The Graces Ch. 07

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Gene Grace was riveted by the vision of his sexy daughter-in-law lying naked across his living room couch, her long brunette hair swirling behind her head and framing her beautiful face. He settled his eyes on her trimmed brunette bush accessible to his gaze between her shapely and wide open legs. She met his stare with a big smile and sparkling brown eyes and lifted her eyebrows.

“Pretty good, huh?” she asked with a naughty look.

“Stunning,” he replied, also smiling mischievously. “Perfect in every way, I know I must be dreaming, because I’ve had this dream before.”

“Oh, really?” Kate inquired.

“Since the moment you and Tom came back from college to meet Janet and me, twenty some years ago,” he admitted. “You were, and are, charming, desirable and a feast for the senses, my cock gets hard whenever I’m near you.”

“Really? How nice,” Kate responded, moving her hands to press her abundant breasts together and lifting her hips, which tensed the muscles of her thighs and abdomen and thrust her mons, rouged from mother-in-law Joi’s just completed lovemaking, towards Gene.

“You know that Joi fucked your son recently?” she asked.

“Of course, we have no secrets, Joi and I and we respect each other’s sensuality while we remain faithful and true to our relationship,” Gene explained, slipping off his boots and stepping over beside the sofa to stand above his lovely daughter-in-law. “Frankly, I was surprised because I have always thought Tom was severely straight-laced and beyond temptation.”

“Not so much now, apparently,” Kate said, “but the least I can do is

return the favor.”

“I’d say it looks like Joi has made you part of our family’s sex life already,” said her father-in law, unbuttoning his shirt and laying it on the side chair. “Did she tell you we have been fucking your gorgeous daughter?”

“She mentioned it when I told her how long I had been banging Liam,” Kate says, “but I am a little jealous.”

“Ah, so your son is part of the family love circle, that’s awesome,” Gene said, unsnapping his jeans and sliding them down his legs to step out. “I don’t think Leslie knows about that.”

“She might suspect, but I don’t know, we’ve never talked much about sex,” Kate replied.

“Well, Katherine Elizabeth, she has learned quite a lot since she moved in with us and we have thoroughly enjoyed being her teachers and lovers,” Gene said, “but I am incredibly excited to see you nude at last, your beauty is unique, you’re always fashionable and beautifully dressed, but seeing you like this is a magnificent gift and a blessing.”

Her father-in-law was not as tall as either her husband or son, but he was heavily muscled, his firm biceps, hard pectorals, and flexing quadriceps taunt under his ruddy skin. Trimmed gray hair framed a handsome face, accentuating his rugged good looks. Until now, Kate had just admired his form and fitness. But revealed this way, his attractive physique was an alluring aphrodisiac. Kate stared at Gene’s groin, still sheathed in tight bikini briefs, but revealing the thickening cock that was beginning to overwhelm the elastic waistband.

“My goodness, Gene, I see what you mean about getting hard,” she said, her eyes slitting with passion.

Gene knelt beside Kate’s prone form and rested a hand on the outstretched thigh, lightly stroking the inner surface from the knee to the trimmed and fragrant bush. Leaning over his daughter-in-law’s body, he kissed the large aureole of one breast and ran his tongue around the hardening nipple. Kate dropped one hand to her father-in-law’s crotch and rubbed sinuously along his gigantic love muscle.

“Gene, oh, god, Gene, that’s really something, that cock you have, jeez,” she said with obvious admiration, stroking the hard prick and pulling away the top of his briefs to free the massive tool.

Now rampant, Gene’s cock thrust out from his pubic triangle, too heavy to stay upright, and the wide purple glans rested on the sofa cushion. Kate looked at the colossal 11-inch column of cockmeat and moaned, “Oh, daddy, look at you, look at you, wow, I can’t believe you get that beautiful prick in your wife or granddaughter, it’s enormous.”

“Both Joi and Leslie have mastered this brute, and so will you, my exquisite daughter-in-law, just you wait and see,” said Gene, pushing off his briefs with the hand that was not rubbing fiercely at Kate’s cunt.

He introduced two fingers into Kate’s wet bursa escort recesses, well-dampened from her avid lovemaking with her step-mother-in-law. His lips returned to her breast and he sucked strongly, drawing the tit into his mouth and lashing the nipple with his tongue.

Kate’s hand could not completely encircle the girth of Gene’s huge prong, so she satisfied herself with rubbing vigorously along the underside with her palm and squeezing the sides with her thumb and fingers. Gene groaned over her tit and his thumb in her crotch pushed at her hard, erect clit. Kate spread her legs even further, raising one to the top of the sofa back and stretching the other out beside Gene’s thigh.

Digging his hand into her vagina, he quickened the tempo of his thrusting fingers and dragged the heel of his hand across the top of her mons, squashing her clit roughly, while his thumb rubbed across the opening of her cunt and pinched at her labia.

Lifting his face from her tit, he said, “Cum for me, you sultry bitch, come for your daddy, let me have your cum all over my fingers, soak me with your cream.”

An intense tingle shot through her loins and she orgasmed immediately. Gene felt her cunt tighten and his fingers were drenched with her sappy flow.

“Oh, Pap G, sweet daddy, that’s so good, I’m cumming quick for you, darling, what a kick to have your hands and mouth on me, I never expected, this excitement, this magic,” Kate gasped between deep breaths.

Gene leaned over her torso and licked powerfully across the curves of her boobs, lashing her nipples with his tongue and kissing into her cleavage.

Kate’s hand pulled insistently on the enormous prickpole that stretched out at her side, gripping the thick, veiny staff, gently massaging the plum-sized glans and then cupping and tugging at his swollen balls. Gene’s hips slowly swayed as she administered the eager hand job, but his attention was devoted to her impressive jugs and slippery snatch. Slowly, Kate relaxed her legs and Gene withdrew his hand from the junction of her thighs. He brought his wet digits to his mouth, drawing a deep breath of her musk through his nose before he sucked the cum syrup off his hand.

“Kiss me,” Kate asked passionately.

His lips smeared with her cum, Gene leaned down and kissed her with urgent ardor, darting his tongue in her mouth and she replied with her own in his. Releasing his dick, she circled her arms around his neck and held him tightly. The kiss lasted for minutes.

When Gene finally straightened up, Kate slid off the sofa and grabbed his immense rod with both her hands.

“Sit,” she said, running her fists up and down the pole.

Gene eased his buttocks up on the sofa and leaned back as Kate jacked him powerfully, slamming her hands in his crotch and then sliding her tight grip up to the pricktip repeatedly. She kissed his glans and licked behind the ridge then settled her lips on the head and let her ovaled lips stretch out as they surrounded the shaft.

“Your lips are so soft and lovely,” Gene whispered. “They look incredible wrapped around my cock.”

Kate looked up into his eyes and he could see how aroused she was as she hollowed her cheeks and sucked on his dick. He raised his hips slightly to give another inch to her and her eyes opened wide. Gene could feel her teeth rattling down the surfaces of his massive meat and it excited him to have his son’s wife naked and kneeling, with her hot, wet, furnace-like mouth nursing on his entire knob.

Kate knew she would not be able to cram this entire hunk of prick into her mouth, no matter how much she wanted to. Her energetic hand job, coupled with the couple of inches now encased in her mouth, would have to suffice. The ecstasy of having her father-in-law’s gigantic prong stuffed in and stretching her maw stirred her loins again, and she felt her already damp tunnel swell with creamy lube. She pressed her tongue against the pisshole as some precum dripped out. The sap was salty and delicious. A short, quick orgasm gripped her cunt and fluttered across her stomach.

Gene was panting now, the loving fellatio of his dazzling daughter-in-law had him on the crest of blowing his nuts down her throat. He had been deep throated by many talented and beautiful women in his life, most currently his wife and granddaughter, but few blow jobs had the context of Kate’s, her charisma and sensuality, along with the forbidden aspect of taking bursa escort bayan his own son’s wife. The mere thought stiffened his dick in a completely new way and he could hardly wait to spray her tonsils with his milky seed.

Kate felt the throbbing muscle jerk in her mouth just before the cum rolled out of the gargantuan cockhead, squeezing from the slitted tip of his prick to get smeared off onto her frisking tongue. The first jet pasted the back of her throat and her father-in-law growled deeply in his chest. She pumped his pole, gripping with her hands to squeeze the big tube and control the flow. Still, the second glob nearly filled her mouth and she swallowed quickly, as the next spurt maintained the volume of the first two and that, too was swallowed.

In a place behind her breasts, close to her heart, something mystical and warm flowered. Another splat shot out in her mouth and she realized she was committed to this new relationship with Gene, she would suck him again, and again, and at any time and place he would allow. Her mouth was his, just as it also belonged to Tom and to Liam. This was easy and joyful, this cocksucking service to her men. But now her vagina clutched and twisted with her need for his dick.

Gene watched the luminous face of his heart-stoppingly beautiful daughter-in-law gulping down his spermy ejaculate with abandon, her dark brown tresses cascading across his thighs and her delicate hands gyrating up and down his dick. So many times he had imagined this act from her and now, having her lips wrapped around his throbbing tool, reality seemed fluid, his fantasies, his dreams and his very real and powerful orgasm all mingling together.

He relished her enthusiasm and ogled her body, all curves and rosy roundness, her breasts perfectly formed and impressively sized, her ass firm and high atop her magnificent legs. In fact, he realized that the cocksucking could not diminish his eagerness to penetrate the womanly recesses of this beauty. He wanted her cunt on him now.

Kate finished sipping the lingering drips of his sap from his dick and looked up to Gene’s smiling face. “Mucho gusto,” she said, “you are truly a salty treat.”

“Katherine, you magnificent goddess, you have an incredible talent, an excellent technique, and I dearly loved cumming in your sensuous mouth, I’m very grateful.”

“You’re welcome, dearest, and I see you are still aroused, are you hard from my loving or hard for my cunt?” she asked plainly.

“My prick needs to feel your pussy, I don’t think I will be able to lay this ramrod down until it has had you on it,” Gene answered.

“Then, let’s not wait,” she said, rising to her feet, stretching her arms and arching her back to lift her breasts and reveal her voluptuous body.

Putting her knees on either side of his thighs as she mounted the sofa, she put her hand around the tip of his cock. She lifted her hips and extended her thighs and, with a little downward pressure against Gene’s turgid tool, was just able to shove the glans between her pussy lips where it rested partially in her cuntal canal. She then reached to his shoulders with her arms extended to steady herself on his staff. Her fingers rested on his sinewy shoulders as their eyes met with a fiery passion.

“Take it slow because I want all of you,” she said, relaxing her legs slightly and letting the big glans slide into her cunt.

The feeling of fullness was amazing. Once Gene’s velvety pricktip was fully encased, she started to lower herself onto his rigid rod. While her pussy was stretching to accommodate the massive meat, the tight fit made the roughly veined shaft rub the inside of her tunnel, setting off a shower of sparking mini-orgasms that tingled through her vagina and cervix. Her breathing became slightly ragged as these little explosions shook through her.

Using her hips and legs, Kate began to fuck Gene’s huge prick slowly in and out of her crammed full cunt. Each stroke as she descended, she would work another inch or so into her channel, now expanded to new dimensions by her father-in-law’s monstrous meat post. As she arose, the lips of her cunt dragged along the shaft and the interior clenched around the departing tube. On the downstroke, sharp tingles rippled along the sides and her labia were dragged back inside the reddened opening. She moaned with enthusiasm and closed her eyes.

“Gene, Pap G, I am full of you, so full of your gorgeous cock, escort bursa you are stretching me so deliciously, I, oh, god, I love your meat in me, god, my pussy just loves this feeling, crammed to the brim with hot prick,” she said breathily.

Joi came around from the kitchen, still nude from the fuck session she and Kate had earlier. Seeing her stepdaughter-in-law impaling herself on her husband’s gigantic cock sent a shiver of recognition through her and she walked over to the copulating pair and leaned her face over Kate’s shoulder, nuzzling into her neck and kissing her, while her hands cupped those magnificent boobs and tortured the nipples by pinching with her thumbs and fingers.

“The first time he entered me, I thought he might tear me up, but our cunts accommodate more than we think, sweetheart, and I know Gene’s cock will be a real thrill once he’s hit your deepest parts,” she whispered in Kate’s ear.

“Oh, fuck, momma, he’s a big hunk of manmeat, that’s for sure, stretching me out, opening me up, inch by inch,” Kate said in response.

Gene lifted his hips gently to slip another couple of inches into his daughter-in-law and his hands pressed down on her pelvic swell. She grunted and Joi lifted Kate’s swollen and sensitive boobs, where the nipples had hardened into fat nubs. As her father-in-law invaded her soft tunnel, his thick prick dragged the fleshy lips in with it, tensing the outer folds and provoking her nerves into firing all across her mons. It was like firecrackers along the entrance to her cunt.

Kate continued to hold herself steady on his shoulders. Joi released her tits and reached down Kate’s back to caress the firm ass cheeks and run her fingers down the crack, teasing her asshole. Making the complete circuit, she felt the cunt lips wrapped tightly around the mammoth meatpole, which still remained several inches from being fully engulfed, but which was soaked to the balls with the flowing juices from the aroused woman’s pussy. Joi cupped and massaged Gene’s scrotum, rolling the hot eggs of his nuts gently between her fingers.

“Oh, yeah,” Gene moaned and, pressing down on Kate’s hips, drove his love muscle up into the dripping channel of her sex, smashing her mons against his pubic bone. He had her completely now with his cock mashed up into her and felt her cervix part around the top of his prick.

Kate felt her clit crammed against Gene’s crotch and realized that he had all of his massive prong inside her, felt her guts shoved up against the top of his fuck beam and her biggest orgasm yet exploded deep in her abdomen, setting a fire under her belly that spread across her hips, down her thighs and legs, and shot up through her tits. In spite of her extensive experience as a sensual lover over her life, this was entirely new, the way that her climax consumed her, driving her breath out and inflaming her pussy. She screamed involuntarily.

“Awww, oh, oh, unh, god, damn, god, jeez, oh, I feel it, your cock, feel it deep, oh, oh, so deep, so good, bust me, you bad, bad boy, bust me open, oh, god,” she shouted.

Gene mounted a final assault, now gripping her hips as he withdrew six inches of cock and then slammed back into her trembling tunnel. The sheer wickedness of ravishing his glorious daughter-in-law was drawing his gonads tight in his ball-sack and he recognized only moments remained before he would spray Kate’s tight pussy with his second climax of the evening. He dragged his prong out, threw his hips up to shove it back in, out, in, out, in, and, bang, he came.

Kate felt the scalding sperm slap against her cervix and she fell onto Gene’s chest, her final orgasm released and all strength suddenly gone from her body. He punched deep in her again, the hot jets soaking her recesses, then pumping down the raging rod to drip onto Gene’s balls and pool on the sofa cushion.

“Damn it, Kate, you are a prize, your cunt a dream, I have wanted you so long, so long, you inspire my deepest yearning, take it, my big cum, my second cumming, I want to drown your womb in cream, dearest, your cunt runneth over,” Gene groaned.

Joi lifted Gene’s wet balls and ran her tongue over them, slurping the copious cum cream into her mouth. She ran her tongue up the now exposed inches of his dong and slid across the lips of Kate’s cunt and into her asshole. Gently lifting Kate’s ass off Gene’s manhood, she caught the cum curds that fell from the succulent gash and sucked them noisily into her throat before gripping Gene’s stick and fully engulfing it in her hot mouth, where she suckled it as it softened.

Later, Joi said it was the most delicious cum juice she had ever tasted.

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