Walking for a Healthy Life Ch. 02

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I’m always amazed how my life has taken little twists and turns over the years, particularly this past year since I retired. Sparked by my desire to try new things, I’ve met some amazing ladies who have become lovers. Last fall, I enrolled in a massage therapy class which introduced me to Jane, a sexy elementary teacher. And in turn, I was introduced to her best friend, Gail. I have shared a bed with both.

A chance encounter as a Good Samaritan helping a neighbor with her groceries led me to a very satisfying relationship with an older woman named Sandy. We see each other every couple of weeks for some gentle loving.

Recently, I signed up for a walking club and was introduced to Catherine, whom I am with and currently sunbathing nude in her backyard. From what she has told me, I may be introduced to her next door neighbor, Lacy, in the near future. I am finding out that Catherine may be a closet nudist. She just shared with me that she never wears clothes in her backyard and prefers the clothing optional beach in Avila.

We just shared some amazing oral sex in her hot tub and now we are lying on chaise lounges basking in the 80 degree weather. The sun is high in a picture perfect blue sky. Catherine has just said she wants to meet me in her bed in ten minutes.

Just a quick rewind, I met Catherine ten days ago when I showed up for a 5K walk in Pismo Beach, California. Today, we walked 10K here in San Luis Obispo along a creek and open land, after which enjoyed lunch and Catherine received my patented foot massage. After lunch, she invited me back to her home.

I am holding Catherine’s hand as we lounge side by side. My cock is semi-erect and starting to come back from an earlier climax. Catherine is also recuperating from her orgasm. Her eyes are closed. Her feet are crossed at the ankles and I run my eyes up the long, lean legs of this five foot nine beauty. With each breath, her big tits rise and fall. Catherine has crimson red areole with very erect nipples. Now that I look closer, I realize she really doesn’t have any tan lines. Her skin has a golden glow from bottom to top. Her light brown hair is still in a ponytail from when we were walking earlier today. I gaze upon her naked form as she opens her eyes and smiles at me. I squeeze her hand and smile back.

Catherine says, “I could lie here all day, but we have a king size bed waiting for us inside. Would you care to join me?”

My cock throbs at the suggestion. Catherine collects the towels and we head inside. I grab our swimsuits and the empty beer bottles. I check the refrigerator for some water. We’ll need to stay hydrated for the next round. I walk into the bedroom and see Catherine. She is lying on the bed with her legs spread and beckons me. I lie down on my side and cuddle with her. I drape one leg over her leg and run my hand up and down her body.

I trace my fingers around her breasts and glide them over her erect nipples. She reaches over and palms my growing erection. Catherine wraps her hand around my cock and slowly wanks me. I run my hand all around her body feeling her silky smooth skin. I stroke her thighs; pass over her pussy, up her taught stomach and over her tits several times. I use my palm to massage her boobs, squeezing and kneading each mound of flesh. I lightly pinch her erect nipples while she strokes my shaft.

I move my head closer to Catherine and search out her sweet lips. Our lips meet for a soft kiss that grows more urgent. She presses her tongue against mine as we mash our lips together. I shift my body over her and she spreads her legs to allow our bodies to come together. My hard cock presses down into the crease of her pussy as my weight pins Catherine against the mattress. I lower my upper body to her breasts and feel her stiff nipples graze my chest. We resume our deep kissing and our tongues parry back and forth. I feel Catherine lift her hips, pressing harder against my erection. My seven inch shaft is trapped between the puffy folds of her vulva. We press our hips tighter together stimulating our sex organs.

I slowly lift away from Catherine and begin my decent down her body. We break our passionate kissing as I slide down her form. I plant gentle kisses along her neck and shoulders. I lick her warm skin and use my tongue to trace to gentle slope of her breasts. I kiss all over her swelling boobs as I move my lips closer and closer to her nipples. I concentrate on her right breast and then switch to the left.

I search out her crimson red areole and lick circles around the four inch patch feeling the tiny bumps against the flat surface of my tongue. I hone in on Catherine’s nipple which is now fully erect, standing three quarters of an inch from her breast. I surround her nipple with my lips and suck hard bringing the large nub into my mouth. I suckle her tit for several moments before releasing my grip and moving to her other mound. I use the same technique on her right areole and nipple. I lightly graze the istanbul escort side of her nipple with my teeth. Catherine wraps her hand around my head and holds me tight against her boob. I lavish my love on her Double-D’s.

Catherine gently nudges my head giving me the signal to continue my quest lower to her awaiting pussy. I move down her taught stomach muscles leaving a trail of kisses before I encounter her belly button. I dip the tip of my tongue into the round crevice and tickle her little button.

I zig zag my kisses lower still until I feel the soft curls of her trimmed triangle. I use the flat surface of my tongue to lap up and around her pubic hair, leaving trails of saliva over her muff. I extend my licking to inner thighs as Catherine spreads her legs wider. I lick up each crease that separates her thighs from her smooth full outer lips. I find my intended target and inhale the sweet aroma of her cunt. I lick her meaty outer lips several times before my tongue licks straight up the flaps of her inner labia.

I feel Catherine take a deep breath as I separate her inner folds with my tongue. I begin to taste her sweet nectar as I did earlier in the spa. I use the same routine of sucking her inner lips between my own and releasing the pink skin before licking up and down her slit. I dart my tongue deep between her folds and enter her center core. Catherine’s juices flow and lubricate her pussy. I lap up the tasty fluid and search for her clitoris. The tip of my tongue connects with her little bud and I flick it back and forth. I feel her clit harden as it stretches from within its protective hood. Again Catherine takes a deep breath.

My intent is to get Catherine sufficiently wet before we join our bodies for the first time. I want her next orgasm to be from my thick cock, and not from my oral assault. And Catherine is now positively dripping. Reluctantly, I leave her pussy and move back up to lie next to Catherine. We share a deep kiss and Catherine is able to taste herself on my lips and tongue.

She whispers, “Gawd you’re good. I am so wet, but now let me do the work.”

Catherine pushes me to my back and swings her leg over my hip, sitting squarely on my turgid cock. She grinds her pelvis into me and moves along the length of my shaft. She coats my seven inches with her girl juice and prepares to take me deep inside. I have dreamed of this moment for the past ten days.

Catherine lifts up, grabs my cock and positions me at the entrance of her gash. Our eyes meet. She has a real look of lust as she eases down my shaft. Inch by inch I feel her tight walls surround me. I slide right in as her wet juice flows. Catherine bends down as I bottom out in her pussy allowing me to handle her tits. I palm each one and push them together. I use her melons to pull her closer to my lips so I can suck her nipples. She places her hands on either side of my shoulders and braces herself, getting ready to pump up and down on my shaft.

Catherine squeezes her pussy muscles tight and then pulls up. Oh my god, what a feeling. There’s no way my Fleshlight feels like this. Her inner walls are slick and hot and massage my full seven inches, especially my glans. The sensations overwhelm me. Catherine loosens her grip and slowly slides back down. Our eyes are locked in on one another as we couple for the very first time. Catherine squeezes and rises up until just the tip of my cock is barely inside of her. And down again.

Catherine sits up straight and grabs my hands. Our fingers interlace as I support her balance. She starts a rhythm of up and down movements. Each time she lowers her body she grinds her pussy into me and rotates her hips. She is milking my cock for all she is worth. I flex my cock to fill her sodden inner walls. Catherine’s girl juice flows down my shaft and thighs and provides all the lubricant we need. Our passion rises together as she increases the speed of her thrusts. Her tits bounce and sway with every movement.

I continue to hold her balance as she nods that she is close to orgasm. Her breathing is erratic as she huffs and puffs.

“Uh huh, uh, huh, uh huh. Feels so… uh huh… gooooood!”

With that, Catherine lets loose a torrent of cum that covers us both. Her whole body shakes as her orgasm overwhelms her. Her eyes are shut tight and her head jerks about. I continue to steady her movement, keeping her centred on my cock. She slows her movements and sits tight against my hips while she catches her breath. I push up against Catherine with my cock still hard and ready pound her.

“Wow, you are amazing Catherine. I felt your orgasm too. Can you move? I want you from behind.”

“That was a quick one; I guess I was really ready to feel your cock inside. Of course, your amazing tongue got me half way there.”

I let Catherine recuperate from her climax for a few minutes before helping her ease off my cock. My shaft glistens with her cum. She readjusts herself into istanbul escort bayan a kneeling position bent over a pillow with her ass sticking up in the air. I get up on my knees and move behind her. My cock is pointing straight ahead as I move to my target. I scoot right behind Catherine and lay my cock along her ass crease. I move my shaft back and forth over her tiny starfish. I pull back and reach down to palm her vulva, amazed at how wet she it. I slide my hand up through her slit and make contact with her clit.

Catherine winces, “Too soon, too soon, I’m really sensitive there. Just stick your cock in me.”

I comply for a moment as I grab my shaft and center it at her opening. I push forward slowly. We savor ever inch as I glide along her inner walls. My hips press into Catherine’s ass cheeks as I bottom out.

Catherine murmurs, “So deep, so deep.”

I withdraw my cock all the way out just to tease a bit. I slide my shaft up over her little puckered ring again. I press my fingers against my cock as I saw back and forth and stimulate her sphincter. And then I slide down between her pussy lips before entering her gash again. I know I won’t last long before I blow another load and I try to prolong our connection.

I push into Catherine as she pushes back against me driving my cock deep into her pussy. I grab her left hip with one hand to steady myself as I rock back and forth plunging inside Catherine. With each thrust, my cock flexes and the pleasure is intense. I want this to last, so I slow my thrusting for a bit. My hands are all over Catherine’s ass, rubbing and massaging her bubble butt.

I lick my thumb, press it against her ass crease and rub it back and forth. I lick my thumb again and rub around her O-ring, coating it with saliva. I love to stimulate her rear opening and feel the little ring of muscle flex. Fucking her pussy and playing with her ass gets Catherine a little hyped up.

She moans, “Oh, just stick your thumb in my ass and fuck me you stud.”

Her request is granted as I move into overdrive. I push my thumb hard against her backdoor and drill deep inside her asshole. With my thumb lodged inside, I pump my cock hard and deep into her cunt. My thrusts intensify and our bodies slap together each time I bottom out. The mattress shakes and my knees wobble as we push and pull against one another.

With one hand squeezing her hip and the other holding her ass, I drive forward several more times. I want this to last, but the desire to cum overwhelms my senses and I explode in a mind numbing orgasm. I shut my eyes, shake all over and blast several shots of semen deep into Catherine’s cavern. The sensations are too much for my cock, it’s almost painful. I focus on the pleasure over pain and continue to thrust into Catherine. With each thrust, I feel our combined juices flow down our thighs. I grind my groin into her ass cheeks and hold it there as my cock flexes and drains the last bit of jizz into her crevice.

I slowly pull my thumb out of Catherine’s ass and watch her little star close up. I use both hands to grab her hips to steady myself. My head still spins as I regain normal breaths and let my climax ebb.

“That was the best ever, Catherine. I felt you flex and grip my cock so tight. I think I saw lightning flash.”

I stay locked behind Catherine for several more minutes until my cock softens and I ease on out. Catherine stays in that position with her ass high in the air and her head buried in the pillow. I jump off the bed and grab a towel from the bathroom to clean up our combined juices from my cock and balls. I wipe down my thighs and return to the bedroom. I use the towel to sop up all of the sticky fluids dripping out of her pussy and down her thighs.

Catherine holds the towel tight against her vagina and turns over. I lie down next to her and cuddle her in my arms. We worked up quite a sweat with that encounter and can use a shower.

“Thank you for that Catherine.”

She smiles and thanks me too.

“My pussy is still throbbing. How much cum did you give me? I am positively dripping; I think a shower is in order.”

We lay in each other’s arms for the next half hour, drifting in and out consciousness. Hunger and the need to wash up gets us stirring again. I lean over and plant a gentle kiss on her lips. I get up first and pull Catherine to a sitting position, the towel still firmly planted between her thighs. She holds the towel against her pussy as I pull her to her feet and we head to the bathroom.

I start the shower and test the water. Once the temperature heats up, we enter and let the hot water rejuvenate ourselves. Catherine stands in front of the spray with me behind her. I grab the soap and wash cloth to scrub her back and ass cheeks. I move my hands around to her front and soap up her tits; I lift and massage each melon with the cloth before moving down to her tummy and her pussy. Catherine spreads her legs and lets escort istanbul me clean her outer lips. I finger her inner labia making sure she is squeaky clean.

Catherine lets the shower stream wash away all of the suds before we change sides and I stand facing the shower head. She uses the soap and washcloth to wash my back and bum. She slides her soapy fingers up and down between my ass cheeks. I feel her fingers run along my O-ring and it feels good. Catherine reaches around me and grabs hold of my flaccid cock. She presses her breasts into my back as she cleans my shaft and balls. I love her gentle touch as she makes sure I am altogether clean.

I turn around and we embrace under the hot water. We share a long kiss of satisfaction. Our bodies are totally spent for the moment.

I whisper, “I think we are pretty good at this whole lovemaking thing, don’t you?”

Catherine concurs while I turn off the water and we step out of the shower to dry off. We dry each other off with her big, fluffy towels. I spend extra time to make sure her boobs are nice and dry. She does the same with my cock.

Catherine says, “Let’s not put any clothes back on. I love to be naked all the time. We’ll fix dinner and then see about enjoying some more dessert.”

I’m all for that. I love watching her naked form. From her long legs up to her full breasts, Catherine is a dream come true.

Chapter 2:

We head into the kitchen. Catherine puts on an apron to protect her assets from splatters and l tie it in the back before patting her tush. She prepares some salmon and puts it in the oven to bake. I pull out some lettuce and tomatoes from the refrigerator for salad and start to chop it up. Catherine moves behind me and wraps her arms around my body. I twist my head and she plants a big wet kiss on my lips. She moves her hands down, strokes my cock and squeezes my balls.

“Do you think you have one more load for me?”

“Well, if you keep doing that, I just might.”

“I love your cock. I think you’ll have to fuck me after every walk.”

We finish preparing dinner and enjoy a lovely meal in the buff. After stuffing ourselves with fish, we put the dishes in the sink to soak. Catherine pulls me into the den for some TV time. I sit on the end of her couch and grab a pillow. She lies down with her head on the pillow. I move my hand to her side and stroke her warm skin, making sure I rub her boobs in the process.

While we watch some mindless sitcom, I feel her hand move under the pillow and latch on to my semi-erect shaft. She squeezes my cock and plays with my balls, all the while she watches TV.

“Rob, can I ask you something and I don’t mean to pry?”

“Sure, do you want to know if you’re making me hard again?”

“No. I know I can do that rather easily. Have you ever been with two women at the same time? You know, I told you about my neighbor, Lacy, this afternoon. Well she and I get together often and go to Avila Beach to sunbathe. I’d like to go with you sometime and I know that she would want to go also.”

“I think I would be OK with that. Wait, last Thursday you said you go there occasionally and you like it because it is less congested than Pismo?”

Catherine squeezes my cock which is now fully erect.

“Yeah, about that. I guess I wasn’t fully truthful on the subject. I promise I’ll come clean if you answer my question.”

“Well Catherine you can start and then I’ll decide.” I reach down and palm her breast in my hand and use my fingers to pinch her nipple.

“OK, here I go, but don’t judge me. I really am an exhibitionist. I like to go to Pismo Beach when it is crowded and show off. I have some really small bikinis that show off my boobs really well. Of course, they are not as small as my green micro, that one I reserve for you. One bikini has a push-up top that really shows off the ‘girls’. I know I don’t need to be pushed up cuz I’m a Double-D, but it’s fun to wear. I guess this old lady just needs to be reassured that I am still attractive.”

Catherine starts to slowly stroke my cock under the pillow as she confesses. I knead and rub her boob at the same time.

“I’m sorry I never saw you. I bet you turned a lot of heads? I’m sure a lot of ladies were jealous of your figure. And no, you are not an old lady.”

Catherine continues, “But, I prefer to go to the clothing optional side of Avila and walk around totally nude. I love to go on weekends when it is more crowded and sunbathe for hours. Lacy joins me most of the time, and we walk back and forth along the shoreline showing off. I think you’ll like Lacy; she has pretty big torpedo shaped boobs. She looks like a 50s pinup girl. Her big brown areole and nips are like end caps.

I respond, “I can appreciate those. So you like to show off?”

“I also like to look; I think I’m a bit of a voyeur too. You know the far end of the beach where those rock outcroppings are? Well I’ve seen couples behind the rocks making love, and I watched for a long time. I wished it was me and other people were watching.”

By now, my cock is rock hard and I’m afraid I might cum as Catherine continues to stroke me.

“Catherine, you better slow down with the stroking. I’m afraid I might cum and stain your pillow.”

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