubles breathing.

This isn”t what I think it is, right? Josh was just talking about loving me in that platonic way, the little brother, you know? Like, yeah, like you love your best friend, that”s it. I mean, he is my best friend, and of course I love him, just the same as he loves me. Right? – Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody, not even myself.

Carelessly dropping the phone, the young man sank back on his bed, letting out a groan.

I”m dreaming. Please tell me that I”m dreaming. Or Chris could jump out of my closet, camera in his hands and yelling “Gotcha!”. Yeah, that would be nice. Everything would be nice, just as long as it means that this isn”t actually happening, that my best friend, the guy I”ve known for about three centuries, isn”t actually in love with me.

Okay, Justin, breathe. It won”t do any good if you”re dying because of hyperventilation. – I can handle this, all I have to do is act normally. JC doesn”t know that I heard him; nothing”s changed. As long as Josh”s not in pain, everything is alright. If he”s not hurting, then it”s okay. I don”t want him to be miserable. I can pull this off. For him.


“Hey Just!”

Justin, legs dangling in the air, sitting on a window sill in JC”s living room and enjoying the view, didn”t have to turn around to know which one of the guys was approaching him. Even without hearing JC”s voice, Justin still would have recognized the typical scent and the sound of his best friend”s steps, so he just continued to watch the lights of the city beneath them, a smile lighting up his face. “Hey C.”

He felt rather than saw the brunette leaning against the wall, studying Justin”s profile. “Are you okay? You”ve been awfully quiet.”

This time, Justin turned his head, giving JC a reassuring look. “I”m fine. Just… You know how much I hate it when you guys make me watch horror movies.”

“Hey, I told you we could always do something else.”

“I know. I just didn”t want to separate you from anyone else.” I don”t want you to miss anything you consider fun just because you”re in love with me.

“You know I don”t mind.”

Without much thinking, Justin leaned his head against the older one”s shoulder, soon feeling hands encircle his waist.

“Aw, are we witnessing an intimate kızılay escort moment here?” Joey”s voice.

Justin turned his head, nose brushing against JC”s neck during the process, feeling JC”s hands tighten for the split of a second in reaction to the touch, then the brunette relaxed again. His smirk not doing anything to make his innocent expression more believable, the curly-head shot the Italian a mocking glare. “Why, you jealous?”

“Nah, thanks. I get enough loving.”

“But you”ll never know love until you get to know my JC here.” Justin responded, squeezing his best friends” shoulders. The silly grin he got in response from the brunette told Justin that this was the right way to deal with the new discovery. Maybe he couldn”t give JC everything the older one wanted from him, but he would give him as much as he could without feeling uncomfortable. And he had never felt uncomfortable in JC”s presence yet.


Absent-mindedly stroking Justin”s shaved head, JC gazed out of the window, only occasionally glancing at the man who had fallen asleep in his lap. The last few weeks had been… odd. Or rather, Justin had been acting oddly those last few weeks. They had always been touching and hugging a lot, but now it was almost as if Justin was giving him the opportunity to feel this beautiful body on purpose. Not that JC was complaining, of course not, but it became harder and harder to ignore his growing desire, growing because now that Justin seemed to fall asleep on him constantly, he had a glimpse of what he had dreamed of for a long time, and it only made him long more for his best friend, not only for his body, but also for his love.

Somehow, it was almost as if Justin was flirting with him. But Justin was straight, or at least he had always been. And yet…

Even before Justin”s eyes opened, JC knew that the younger man was awake, knew it from experience. The blonde”s eyelashes trembled, then he slowly sat up, tiredly rubbing his eyes with the knuckles of his hand. Stretching and yawning, he gave JC a smile. “Sorry I fell asleep on you.”

JC returned the gesture. “It”s okay, you know I don”t mind.”

Justin nodded, then glanced at the TV which had been on all the time, sound down. “What are ya watching?”

“Uh…” JC didn”t know. He hadn”t even noticed the television for at least half an hour, since Justin had fallen asleep and he was able to watch him without being caught, to be exact. Luckily, Justin didn”t expect an answer, just crawled over him to grab the remote.

“Whatever it is, it can”t be good if you didn”t feel like hearing it.”

“Guess not.” JC answered, very well aware of this man who was still sprawled across his legs, trying to get the remote even though it was obvious by now that it was out of his reach.


“Yeah?” Finally realizing that he was on a mission impossible, Justin gave up and slowly retreated his body until he was coming to a sitting position, using JC”s legs to steady himself.

“Why are you acting like this?”

“Acting like what?” Innocent blue eyes, directly in front of him since Justin hadn”t completely gone back to his original position. Tempting pink lips. Almost too close, too close…

“Like… You”re always touching me, and…”

“You don”t want me touching you?” Moving, tempting pink lips. Too close, too close…

“That”s not what… I”m trying to say…”

“Then what is it?” Irresistible…

“This is what I”m trying to say.”

And suddenly, Justin could feel JC”s lips on his, moving against his own, and – oh God… JC was kissing him, and Justin forgot. Forgot that he was neither gay nor bi – because it wasn”t true. Forgot that he didn”t want JC to kiss him – because it wasn”t true. And forgot that he wasn”t in love with JC. Because he was.

With a desperate force he hadn”t known he possessed, Justin kissed back, prying JC”s mouth open with his tongue, gasping for air, but not wanting to be separated from those lips – JC”s lips – for even the split of a second. If he would die kissing JC, then at least he would die happily.

“Justin…” JC, moaning in his mouth. Justin couldn”t remember hearing anything as sexy as the sound of his aroused best friend.

“Need… air…” The brunette”s hands, stopping him, cupping his face and holding it firmly in place, a few inches away from JC”s lips. Justin struggling, not wanting to stop, not for a minute, not for a second.

But as soon as he raised his eyes, looked into those blue cobalts, everything stopped. Not only their heavy panting, everything. For a moment, the world stopped turning, then resumed double speed as soon as their keçiören escort lips met again.

“I love you, Justin.” Half a moan, half a groan, the sound muffled by Justin”s own mouth.

He answered, without even the slightest bit of hesitation. “I love you, too.” Because it was true, and maybe, just maybe, it had been true for a long time.

“Can I…?”

Justin nodded, not knowing nor caring to what he had just agreed, too caught in up in exploring the body in front of him. A tug, then JC”s hands were under his shirt, on his bare skin, roaming his back and drawing him even nearer, their lips meeting once again in a heated, lustfilled kiss. Before either of them even realized what they were doing, Justin was already lying on the floor, dragging JC down and on top of him, only breaking their kisses to come up for air.


The younger man didn”t know what he was doing, all he knew was that he wanted this shirt gone from JC”s body. Screw those buttons, maybe he should just rip it off. Doing exactly this, Justin”s hands soon found his friend”s back, groping, exploring.

JC tried a second time, more urgent, but still too dazed with lust and desire to really do anything. “Justin, stop.”

“No.” A moan, barely audible because it was muffled by his own lips, his own mouth, his own tongue.

Hands reaching out, grabbing the younger man”s wrists and holding his arms above his head, pinning the young man down with the weight of the brunette”s own body.

“Don”t you want me?” Justin was looking up at him, confusion and hurt in his eyes, and JC wanted to do everything to make that expression disappear.

“Oh God, Justin, how can you even doubt that?” He shifted a little, letting the younger man feel his erection.

Justin was bucking his hips, just to test how the other man”s groin felt against his, and for the second time, JC had to pin the younger one down to hold him in place.

“If you want me, then why do you keep stopping me?”

JC leaned down, kissing those pink pouty lips, gently and hungry at the same time. “Not on the floor, Justin. I don”t want our first time to be on the floor of my living room.”

“Can we keep the living room in mind for later, then?”

Letting go of Justin”s hands, JC grinned. “Sure.”


Before the brunette even had the time to react, Justin had freed himself from his weight and was on his feet, pulling the older man up with him and in direction of the bedroom.

JC couldn”t help but laugh at his friend”s eagerness. “Slow down, Just. This isn”t a race.”

“No, it”s not.” The bedroom, there was the bedroom. “But I am young, I am horny, and I”m in love with you.”

Not knowing how he had ended up there, JC found himself on the bed only a second later, very well aware of the young body pressing against his, on top of him, hands stroking his sides, Justin”s hips grinding against his own. The blonde”s smiling face was peering down at him. “Any questions?”

“N…” JC arched his back, trying to get closer to those hands, throwing himself into the touch. “God… No… No… questions…”

“Good.” Justin gave him one of those infamous lopsided grins, then his mouth moved down to his collarbone while at the same time, JC could feel his belt being undone, then his zipper being opened. Bucking his hips to help the younger man, his jeans were eased down, then slid off of his legs along with his socks, leaving him lying on the bed in nothing but his boxers with a beautiful young body pressed against him.

“This… is not fair.” He managed to get out, then rolled over so that he was the one straddling Justin, their erections brushing against each other.

“What”s not fair?” Eyes clouded with lust, the blonde was looking up at him.

“You are still fully dressed.” JC complained.

He got a lazy grin in response. “Well, then why don”t you change this?”

“I was just about to do it.” Shifting a little, letting Justin feel his hard on, JC enjoyed the moan coming from the now pouting pink lips, signaling him to stop teasing. He obeyed and leaned down to free the younger man from his shirt. Justin was cooperative, lifting his torso so that the older one could pull it over his head, but sinking back into the soft mattress when he felt JC”s tongue licking one of his nipples. The groan he let out was a mixture of desire and begging, pleading with JC to go on with what he was doing. Not that the brunette had planned to stop it anytime soon.

The second nipple. He didn”t even have to touch it to get it hard, it already was. Smiling a little, JC slid down, leaving a trail of kisses on his way to Justin”s pants, escort ankara enjoying the younger man”s moans, the unconscious thrusting of his hips, the choked gasp as soon as JC”s tongue found the bulge in the blonde”s jeans and slowly started to lick and kiss it through the denim.

“Josh… Please!”

It took only a second to tug Justin”s pants down, along with his boxers and socks, then JC”s mouth was back, kissing his thighs, kissing his… Oh God…

Justin almost came when he felt JC”s tongue on his cock, slowly licking down, then up again, encircling the head until he felt himself engulfed in that beautiful, hot, wet mouth. He thrust his hips, urging JC on, searching his release, needing it…

And then it was gone, the hot mouth, the wet tongue had left his dick. His groan of disappointment was swallowed by JC”s lips which came back up to him, then wandered to his ear. “I don”t want you to come yet, Justin.”

“But… I want to.” His protest sounded weak, breathless.

“We have all night…”

Justin gathered his strength, one more time rolling over and trapping JC beneath him, getting comfortable on JC”s thighs, rubbing their erections against each other.

“I… Oh God, Justin… I…”

Smirking slyly at the brunette who was squirming under him, arching his body, Justin scooted down, using his teeth to pull JC”s boxers down the older man”s legs.

Crawling back up again, he settled between JC”s spread thighs, taking a look at the brunette”s erect member, stopping to admire it before timidly reaching out to give it a few test strokes, not sure if he was doing it right. Judging by JC”s reaction to his touch, the incoherent words and moans, it couldn”t be so bad, though. A look at the older man was almost enough to make him come, just by staring at the brunette who was lying in front of him, head thrown back in ecstasy, eyes squeezed shut and legs spread open invitingly.

A last glance at JC, then he turned his attention back to the task at hand, or rather, the cock in his hand. JC voiced his disappointment when Justin”s hand released him, but closed his mouth the moment Justin”s tongue came in contact with his cock. It was too much for the brunette, too good. Giving a short shout to warn Justin, he came, spilling his seed into the younger man”s mouth who was startled, but the did his best to swallow as much as he could.

“So… You liked that, huh?” Hesitantly opening one eye, JC looked up at the face above him, not able to form words, just nodding.

“Well, I did, too.” Justin decided, inching closer to press his lips against JC”s, gently stroking the insides of the other man”s mouth with his tongue.

JC looked at him, feeling slightly embarrassed. “I”m sorry, I didn”t mean to come so soon…”

Justin”s hands were stroking his hair. “Hey, it”s okay. There”s still something you have to take care of, though…”

“Oh, there is?” Raising one brow suggestively, JC thrust up, coming in contact with Justin”s still hard member, watching the younger man close his eyes, his lips forming a silent “o”.

“Y… Yes!”

“Okay, then let”s try to get rid of that little problem of yours.”

“Yes, please, JC! Please…”

And that was the last time for quite a while that Justin was able to form anything resembling a sentence, because a moment later, there was JC”s tongue back on his cock, JC mouth engulfing him once again, one of the brunette”s hands fondling his balls, the other stroking up and down his thighs. He was back where he belonged, thrusting his hips to get deeper into JC”s mouth, moaning, whimpering, begging his lover to swallow more of him. When JC did, it was more than he could handle, and he thrust in one more time before really going over the edge. Justin”s orgasm was audible, echoing through the house.

JC swallowed, then climbed back up, watching the beautiful man beneath him with a smile. Justin”s chest was heaving, his eyes closed tightly, doing his best to recover.

Justin opened his eyes to found the brunette looking down at him, propped on his elbows to support his weight, one hand stroking Justin”s shaved head. “You liked that, too?”

Even if he had tried, Justin wouldn”t have been able to stop the smile forming on his lips. “Yeah, I think I did.”

Okay, that was the understatement of the year and JC”s smirk showed that the brunette was aware of that.

“Care to do it again?”

“Hell, yes! Although at the moment, I”d rather have a little time to recover in the arms of the man I love.”

“Want me to get Lance for you?”

“Don”t you dare getting up, Joshua Scott Chasez. You really think that now that I have you, I”d let you go that easily?”

“My, aren”t we possessive all of a sudden?”

“Hey, you get me in return, so it”s only fair, isn”t it?”

“I think I made the better deal here.”



“Shut up and kiss me.”



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