What a Lousy Day

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What a lousy day. It had just been one thing after another for Jason Dixson, from the time he woke up things started going wrong. His toothpaste, for example, just didn’t want to work with him. For the last several days he’d been carefully rolling up the tube so he could get the last bit out of it today, so then he could buy another tube in the afternoon when he went shopping. So he carefully held the tube with both hands, rolled it up the last half inch and then, as the gob of toothpaste dangled from the end of the tube he grabbed for his toothbrush. Just as he moved his toothbrush into position and went to put the toothpaste on it, the gob suddenly dripped from the tube and splattered into the cuff of his pants.

Okay, not a big deal, but after he tried to excavate what toothpaste he could from the cuff of his pants, he then had to face the stigma of, not only being the only person in the office still wearing cuffed pants, but he had to do it with smeared dried up toothpaste in the cuff. But wait, before he got to the office, there was his car. It started fine, and ran wonderfully until he pulled up to the exit to the parking garage for his apartment and then it stalled. Just stopped running.

Cars quickly lined up behind him as he tried frantically to get it started again. He jumped out of the car, lifted the hood but couldn’t see anything wrong. Even when a couple of the neighborhood thugs, experts as starting cars with or without the keys gave it a shot they couldn’t get it running. They did help him to push the car away from the exit, casino siteleri but not before he had pissed off every single neighbor he had. Hell, even sweet only Mrs. Anton straightened out her arthritic finger to flip him off.

By noon he had managed to screw up four spreadsheets, forgot two meetings, bungled a report and then spilled coffee on the six inch thick stack of papers his secretary was set to file. It was only after he decided to take the rest of the day off, and then listened to his secretary suggest he take the rest of the month off, that things started getting better.

He walked to a nearby restaurant to have a relaxing lunch and then grabbed the bus toward home stopping off on the way at one of his favorite fetish shops. This was one of those shops with the discreet parking in the back of the store, but Jason didn’t have to worry about that this time, he simply pulled up the collar on his jacket and walked in the front door.

After a quick perusal of the new DVD titles he took a look at the wall of toys where he really didn’t need to spend much time looking, he just walked up, found his item and grabbed it. It was one of those “synthetic vaginas”, complete with molded lips on each end. One end roughly resembled pussy lips, the other looked like the puckered lips of a woman. Okay, they weren’t all that realistic, but Jason had a good imagination. After buying his “synthetic vagina” and a small tube of lubricant, he took the unmarked bag from the cashier and headed back out to the bus stop.

It was later, after canlı casino he could finally relax in front of the computer when he pulled out his new toy and thought about using it. Yeah, he had big plans for his “date” tonight. He logged onto his favorite website and started looking over the titles of a number of stories. Finally finding one that seemed interesting he started reading.

Yeah, there was just enough of a plot to get him through the first several paragraphs and then came an interesting sexual passage. Leaning back in his chair, he unbuttoned his shirt and lightly toyed with his nipples as he read. Oh yes, he could picture the images in his mind, the movement of the bodies. In a few moments he reached down, unzipped his zipper and pulled out his erection.

He paused, aligning his cursor to where he had stopped reading. He put a few drops of lubricant into the tiny hole in his “synthetic vagina” and then eased it over his cock. It was a wonderfully tight fit, but it slid easily up and down the length of his cock. Now, it had been some time since he last had sex with a woman, but the feeling was kind of like something his remembered.

Anyway, he continued reading his story as he slowly moved his new toy up and down his shaft. While he read, he tried to match his stroke to what he read, so if the woman was moving quickly up and down the man’s cock in the story, she stroked quickly, when the woman in the story slowed down, he slowed down.

Oh, the sensation on his cock was incredible and halfway into the story he was kaçak casino ready to pop his load. He read on and yes, the story was building up, the woman was moaning, she was about to come, yes, yes, she was coming. Jason let go, shoving his cock so deep into the toy that the head of his cock slipped out the other side. That didn’t matter to him, he simply squeezed his cock hard, closed his eyes and came, spurting his cum in an arc that finally splashed down into the cuff of his pants.

He didn’t even bother to look down at his pants at this point. After the day he had, he was just happy to be able to sit back and relax. He took a deep breath and was about to reach for a tissue to clean up the last droplets of cum from the tip of his cock when he heard, “Excuse me sir.”

What? He looked up and noticed two police officers looking down on him.

“Excuse me sir,” the man repeated.

“What are you doing here?” Jason asked

“Sir, could you please get yourself dressed there.”

“But what are you doing here?” he asked again.

“Sir this is a public library and well, you cannot act this way here.”

“Library?” he mumbled, glancing around, noticing the shocked faces staring at him. Well, all the faces seemed shocked except the librarian, who demurely waved to him.

“Yes, this is a public library, now I’m afraid I’ll have to take you in.”

Jason quickly turned to the computer screen, moved his mouse to the end of the story and clicked on one star. He then typed in the comment column, “Story sucked.” The policeman then clamped on the handcuffs and led Jason out of the library.

Somewhere, halfway across the world, a writer checks the rating on his story and sees it has dropped drastically. He reads the comment and thinks, “What a lousy day.”


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