Top Ten Fantasy Completed

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Lauren and I have been dating for 6 months now. She is the perfect girl for me. She’s 5’6” about 160lbs with 36D chest. I’m a boob guy so this makes all the more better. One of her better qualities though, is that she is a lady to the outside world; but once we’re in our bed she turns into a sex freak. Lauren and I have done many wild things since we’ve been dating. Mainly things I have suggested because she was a virgin before she met me. I have even showed her my top 10 fantasy list which has now since been completed. Things like road head, watching her masturbate, and one of my favorites…cumming on her face. But about 3 weeks before our 6 month anniversary, she gave me the biggest surprise I have ever gotten during sex.

It was a Sunday night that was not any different than any other. We had spent the day together doing typical college day for us, watching bad movies on tv while attempting homework. The only bad thing about this night was that Lauren was on the last couple days of her period. This usually works out for me because girls are always hornier on their period and she usually sucks my cock till I cum somewhere on or in her body. So like any other night before going to sleep we started to make out pretty heavily. I could tell though that she was extra horny escorts in london tonight. The way she was massaging my cock through my boxers just told me that something good was going to happen tonight.

I decided that I had enough and wanted to take over. I flipped her onto her back and pulled her upright so she was sitting up with me straddling her lap. I moved from kissing her soft lips to her ear. She let out a sigh as my tongue ran along the edge of her ear. Her breathing started to get heavier and faster as I moved my tongue along the side of her neck making my way down to her shoulder area. Massaging her shoulder with my lips and tongue she grabbed my back digging her nails into me. I could tell she wanted my cock and for me to cum on her, and this made me hotter. I unhooked her bra and let her 36D boobs out into the open exposing them to me. I pushed her back onto the bed laying on her back forcing her hands down over her head keeping them there. I started to move to kiss her lips but just brushed over them with my tongue sending a shiver down her body. I licked between her massive tits and she bucked her hips telling me that she wanted more. I then moved to licking her nipples softly biting them teasing her as she moaned for me to lick her tits. escorts in london

All of a sudden she broke free from my hold and told me to stand up and take off my boxers. I stood on my bed and she sat up and slid my boxers off. After they were thrown carelessly somewhere in the room she grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth. I grabbed her shoulders squeezing them hard letting her know that it felt incredible. I wanted to make this session last so I pushed her back down onto the bed. I lifted her legs in front of me licking from her toes to the outer parts of her panties (Since she was on her period the rule was they had to stay on). Then I spread her eagle and started rubbing my cock over her clit, through her panties. Then I lowered myself over her and started kissing and licking her neck while still rubbing her clit with my hard cock. Then what happened next I will never forget…

“Fuck me Justin! Fuck me NOW!”

”Baby you know I can’t because her on your period.”

Then without warning she got a look in her eyes determined to be fucked, and she flipped over onto her stomach and pulled down her panties exposing her ass.

“Fuck me in my ass. I wanna be your dirty slut, so fuck my ass till it drips with your cum.”

I didn’t escort service know what to do because I didn’t have any kind of lube, so I did the next best thing and spit on her ass and my dick; rubbing it in on both until I felt I could slide in. I started to rub my hard cock onto her tight ass hole and she moaned my name telling me to give her my cock in her virgin ass. So I slowly slid in my cock little by little her ass took all 7” of my cock easily. I kept the pace slow at first not wanting to hurt her and make her stop. But then she told me to stop and when I did she started bucking her hips riding my cock in her ass. Her ass walls grabbed my cock tighter than her pussy and I kept spitting on my cock to make it lubed. It felt so good that I couldn’t hold it in any more. I could feel my cock starting to get harder and my balls started to get tighter. She moaned feeling it in her ass to.

“Cum in my ass baby. I want to feel your hot cum in my ass.”

So I let out a huge moan and spread her ass cheeks as my cum shot out of my cock into her ass. After what seemed like a gallon of cum finished, I pulled out and watch it pour out of her ass. I leaned over and kissed her telling her that, that was the best sex ever. She smiled and said,

“Number 1 on your top 10 sex list is with me and so is the rest of your top 10s. So I guess I am your little slut.”

She smiled and I realized that she wanted to do all of my top ten sex fantasies and now she had. Lucky for me I’ve made a top 20 list, so she has 10 more to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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