The Seduction of Janie Ch. 04

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Janie wiped at her eyes as she drove the distance to Sam’s office. She thought about the email she received earlier that week from Sam. Of all the things she had expected him to write, his words floored her. She put on her signal and took the exit that would lead her through downtown Harrisburg and right to his office.


Sam stared at the monitor. He was tempted to hide in his office and let her think he had gone. If he didn’t buzz her in, she would have no choice but to go home.

“I know you are there Sam.” She said, looking up in to the camera.

With a heavy sigh, Sam buzzed her in. He sat back in his chair and waited for her to make her way to his back office. He heard the elevator bell and knew it would only be seconds before she was in his office. His pulse sped up and his dick hardened. It had been almost a month since they had last been together.

But then he remembered the email he had sent to her….


Janie dug the email out of her purse as she neared Sam’s office. She stopped outside his half open door. She now regretted her decision to come here. Did she really want to see his face when he confirmed this?

Sam sat behind his desk as she entered.

“Hello Janie.” He said, his eyes holding hers.

“Hello Sam.” Janie moved to stand before his desk. “Care to explain this?” She asked throwing the email down.

“I thought I explained it all in the email.”

“Well, telling me that ‘you think it’s best we stop seeing each other and to have a good life’ isn’t really explaining.”

“Is that why you came here then?”

“Damn right. I want to hear you tell me it’s over. Even a phone call would have been appreciated. Better than a fucking email.”

She was right. He should have called her. But he knew if he heard her voice, he wouldn’t have ended it. And it had to end.

“Janie, I realize this must be upsetting for you, but trust me, it’s for the best.”

“Just tell me why Sam. What did I do?”

Sam was out of his chair and around the desk in a second. He took Janie into his arms.

“It’s not you Janie. It’s all me.” He said into her hair.

Janie pulled away from him. She lifted tear-filled eyes to his.

“Don’t give me that shit Sam. There has to be a reason. Is it the age difference? I told you it doesn’t matter to me.”

“It’s not that Janie.”

“Then what? Your wife?”

“No. Nothing like that.”

“Then it is me.”


“I know I’m not as mature and sophisticated as the other women you have been with, but I thought we had something special.”

Sam hated the vulnerability he heard in her voice. And he hated more that he put it there. They did have something special, that was the problem.

“I was a mistake to come here.” She said running a hand through her hair. “I should go.”

Sam looked away. He hated seeing the hurt he caused in her deep green eyes. Janie leaned up and kissed his cheek.

“Good bye Sam.” She whispered at his ear.

Sam watched her turn and walk to the door. She was walking out of his life. It was wanted he wanted, wasn’t it?


“Janie wait!”

Janie stopped but didn’t turn around. It was taking all her control not to breakdown and beg him not to end this. But she wouldn’t do that. She did have her pride. The silence was deafening. She wished he would say something. Anything. The seconds ticked by.

“What am I waiting for Sam?” She asked softly.

“I don’t want you to go.” He said after a long pause.



Janie turned then.

“You have to do better than that Sam. I won’t be played with. Either you want me or you don’t. I just need the truth. Please.”

Sam took a deep breath and moved to stand before her. He looked down into her eyes.

“I told you a long time ago that I thought I could love you but I wouldn’t fall in love with Maltepe Escort you. Do you remember that?”

Janie nodded.

“Well, I was wrong.”

“What are you saying Sam?”

“I fell in love with you Janie.”

Janie didn’t know what to say. It was the first time in her life she could remember being speechless.

“Say something.”

“Oh Sam.” Janie breathed throwing herself into his arms.

His mouth covered hers in a demanding kiss. He heard her purse hit the floor as her hands slid up his arms and into his hair, pulling him closer. The kiss was on of urgency. Janie opened her mouth beneath this and sucked his tongue inside her mouth. His arms circled her waist and he lifted her off the floor against him. Without breaking the kiss, he carried her to the over sized sofa. He lowered her slowly, letting her body slide down his until her feet once again touched the floor.

His hands worked quickly, removing all her clothes. When she was completely naked, he knelt before her. He kissed her breasts, sucking on her hard nipples, delighting in the moans she made. He closed his eyes as her felt her hands sift through his hair, holding him against her.

Sam kisses and licked his way across her chest, down her ribcage and to her stomach. He fluttered his tongue inside her belly button before moving lower and just brushing the patch of dark hair covering the top of her pussy.

With his hands at her hips, he forced her to sit. He then pulled her ass to the edge of the cushion and spread her legs wide. He looked up into her eyes and slowly lowered his head to her pussy. He looked at it then. All pink and wet. He clit was swollen and sticking out of it’s hiding place. He blew light over it.

“Sam.” Janie hissed, her hips lifting up toward his mouth.

“Easy babe. Let me love you.”

Sam placed open mouth kisses over her bare pussy. He licked her lips, starting almost at her ass and finishing at her clit. He used his thumbs to spread her outer lips wide then used the flat of his tongue to lick up and gather all her juices. He did this several times.

“God Sam…..” Janie moaned bringing her hands down running them through his hair once again.

Sam continued to drink from her like a dying man. His tongue lashed her clit furiously while he used on long finger from one hand to enter her and wiggle.

“Yes. Sam…oh yes!” Janie started to moan as she bucked her hips up against his mouth.

He knew she was close. He could feel her pussy starting to clench on his finger. He buried his face deep into her pussy and ate greedily at her. She lifted her hips up against his devouring mouth.

“Yes! Oh yes Sam! SAM!” Janie cried out his name as she came and flooded his mouth with her cum.

Sam drank every drop and kissed her sensitive clit. He then trailed his lips over her pubic hair, up her stomach and back to her lips again. He kisses her deeply, rubbing his tongue along hers.


Janie leaned up and began to unbutton Sam’s shirt. She slid her hands up his bare chest and pushed it off his shoulders until it fell to the floor. She took her time running her hands over his chest, her fingers playing with his hard nipples. She leaned close and licked each one, before taking turns and sucking them into her hot mouth.

“Christ Janie, I love when you do that.” Sam hissed out. He tangled his hands in her hair, loving the feel of the silk between his fingers.

Janie’s hands moved to his belt and made quick of opening them and pushing them down his hips. Sam stood and the pants fell to his ankles. His cock bulged against the cotton of his boxers. Janie leaned closer and ran her lips over his covered cock. She hooked her fingers inside the waistband and slowly lower them down. She helped him step out of his clothes then moved so he could sit on the couch. She knelt between his İstanbul Escort legs and with her hands, fondled his tight balls.

Janie loved the feel of Sam’s fuzzed balls in her hand. She massaged them and caressed them. Then held them up as she leaned in close and kissed each one. She heard Sam groan and took each one into her mouth, swirling her touch around it, causing Sam’s hips to twitch. She knew how much he liked having his balls licked and sucked. And she enjoyed it too.

“Suck my cock Janie.” Sam softly ordered. He tangled his hand in her hair and brought her mouth to the head of his cock.

Janie looked up at him and held his eyes. She opened her mouth and slowly took the tip of him in. Her tongue running along the sensitive ridge just below the spongy head.

“Don’t tease me.” He growled, bucking his hips upward, trying to get more into her mouth.

Janie smiled around him and then took him deep. She loved the feel of him sliding along her tongue. She used the flat of her tongue to rub the underside of his thick cock. With her nose buried in his pubic hair, she licked at his balls. She slowly lifted her mouth until just the head of his cock remained in her mouth.


Sam gasped at the feeling of being swallowed and hitting the back of her throat. It had been a long before Janie since he had he cock swallowed. And even then, neither his wife or the others could take him all the way. Nor did they seem to love it as much as she did. And even when she teased him and just sucked on the head of him, like she was doing now, Sam felt ready to burst.

But he wanted this to last. He wanted every thing with her to last. He looked down and watch her as she took him back into her mouth. Her lips were stretched wide as she swallowed him. He loved that. Loved seeing his cock disappear like that. He grabbed her hair in his fists and bagan to pump against her mouth. She looked up at him and watched him as he fucked her face. Those green eyes piercing him. He could hold back much longer and with a cry, came in a rush in her mouth. He saw her cheeks and throat work to swallow every drop of him.

He let go of her hair and fell back against the sofa breathing hard. He felt her tongue lick him clean and then a quick kiss before he felt her rise up and straddle his lap. Her wet pussy rubbed against his stomach. Her arms circled his neck as she rested her head against his shoulder. His arms closed around her back and he held her close.

“That was nice babe.” He whispered against her ear.

Janie pulled back and looked at him. “Nice?”

Sam held back a smile. “Very nice.”

“I was hoping for something more like incredible, or out of this world. Nice?”

Sam did laugh then.

“Well, if you can get my dick hard again honey, I think we can manage ‘incredible’ “

“If? I sense a challenge.”

Sam watched as Janie slid off his lap and sat on the floor. He raised an eyebrow when she just sat there and spread her legs. His breath caught when she slowly brought her fingers up the smooth inside of her thigh. With her body supported by one hand behind her, Janie trailed her fingers over her glistening pussy lips and circled her swollen cl it.

Sam licked suddenly dry lips. Never once had he watch a woman masturbate in front of him. He watched her stick her long middle finger deep inside her wet hole and wiggle it. Then she brought it out and brought it to her mouth. Holding his gaze, she opened her mouth and slowly began to suck on her finger. She moaned, causing his cock to jerk back to life.

“Fuck Janie.” Sam growled, helpless to do anything but watch the show she was performing for him.

She slid her hand down over her chest, tweaking a hard nipple then down her stomach and back to her pink pussy. Again she stuck her middle finger deep inside her, but this time she added her Anadolu Yakası Escort thumb and began to rub her cl it. Sam followed the motion, his cock growing by the second. Janie had closed her eyes and looked lost in the moment. Her thumb rubbed furiously over her cl it and her hips started to rotate on his carpet. Her legs spread wider as she began to moan.

“Yes.” She breathed out on a whisper.

Sam’s hand went to his cock and he began to stroke it as he watched her. Christ, she was so hot. He stroked in time to her finger pistoning in and out of her.

“Oh yes. Yes. Sam!” She cried, opening her eyes and pinning him with her intense stare as she orgasmed, flooding her hand.

Sam was as hard as stone as he stood and helped her to her shaking feet. He led her to the corner of the couch and bent her over the cushioned armrest. He used his legs to spread hers wider. He pulled her ass back and plunge his cock into her still spasming pussy.

“Ahhhhh!” Janie cried out as he began to fuck her.

“That….was….so…..fucking…!” Sam growled as he fucked her.

“Only…for …you….baby” Janie answered as Sam pounded into her, stealing her breath.

“I want your ass Janie.” Sam suddenly said, letting his cock slide from her sopping hole.

He waited for an objection. When none came, he spread her ass cheeks and gazed at her pink hole. He rubbed his wet dick across it. Lubricating it. Then he positioned the head of his cock at her tight opening. He pushed gently at first, watching her hole expand. He heard her small gasps and tried to go slowly. But his body remembered the exquisite feel of her around him and wanted it again.

“I need this honey.” Sam moaned at as he muscles started to relax and he slid in some more.

“Then fuck my ass Sam. Fuck me good baby.” Janie said looking over her shoulder at him.

Their eyes met and Sam knew why he loved her. Knew why he couldn’t let this end.

Grabbing her hips roughly, Sam drove the rest of his cock deep inside her. Janie made another gasp but then wiggled her ass on his cock.

“Come on baby… Fuck my ass good.”

That was all Sam needed to hear. He pounded into her, his balls slapping against her wet pussy. With one hand he rubbed her back while the other continued to grab her hips. He wasn’t going to last long. Her ass was too tight, the sounds she was making too erotic.

“Here it comes babe.” Sam growled and then shouted as he filled her ass with his hot cum.

He held Janie’s hips against him while he emptied his balls. His hips jerking against hers. He slowly let his limp cock slide from her now red hole. He leaned over her and lifted her back against his chest. He kissed the side of her sweaty neck.

“Sam…” She whispered as he held her.

“Incredible.” He whispered back with a smile.


Sam drew lazy circles on Janie’s back while she played with his nipples. They lay on the couch, Janie draped over him.

“You like them, don’t you?”

“Hmmmmm, I’ve always said so. From the moment I saw them in a picture.” She said reaching up to suck on into her mouth.

When she was finished teasing it, she rested her chin on her hands and looked into his face.

“What are you thinking?”

“How much trouble I’m in.” He said with a smile.

“I didn’t plan for this to happen Sam.”

“I know.”

“I won’t apologize either.”

“Neither will I. Having you in my life has made me happier than I have been in a long time.”

“So now what?”

“You tell me? Do you want to continue our affair? It might take a long time for you to get tired of me.”

“You might get tired of me first.”

“I seriously doubt that Janie. You are my every fantasy.”

“I want to be with you Sam. Whenever we can. For as long as we can.”

Me too Janie.” Sam said kissing her lips. “I won’t leave my wife for you.”

“I know that. And I am not asking you too. I just want you Sam.”

Sam was quiet for a moment, staring up at the ceiling. He took a deep breath and looked back at Janie.

“I love you Janie.”

Janie’s smile lit up her face.

“I love you too Sam.”

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