The Lunch Date

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I board a flight that will take me to a brief lunch meeting with Rosy, a woman I have known for a while and knows me well. As I take my seat on the plane my mind starts to wonder, my pulse quickens, feel butterflies starting to flutter in my stomach. I start to think what is happening to me? Why am I so nervous? I must be nervous about the flight I think to myself as the plane begins to pull away from the gate.

I think about Rosy, she is beautiful, funny, smart, and the best friend a person could have. A person that can lift you up when you are at your lowest point with just a laugh, and put a smile on your face with just a twinkle of her eye. Time passes so slowly as we taxi out to the runway I start thinking about all talks we have had, and how nice it will to be able to meet her in person. A smile comes across my face as I feel a calm come over me that only she can bring to my heart and my soul.

As the aircraft starts its roll down the runway I look out the window watching us gain speed until the aircraft climbs into the low overcast clouds. I start to hear a sweet voice calling my name. I look around, not knowing where I am. I see an open field with a single tree, the sun is shining brightly, a soft gentle breeze blows across my skin. Under the tree is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen wearing a soft white sun dress spotted with daisies. Her hair hangs down hiding her face, with a few strands softly blowing in the breeze. She is spreading out a blanket, opens a basket and starts bringing out the meal she has prepared and a large pitcher of sweet tea.

I am taken by the warmth that surrounds her. I feel she is pure love, doing this because she is love. We talk while we eat just enjoying being together. After we finish I lay my head in her lap as she strokes my head. Looking at her I can see love pouring out of her as the sun slides behind the clouds. I bring my hand up her back to the back of her neck and bring my lips up to meet hers.

The spark she has started is turning into the flame of desire and it grows with every soft moan that escapes her lips. We begin to kiss each other and soon our tongues explore each others mouths. She breaks the kiss, gazes deep into my eyes. I heard her whisper in my ear, “I want to make love to you.”

I lift my hand and softly stroke her cheek I look deep into her eyes and say I want to make love to you too, I kiss her softly on the lips, stand up and hold out my out my hand and help her to her feet. We began to kiss more passionately than we did before as our hands exploring each other, I move my hands to her neck and then slowly move them from her neck to her shoulders, she mirrors my actions as if we are connected by something more powerful than I have ever felt. My hands slowly search out her breasts I can feel her nipples now hardened by my touch now poking thru the dress.

She breaks güvenilir bahis the kiss again and removes my hands from her body as she gazes into my eyes as she starts to unbutton my shirt. Her beautiful smile grows wider with every button she opens; she kisses my shoulders as she pushes my shirt off my shoulders and lets it fall to the ground. She gently places each kiss a little lower than the one before it until she reaches my left nipple she draws it into her mouth and gently sucks it. I place my hands on her shoulders and softly moan with delight as the feeling over takes my body.

I try to take off her dress she kisses me on the lips and says not yet my love for now it is you who is going to feel the pleasure of my love. I tell her we will both feel the pleasure of love for I want to take your body to the same places you are taking mine. Little did she know my body had never been to the level of love before, I want to love her body, mind and your heart with every ounce of my being. I stand there feeling her lips began to explore my chest again. She moves over to my right nipple and repeats what she has done to the left nipple.

I lift my hand and place them on her head as she continues to explore my upper body as her hands work there magic on my body I can hardly contain my self. My cock grows hard as she teases and pleases me, she brings her hand down and unzips my pants, running her hands inside my pants she feels my heart beat in my cock as it hardens under her touch. Her lips slowly working there way down to my belly button she looks up at me smiles and licks her lips and give me a loving look. She worked my cock out from my underwear and brought her mouth to it, licking the precum from the tip of my cock then engulfed my cock into her mouth. I almost collapsed from the pure joy and warmth of her mouth.

She removed my shoes and socks without taking my cock out of her mouth taking it deep inside her mouth then she removed my belt and lowered and removed my pants and underwear exposing my ass and balls to the soft breeze. I now stand naked in front of this woman that exploring my body and I am experiencing a love I never thought possible. I put out my hand to help her to her feet pull her close to me, I start kissing her with all the passion I have inside of me.

I tell her it is her turn to be teased and pleased I start kissing her neck as I pull her so close to me that every part of her exposed body is being touched by one part of my naked body, I hold her so close she can feel the need, the want and the desire I have for her. I run my finger under the shoulder straps of her dress slow slipping it off her shoulders. I kiss her shoulder the same way she did me, kissing, and sucking every inch of her upper body. I slide her dress below her breasts I reach over and cup her left breast and bring the nipple to my lips and suck, lick it türkçe bahis until it is standing at attention. I continue to tease her left breast with my lips while I work on the right one with my hands. Softly pinching and using my finger tips to tease and please her breasts.

The moans escaping from her lips tells me I am pleasing her as I work her body into a frenzy of peaks and valleys I slide the dress the rest of the way down her body, I reach down and grab the dress with one hand I use the other to open her legs just a just enough to start to lick at her slit looking for her clit I can hear her softly moaning. I look at her thighs and can see her juices. I reached around and took her ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her pussy hard onto my face.

She lifted her hands and placed them on my head hold my head in place as she starts to feel her first orgasm building from deep with in her. I can her saying, Oh yes eat my pussy I want to cum on your face, I bring two of my fingers and slowing slip them into her. Working them in and out of her, her body starts to shake I began to lick faster and move my finger deeper inside of her. Her body stiffens as the first orgasm hit her. The longer I lick her pussy the more intense it becomes until she collapses to the blanket on the ground. I fall on top of her and bring my lips up to hers and kiss her passionately she can taste her cum on my lips.

As her body returns from the throws of her orgasm she sits up and takes my cock into her hand and says your turn my love. And with that takes my cock deep into her mouth starting slowly at first but increasing the sucking and speed every time my rock hard cock touches the back of her throat. She brings me her pussy to lick and suck as she takes me deep into her mouth. I lick up her wetness that is running down her legs. And I get my first look at her womanhood. The scent from her cum makes me so hot for her that I cum deep into her mouth. As my body quivers from my orgasm she comes up and kisses me allowing me to taste her cum and mine together.

As we lay there recovering the earth shattering orgasms we had both experienced she moves her body just inside my arm and rests it on my chest. I can feel her breathing heavy on my chest as she listens to my heart beating in my chest. I stroke her hair as I hear her start to sing “I want to lay down on your shoulder Just inside your arm I want to listen to your heart beat And your breathing on and on I want to lay down on your shoulder Surrender to your peace And go to sleep. She reaches her hand down and starts to play with my cock again it doesn’t take long and I am rock hard, she gets on top of me looks into my eyes and tells me ” I Love you, I Want you, I Desire you ” as she slips my cock deep inside of her.

I tell her I Love you, I want you and I Desire you too make love to my cock baby. Let your pussy love güvenilir bahis siteleri to my cock. She sits up and starts rocking back and forth with my cock deep inside of her. I can feel her hot juices running down my balls and thighs. I tell her look into my eyes as you make love to my cock watch me as you make me cum baby. Take my cock hard inside of you.

I reach up and start to play with her breasts. Teasing her nipples and breasts makes me want her more and more. The sweat from our bodies is mixing together making the sweetest scent I have ever smelled making my cock harder which in turn makes her thrust her body harder against me making me drive my cock hard and deeper into her pussy. I can feel her pussy starting to clamp down on my cock as she is rocked by smaller orgasms yet building to a larger one. My cock starts to grow even harder as it does when I am about to explode with a massive orgasm.

I start calling out her name… calling to her telling her “OH CUM WITH ME BABY…. CUM WITH ME BABY I NEED YOU TO CUM WITH ME” she rides me hard and harder. She cries out “I’M CUMMING BABY CUM NOW …. OH BABY PLEASE CUM NOW!” as we both explode together our bodies become one with each other. Our hearts, minds and breaths are acting as one. Collapsing together we kiss and hold each other as the breeze cools us off.

I am awakened as the aircraft wheel contact the runway, still breathing heavy and my cock rock hard I am not sure where I am or what had just happened . I can feel my cock sticking to the inside of my pants. When I get my mind back into reality I am embarrassed not sure what has caused me to have this huge hard on, I try to cover my crotch to hide my aching cock. As we taxied to the gate my heart starts beating hard in my chest. A limp in my throat and the feeling butterflies in my stomach has returned.

As I get off the aircraft I get out my cell phone call her she says “Hello?” I say “Hi Rosy its Mike I am here and I am walking to the baggage claim but I need to stop by the bathroom on my way to the claim area she says” Ok I will be here waiting for you, but hurry I have a surprise for you. I say Ok be there in a few. And hang up the phone. After I clean up I hurry to the claim area I look for her but she is not here. Then I see her standing by the payphones all of a sudden realize she is wearing a white sun dress spotted with daisies. I am taken back when the truth hits me like run away freight train.

Rosy is the lady that has captured my heart, soul and desire I didn’t know until now that she has done to me unknowingly, She has stirred the flame of desire I have never felt before and she doesn’t even know she has the power to fuel my desire, my lust, my needs. I think to myself I need to touch her body, the wanting of tasting her lips on mine. When she says Hi Mike it is nice to meet you I hope you don’t mind but I made us a lunch and I know the perfect spot to have a nice lunch. Then every detail comes rushing back to me in that one instant and my cock becomes rock hard again. She says how was your flight? I say “You would not believe me if I told you”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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