The Loving Kriti

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At the age of 21, I was still a virgin. I’d spent most of my life studying and was in my final year at university. That’s when I met the girl that would change my life.

Her name was Kriti and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. She was about 5ft 5inches tall and had wonderful long black hair. She was a beautiful Indian girl with lovely caramel coloured skin. She had a wonderful curvy body. Lovely breasts that were a little more then a handful and an ass that was made to withstand the impact of a lusty man.

I am 5ft 6inches tall, with a similar caramel skin. I have a very big chest and strong powerful body. I’m not a muscle man, but I’m not a stick either.

Over the course of a few weeks we started to get to know each other very well, it started with gentle brushing past each other in the corridor, and then went onto pressing up against each other during classes. She would always tease me by leaning in to me and I would just press against her.

One day as we made our way to class, we had to queue up outside the lift. As the lift arrived and everybody squeezed in there was only room for one person in the lift. Me being the perfect gentleman made way for Kriti, but as she got in she grabbed my arm and pulled me in with her. There she was leaning into me as I squeezed in between her body and the lift doors. Toe-to-toe, eye to eye, her firm body pressing against mine. I could feel her breasts against my chest and her hips against my groin. And that’s when it happened, slowly I began to get turned on, and the more I got turned on the more my cock started to grow.

My cock was now fully erect and pressing against her groin, and I was beginning to get embarrassed. She looked into my eyes and smiled, and then the lift stopped and we ended up in the corridor, she playfully grabbed my hand and dragged me to our class.

All throughout the class, I sat their all flushed and still turned on; every time I turned to her she gave me a smile and then patted my thigh. She then slowly ran her hands up my thigh and squeezed. As I grabbed her hand she led my hand gently to her thigh and then down in between her legs, and up slowly. As I reached halfway up her thigh she slammed her legs together, trapping my hand in between her firm legs. I looked into her eyes and she whispered gently to me “I felt you in the lift”.

“I’m sorry about that, ” I whispered back.

“Don’t be, I thought it was really sweet,” she said

“You did???” I asked

“I’ve never felt anything like that before” she said

“I’ve never had a boyfriend before, do u want to take me out sometime???”

“I would love to” I said excitedly

For the rest of the class we sat there, holding and caressing each other, it was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. As the class drew to an end, we both grabbed our books and left the class hand in hand.

As we got to the lift, Kriti suggested we take the stairs and we walked down slowly. Her body moved from side to side s she made her way down the steps, I walked behind her so I could get a good view of her cute ass wiggling. As we reached the bottom of the stairs she turned round and asked

“Where you staring at my bum???”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, it’s so cute I cant help myself!!!” I said

“You know for that, you owe me a favour! I can ask for whatever I Bostancı Escort want and you have to give it to me” she said with a cheeky smile on her face.

“So what do I have to do for you???” I quizzed

“You have to take me out right now!!” she said

“Don’t you have to be getting home???” I said

“My dad cant pick me up today, he’s working late, and ill ring my mum and tell her I have to finish an assignment and wont be home till late” she said with a naughty look in her eye.

Now during my time at university, I used to travel to the campus everyday from home. I used to live at home with my parents, as I did not have to pay board or worry about paying anything other then tuition fees and my living costs.

“Ok, so what do you want to do?” I said

“Take me somewhere, where it’s just you and me” she replied

“I don’t have anywhere to go, I live miles away from here! the only thing I can do is take you for a drive, or out to dinner, or a movie or something!!” I said

“Although I do know this really good park, where I played cricket a couple of weeks ago,” I suggested

“So what we waiting for lets go!!!” she said enthusiastically

As we walked the mile or so to where my car was parked, we both said very little, as we walked she put her arm around me and pulled her self as close to me as she could. I know she wanted me, and I did little to discourage her. The closer she got to me the more receiving I became. As we reached my car, she stood in front of the door, and smiled at me.

“What is it?” I asked

“You know to open the door your going to have to go through me,” she giggled

“That’s ok” I replied

I gently put my arms on her hips and pressed into her body, she looked me in the eye, and moved towards me. As she put her arms around my neck, I picked her up by her hips and moved her out the way. I let her go, unlocked the car, and opened the door for her. As she got into the car she brushed her breast against my arm and said “I will get you back for that” she then closed the door and smiled at me through the glass, following me, and keeping eye contact as I walked round to my side of the car.

As we drove to the park, we talked and talked. She told me how she had never been touched by anybody, and how she always liked me, but was too afraid to say. She then started to talk about the lift and how she was so proud that she found someone who found her attractive. I told her beautiful she was and she blushed.

As we arrived at the park, it was deserted and there was not anyone about. I parked the car and we went for a walk. After a few hours of walking and talking we made our way back to the car. As I reached the car, Kriti slowly put her arm around my waist and then grabbed my ass.

As we looked into each other’s eyes, I slowly moved forward and kissed her bottom lip, and then her top lip. Kriti wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back, first gently and then more and more passionately, before we knew what was happening, we were both kissing each other.

We took it in turn to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues, kissing, biting and sucking each other’s lips and tongues. She was so sweet and hot and inviting, I never wanted us to stop. Then all of a sudden she stopped. “What wrong?” I asked. She placed her finger on my mouth Anadolu Yakası Escort and asked me to say nothing. She walked me over to the car, and we both got in. I leaned over the gearbox and kissed her again, she took my hand and placed it on her thigh, and then kissed me back.

“Don’t talk!! Just let everything happen,” she whispered into my ear. And then with that she kissed me again. As we continued to kiss, I ran my finger over her body, telling her how beautiful she was, and how much I wanted her.

As things began to get more intimate, I became more and more relaxed and adventurous. I slowly pushed my seat back and asked her to sit on my lap. Kriti kicked off her shoes and sat on my lap, resting her back on the door. By know I was extremely hard and she could feel my cock under her ass.

“You are excited aren’t you?” she said

“Its all because of you, you’re the first girl I’ve ever got hard for” I said

“I’m going to be your first for something else too!!” she smiled

“What’s that then??”

With that she took my hand and placed it in between her legs. She parted her legs and placed my thumb on her clit and my fingers on her slit. I could feel the warmth of her pussy through her trousers. She looked me in the eye and said, “I want you to give me everything you got.” I didn’t need a second invite. She wrapped her arms around me and started to kiss me. As we kissed I gently massaged her pussy, rubbing and sliding my hands down her slit, listening to her moan with pleasure. I could slowly see a wet patch on her trousers as I began to caress her more strongly.

Then I stopped. ” What’s wrong?” she asked.

“SSSShhhh” I said, as I reclined my seat all the way down.

There I was in the front seat of my car with the most beautiful girl in the world lying on top of me. I took her into my arms and kissed her more and more passionately, running my hands down her back and then under her trousers. Her ass was so firm and soft. I ran my hands on both cheeks, and then through her crack on the way up. She kissed her way down my neck and onto my chest, slowly undoing my shirt, as she licked and sucked every inch of my upper body. She then sat up and pulled me up and took my shirt off.

As she took off my shirt I grabbed her little black top and pulled it over her head, revealing her beautiful, firm and rounded breasts, neatly tuck away in a little blue silk bra. I pulled her body close to mine as we lay there kissing and fondling each other. We both lay on our sides as we kissed and I gently kissed my way down her neck and to her breasts.

I slowly pulled on one cup to reveal her luscious breasts. She had wonderful chocolate brown nipples, which were now standing to attention. I gently placed my lips around her nipple and gave it a gentle suck followed by a lick with my tongue. I heard her cry with pleasure. So I ran my hand round to the back and slowly undid her bra. She moved her body and took her bra off.

I looked her in the eye and knew she wanted this more then anything. We moved our bodies so my head was buried in her breasts, and I started to slowly suck and lick her breasts. I listened to her moan and reacted to her body’s every need. Soon I was sucking on her tits with her hands ruffling my hair and pressing me into her body. As I licked and sucked her breasts, Pendik Escort our body’s swayed in a rhythmic beat.

I slowly made my way down her belly, making sure not to miss an inch and then back up her body to her breasts, then her neck and then her lips. As we kissed, I undid her trousers and placed my hand under her pants, she was wearing lovely silk blue panties. I gently ran my hand down her pants and began to rub her slit. It was wet and incredibly smooth. As I rubbed her slit, she parted her legs allowing me access to her pussy lips and her clit all at once. I gently started to put my finger in her pussy.

“STOP” she shouted

“I’m Sorry, thought it was what you wanted”. I said

“It is, but I’ve never had a finger in me, and the first thing I want in my pussy is your cock!”

“I’m still a virgin,” I said

“So am I” she replied.

With that she pulled her trousers off and sat on top of me. She gently undid my belt and then my trousers. She pulled them down to my knees and then undid the button on my boxers and pulled out my hard cock. She kissed the end of my cock, and then rubbed it against her parted lips.

I could feel the warmth of her body on my circumcised head. After a few rubs against her pussy she lifted herself up and gently placed the head at her entrance. She was so perfectly formed that her pussy fitted like a warm glove around my cock. She gently lowered her body down a couple of inches and then stopped. I could feel her hymen on the end of my cock. I looked her in the eye and she leant forward to kiss me. As we kissed, she gently lowered herself onto my shaft. Then she cried out in pain, as her hymen broke and she swallowed my cock whole into her pussy. She stopped and I asked her if she was ok. She nodded and I kissed her again. As we kissed she started to rock on my cock, she rocked gently at first and then harder and harder, as the pleasure got greater. I pulled out as she raised her ass and then rammed my cock in as she came down to meet me.

As we both got closer to orgasm, we turned over into the missionary position, and I rolled my jeans of my ankles freeing my legs. Now I was free to fuck her. I started to ram my cock into her pussy a little harder each time, making sure not to hurt her, but at the same time satisfying our urge to be fucked.

As I rammed harder the car began to rock with our thrusts, every time I pushed into her pussy, I twisted my hips, as she wrapped her legs around my ass, and pulled me into her.

As we thrust all I could hear was Kriti moaning and groaning. I knew she was about to come as I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. Then all of a sudden I could feel warm juices on my cock, making a slurping sound as I pounded her cute little pussy. The feel of her hot cum on my cock was too much and I started to cum inside her. We were both coming all over each other; she made me cum like I had never cum before. We were both Cumming so hard that her pussy was overflowing and our cum was trickling all over the seat of my car. I collapsed in a heap on her body, my head resting on her beautiful breasts as I kissed them one last time.

I made my way to her lips and we kissed passionately again.

“That was wonderful Kriti, thank you” I said

“No, don’t thank me, just remember this moment always” she said

With that we got dressed and I took her home. Six months later we both graduated from university, and I have never seen or heard from her since. I don’t even have a picture to remember her by. The only thing I have is the memory of that day in my car. A memory that will stay with me for eternity.

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