Twin Pleasure Pt. 01

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Rose was packing to go to church camp when her sister Ruby came into her room. They were twins and were very close until they turned eight-teen. They went in two different directions making choices that the other one wouldn’t do. The only thing that was the same about them was how they looked. They were both attractive redheads with green eyes and had well-developed bodies. Rose spent her time doing things like ballet while Ruby was on the track team.

Rose still had a childlike innocent quality about her and was very naive. She never saw an ulterior motive from the guys when they were nice to her. When they open the door for her, Rose never realized that they did so to have the opportunity to check out her ass. It never dawned on her how attractive she was or its effects on the guys. She lived her life as the best Christian she could be and kept her mind free from anything impure.

Rose noticed the change in her sister after Ruby invited Stacey, a girl she had just met, to spend the weekend. The girl was an energetic blonde with mysterious blue eyes that Rose liked, but there was something odd about how the girl acted around her sister. She couldn’t figure it out and was baffled by the girl’s behavior. Stacey slept in her sister’s room that night, and Ruby wasn’t the same after that.

Even that she blamed Stacey for the changes in her sister, she couldn’t help but like the girl. She was sweet and was fun to be around. It hurt her when Ruby started ignoring her to spend all of her time with Stacey. Ruby didn’t completely shut her out and did hang out with her on occasion. They were inseparable from each other right until the day Stacey got between them. The girl was a bad influence on her sister and led her astray.

Ruby was sneaking out to meet boys and coming home around one in the morning. Rose would often wake up to the tapping sounds coming from her window to find her sister needing help getting back in. It shocked her to see her sister acting out of control and tried to get her to stop. Ruby promised her that she wasn’t doing anything improper with the guys, and they were only hanging out. She believed her sister, and even that she didn’t like what Ruby was doing, kept her nightly active a secret from their parents. 

Her sister’s clothes were too revealing for her taste, and it disturbed her seeing her twin dressed that way. It was like seeing herself climbing through her bedroom window wearing a short skirt and a flimsy shirt without a bra. Seeing it made her try to be purer to avoid the path that her sister took. She was still a virgin at eighteen and rarely touched herself improperly. It wasn’t that she never had the urges to have sex but wanted to avoid being like her sister.

A week after they graduated high school Ruby moved in with her friends to party through the summer before starting college in the fall. It was the first time in a month that she saw her sister and knew that she was up to something. The way she moved around the room and making idle conversation, she took her time to say, “What are you doing?” 

“I am packing for church camp. This will be my last year going before college, and you can come too if you want,” Rose said with a warm smile.

Rose was suspecting her to say no and rolled her eyes at her like she always did when she tried to get her to live right. It bothered her seeing her sister living a sinful lifestyle that will ruin her life one day. She wasn’t going to give up hope that she will get through to Ruby and turn her life around. Rose wanted more than anything to have her sister back the way she was before Stacey walked into her life.

“I know you don’t agree with some of my life choices and have tried many times to get me to clean up my act. I will make you a bet, little sister, and if you win, I will submit to your will. It will be your only chance to get me to live right,” Ruby said with a devilish smirk.

“What kind of bet?” Rose asked with a puzzled looked on her face?

“For a week, we switch places and pretend to be each other.”

“What the catch,” Rose asked, fearing the answer?

“The catch is you can only wear my clothes and do whatever I write down for you to do. I bet you that you are all talk about doing anything to help me. Who knows, when I am at church camp masquerading as you, I might catch the purity bug,” Ruby replied with some light teasing.

Rose didn’t want to do this, but her sister never asked her for help before. She thought maybe Ruby needed to see her making a sacrifice for her to have the strength to change. Rose saw it as a test that must be passed to save her sister but wanted to make some things clear before saying yes.

“What kind of things are you talking about that I have to do? Will any of it be illegal? If we are going to do this, promise me that you won’t do anything crazy while pretending to be me and that you will be on your best behavior.”


Ruby gave her a mischievous grin while telling her, “Don’t worry, I won’t make you do anything ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar too crazy. I will leave you a note telling you what to wear that day and where to go. What you do while you are there is up to you. I promised you; I will be a good little girl, scout’s honor.”

The voice in the back of her head was telling her not to do it, but she didn’t think her sister had anything sinister planned for her. She thought the worst that would happen was that she would feel embarrassed and uncomfortable all week. That would be a small price to pay to have her sister living right again, and she felt her stomach tighten up, agreeing to Ruby’s bet. She was looking forward to seeing her boyfriend this week at the camp, but this was more important.


Rose believed that Ruby knew her lifestyle was wrong and needed to justify her action before changing. If this was what it took to make her sister let go of her sinful ways and live right once again, so be it. It is not that she wanted to play her sister’s game but thought the whole thing was an act. She thought it was Ruby’s way of asking for help without looking weak by setting up this farce. She was sure that her sister wouldn’t take things too far and make her do some minor embarrassing things this week.

Knocking on her sister’s front door, Rose was expecting to see Ruby half asleep but was surprised to find her wide awake and energetic. Ruby hadn’t been a morning person since Stacey walked into her life. She knew her sister liked to stay out late each night and took it as a good sign that her sister was changing for the better. It also pleased her to find out that Ruby’s roommates would be gone this week, and she was glad that she didn’t have to put on a show for them.

They started to exchange their clothes, and Rose was shocked to see her sister wasn’t wearing a bra. After seeing the surprised look on her face, Ruby explained that she doesn’t wear a bra anymore unless on special occasions. When it dawned on her what that meant for her, she felt her stomach turn sideway. She never went a day without wearing one and thought it was immoral to be out in public without one.

“We are just exchanging our clothes, right, and not our underwear?” Rose asked in fear, hoping that her sister wouldn’t take things that far and keep some of her dignity intact.

“You can keep your panties on, but I will need your bra. I can’t go around camp without one, can I, and what would your friends think?” Ruby said in a light mockery of Rose’s purity.

Rose avoided eye contact with her sister; she took off her bra and handed it to her while covering up her breasts with her arm. She felt a tidal wave of embarrassment wash over her, but she couldn’t have people thinking that she was immoral. The camp was where all her friends were, and even that this was the last year, Rose planned on returning as a camp counselor next year. She would be too ashamed of herself to show her face around them if they thought she was that cheap.

She tried to justify her action now by telling herself she was doing it for a good cause. Much as she hated it, she would be that cheap this week but wanted to keep that fact between herself, Ruby, and God. Feeling the need to cover up her nakedness, Rose dressed in Ruby’s clothes fast as she could. Rose was at least thankful to be wearing something decent but wasn’t a fan of wearing a t-shirt with a rock band logo on it. The jeans she wore were a little tight, but besides that, she found she was happy with them.

“On my desk are some envelopes with instructions on what to wear and where to go for each day. Rose, this is your last chance to back out before you do something that you will regret,” Ruby said with her face full of emotions.

“I love you and would do anything for you. If this is what you need to accept that your lifestyle is wrong and change, then I am prepared to make this sacrifice for you,” Rose said compassionately before hugging her sister.

Rose watched as her sister drove away in her car until she disappeared from her view. Rose didn’t suspect things would be simple with her sister, and this was the kind of thing her sister did. If she thought it was some game her sister was playing, she wouldn’t have agreed to it. Rose felt her sister truly wanted the help to change but knew no matter how much she hated it; it was the only way to save her sister.

The first day went uneventful with Rose watching tv and ordering a pizza. Rose didn’t want to admit not evening to herself that she liked the sensation of not wearing a bra. The way her breasts bounced around without restraint was having an odd effect on her. Rose tried to ignore how much she liked how her t-shirt felt against her breasts. The whole thing made her have sexual feelings, and that was something she wanted to avoid. 

It was sometimes difficult not to give in to desire and commit sin against her own body, but she did with a showerhead elvankent götü büyük escortlar a few times. She saw it as a loophole because she wasn’t touching herself technically and used it as a trick in staying pure. Rose wanted to save herself for marriage to be untainted for her future husband because he deserved a wife untouched by sin. She believed this because her preacher taught that all children of God must fight against the flesh’s desire or fall into hell with the devil. Rose didn’t want to go to hell and fought with all of her might to stay pure.

The next day she expected something far worse than having to walk in a park wearing a white dress, but she did have to do it without any undergarment. It felt weird at first walking around wearing a thin, loose dress against her nude body. She thought it was strange for Ruby to have a modest type of dress but took it as a sign that there was something still good within her. 

The fact that she wore nothing underneath her dress kept her from noticing a storm was coming. Rose’s mind was on the strange sensation that she was walking around naked. She could barely feel the dress on her and didn’t want to admit to herself how freeing it felt. When she finally noticed the storm, it was too late as the rain poured down from the sky. The rain came down in a heavy pour, soaking her to the bone, and she ran away to find shelter from it.

She found shelter with an older gentleman that kept giving her strange looks and wouldn’t stop smiling at her. It wasn’t until she got back to her sister’s place when she realized why. After grabbing a towel from the bathroom, she saw her reflection in the mirror. The dress didn’t just cling tightly around her wet body, revealing how shapely it was, but it also was completely see-through.

Rose was stunned to see how visible her breasts were; her nipples were hard from the cold rain, her pubes were visible. She was practically naked. When she realized that she took shelter with a man under a  pavilion, she felt something she never expected: arousal. Without knowing it, Rose exposed herself to a stranger, revealing her body to him. Rose knew that she should have been horrified, but for some shocking reason, she was not. 

The next day Rose couldn’t stop thinking about exposing herself to that man while walking around the mall. The daisy duke shorts that she wore would have bothered her more, but her mind was on something else. Her mind was so distracted that Rose never noticed the outline of her nipples poking through her crop top. She felt ashamed over not reacting correctly to the situation. Rose couldn’t believe it didn’t upset her exposing herself and that she found it thrilling.

The clothes she wore gave her a lot of attention, and it started to corrupt her in small ways. Rose was slipping into immoral territory when she got comfortable not wearing a bra and didn’t react to it the same way as before. She liked not having to deal with the pain that wearing a bra could cause. She didn’t know where her acceptance of the situation was leading her until it was too late.

If Rose only knew that doing small sinful things would lead to doing a bigger one, she would have stopped herself. She was unconsciously shifting her body around guys she thought were cute to make them pay her more attention. Rose was so captivated by these men that it didn’t dawn on her; she flirted with them with her body in sexual ways. There was a sexual undertone in how her body moved, meaning it or not; the sent signal was sexual.

The sexual tension grew within her, not just from the outfit she had to wear but also from sleeping in the nude. Rose thought it was crude at first, but no longer had a problem with it. She told herself that she was only doing it because her sister requested it and had nothing to do with the silk sheet against her bare flesh. The voice inside her head that kept her from being persuaded into doing things that she shouldn’t was now silent. The wall that Rose kept up to stay pure was coming down brick by brick, leaving her powerless to resist the weakest of her urges.

Rose has become so comfortable with her body by the last day that she ate breakfast in the nude while reading the last bit of instruction that her sister left her. Ruby wanted her to go to a party, and to make things interesting, left what she wore up to her. There was a catch; she had to choose between two outfits, a modest or a very sexual one. 


Rose stood outside the house that the party was at and trying to find the courage to enter it. The modest dress would’ve been the safe bet for her to wear, but instead, she had gone with a semi-sheer sexy convertible mini dress with a plunging neckline. Rose knew that she must be careful wearing it because there was nothing underneath it. 

No matter how many times Rose told herself that she was doing this for her sister, she knew it was because tomorrow, her life would etimesgut çıtır escortlar return to normal. There would be no more excuses to go out without any undergarments or wearing revealing outfits. She wouldn’t admit to Ruby that she rather enjoyed dressing up as her.

Rose never let herself act out and indulge in forbidden pleasure. She convinced herself what she was doing was okay because it was for a good cause. Rose found something alluring about wearing a mini dress with no panties, and it felt good doing things she wasn’t supposed to do. She hid her body away because she thought it was wrong to flaunt it and was taught that it was something to be ashamed of doing.

The party wasn’t what Rose thought it would be like after finding the courage to step into the house. A man was on a couch with a woman performing oral sex on him. She was shocked and wanting to turn her gaze away but felt powerless to do so. The girl acted like it was a perfectly innocent thing to do around a group of people. The other five party guests sharing the experience with her watched as if it wasn’t improper. It was Rose’s first time seeing a penis, and she couldn’t take her eyes from it.

Rose watched in amazement as the girl swallowed the whole thing without choking. The man’s penis was a foot long at least, and yet this girl had no problem making it disappear in her mouth. It was one of the most shocking and exciting things that she ever saw. Rose got so turned on by what she saw that she clenched her thighs together to fight against it. She could feel the heat rising between her legs and the wetness that was forming there. Rose was so focused on the act that it didn’t register to her at first that she slid her hand into her dress until she made contact with her nipple.

A jolt of pleasure shot through her body, snapping her out of her trance. In her aroused state, Rose’s hand roamed her body with a mind of its own to satisfy the built-up desire within her. The knot behind her back was all that held the dress to her body, and with one good tug, would send it to the floor around her feet. The sensation of knowing she was one wardrobe malfunction away from revealing her sexually innocent body was thrilling to her.

Rose already exposed herself once this week and wanted to push the boundary until she was about to do it again. She was surprised to find the idea of someone being able to see the forbidden parts of her body rather exciting. It was why she picked the dress that she had on now to relive the experience of innocently exposing herself.  

The desire to be seen naked again scared her, and she was too afraid to expose herself on purpose. She wanted the thrill of being caught in a revealing matter without taking action to do so. Rose knew that she was getting close to doing something that she would regret and should leave before it was too late.

Turning around to leave, Rose watched as the most beautiful woman she ever saw walked into the room. The woman was like a Greek Goddess with olive-white skin and braided brown hair. There was something about the woman Rose found intoxicating. She was too spellbound to leave and was shocked that another woman was having this effect on her. The woman was in her mid-thirties but still had the body of someone half her age.

“I see you started the game without me, Sherral,” the Greek woman said teasingly. 

“Nope, John bet me I couldn’t take his massive cock down my throat, and what can a girl do but prove him wrong,” the girl said, teasing back.

“Girl, you are a naturally born cock sucker, and I don’t blame you for wanting to show your skill off. Listen up, everyone; before you guys go and find one of my rooms to fuck your little brains out in, let’s play some naughty truth and dare first. A little sinful behavior is good for the soul,” the Greek girl said while giving Rose a teasing wink.

Knowing that things were about to get out of hand and that she should leave, Rose surprised herself by staying. She told herself that she would only watch and wasn’t going to participate in their game. The real reason that Rose stayed was that she felt a strange attraction toward the Greek woman. It terrified her because it was sexual, and Rose couldn’t stop herself from glancing at the woman’s breasts.

The woman’s blouse was halfway open, revealing the black lace bra she wore, and Rose stared at the exposed part of her breasts. The woman’s legs caught her attention, and she found herself focusing on a spot right under her short skirt. She never felt sexual desire looking at another woman’s body before, and it frightened her how much she liked looking at the woman’s thighs.

Rose noticed the woman was staring at her with a smirk catching her in her sinful act. Tearing herself away from the woman’s heavenly body, feeling shameful of what she had done, and watched as the other guests played their sexual theme game. What she saw led her deeper into depravity, and she felt herself getting aroused by it.

A pretty brunette with large breasts dared to strip and removed her clothes with confidence that Rose wished she had. It didn’t seem to bother the girl in the least to undress in a room full of people. Rose found it was arousing by how the girl pulled down her pants, and she couldn’t understand why she had sexual feelings toward the girl.

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