The Secretary and the Dentist

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Karen Jenson DMD has been my employer for two weeks already. I work at the front desk scheduling patients, submitting claims to insurance companies, and making phone calls to give appointment reminders.

I like the job and my colleagues, all of whom are females. I have to admit, I like one colleague a little more than the others. Does the dentist realize that I’m crushing on her? If so, is she open to that?

Karen is a forty-something curvy, green-eyed strawberry-blond. She stands 5 6, exactly my height. When not wearing her lab coat, which she only removes when leaving at 5 o’clock, the bodycon dresses accentuate her figure. My eyes have gone to her breasts once or twice.

I’m 23 years old. Karen is older by 19 years at least, though she does have a youthful look. I wonder about her age. It’s not like she goes around telling people that she’s in her forties.

Alicia Holmes is the other lesbian in the office besides me. Even without my GADAR I’m aware of her sexuality. Her black buzz cut is few inches long only on top. A bang dips below one eye.

A brisk Friday at noon 15 finds me and Alicia taking a short walk to the pizza and sub shop just across the street. I’m wearing black contour pants, high-healed booties, and a pink cable-knit sweater. She’s wearing purple scrubs and low green sneakers.

As we walk toward the counter I offer a suggestion.

“Let’s split a pepper and sausage pizza.”

“Sounds good to me,” Alicia answered.

At the counter I ordered that and passed a debit card to a young dark-haired man probably not older than 19.

We took a seat in the right corner and made small talk while we waited. She puts her reversible floral-print kaçak iddaa casual lightweight jacket beside her on the seat.

She takes her wallet out of her pocketbook and pulls out cash.

I stopped her. “You can get the next one.”

“I can’t be on a date with you. My wife will kill me.”

“It’s not a date.”

A waiter brought our pizza after about 15 minutes.

Karen had been on my mind for much of that time. Imagine me and you (Karen) strolling through the park holding hands. Imagine me and you cuddling in front of the fireplace.

“I have the biggest crush on Karen Jenson.”


“Every time I look at her it’s like I so want to get her out of her panties.”

Alicia seemed to look at me in stunned silence.

“I can’t help it. I feel like I’m aroused when I look at her.”

“Stephanie you need to rein it in. She’s married. She’s straight.”

“That is a bummer.”

There was nothing else either of us could say so we ate the pizza in silence. Karen’s marital status, however, didn’t keep me from dreaming about having her.

Over the next few weeks Karen spoke freely. I got tidbits about her life outside of work which I let my brain process. Meanwhile I contributed nothing to those conversations. She’s going through a divorce. Maybe I have a chance.

Shortly before 2 30 a patient, probably Michelle’s, came inside interrupting my wishful thinking. She gave her name which the computer indicated is Jen’s patient. I forwarded the patient’s name.

I got more tidbits about Karen’s life outside work and shared a little of my own life outside the office. Meanwhile my private fantasy does not go away. Instead, it became kaçak bahis reality.

On a Thursday afternoon 6 weeks into my employment just as I was about to leave I heard “Stephanie wait.”

I stopped in my tracks within reach of the door handle. I turned around as Karen approached. Our eyes met. She pulled me into a passionate open-mouthed kiss, her tongue going into my mouth. My tongue pushed back. Her arms went around my shoulders and mine around hers.

The expression WOO HOO screamed inside my head.

I came to work on Friday morning with a Lush 3 vibrator hiding inside my pocketbook and every intention of making use of it. An app in my phone and Bluetooth in the toy allows my lover many feet away to make me have intense deep orgasms.

Karen made no secret of her affection for me.

“I filed for my divorce months ago because my marriage didn’t feel right. We’ve been separated even longer.”

Karen there’s an app on my phone that operates my vibrator. I have the vibrator with me and I want you to run it.

“Some lesbians figure it out late in life.”

Karen didn’t reply.

She came to the desk at noon to chat so I called her attention to the app that operates my vibrator.

“I’ll never tell,” she quipped.

Leaving the phone on my desk while I headed for the rest room gave her a hint about what I needed. She followed me part of the way. A tap on the door lets her know that the toy is now inside my panties caressing my lady parts.

The toy began sending vibrations into my clit. The frequency increased.

The Bluetooth will connect from as far away as the front door. Karen knows that.

Blood rushed south. Muscles went into illegal bahis spasms making my legs shake. Juices flowed around the toy inside me. Soft moans expressed delight. This feels so good. Karen I want you.

So what if the love of my life is old enough to be my mom. This would not be the first age-gap gay relationship in history. I wanted to celebrate being in love with her. So what if she’s my boss.

My orgasm happened, finally. Wet panties feel a bit uncomfortable. I’ll deal with it.

On my way back to the front desk I stole another peek at Karen.

At long last the work day ended. Karen came out from the back, having just finished with her last patient. She took my hand in front of the desk.

Her black Lexus is parked beside my old blue clunker Honda. There, we indulged in a kiss before heading home.

My oven is heating up. A stouffer’s lasagna sits on a sheet pan on the counter. I’m relaxing nearby on the sofa.

My phone chimes. Caller I D indicates Karen.

“What’s up babe?”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“I’m about to cook dinner for myself.”

“I guess there’s no point in taking you out to dinner.”

I giggled.

She added, “don’t cook tomorrow night.”

My oven beeped indicating that it’s up to temperature.

“Hold on a second,” I said then placed my phone on the hassock.

We resumed our chat while my lasagna cooked. Karen revealed a lot, much of which I had already overheard during the past 8 weeks.

She added one new piece of information. “Jen and Michelle are both gay.”

How do you know that? Both girls wear their hair long. Both wear lipstick, makeup and nail polish.

As if reading the question in my mind Karen added, “Short nails give it away.”

“I noticed that but I never gave it a thought.”

“It’s hard to spot. They’re not a couple but they both have used the term ‘girlfriend’.”

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